Thunder Martial Chapter 149 - Old Friends

Zi Chen originally wanted to look like an ordinary person so his appearance is extremely ordinary. However, the moment he lost his composure, his eyes shone brilliantly. His pupils were bright like the stars and did not match up at all with his ordinary appearance.

Zi Chen lost his composure because he saw many familiar faces. He first saw Ling Yun, Chen Feng, and Wu Hong. He recognized all three of them and his expression fluctuated slightly. He expected that he would see Ling Yun but seeing Chen Feng was already beyond his expectations. Immediately after, his gaze moved and Zi Chen saw a young man with small eyes, the young man's appearance was ordinary but when Zi Chen saw the young man, he was extremely shocked and his face changed.

Miao Kong!

He actually saw Miao Kong. In the Ling Wu Sect his few friends could be said to be his brothers. Zi Chen's expression changed but right after, his eyes swept again and his body suddenly stopped, as if he was struck by lightning, he saw a woman.

The woman was dressed in green clothes and her gentle and beautiful face had a hint of youth within it. She was like a green lotus, exuding a unique aura. The lady was around eighteen or nineteen years old, she was very cute with her cherry red lips. She looked at Zi Chen and when she saw the shocked expression on his face and the light in his eyes, she nearly lost her composure and stood up.

Lin Xue!

Zi Chen felt like he had been struck by lightning and could not say a single word. After seeing Miao Kong and Lin Xue again, if not for his strong self-control, Zi Chen would have already rushed over.

Seeing Lin Xue, Zi Chen was very excited as he had never thought that she was still alive. Immediately after, his gaze subconsciously swept across, and Zi Chen saw a familiar face.

It was a familiar and absolutely beautiful face. Her face was impeccable and flawless like a piece of beautiful jade. Her exquisite and delicate large eyes were as gentle as water and her nose and cherry lips were as beautiful as ever.

Seeing Zi Chen coming up, she looked up at him. Wearing a spotless white robe, with a beautiful neck and proud twin peaks and a slim waist, she was flawless.

Su Mengyao!

The Grand Elder had entrusted him with this task before and he must take care of Su Mengyao. However, that day, when the Ling Wu Sect was attacked, Zi Chen did not find a single person and he only found a few corpses.

All this while, Zi Chen had thought that they were already dead and his heart ached a lot but he never thought that he would see them here. The two of them were still alive and were living quite well.

Seeing Zi Chen's look change several times, it was clearly rude but because he had just arrived, no one paid him any heed. They all thought that he suddenly seeing so many people was out of his expectations and of course, a genius like Li Huo also thought that Zi Chen had lost control because they had seen an existence like him.

I never would have thought that a genius actually appeared. It seems that we unexpectedly found a needle in a haystack. Cang He stood up. He was dressed in white and his expression was only a bit surprised but he did not care about how many times Zi Chen's expression changed as he stood up and spoke first.

Good! Wu Qiong swept his eyes across Zi Chen and said indifferently. The other geniuses also nodded, their eyes filled with surprise.

Sit down. Miao Kong pointed to the spot beside him, he stared straight at Zi Chen and in that moment, he suddenly realised that the young man in front of him had a sense of familiarity.

In the front, Su Mengyao and Lin Xue also had the same feeling.

Zi Chen was about to sit down but right at this moment, a surprised voice sounded out, early Xiantian Realm, you're actually at the early Xiantian Realm.

The one who cried out in alarm was an unfamiliar genius, he is at the peak Xiantian Realm. When he sensed the aura surging from Zi Chen's body, his face immediately changed.

What? early Xiantian Realm? How is that possible?

He reached the seventh floor just at his early Xiantian Realm?

The expressions of the other geniuses also changed several times as they felt this was inconceivable.

His early Xiantian Realm can reach this far, could it be that his fighting strength is that strong?

Everyone's expressions were a bit unnatural. This kind of existence could be said to be a genius among geniuses.

At this time, a black clothed man walked up from below. This was an existence at the Zhen Yuan Realm, one of the two people who had been guarding the stairs back then.

He walked to the front of Li Huo and muttered a few words in a low voice, then swept a complicated glance at Zi Chen before leaving.

Haha, I thought you were a genius but it turns out you relied on your speed.

The room was not very large and since everyone was a cultivator, they naturally heard the whispers of the Zhen Yuan Realm expert. Ling Yun was the first to laugh coldly.

That's right, we want true geniuses with powerful battle prowess. We don't want those who rely on their speed to luckily make it here. Chen Feng said coldly.

Wu Qiong and the rest frowned.

Didn't he pass the trail? His speed is fast enough to protect himself. In any dangerous place, he will have a chance at survival. Miao Kong said in a dissatisfied tone. He didn't know why but when he saw this stranger, he felt a sense of familiarity.

But we're going to the ruins and we need combat power, not a way to escape. Ling Yun said.

That's right, what we need is combat power, strong allies, not people who would abandon their comrades and flee for their lives at a crucial moment. Chen Feng also said.

We don't want someone like him. Ling Fei was overbearing.

The others frowned, seemingly deep in thought. Zi Chen was quiet as he looked at them.

Speed is also a type of strength. There are some dangerous areas that can only be passed by relying on speed. Su Mengyao stood up and said softly.

