Thunder Martial Chapter 144 - Slaughter in the City

On this day, the entire ancient city of Cangli City was in chaos. The anger of the Li Family blazed through the entire ancient city, causing the Cangli City to be in a state of turmoil.

Many of the cultivators felt indigent but didn't dare to say anything.

The four great city Gates were tightly shut. Many guards stood guard and their hands were holding ferocious weapons as their killing intent surged.

Why not let us go out?

That's right, is the Li Family the only family in Cangli City?

You are not the only major family in Cangli City, what right do you have to close off the entire Cangli City?

Don't forget, the Cangli City still has the Cang Family. At each of the Gates, many cultivators who wished to leave stood up to the guards. They spoke sharp words as they stood on the side of justice.

The Li Family has given the order that the city Gates are to be closed from this day forth. Entry and exit are prohibited The person of the Li Family, faced with the numerous questions looked indifferent only responded with a single sentence and then became silent.

Why? Your Li Family lost something and yet you want all of us to wait here? Your things are precious but don't tell me our time is not precious?

That's right, your Li Family is too tyrannical? I still have urgent matters to attend to in Cloud City and have to negotiate a business deal with them that is worth thousands of Yuan Stones in profit. Will you compensate me then?

To close the city Gates and prevent anyone from leaving. The Li Family is truly domineering.

They lost their things and didn't bother to review their mistakes. Instead, they kept us trapped. They had already searched previously but still doesn't want us to leave. Does Cangli City still have any laws?

That's right, other than the Li family, Cangli City still has the Cang Family, does the Li Family plan to take over Cangli City?

Many people were dissatisfied and they were grumbling and questioning the people of the Li Family. Amongst them, there were a lot of Zhen Yuan Realm experts and relying on their strength, they were not afraid of them.

The city Gate is closed, entry and exit are prohibited. After three breaths of time, everyone must leave the city Gate or else they will be killed without mercy Suddenly, an ice-cold voice rang out in the sky. Following that, a frightening pressure appeared and a black-robed expert appeared in the sky. With a single step, the expert crossed a distance of a hundred meters.

His expression was indifferent and cold light flickered in his eyes. The owner of the voice was this Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Upon seeing the appearance of the Imperial Sky Realm expert, the expressions of many people changed. It was obvious that the Li Family had lost an extraordinary object this time. Even an Imperial Sky Realm expert had been sent out.

The law? The Li family is the law. Why? This is Cangli City and we are the people of the Li Family The Imperial Sky Realm expert appeared and stood at the city Gate, scanned the people below and coldly said

What's so special about the Li Family? The Cangli City still has the Cang Family. One of the cultivators at the Zhen Yuan Realm said, obviously wanting to use the Cang Family to restrain the Li Family.

From now on, until the city Gates open again, the decisions will be made by the Li Family of Cangli City. The Imperial Sky Realm experts voice was cold and detached.

Hmph, what arrogant words. Someone mumbled in a low voice, extremely dissatisfied.

In the Sky Martial Continent, only the strong are respect. Whether my tone is firm or not, it does not seem to be something a mere Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator like you can decide. The Imperial Sky Realm experts voice was cold and detached as his gaze swept at the Zhen Yun Realm expert who spoke.

In the next moment, he pointed at him and like a thread of energy, Sword Qi instantly charged towards this Zhen Yuan Realm expert. The latter simply did not expect that the Imperial Sky Realm expert would attack so quickly and did not have any time to react so he was instantly hit by the thread.


The eyes of the Zhen Yuan Realm expert darkened as he fell to the ground. In the blink of an eye, an Zhen Yuan Realm expert actually died just like that.

From now on, whoever dares to be rude will be killed without mercy Imperial Sky Realm expert said with a cold expression.

Yes sir! Voices rang out as the void trembled and earth trembled. Numerous experts mounted the fierce beasts that had arrived, guarding the city Gate.

When the people who were previously clamoring saw one of the Zhen Yuan Realm experts being killed in a single strike, all of them shut their mouths completely and quickly withdrew.

Unknowingly, these cultivators are fortunate to have clammored in this city Gate instead since this Imperial Sky Realm expert was easy to deal with. In the other three city Gates, blood was flowing like rivers and the smell of blood pervaded the entire city Gate. Many cultivators relied on their extraordinary strength to try to get the Li Family to open the Gate.

However, the Li Family didn't care about them at all. They only wanted to kill.

Blade and Sword Qi's flashed as killing intent filled the air. Many corpses lay at the city Gate and in the distance were a group of terrified cultivators. They had been clamoring but now, they didn't dare to move forward.

The Li Family sealed the city Gate and sent out their experts to search the entire city and because of this, the Cang Family did not make any sounds of dissatisfaction and actually coordinated.

During this period of time, the terrifying sounds from before rang several times and Cangli City welcomed a great purge.

Even if they were to kill wrongly, they would definitely not let off a single one of them. These few days, in the skies above Cangli City, even the clouds were suffused with red and the thick stench of blood seemed to fill the entire city.

In the city, none of the cultivators were spared. Forget Zhen Yuan Realm experts, even the Imperial Sky Realm experts would have to lie down cross-legged here. Moreover, on the fifth day, an Imperial Sky Realm expert wanted to forcefully leave the Cangli City and started a huge battle in the air. In the end, a terrifying voice came out, and with just a cold snort, this Imperial Sky Realm expert was killed.

An Imperial Sky Realm expert was also killed and even though the ancient city was full of grievances, no one dared to make a sound of dissatisfaction so they could only obediently cooperate with the search.

