Thunder Martial Chapter 148 - Seventh Floor

The moment the two peak Xiantian Realm experts made their moves, their auras were sharp and fierce, bringing along strong gales as they whizzed over.



Zi Chen's feet emitted a faint golden light and his figure was like a ghost as he moved erratically and it looked as though he had changed between illusion and reality and escaped the two's attacks to the fifth floor.

After comprehending the supporting Arcane Art and being able to disguise himself, Zi Chen deliberately hid his identity. He did not use the power of lightning but instead, he released a faint golden light.

You...? The faces of the two guards at the peak Xiantian Realm instantly changed and they looked at Zi Chen in shock. At the same time, those few Xiantian Realm experts who had made it to the fifth floor were also extremely shocked.

He actually came up.

Reaching the fifth floor through speed is terrifying.

The audience were no longer calm. Relying on speed could not represent true strength but for a tiny early Xiantian Realm to be able to rely on their speed to dodge the attacks of the two peak Xiantian Realm experts is already enough to cause a sensation.

He must have learned an extraordinary movement technique.

His body is nimble and ingenious. His movement technique is truly not simple.

It might be a type of extreme speed movement technique, otherwise, it wouldn't be so fast.

The Xiantian Realm experts in the fifth floor all looked at Zi Chen with fervent eyes. All of them were wondering to themselves what would happen after they mastered the art of extreme speed. At the same time, there were also many people who had a wicked idea.

Zi Chen did not speak and only indifferently swept his gaze across the sixth floor, seeming to intend to go up.

What? He still wants to go up?

Does he think he can rely on speed to reach the sixth floor?

The guard for the sixth floor is a Zhen Yuan Realm expert. Even though he will only use fifty percent of his power, it isn't something that a mere early Xiantian Realm can compare to.

Everyone was shocked as they looked at Zi Chen. Along the way, Zi Chen did not see Ling Yun. The latter was not at the fifth floor so he was definitely at the sixth or seventh floor.


His feet pushed off the ground and his figure became illusory. He then relied on his extreme speed to rush upwards.

Get down! The two Zhen Yuan Realm experts were guarding the stairs and suddenly let out a loud roar, following that, the two of them threw punches. Although their punches only contained 50% of their strength but when it combined, it is like a full force punch of a Zhen Yuan Realm expert. The two punches converged at the staircase and like a torrent, they flew straight towards Zi Chen.


The torrent of Fist Qi flew straight towards Zi Chen and before anyone could see, a shockwave charged out.

Hmph. You think you can reach the sixth floor just by relying on speed. You are simply dreaming.

This child's speed is not bad but it's unrealistic to think that he would be able to reach the sixth floor.

In the fifth floor, many people were already prepared to watch a good show and were sneering at Zi Chen. However, when the torrent of Fist Qi appeared, everyone was dumbfounded.

The torrent of Fist Qi had appeared and flooded the entire staircase. Even a group of people would be sent flying, let alone a single person.

However, there was not a single person within the surging torrent.

How is that possible? Where is he?

Could it be that he was blown into nothingness?

Impossible, this is just a test. There is no killing intent at all. How can he blown into nothingness. It can't... Did he go up?

Everyone's faces changed, their eyes filled with shock. If that was really the case, then this child's speed is simply too terrifying.

Discussions broke out on the fifth floor but soon after, exclamations rang out from the sixth floor.

You actually came up?

When did you get behind us?

This was the voice of the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert. When the two of them attacked together, they clearly saw that the other party was right in front of them but in the next moment, he disappeared.

He is really up there, my God

The early Xiantian Realm boy have all gone up by relying on his extreme speed, it seems like it's a kind of extreme speed movement technique.

It's absolutely a profound movement technique, comparable to the existence of some great techniques.

Everyone was dumbstruck and tongue-tied. When he arrived at the sixth floor, the staircase was empty. There were many experts here but not a single one went up.

Zi Chen swept his eyes across the seventh floor and stepped forward.



There were no experts guarding the stairs on the seventh floor so Zi Chen was able to make his way there unhindered.

On the seventh floor, some geniuses were currently chatting. They had already arrived and were quietly waiting for the other geniuses to arrive. Unfortunately, no one came up for a long time.

There are a lot of Xiantian Realm experts but the number of geniuses are few and far between. It seems that we have gone overboard. A young man dressed in blue casually said. His name was Wu Qiong and he was a disciple of the Wu Zong Sect. He was the main sponsor for this gathering of geniuses.

Let's wait a little longer. A white-robed youth said.

Waiting is useless. Even if they have talent, with no backing and resources, they won't amount to much. I don't advocate it but Cang He, you just had to agree. The other young man said disdainfully. He sat there with his eyes looking up to the sky, showing a proud expression. He was none other than Li Family's Li Huo.

The three of them were the sponsors of the Genius Gathering. Beside them were a few other geniuses, all of whom remained silent.

That may not be the case. Perhaps one or two geniuses are among these thousands of people. He was from the Cang Family and had a very high position. Beside him sat two women, one in white, the other in green.