So what if he's fast? That's his ability. Lin Xue also said.

Shut up. Ling Yun suddenly shouted and spoke towards the two of them, This is the place where geniuses speak, what qualifications do the two of you have to speak? If it wasn't for Young Master Cang He, do you think you two would even have the qualifications to stand here?

You... Su Mengyao and Lin Xue were so angry that their faces turned green, but they did not refute. The strength of the two was only at the early and mid Xiantian Realm and in the eyes of these geniuses, their fighting strength is not tyrannical.

You remnants of the Ling Wu Sect, it's already not bad that you guys didn't get killed but you still dare to clamor here. If it wasn't for Young Master Cang He saying so, do you think you all have the qualifications to go to the Ruins? Ling Yun's tone was cold and harsh, without even the slightest of politeness.

Enough, Ling Yun. Be a bit more courteous when you speak. Miao Kong rebuked.

Say less. Cang He was a little displeased as he indifferently said.

Humph! With Wu Qiong supporting him, Ling Yun was not afraid at all. This time, since Wu Qiong had not spoken to stop him, he knew that the Wu Zong Sect had grudges with the two of them and used this opportunity to get closer to Wu Qiong.

Speed does not represent strength. It's useless. I don't recommend him to travel with us. Ling Yun spoke again.

Me too. I am afraid that he would run away in danger. Chen Feng said coldly.

Forget it, let him go with the others.

It's fine if we don't have such a genius.

I think it's feasible. Speed is also an advantage sometimes. Only Miao Kong was still supporting Zi Chen.

I don't think so. If you want to follow us, you have to put in effort. You can't rely on luck. The other peak Xiantian Realm experts hook his head as well. As for Su Mengyao and Lin Xue, they didn't have the qualifications to speak.

Zi Chen was angry but he didn't want to bother with them, after all, he had not revealed his true strength yet so he was fine if he is looked down upon but when Ling Yun shouted at Su Mengyao and Lin Xue, Zi Chen could not tolerate it.

Isn't it just fighting strength? Zi Chen's eyes flashed coldly and he asked.

Tsk, with early Xiantian Realm like yours, what bullsh*t fighting strength do you have? I can kill you with a finger, if you want to follow us into the ruins, that's simply a dream. Ling Yun scoffed.

You are at the early Xiantian Realm, do you have the qualifications to talk about fighting strength? Can't you see that neither of the two people with early and mid Xiantian Realm are qualified to talk? Chen Feng also ridiculed him. He had liked Su Mengyao a lot before and had malicious intentions towards Lin Xue but everything was for the benefit of himself but ever since the Ling Wu Sect was destroyed, he gave up on this idea. Although he still had evil intentions, but most of it was just his selfish desire.

The others did not say anything but they did not think well of Zi Chen.

Oh! Zi Chen nodded without the slightest bit of anger and casually said, So only the strong gets to speak huh.

Whose mouth was speaking so much bullsh*t? Why do you look like you're asking for a beating? That's the look of someone who is lowly and weak but likes to talk bullsh*t. Zi Chen sneered.

As Zi Chen's voice fell, it attracted everyone's attention. All of them looked at Zi Chen weirdly, not knowing where his confidence came from, to actually dare insult the two of them.

What did you say? Ling Yun stood up and glared at Zi Chen.

Little thing, say it again. Do you believe that I won't smack you to death with one hand? Chen Feng also looked at him coldly.

Humans are invincible when they are lowly. It seems that you are right. I have already seen the battle strength of you two with just your vulgar words. Zi Chen looked at the two of them indifferently but his words were capable of angering the two of them to death.

You want to die?

If you want to die, then just say it. I definitely won't use the second attack against you.

The two of them had killing intent in their eyes, the others looked like they were watching a good show while Miao Kong and the rest looked at Zi Chen in confusion. They did not understand why this man who is at the early Xiantian Realm is so confident.

I'll say the same thing to you two. I can squash both of you to death with one finger. If you have the ability, lets fight. Is there any point in just talking?

Good, good! Ling Yun was fuming with anger, killing intent flickered in his eyes and was Chen Feng's.

There's no need to be like this. If you have the ability, just attack. One is not enough so both of you attack. Don't just look at me with those murderous look. This will only make you even more useless. Zi Chen's words were malicious.

Good kid, I'll take care of you. Ling Yun was angry.

No, I will take care of this boastful fellow. Chen Feng was infuriated.

Enough, stop blabbering and attack. Both of you, come on. Seeing the two arguing, Zi Chen opened his mouth once again. His mouth was malicious and every word that came out had angered the two of them, causing their entire bodies to tremble uncontrollably.

Good boy, you are quite arrogant. Watch how I, Ling Yun, deal with you. Ling Yun did not argue anymore and with a flash, he rushed towards Zi Chen, using his actions to prove himself.

Die His eyes filled with killing intent, he unleashed his attack and instantly rushed towards Zi Chen.

I think the one dying is you Zi Chen's calm eyes had became sharp and filled with boundless killing intent..

Translator Note: I actually got a bit emotional as I translated this chapter and I really hope there is no bullsh*t trope where they are forced to be engaged with Cang He.