Thunder Martial Chapter 143 - Li Hao

Cangli City has existed for more than ten thousand years and there is a limited number of times a turbulent happened. On average, such events might not necessarily occur even in hundreds of years

However, the whole city vibrated and a terrifying pressure rushed towards everything and more than half of the people in the city fell to the ground and many mortals were knocked unconscious. With just two roars, many cultivators fell into a coma and there was no lack of Xiantian Realm experts among and many of the Zhen Yuan Realm experts were also injured.

Soon after, a third roar sounded out, like millions of thunderbolts exploding in the ancient city, it stirred up the winds and clouds in all four directions.

Close the Gate!

Cangli City had existed for ten thousand years and the number of times they closed down their Gate was simply too limited.

But today, the Gate released a rumbling sound the machine trembled. With a boom, the Gate was completely closed.

When the third roar came out, Zi Chen was already several streets away. With a thump, he fell to the ground from the roar but he did not faint, he was only slightly exhausted.


The sky shook again, releasing a rumbling sound, the entire space seemed to have collapsed and many birds appeared from the sky. Like a torrent, they poured down from the horizon and crashed down.

The Rocs and Firebirds cried out and spread its wings to soar high into the sky and the clear sky instantly darkened. The Rocs and Firebirds covered the sky and blotted out the sun as it flew from the horizon along with many other spirit beasts.

On the backs of these spirit beasts, there were many experts of the Li Family. Each and every one of them brimming with killing intent as they flew towards the four great Gates.

At the same time, the ground started to shake and many spirit beasts appeared. As they stepped on the streets, it was as if ten thousand horses were galloping, causing the streets to tremble continuously.

Those that were still conscious were shocked when they saw this scene, there were many experts and spirit beasts. The Li Family had sent many experts.



At this moment, Zi Chen felt a terrifying aura appearing from the sky. This aura was very familiar to him, he had sensed it many times before.

Imperial Sky Realms, they even sent out Imperial Sky Realm experts. Zi Chen's face changed. Clearly, something big had happened in Cangli City.

One by one, they flew across the sky while emitting a terrifying aura as they passed by Zi Chen's head. At the same time, they would also step forward to inspect some of the people who had not fainted yet.

Zi Chen laid on the ground, raising his head to look at the sky, his eyes revealed shock, looking at the numerous experts and spirit beasts flying past. At this moment, his pupils suddenly constricted. He quickly lowered his head and saw a golden light approaching from afar.

The speed of the golden light was extremely fast, as if it had really turned into a ray of light.

It's that dead bald donkey. Zi Chen's pupils contracted as he thought in his heart. He had already recognized the owner of the Golden Light's identity.

He hurriedly lowered his head, crawled forward two steps and buried his head beside a cultivator who had fainted.


The golden light came from afar and stopped in front of Zi Chen. It was the monk from before but at that moment, the monk's face was sinister and he did not have the previous kind look in his eyes.

His eyes shone with a golden light as he scanned the unconscious people around him. A moment later, he retracted his gaze.

F*ck, where the heck did he run off to, that damned fellow... Buddha, is this how you treat your followers? I already said that incense will be served in the future so why did you do this to me?

The monk was very unwilling. The supreme technique had been lost right in front of his eyes and he had even given it to Zi Chen personally.

After sweeping around, the monk flew away and did not pay any attention to the two people who were in an ambiguous posture when they fainted.

As I thought, this monk is evil. The big commotion that is happening in Cangli City is most likely because of this secret technique. However, this monk is really wicked, to even not offer incense to Buddha, he truly deserves bad luck Zi Chen lied on the ground. After hearing the monk's mutter, he secretly rejoiced in his heart.

The terrifying pressure faded away and those who had fainted woke up one after another. Their eyes were filled with confusion as they didn't know what had happened.

Scram, you dead glass. Suddenly, an angry curse sounded from beside Zi Chen. Zi Chen raised his head and discovered that there was a youth beside him.

Scram, you freak. This youth looked to be about twenty-two and was rather good-looking but the gaze he gave Zi Chen at this moment was filled with sympathy and disgust.

Zi Chen realized that it was also very awkward.

You dead glass, dead pervert. The young man was still cursing in rage, as though he had just suffered a great loss and was constantly wiping the blood off his body.

Zi Chen had originally planned to leave but the other party kept on saying those rude words which made him angry as he muttered, You're the abnormal one.

What? Brat, what did you say? Do you dare to say it again? The young man was infuriated.

Hmph, I can't be bothered with you. Zi Chen scoffed.

You Black Boy, you must have eaten a tiger's gall. You actually dare to contradict me? Do you know who I am? The young man glared.

I don't know. Zi Chen teased, But you shouldn't be people from the Cang Family or the Li Family right?

Ugh! The young man almost choked and was speechless. Among Cangli City, only the Cang and Li Families were the biggest and they were the masters of Cangli City.

You.. You.. Let me tell you, in Cangli City, I am a member of the Chen Family. Have you heard of me? The young man was arrogant.

Never heard of it. Zi Chen shook his head, he did not want to waste anymore time with this fellow and turned to leave.

