Thunder Martial Chapter 141 - Golden Light

The secret manual was wrinkled and very old. It looked like an ancient book.

Benefactor, this supreme technique was obtained by this old monk in an ancient ruin with a slim chance of survival. It's a pity that it has nothing to do with the Cultivation Methods of Buddhism so this old monk is unable to cultivate it.

At the mention of the supreme technique, the monk's expression became very solemn. He held the secret manual in both hands and looked very serious.

Benefactor, this is a great opportunity. Congratulations to Benefactor for obtaining this supreme technique. Your path of cultivation in the future will definitely be a wide and unobstructed path.

The monk handed over the secret manual.

This made Zi Chen unable to understand the monk. Furthermore, the secret manual was wrinkled and had an ancient look to it. It was similar to the lightning technique that the Grand Elder had given him, it was just that it did not have any bug bites.

The monk's solemness made Zi Chen very curious and he subconsciously looked at the supreme technique.

When he saw the words on the supreme technique, he almost vomited blood and fainted.

It was not an ancient word at all but the present words. It did not even have a hint of being ancient and Zi Chen immediately recognized it.

On the surface of the secret manual, there were three large words.

Cloud Parting Palm!

The second ranked martial martial technique used by the True Qi Realm and could not even be considered as a Xiantian Technique so how could it be considered a supreme technique?

It was actually the most ordinary martial techniques. The reason it was yellow was because it had been put away for a long time and rubbed for a long time. It had probably been in this damn monks arms for a long time.

As if he knew that he was in the wrong, the monk quickly left after putting giving supreme technique.

Benefactor, if fate wills it, we shall meet again! The monk left as fast as he could, and at the same time said, Your bones will recover soon, so don't use your Xiantian Qi for a period of time, in case your bones get dislocated.

Monk, you F*cker! Zi Chen cursed loudly, mercilessly, until saliva was splattered everywhere. This time, he was really angered.

He fell at the hands of a greedy monk and was completely defeated.

Monk, I'll F*ck your entire family. Zi Chen cursed angrily crazily as curses flew out of his mouth like a drizzling rain.

Monk, you motherf*cker... Which temple burned the wrong incense and raised you

Zi Chen scolded angrily, he was furious, this time he was truly defeated, to actually fall into the hands of a monk.

Damn, I knew that the monk is not good when I first met him. Zi Chen scolded loudly to vent the dissatisfaction in his heart.

In the distance, some people appeared from nowhere, but didn't dare to step forward. They had sensed the energy undulations and when they only saw Zi Chen lying in the alley and cursing, they tactfully left.

Zi Chen scolded the monk for an entire hour before he slowly got into action, baring his teeth.

This damn monk, his attacks are really ruthless. Next time, don't let me see him or else, I'll definitely break all his bones. Zi Chen moved his body, his bones making popping sounds, as well as some pain.

However, it seems that my body is feeling a lot better now. He wasn't sure if it was an illusion but Zi Chen felt that his physique had become stronger.

Humph, it must be my misconception. This damned monk came here for the Raging Flame Sword, he definitely has bad intentions. Why would he help me? Zi Chen dispelled the illusion in his heart and at the same time, his Xiantian Qi began to surge, the vigorous Qi and the sound of monstrous waves started to resound within Zi Chen's body.

When the monk had left earlier, he said that Zi Chen could not use his Xiantian Qi for a few days but it had only been half an hour and Zi Chen was able to use it. If the monk was around, he would definitely be shocked, and in the next moment, he would probably cut open Zi Chen and to understand the reason why.

I'm lucky to have the mysterious heart. Zi Chen was rejoicing in his heart. Previously, there had been energy gushing out of his heart continuously, healing his body at a fast pace. Only now did Zi Chen recover completely after an hour had passed.

Reaching his hand out to feel his bosom, Zi Chen took out a golden stone. It was around the size of a fist and incredibly heavy, this was something he had picked up back then in the Thunder Domain. Zi Chen kept it on him, not the baggage.

Luckily the evil monk did not search my body, or else I would be finished. Taking out the golden stone, Zi Chen saw the black disc and was secretly rejoicing in his heart. The monks target was only the Raing Flame Sword and on his own body, the golden stone probably wouldn't be any cheaper than the Raging Flame Sword. As for the black disc, although he hadn't found anything special about it, if Zi Chen was not mistaken, it was what the three forces wanted.

I almost lost my life because of it. I have escaped for more than half a year. I must keep it well! Zi Chen put away the black disc tightly.

The supreme technique 'Cloud Parting Palm Paw thrown to the side. It was crumpled and from the back, it looked like an ancient book.

Damned monk, he used this broken Cloud Parting Palm to deceive me and swindle my Raging Flame Sword and Yuan Stones. Zi Chen cursed again as he kicked the manual.