Geniuses, which genius isn't groomed with resources and doesn't have a strong background? If they rely on their own self without any resource or background, any genius will die. Li Huo curled his lips in disdain, looking extremely arrogant.

That may not be so. In the recent days, wasn't everyone talking about Zi Chen? Was he also groomed with resources? Cang He laughed.

Zi Chen? That fellow from the Ling Wu Sect who offended the three forces and was forced into the Dark Serene Forest to die? Li Huo curled his lips and said.

That's right, the rumors say that he is only at the early Xiantian Realm and yet, he caused the three great forces to suffer, for this matter, Wu Qiong should have more information Cang He said.

Everyone's eyes turned to look at Wu Qiong, for the sake of a treasure, the Wu Sect destroyed the Ling Wu Sect, this was something extremely well-known. However, the Ling Wu Sect was a branch of the Wu Zong Sect so its not improper.

How would I have more information about him? I have never seen him before but there are people from the Ling Wu Sect here and they happen to be related to Zi Chen. Wu Qiong said, and then swept his gaze towards the side.

Not far away, Chen Feng was actually also here. Back then, when something happened to the Ling Wu Sect, he was lucky enough to not die and escape back to Cangli City.

Chen Feng swept a glance at the youth at his side, let out a cold snort, and said with disdain, Hmph, the rumors cannot be trusted. Back then, Zi Chen was unknown within the sec, and I could pinch him to death with a single finger. The rumors say that he caused the three forces to suffer a great loss and I am the first one to not believe it.

Chen Feng did not have any good impression of Zi Chen to begin with and this time, when he spoke, he was even more straightforward. The moment he finished speaking, three dissatisfied gazes were cast at him.

Chen Feng, you must be boasting a bit too shamelessly now, right? Who was the one who wanted to harm Zi Chen back then and was confined in the Punishment Hall? Even your second grandfather wasn't able to succeed, right? A young man let out a cold snort. This person's eyes were very small and his appearance was very ordinary. If it wasn't for him opening his mouth, no one would have noticed him.

I have seen Zi Chen before too, he is just an ant and wasn't able to change the weather. Back then, I could kill him with just a finger, how could such a small character make the three forces suffer? The rumors are truly unbelievable. Just at this time, Ling Yun, who was beside Chen Feng spoke up.

Ling Yun, a Zhan Wu Sect Disciple and the future sect master of Zhan Wu Sect is already at the late Xiantian Realm at such a young age. Although he couldn't compare to the many monsteres, he is still strong enough to call himself a genius and sit on the seventh floor.

That day at the Spirit Medicine Garden, it was Zi Chen who destroyed his plan, killed his own younger brother and even caused him to be punished in the sect. Thus, he hated Zi Chen to the bones and was not willing to speak good words for him even if he died.

Bulls *t. If you had the ability, you wouldn't have been imprisoned by the sect. The young man from before harrumphed coldly. Ling Yun and Chen Feng's eyes flashed with a cold light but they did not dare flare up, as though they were afraid of the small eyed youth's identity.

Wu Hong, you met Zi Chen that day, tell me your impression of him? Cang He looked into the distance, seeing that Wu Hong had said nothing.

Wu Hong is from the Black Tortoise Sect and had always been silent. He was a very amiable person and at the moment, he smiled lightly and said, I have only met him once, there is nothing much to say. I have only heard from my junior brothers about him.

Hmph, so what if he's a genius? Isn't he still dead in the Dark Serene Forest? Chen Feng scoffed.

Ling Yun's face did not look too good either, and said, Luckily he died, otherwise, I would have to settle this debt with him.

You... The small-eyed youth stood up angrily.

He's just a dead man. Why must we hurt our relationship over him? We'll have to rely on everyone to make this trip to the Ruins. Wu Qiong waved his hand and everyone kept their mouths shut.

The scene was very awkward but afterwards, they talked about a few other geniuses.

Deng! Deng!

Deng! Deng!

At this moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

Someone's coming up?

Could it be that there really is a genius that can reach the seventh floor?

Everyone who was chatting was surprised and looked towards the stairs. With the sound of footsteps, a youth in black appeared in their line of sight. He was of low height and had an extremely ordinary appearance.

Every genius had their own unique points. Standing in the crowd, one could see that they were an existence that stood out from the rest. However, the young man in front of them was just too ordinary and wouldn't cause anyone take a second glance at him.

Everyone was startled. They never would've thought that the genius who could make it to the seventh floor would be like this.

After practicing Arcane Art, Zi Chen was able to freely change his appearance. At the moment, the geniuses were gathered at the seventh floor and all of them had a distinguishable appearance so Zi Chen's appearance really surprised them.

As Zi Chen was walking up the stairs, he was indifferent but after just reaching the seventh floor and seeing everyone's gaze, Zi Chen's indifferent expression disappeared and while a bright light constantly flickered in his eyes.

His calm eyes were like the morning light, sparkling and dazzling, showing that he was extraordinary and in the next moment, the aura on Zi Chen's body also became chaotic as endless fluctuations surged out. The moment he saw the crowd, Zi Chen lost his composure and in his bright eyes, some other emotions flashed past.