Halt! The youth's figure flashed, and arrived in front of Zi Chen, blocking him. Zi Chen was a little surprised, this youth is actually in the Xiantian Realm.

Let me tell you, our Chen Family has a lot of people and my cousin Chen Feng is also a genius.

Chen Feng, which Chen Feng? Zi Chen frowned.

Hmph, what other Chen Feng? There is only one Chen Feng in this world and he is the future Ling Wu Sect master. The youth was very proud.

Zi Chen's heart moved, and he sneered: Didn't the Ling Wu Sect get destroyed, your cousin Chen Feng was probably turned into ashes.

Black Boy, you are ignorant and ill-informed. Let me tell you, The Ling Wu Sect was destroyed but my cousin is not dead. Let me tell you, he is preparing to climb the big tree called the Wu Zong Sect. The young man said arrogantly.

Zi Chen did not speak but he was extremely shocked in his heart.

Chen Feng did not die and he actually survived so what Lin Xue, Su Mengyao, Miao Kong?

Zi Chen was dazed for a moment and he did not reply to the youth.

Now you know the power of our Chen Family? Black Boy, immediately kneel down and apologize, damn it, you are so black and ugly. Why haven't you kneeled down and apologize? The young man shouted to Zi Chen.

Chen Family. Zi Chen let out a cold laugh. He did not have any good impressions of the members of his clan. Since you are a disciple of the Chen Family, then when you come out, you should have brought quite a few Yuan Stones, right?

Of course! The young man was very satisfied with Zi Chen's gaze and answered, There are many, many of them. So many that you would not be able to earn anything even if you are a glass boy for your entire lives. [TN: Basically calling Zi Chen gay or homosexual]

Shut up, don't open your mouth to call me glass. You are glass and your whole family is glass. Zi Chen was enraged. He flashed towards the youth like a ghost.


The youth immediately fell to the ground after Zi Chen struck him. With his Xiantian Realm, he basically did not have any chance to react.

After that, Zi Chen fumbled around in his arms and found a small packet of Yuan Stones.

Opening it to take a look, Zi Chen was extremely furious, There's only a few Yuan Stones but you dare to say that you have so many. Compared to Wang Shan, you are way too lacking.

Zi Chen was depressed, inside the bag, there were only four Yuan Stones and some broken Yuan Stones.

This isn't a suitable place to stay for long so Zi Chen picked up the Yuan Stones and quickly left.

The sky was still trembling and after losing the supreme technique, the experts of the Li Family went completely berserk. Numerous experts appeared and the weakest of them being a Xiantian Realm. There were also a lot of experts at the Zhen Yuan Realm who appeared frequently in the air.

This was the background of a huge family. For a supreme technique, many experts had come out.


A loud bird cry resonated through the sky and spread across the entire Cangli City. The loud sound was like a sharp sword, directly provoking the crowd's eardrums.

Zi Chen raised his head to look and discovered a golden furred Roc that looked like a golden crown. This was the Roc King. It exuded a terrifying aura. This aura showed that it had already reached the Zhen Yuan Realm.

The Roc King at the Zhen Yuan Realm, which expert from the Li Family is on top of it? Zi Chen looked at the sky.

Previously, he had heard from a few passersby that these experts were all from the Li Family.

Zi Chen saw a young man standing on the Roc King's back. The young man was not very old and was extremely heroic. His entire body was emitting beams of light. He was dazzling, as if a god had descended to this world.

He stood on the Roc King's back and looked down expressionlessly, as if he was a king patrolling his territory. His clothes fluttered in the wind as his elegant figure and handsome appearance captivated many of the women below him.

Heavens, it's actually Li Hao.

Li Family's number one genius, Li Hao.

What happened in Li Family, even Li Hao appeared.

Everyone exclaimed and looked at Li Hao, their eyes filled with fanaticism and worship.

Li Hao was one of the top geniuses in Cangli City. The reason why he isn't number one is because an extraordinary genius had also appeared in the Cang Family who is equal to him.

This is Li Hao ah, he has already stepped into the Zhen Yuan Realm when he was at a young age. I'm afraid he has already reached the peak of the Zhen Yuan realm by now.

Yeah, it is said that an expert from the Heaven Killing Pavilion snuck into Cangli City to assassinate Li Hao but was killed by him. Furthermore, that person is also a genius and at that time, it caused a huge sensation.

The Roc King flew across the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Zi Chen raised his head and watched as Li Hao's figure disappeared, this was the third genius he had seen. The first was Wang Qiong and the last was Li Hao. He was truly a proud son of heaven and with his powerful strength and powerful martial techniques, Zi Chen is not his opponent.

The current him could at most be on par with those who thought themselves as geniuses but he is unable to compare to these true geniuses. From Li Hao's body, Zi Chen felt a terrifying aura once this aura exploded, it would instantly take his life.

The difference is still too great.

Zi Chen sighed, turned and left. He came to Cangli City for two reasons, one, to kill Ling Yun and two, to increase his strength. However, after hearing that Chen Feng was still alive, Zi Chen had more thoughts in his mind.