Thunder Martial Chapter 147 - Ascending the Floors

The Guest House was the most luxurious restaurant in the Cangli City. It had nine floors and represented the ascension to the heavens.

At the same time, the ninth floor is also a place to welcome the sect leaders so the price of a meal was so high that it was terrifying.

Apart from this, the ninth floor is mostly empty. Even for some Imperial Sky Realm experts, they can only dine in the eighth floor.

The three great geniuses from the three forces had gathered together, gathering all the Xiantian Realm cultivators in the Cangli City with a radius of several tens of thousands of miles. Moreover, they did not even hesitate to book the seventh floor and it could be said to be a huge project.

The cost of this day was practically a sky-high price. Only the direct descendants of big families and the three forces had such means.

Li Huo from the Li Family was already at the late Xiantian Realm and could step into the Zhen Yuan Realm at any time. Although he couldn't compare to some true monsters, he was definitely a genius. With the Li family's support, he was one of the sponsors of this gathering.

Cang He from Cang Family was less than twenty. His strength was also at the late Xiantian Realm and he has deeply comprehended his martial techniques so his battle prowess was very strong. He was one of the sponsors of the Genius Gathering and with the Cang Family behind him, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money.

Wu Qiong is a genius of the Wu Zong Sect. He had learnt the Wu Zong Art and is extremely powerful.

Although the rise of the Wu Zong Sect had been relatively slow and was only a few thousand years old, their foundation was still comparable to that of the seven major cities.

On this day, many Xiantian Realm cultivators gathered at Guest House. The Guest House is very big and it is big enough to accommodate thousands of people.

Zi Chen had arrived very early as well but when he saw the large crowd gathered at the entrance, he was stunned.

He knew that anyone who thought themselves to be a genius could come but Zi Chen never would have thought that there would be so many 'geniuses'.

In the distance, he saw a white-haired old man wearing a daoist robe. A late Xiantian Realm presence was surging around his body as he stood amongst the group of young people. He looked like a crane among a flock of chickens, very eye-catching.

Uncle, it's a gathering of geniuses this time. You're already so old and you're about to be buried in the ground. Why are you still here? A middle-aged man beside the old man asked.

Hehe, brother, you're not that much younger than me. If you can come, why can't I? The elder smiled faintly, paying no heed to the other party's teasing.

Who's your bro? Uncle, I'm only 25 and I just look old. The middle-aged man explained.

Tsk, forget it. A person like you dares to call yourself a genius? You should leave as soon as possible to avoid losing face. Beside him, a young man was teasing him.

This person was young and he was only twenty-two. He was dressed in luxurious green clothes and his expression was arrogant. His eyes were filled with disdain as he looked at the two of them.

You already have one foot in the grave and you are older than my grandfather but you still dare to call yourself a genius. As for you, you are 25? I can clearly see that you are 45 so don't try to join in the fun here. This is the place for geniuses, the place for us young people. The young man said in disdain.

That's right, these old fellows here want to join in on the fun. Another young man beside him said.

Hmph, what do you know? The middle-aged man looked at him with disdain and muttered softly, I am not here to participate in the Genius Gathering.

In the distance, Zi Chen was surprised to see this scene. He knew who the young man who spoke is. He was the Chen family member who scolded him as a glass boy so he knocked him out and took his Yuan Stones. He did not expect him to come as well.

On the surface, they were gathering geniuses but in secret, there were a lot of Xiantian Realm experts who arrived. There were thousands of them and many of them were old and of course, some of them had white hair. There are barely any young people here and the rest were some middle-aged men who wanted to join in on the show.

They all received news that apart from the Genius Gathering, there was also another lucky chance waiting for them. This time, they were purely here for the sake of this lucky chance.

Hmph. You fellows, you can't even go up to the second floor. Obediently stay on the first floor.

That's right, on the seventh floor of the Guest House, only the true geniuses can enter the seventh floor and meet with Li Huo and the others. You old fellows can only stay on the first floor. Everyone looked at them in disdain.

Zi Chen also knew about how the Guest House worked and it was divided by levels. The Guest House is very big and took up a lot of space. It is said to be a nine story building but it looked like an ancient fortress.

Since they were not geniuses, the normal cultivators stayed on the first floor. They were aware of their own abilities and had come purely for the sake of the lucky chance.

Furthermore, being able to eat at the Guest House for free is also a fortunate thing.

It had to be known that for an existence at the Xiantian Realm, if there were no family powers behind them, they are usually penniless. At least half of the people who came here today did not usually have the qualification to come in normally.

After a while, a few young men who thought they were geniuses rushed up to the second floor.



But soon, many people tumbled down the stairs in a sorry state.

Those at the mid Xiantian Realm can come up and for those at the early Xiantian Realm, stay on the first floor. A cold voice rang out.



More and more people rolled down. These were all existences that thought themselves to be geniuses but they were all existences at the early Xiantian Realm and they were all being knocked down.

Haha, this genius, you should come over here. The only old man on the scene laughed and waved at the young man who teased him earlier.

The latter fell down flat on his face, looking very miserable. He glared at the old man and then turned around and walked to the other side, obviously trying to distance himself from him.


