Thunder Martial Chapter 145 - Meeting The Monk Again

The Cloud Parting Palm is only an ordinary martial technique, and what the True Qi Realm cultivators used was. Moreover, it is only a few broken Yuan Stone.

The ancient city gates opened wide, and the Cangli City communicated with the outside world once again. At the same time, the news of a high price purchase of the Cloud Parting Palm came from shops of all sizes.

The first set of Cloud Parting Palm had actually been sold for a piece of Yuan Stone. Compared to its previous price, it could even be said that it had been stir-fried to a high price.

Zi Chen stayed in the inn for twenty days. When the city Gates were wide open, the innkeeper announced that the Yuan Stones had all been used up and in order to continue staying, he must pay Yuan Stones again.

After handing in the Yuan Stones, Zi Chen left the inn. Coincidentally, he was able to use all of the broken Yuan Stones on him to purchase a copy of the Cloud Parting Palm.

Other than earning a few Yuan Stones, Zi Chen was also asking about the gathering place of the Genius Gathering.

Within a radius of several tens of thousands of kilometers of the Cangli City, all of the geniuses at the Xiantian Realm would gather at Cangli City to participate in the Genius Gathering.

After Zi Chen asked around, he already knew the location.

It was the most luxurious Guest House restuarant in the Cangli City, the one with a total of nine floors.

Furthermore, Zi Chen unexpectedly found out that Li Huo was not the only one who initiated this gathering of geniuses. There were also people from the Cang Family and the Wu Zong Sect.

In addition, a few months ago, there were already some geniuses who arrived.

Both sides had already fought too much with regards to this. Recently, many invitations were sent out to gather many geniuses.

The Guest House was the most luxurious restaurant in the entire Cangli City, with a height of nine floors and a frightening expenses. If one wanted to go there, one would need to have at least several Yuan Stones; otherwise, they wouldn't even be able to enter through the doors.

Moreover, although there with so many geniuses present, not everyone could reach the ninth floor.

I need to get some Yuan Stones. Zi Chen thought, but at the same time, he was furious, It was all because of that damned monk who stole all of my Yuan Stones and the Raging Flame Sword. Originally, Zi Chen had planned to sell the light golden stone but after thinking about it afterwards, he decided to forget about it. It was extremely heavy and hard and would be a good material for making weapons.

Right now, if one wanted to quickly earn Yuan Stone, there is only one way, and that was to buy the Cloud Parting Palms in large quantities. However, no one was a fool and all of them knew about the Cloud Parting Palm. Moreover, some had even hoarded them, waiting for the price to increase.

After a day without any gains, Zi Chen helplessly returned to the inn. In this period of time, he had earned quite a few Yuan Stones by selling off his Cloud Parting Palm and he had even earned a whole two Low grade Yuan Stones from one of the Cloud Parting Palms.

Moreover, the price of the Cloud Parting Palm has been steadily increasing. Just as he walked into the inn, Zi Chen realized that beside the counter, hung a portrait of a young man. There was only a portrait of the upper body of the young man and his skin was extremely dark.

It must be that monk. He hasn't given up yet. Zi Chen remained calm and asked, Innkeeper, what is this portrait about?

Before Zi Chen came to the inn, he had already thought that a similar situation would happen so he once again changed his appearance and he is no longer the black boy.

Oh, this was left behind by a monk. He said that the black boy was vicious and that he owed him a lot of Yuan Stone. Moreover, the boy is on the run so the monk left behind a portrait and will give some Yuan Stones as a reward for any clues. The shopkeeper was calculating and said indifferently, What kind of world is this, to even deceive monks' money. It seems like this black boys appearance fit him perfectly, with dark skin and a dark heart.

Zi Chen was so angry that the roots of his teeth were itching. He had already thought in his heart that maybe the monk would make a plan to find him.

Evil monk, you really shouldn't have set your heart on it. Zi Chen clenched his teeth, he could not wait to greet all the relatives of the other party but upon thinking that they were monks, he decided to give up on the thought.

Suddenly, Zi Chen's eyes lit up. The next day, he went out early to find someone to buy the Cloud Parting Palm.

What, it doesn't cost one Yuan Stone?

You want five Yuan Stones for it, are you crazy? This thing was previously not even worth five broken Yuan Stones.

I don't want to buy it then.

Zi Chen traveled the streets and alleys just to find a Cloud Parting Palm for cheap.

Uncle, how much is this Cloud Parting Palm? On this day, Zi Chen walked through 28 streets, 38 alleys, and 58 crossroads but he still didn't find anything.

In the evening, finally, at the high price of four Yuan Stones, he received a crumpled copy of the Cloud Parting Palm. It was obvious that this person was too ruthless and wanted to sell it at a high price. After rubbing it in his bosom, it became like this.

It's still not serious. Returning to his room and closing his door, Zi Chen rubbed the manual together once more. He had seen the Cloud Parting Palm on that day and knew what it had looked like.

