Thunder Martial Chapter 146 - Good and Evil Monk

The monk was already disappointed but he never expected to hear the news of the supreme technique again. His eyes instantly lit up, he saw hope.

Supreme technique, what supreme technique? His heart was thumping, he had a hunch that the supreme technique that this youth was talking about was the manual that he had given Zi Chen.

That is a supreme technique? You actually believe that it's a supreme technique?. A strange look flashed past Zi Chen's eyes. Although he did not have an expression on his face, the monk could tell that it was despise.

But the monk did not mind and looked at Zi Chen with anticipation and asked, Where is the supreme technique?

Compared to the supreme technique, being looked down upon was nothing.

Master, that's a bullsh*t supreme technique, although the price is sky-high right now, it's at most five Yuan Stones and he actually stole ten of my Yuan Stones and boasted shamelessly that it's worth ten thousand. Zi Chen said.

Can you let me have a look? The monk became anxious as his eyes lit up. He knew that the only thing that could be sold for five Yuan Stones is the Cloud Parting Palm.

What does Master want that thing for? It's just a crappy Cloud Parting Palm. Zi Chen continued to provoke the monk and at the same time, confirming the monks guess.

The monk was really anxious. Now he was 100% sure that the fool did not recognize the supreme technique and this in front of him also did not know that it was really a supreme technique.

Black Boy's Zi Chen had already been crowned as a fool and the Zi Chen in front of him had also been crowned as a fool.

I'm just curious. I want to see it. The monk said anxiously.

Great Master, an existence like you really believes in the so called secret technique that the rogue gave me? Zi Chen was chatty but he did not take out the 'supreme technique' and wanted to anger the monk to death. He called him Great Master and although his syllables were a little strange, the monk's heart was with the supreme technique so he could not hear the meaning behind it.

No, no, I just want to look at it. The monk was anxious. If this was not the main road and there were no passersby around, he would definitely kill this fool with a slap.

Great Master, you don't have to be so annoyed. It's one thing if you don't want to help me ask for the Yuan Stone but I also feel that you're a little annoyed with me. Zi Chen felt very wronged and was slightly dissatisfied.

No, no, I'm not annoyed. What I said was the truth. I want to take a glance.. The monk was truly anxious. At this moment, he stopped laughing and did not continue to call himself I and instead, he referred to himself as I

Great Master, are you in such a hurry? Could it be that it really is a supreme technique? Zi Chen looked at the monk suspiciously.

Oh... Amitabha, this old monk is just curious. The monk inwardly cursed, wanting nothing more than to slap himself a few times. He had actually lost his composure, allowing this fool to see through him. He hastily tidied up his kasaya and his face once again revealed a smile.

Curious? Zi Chen looked at the monk and sized him up, then stared at the big pile of portraits in the monk's hands and said, Great Master, I don't think that you are just curious. Are you looking for the Black Boy for that supreme technique. Did that black boy did not lie to me? Is that thing really worth ten thousand Yuan Stones?

The monks really wanted to kill himself on the spot. He had lost his composure and was caught by a fool, Hehe, benefactor, I was just curious. If benefactor is not willing, then I will not look at it.

The monk had a solemn expression and a smile on his face. He looked like a Maitreya Buddha. One could not tell what his expression was.

'Hmph, keep on pretending' Who was Zi Chen? He was someone who had seen through the monk's true appearance before. This was definitely a evil monk who even dared to lie to Buddha.

Oh, I see. How can a broken Cloud Parting Palm be a supreme technique? Zi Chen said without care then took out the Cloud Parting Palm from his bosom.

It was wrinkled and its surface had an ancient yellow color. It looked like an ancient book.

The monk's expression changed again. Just by looking at the surface, he could immediately tell that it was something he gave to the Black Boy. His heartbeat quickened and blood flowed rapidly.

Sigh, it's fine if you see this sad thing. Zi Chen shook his head, he then kept the manual and walked away.

Err .. The monk was completely dumbfounded. He thought that the other party was bringing it out for him to see, but after a single glance, he kept it and left without saying a word.

Benefactor, please wait. The monk was anxious, he was certain that this was the supreme technique, let alone tens of thousands of them, even if it was a million Yuan Stone, they would not be able to buy it.

Is there anything else? Zi Chen turned around and suspiciously looked at the monk as he sneered in his heart. 'Let's see what tricks you have up your sleeve'.

Benefactor, meeting each other can be considered fate. I can see that you are in a bad mood and your spirit is sluggish. You seem to be surrounded by vicious creatures. Recently, you must have met with a great calamity. This old monk has decided to help you relieve the calamity. The monk looked solemn as he opened his mouth to speak.

To alleviate the disaster? What do we need to do?

Go to a secret place. This place is full of filth. It violates the peace of the Buddhist faith. Moreover, it goes against the order of heaven and earth. This old monk needs to expend my longevity so I naturally have to find a quiet place. The monk said.

'F*ck you.' Zi Chen secretly cursed in his heart. As expected, this monk was vicious. Once he had seen the supreme technique, he couldn't help but try to lead him into a secret place.