The manual flew up, smashing on the wall and then falling.

Hmph, how unexpected, it didn't shatter! Zi Chen scoffed and was surprised. This manual actually did not shatter from the impact. He took two steps forward and fiercely stepped on it twice, until the three big words Cloud Parting Palm were shattered into pieces.


Once again, he let out a cold snort. Zi Chen turned around and was about to leave but he still felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Zi Chen turned around and picked up the manual from the ground, wanting to tear it to shreds.


Page after page of the secret manual was ripped apart by Zi Chen, turning into shreds of paper.

I'll tear, I'll tear this f*cking thing to pieces!

The thin secret manual was torn apart by Zi Chen one page at a time. In the blink of an eye, the secret technique was being torn apart.

Suddenly, Zi Chen exclaimed, Eh, what's going on?

All the pages were torn to shreds, but on the last page, Zi Chen was unable to tear the single piece of paper. Although the previous pages were exceptionally tough to tear apart, he was still able to tear them apart.

Break for me! Zi Chen was furious, what was going on today, he could not even rip apart a piece of paper, he was truly unlucky.



Zi Chen increased his strength again but the page still did not break.


Zi Chen was angry, flames of fury burned inside him. His body flickered with streaks of silver light and the blood in his body continued to surge as both of his hands shone with a silver light as he unleashed his strength.


A light sound was heard, as if golden silk was tearing apart.

However, the page was safe and sound. What was torn was the silver light on Zi Chen's hands, which was cut by the sharp page and shattered in an instant. Soon after, the page pierced into his skin and flesh.


With all his fingers linked to his heart, Zi Chen inhaled a breath of cold air and frowned. At this moment, if he still he could no longer see anything strange about the page, he would truly be an idiot.

The thin page was filled with writing, all modern words. Zi Chen could recognize all of them and it wasn't anything special. It was just that the degree of its toughness had exceeded Zi Chen's expectations, its sharpness actually far exceeded that of the Raging Flame Sword.

It had to be known that when the Raging Flame Sword had slashed his hand back then, there was only a shallow cut but this piece of broken page had directly pierced into his skin.

The page was yellow. Although it looked very old, it was incredibly sharp. The side of the page was stained with blood, which was Zi Chen's blood.

Fresh blood flowed along the edge of the page and seeped into its body.

Looking at the page, Zi Chen didn't see anything special with it. Other than its hardness and flexibility, he didn't have any kind of special feeling from the paper.


When all the blood had seeped into the Paper, it suddenly began to tremble uncontrollably, as if it was going to break away from Zi Chen's hands and fly away.

This is...

Zi Chen's expression changed as he used more strength in his hand. With a flash of silver light, he firmly grabbed the page in his hand.


The page continued to tremble and its frequency became faster and faster, as if it was trying to struggle free and break through the sky.

Since he couldn't hold it down with one hand, Zi Chen reached out his other hand and grabbed it tightly. The silver light surrounding his hands was resplendent, like two steel pincers pinching tightly together.

The page was trembling nonstop, as if it was about to break through the sky. On its body, a faint golden light was emitted from the surface of its body.

After that, Zi Chen saw this yellowed page actually disappear soundlessly. Those modern handwriting were like ice and snow, silently melting without leaving behind any trace.

This is... a kind of seal? Zi Chen frowned, this page seemed to be a type of seal and by chance, it was opened by Zi Chen with his blood.

All of the words on the page melted and disappeared. At the same time, the thin piece of paper disappeared and what was left in his hands is a ball of golden light

This was a miraculous scene that exceeded Zi Chen's knowledge. The ordinary piece of paper from before had disappeared and was replaced by a ball of light. This light was about the size of a palm and it was bright and resplendent.

What exactly is this thing?

At the same time, Zi Chen felt pain in his palm, as if he had been bitten by something. After that, Zi Chen felt the blood in his entire body flowing faster, and then, it converged onto his right hand.

Just like a circulating stream, when it found a way out, the golden light seemed to have turned into a big mouth that continuously sucked at Zi Chen's wounds, causing blood to flow out. This kind of consumption was unbearable even with Zi Chen's abundant vitality.

The golden light became even brighter, dazzling to the eye and at the same time, even more blood was absorbed by the golden light. Zi Chen kept swinging his right hand to throw the golden light away and even activating the Xiantian Qi in his body, but to no avail.

Zi Chen lost an excessive amount of blood and if it was anyone else, they would have already fainted, or even lost their lives.

What on earth is this strange thing?

Zi Chen continuously flung his hands out, his face completely pale white, miserable beyond compare. During this period, he used all kinds of methods, but he was still unable to struggle free from this golden light.