Suddenly, a loud shout came out and the existence of the early Xiantian Realm climbed up. As his aura surged, he punched the person who was trying to block his path and after that, no one stopped him.

So it is really divided by levels here. Zi Chen thought in his heart. His target was Ling Yun and he believed that Ling Yun was right above him.

At the same time, all of the cultivators who were upstairs surged with their own auras to indicate their strength. Above mid Xiantian Realm, they could pass through unobstructed and for the early Xiantian Realm cultivators, they needed to verify their strength.

Standing guard at the door were two middle-aged men. The strength of their mid Xiantian Realm was also used to test the strength of the crowd.

Hmph, yet another reckless fellow.

You actually dare to come up while you're in the early Xiantian Realm, do you really think you're a genius? The two of them looked at Zi Chen and sneered.

The early Xiantian Realm belongs on the first floor. The two's faces darkened and instantly attacked Zi Chen, one on the left and one on the right. The strong wind whistled as they rushed towards Zi Chen.

This was merely a test, and was not meant to take one's life. When the two of them threw a punch, strong wind whistled. However, its might was not great.


With a tap of his feet, Zi Chen dodged the two attacks like a ghost and quickly went up to the second floor.

Come back, you haven't verified your strength. What movement technique is he using?

Both of their pupils constricted as they tried to grab Zi Chen's back once again. However, Zi Chen was even faster and the two of them did not even manage to grab onto the corner of his clothes.

What a fast speed.

Shock appeared on the faces of the two, and one of them said, So what if his speed is fast? The next stage is not about speed.

Zi Chen climbed up to the second floor. This place was a little smaller than the first floor but there were already many people here and there were also quite a few at the early Xiantian Realm.

Zi Chen's arrival did not attract too much attention and some of them did not even stop as they walked straight up the stairs.



Similar sounds rang out once again. It was the sound of several mid-stage Xiantian Realm cultivators being knocked down.

On the stairs to the third floor, there is a powerhouses guarding. This time, it was a late Xiantian Realm expert.

All the cultivators rushed up again and late Xiantian Realm cultivators could go up to the third floor at will.

Zi Chen followed closely behind and used his movement technique to climb up to the third floor, attracting a burst of surprised gazes. It had to be known that those who could stand on the third floor were either late Xiantian Realm cultivators or geniuses. However, Zi Chen, who was only at early Xiantian Realm and stood on the third floor naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Humph. Boy, you are quite lucky but the fourth floor isn't something you can go up to by relying on your speed. A young man snorted.

There's no need for you to worry. Zi Chen replied indifferently, this young man is a Chen Family member and the one who he had robbed. The two of them met again but the young man did not recognize Zi Chen.

Reaching the third floor was pretty good but at this moment, he was actually walking towards the stairs of the fourth floor. He was clearly going to challenge the next floor.

After that, there were also numerous cultivators swarming forward.

Zi Chen relied on his speed to challenge the stages one by one. His speed was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, he had reached the fourth floor.

It's you! You came up again? The young man from the Chen family saw Zi Chen and was very surprised. It was already pretty good for him to be able to climb up to the fourth floor while being at the mid Xiantian Realm but he never would have thought that there would still be someone at the early Xiantian Realm who could come up.

It depends on speed.

Humph. So what if your speed is fast? If your combat strength is low, you can only flee for your life.

Someone coldly sneered and their eyes were filled with disdain.

Almost all of the people who were able to reach the fourth floor are at the late Xiantian Realm. There were only a handful of people who had reached the fourth floor at the mid Xiantian Realm. Moreover, they relied on their strengths to reach here, unlike Zi Chen who relied on his speed to do so.

After that, some of the peak Xiantian Realm experts walked towards the fifth floor.

Ignoring everyone's ridicule, Zi Chen also walked towards the fifth floor and arouse a burst of surprised gazes.

Kid, the fifth floor isn't something you can go up to by relying on your speed.

It's better not to be arrogant. If you stay here, you won't end up dead.

Exactly, the one guarding the fifth floor is a peak Xiantian Realm expert. You're just a mere early Xiantian Realm, what if he accidentally beat you to death? someone mocked.

No one needs to worry for me. Zi Chen smiled lightly, he was not angry at all and walked forward with large strides.

Hmph, let's see how you're going to get knocked down. The eyes of the young man from the Chen Family flashed with a cold light as he coldly snorted. Previously, he had attempted to go up but ended up being knocked down, causing him to fall flat on his face in a sorry state.

Young man, you should now. This place isn't a place where you can go just by relying on speed.

Strength is the foundation of everything. The ones guarding the fifth floor were two peak Xiantian Realm experts and they warned Zi Chen out of good intentions when they saw him coming up.

No worries! Zi Chen waved his hand and said, The previous four floors all said that I couldn't get there by relying on my speed. Aren't I here now?

Alright, since you are unwilling to listen, don't blame us.

Be prepared to get beat down.

The two of them looked at each other and started using their Xiantian Qi. The wind howled and with one in the left and the other in the right, they immediately arrived next to Zi Chen and started to attack him.