Haha, Great Master is indeed a Great Master. However, as a person of my generation, I have gone against the heavens, so what do I need to fear about misfortune? Sometimes, misfortune is also a type of opportunity and we must press forward in the face of difficulties and not retreat in order to achieve longevity. Zi Chen laughed and emphasized the word 'longevity'

It is time to say goodbyes. You are a good monk. We will meet again if fate allows it. With that, Zi Chen turned and left, looking extremely relaxed.

Sir, please wait. The monk flew up in a flash and with a flash of golden light, he appeared in front of Zi Chen.

Afterwards, he offered to get rid of the disaster for Zi Chen for free but Zi Chen only laughed loudly and was about to leave.

Benefactor, you and I are fated, so no matter what, I have to help you once. How about this, I will give you ten Yuan Stones and you give me the Cloud Parting Palm. In the future, when I find the black boy, you two can end this karmic relationship.

Ha ha! Hearing the monk's words, Zi Chen was so angry that his nose was crooked. He laughed, this monk was truly stingy and he had even treated him like a fool.

No, Great Master, since it's a karmic relationship, I now have a reason to end it. I naturally have to go and find the black boy. This secret scripture, I want to sell it for ten thousand Yuan Stone to him.

With that, Zi Chen turned and left. The expression on the monk's face instantly changed. It was obvious that the fool had figured out what was going on.

Alright, benefactor is honest. The black boy also has a karmic relationship with me and I must settle it. This is also the buddhist path's retribution, as for that broken Cloud Parting Palm, benefactor, please name a price.

Great Master, are you serious? Do you really want this broken martial technique? Zi Chen looked at the monk.

The monk nodded.

Good, good, good. Great Master is indeed a Great Master with a merciful heart. Since that's the case, then I will say a price and give Great Master a discount, a thousand Yuan Stone. Zi Chen repeated 'good' three times, looking at the monk with admiration.

Upon hearing about the price, the monk staggered and almost fell to the ground. He thought that the discount meant that it was a Yuan Stone. Benefactor, a thousand Yuan Stone is not expensive but it's a pity that all of my Yuan Stones were swindled away by the black boy and I only have twenty Yuan Stone left.

Great Master, twenty Yuan Stones wouldn't be able to eliminate the cause and effect.

The two bartered back and forth. One was asking for a sky-high price while the other was asking for nothing at all.

Great Master, you made the request. I won't agree if it's under five hundred Yuan Stones.

Saving a life is better than creating a seventh layered pagoda. To eliminate one's cause and effect, it is equivalent to creating a three fourth layered pagoda. Two hundred Yuan Stone.

Three hundred Yuan Stone, losing even a single one won't do and this is for Great Master's sake, giving us a friendship price.

Alright, deal. Benefactor is truly a kind person. The monk nodded. In the end, the transaction price was three hundred Yuan Stones but the monk still looked at Zi Chen seriously, as if he wanted to memorise his appearance.

Hmph, dead bald donkey, so what if you remember? You clearly suffered a loss this time, a Cloud Parting Palm that costed me four Yuan Stones but you offered three hundred Yuan Stone, you really are an idiot. Zi Chen sneered.

The two of them exchanged money and Zi Chen suddenly realized that the evil monk had space magical treasure.

Unlucky, truly unlucky. If only I had known earlier that he had this thing, I would have asked for ten thousand Yuan Stone and slowly haggled the price to three thousand. Zi Chen was regretful but at the moment, he can't haggle it again

He handed over the Cloud Parting Palm and the monk took it solemnly. After scanning the surroundings, he did not find anyone suspicious. His figure flashed, and without even saying goodbye, he hurriedly left.

Ha ha! Zi Chen laughed and quickly went far away, after changing his appearance again in a secluded place, he then left with a peace of mind.

Bastard! Before long, an angry roar came from inside an inn. Streams of Qi whistled and the entire inn trembled and in the next moment, it looked like it was about to collapse. Soon after, a golden light that flew out from the inn, flying in the direction Zi Chen had escaped in.


A golden light flashed in front of Zi Chen, its speed extremely fast. Zi Chen sneered, since he had already changed his appearance, he headed in the opposite direction.

Dammit! It must be him, It must be him The monk roared like a madman. His eyes were bloodshot as he scanned the passersby.

Damn it! How dare you lie to me, On this day, a crazy monk appeared in Cangli City. His eyes were bloodshot, as if he was about to eat someone and kept roaring.

In the inn, Zi Chen burst out laughing, feeling extremely comfortable in his heart. With a total of three hundred Yuan Stones, he could purchase quite a few medicinal herbs and pills and the happiest thing was still swindling the monk, causing his heart to feel extremely at ease.

The city gates were opened wide and even more geniuses arrived. They were invited to participate in this gathering. Moreover, some people had already investigated and found out that the Genius Gathering was a lie and the real reason is because of the treasure hunt. Thus, some of the older people who were in their thirties or forties had disguised themselves as geniuses and went to Cangli City.

At the same time, Zi Chen also received accurate information. Seven days later, geniuses from the Guest House gathered and the three great geniuses from the three forces met with many geniuses.