After fiddling around for half the night, the Cloud Parting Palm manual finally glowed with an ancient yellow light. It was wrinkled and looked like an ancient book.

Haha, damn monk, let's see if you will still cheat others this time. Since you dare to deceive me, I will make you regret it for the rest of your life. Zi Chen sneered and did not cultivate but laid on the bed and sweetly slept.

It was only in the afternoon that Zi Chen got up. After washing his face, his entire body emitted a faint golden light and his appearance changed once again.

He was going to look for the evil monk and once he finds him, the two of them must 'meet by chance'.

Cangli City is very big and there were countless streets in the middle of it all. Wanting to find a person in the city was equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Zi Chen wandered around the streets all day, not daring to ask anyone about anything. He could only search for the whereabouts of the monk and seeing that the time for the Genius Gathering was about to come, he felt extremely embarrassed and worried.

Could it be that he's gone? Zi Chen was unwilling because he made all this preparation to trap evil monk. If the monk has already left, it would be a huge loss. He was counting on the evil monk to give him the Yuan Stones.

On the first two days, Zi Chen did not have any clues. It was only on the fourth day that Zi Chen saw a figure. It was a monk with a big belly, a shiny forehead and his entire body was flickering with a faint golden light. Zi Chen's eyesight was very good and with a glance, he could tell that the monk was holding onto a drawing a black boy.

Zi Chen walked past casually, looking around with curiosity.

Amitabha, please wait a moment. Suddenly, a buddhist chant resounded and the evil monk walked towards Zi Chen.

Master, are you talking about me? Zi Chen stopped and looked at the monk suspiciously, at the same time, he was extremely nervous. One must know that the monk had seen through his disguise that day.

I wonder if benefactor has seen this person before. The monk's eyes flashed with golden light, he looked solemn and dignified as he showed the portrait to Zi Chen but he did not manage to catch any clues from Zi Chen.

Haha, I've managed to deceive you. This supreme technique is truly extraordinary. Zi Chen snickered in his heart but on the surface, he looked serious and said, Who is he, I haven't been in Cangli City for long. I don't know many people.

As he said that, Zi Chen looked towards the portrait and unintentionally saw the black boy in the middle. His expression changed slightly and he exclaimed, It's actually him!

Amitabha, does benefactor know this person? The monk's eyes lit up and within the Buddhist chant, there was a slight tremble.

Yes, how can I not know such an evil person Zi Chen said angrily, fire spewing out of his eyes. Suddenly, as if he had thought of something, he said, Master, what are you looking for him for, could it be that you have been deceived by him as well?

After finally finding a clue, the monks heart was moved and he said, Ah, back then, this benefactor said that his family was sick and had some urgent matters that required Yuan Stones. Helplessly, I lent him the money I needed to give to Buddha since he said that he would return it in two days but even after twenty days, he still did not appear.

Zi Chen was very angry when he heard it. His family was sick? The money was supposed to be offered to Buddha? The moment the monk opened his mouth wide, it confirmed that this monk is an evil monk and moreover, he is a monk that is evil to the bones.

Furthermore, Zi Chen even felt that this monk had embezzled Buddha's incense and barely burned incense for Buddha when he was at the temple

This is too despicable, for a villain like him to actually be called a benefactor by the master. I say, calling him a rogue is good enough, oh... No, calling him a villain is more like it. Zi Chen said as he gnashed his teeth.

The monk also shouted a few more Buddhist chants and said a few more bad things about the black boy, then changed the topic, I wonder where benefactor saw this person, could you lead the way for this old monk?

In front of Zi Chen, the monk looked humble.

I have been looking for him for the past few days. I want to settle some scores with him but I can't find him, he seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I think that this kind of evil person might have been killed by the Li Family. Zi Chen let out a low sigh and said indifferently.

The monk's heart skipped a beat and his expression became unnatural. If that was really the case then it was obvious that the supreme technique had already reached the Li Family and now, they wanted to buy the Cloud Parting Palms to confuse the world.

The more he thought about it, the more unnatural his expression became, and he was regretting that he wanted to commit suicide. Back then, he had personally placed the manual into the black boy's hands and quickly escaped, even mocking him for being an idiot.

Damn it, I'm the idiot. The monk cursed in his heart.

Of course, I'm not sure either. It's possible that he's still alive. On that day, he deceived me of quite a few Yuan Stones. Zi Chen said once again, Damn rogue... Master, if you see this black boy, you must ask for those ten Yuan Stones for me.

Oh, okay... The monk nodded, he did not hear what Zi Chen said at all.

Watching Zi Chen leave, the monk suddenly asked, May I ask Benefactor, how did he deceive you of ten Yuan Stones?

Once he said that, Zi Chen turned back and spoke with indignation, If he robbed it from me than so be it but this thief is really despicable, he actually said that he would sell me a copy of a supreme technique and said that it's worth ten thousand pieces of Yuan Stones. Moreover, he even said that he would take care of me but he only snatched tens of Yuan Stones from me and gave me the so called supreme technique

Supreme technique? The monk's eyes instantly lit up.