Benefactor, I wonder if you've seen this kind of person before?

Amitabha, may I ask, has Benefactor ever seen a Black Boy before?

This old monk asks if benefactor has seen this person before. A Black Boy, he is not old, his skin is dark and his face is also dark. He is very easy to identify.

During this period of time, the 'Good and Evil Monk' did not give up on searching for Zi Chen.

When the news of the Imperial Sky Realm expert dying, the monk was shocked and his face also changed. He did not dare to ask anymore and could only get someone to draw a portrait. The person in the portrait was very young and dark, with a pair of bright eyes.

Benefactor, may I ask if you've seen him?

Benefactor... The monk had not given up. He did not believe that the black boy had the ability to discover that secret manual.

Oh, he owes this old monk Yuan Stones. It has already been several days.

Yes, yes. This Black Boy has a very evil heart, he even stole money that is for Buddha. I hope that Benefactor will pay more attention.

The monk continued to persevere. Every day, he would see people being killed one by one and he was filled with trepidation

Ten days, a whole ten days, the massacre continued. The entire Cangli City had turned into a sea of blood and resentment.

Search, search!

In an inn, another wave of guards swarmed in. They were previously guards of the Cangli City but now, they were serving the Li Family, searching over and over again. Almost every day, they would come to the inn to search.

Is there anyone suspicious today? The leader of the guards coldly asked.

No, no, this is the list. There's only this much people here. The owner said in fear and trepidation and later on, he secretly stuffed some broken Yuan Stones inside the leaders hand.

The guard leader nodded his head and lightly glanced at the list. Among them, there was one named Chen Zi who had already lived here for ten days.

Why is he still here? The guard leader's eyes were indifferent and cold.

I say, this master, we can't go out of the city now. It's already good enough to have an inn to stay, if we were to go outside, wouldn't we... The innkeeper hurriedly said.

Right now, the entire Cangli City's inn were fully occupied and those who did not have a place to stay had found themselves houses. Those that did not even find houses were all suspicious people and in these ten days, there had been too many suspicious people in the Cangli City.

After accepting the Yuan Stone, the guards did not leave and instead, the leader ordered the innkeeper to take them to Chen Zi so they can question him.

The innkeeper felt helpless and could only lead these guards upstairs.

Dong, dong, dong! Someone knocked on the door. Zi Chen was currently cultivating in his room. Ever since he came here, he had cultivated for ten days. Aside from eating, he had been comprehending the Arcane Art day and night.

Who is it? Zi Chen said in a bland voice. Sir, it's me. The wants to search. The innkeepers voice sounded from outside.

Search? Zi Chen frowned. Then, he said: Oh, I'll go open the door.

Zi Chen stood up, got off the bed and walked towards the door. On his first step, his entire body emitted a faint gold light. On the second step, the golden light enveloped his entire body and after taking the third step, Zi Chen's body actually shrunk ten centimetres. At the same time, his previously handsome appearance became extremely ordinary.

Moreover, his Xiantian Realm cultivation began to decline and he became an existence at the sixth layer of True Qi.

A few steps ago, Zi Chen's appearance had completely changed, he had become an ordinary cultivator and all of this was because of that supreme technique. Not only could he cultivate his body to the extreme, he could even change his appearance at will.

The door opened and the guards walked in. As for the innkeeper, he obediently stayed outside, making Zi Chen sigh in relief.

Since he had already obtained some benefits, the guard was only casually checking out the room. After quickly sweeping through it, he looked at Zi Chen again. After casually asking Zi Chen a few questions, he turned around and left. Everything was unnecessary, a mere Sixth layer of True Qi cultivator, how could he have the ability to take away the things in the Li Family?

This was the first time Zi Chen had been inspected in ten days and he easily passed his inspection. In his heart, he was glad that he had given the innkeeper four Yuan Stones.

After ten days of comprehension, Zi Chen's physique had undergone a change. Although the evil monk did not have any kind intentions on the day, he still had done something that was kind. The extremes of things are always the opposite and it is easy to suffer a cultivation deviation. Zi Chen who trained in Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art had a strong physique and is not someone an ordinary cultivator could compare to.

The physique refined by such a technique is terrifying but it is not perfect. This time, coincidentally, he had obtained a supporting Arcane Art and it could be said that the monk had provided timely assistance, allowing Zi Chen's physique to reach perfection. From now on, he would be able to reach the peak of body refinement and a great path of cultivation had truly unfolded right in front of Zi Chen.

In the blink of an eye, another five days had passed. Fifteen days had passed since the sealing of the city and the entire ancient city had become filled with killing intent, as well as panic.

Cangli City was very strange. The ancient city Gates were closed and the entire ancient city seemed to have merged into one, isolated from the world. The blood Qi, killing intent, and resentment were actually unable to dissipate.

Even after killing many, on the fifteenth day, the people of the Li Family still did not find any clues regarding the supreme technique. Cangli City was not only the Li Families, but also the Cang Family. Although they did not express their opinion at the beginning, it did not mean that they would not do so.

On the 20th day after the city was sealed, the closed city Gates finally opened.

Ka ka!

As the ancient city Gates opened, Cangli City communicated with the outside world once again. A wave of blood Qi carried the killing intent as it spread outwards towards the sky above the city.

At the same time, all the cultivators who were feeling nervous let out a heavy sigh of relief.

At the same time, all the shops in the city started to repurchase the Cloud Parting Palms in large quantities.