Thunder Martial Chapter 140 - Supreme Technique

Zi Chen knew that he was finished, he thought about the evil people that he punished and what happened to them at that time is their fate.

However, today, he finally met an even more evil person who he can't handle. His little life could not be preserved but what made him gloomy was that he actually met an evil monk, his luck is truly heaven-defying.

Everyone knew that monks are was kind but when Zi Chen first met a monk, he met an evil monk.

Benefactor, your physique is very special, your Cultivation Techniques is also very special, it is just that it is too powerful, it is not a good phenomenon, it is very easy to have a cultivation deviation so this old monk will help you. The monk was smiling, his actions, however, was ruthless. He once again broke Zi Chen's leg bones.

Dead bald donkey, helping others is equivalent to breaking their bones? Zi Chen was so angry that he almost died. He had seen shameless people before but he had never seen such a shameless person.

He was clearly doing something evil and yet, he had such a solemn and precious appearance and even put on an appearance as if he was helping him.

Benefactor, you misunderstood this old monk. If I don't go to hell then who goes to hell? If it's a misunderstanding, then it's a misunderstanding. It's alright since this old monk knows that this is a rescue, Buddha will see it. The monk's hand was emitting a light gold light, once again breaking Zi Chen's other leg.

As a result, all of the bones in Zi Chen's body broke and he was no longer able to move. Waves of pain nearly caused him to faint.

Dead bald donkey, if there is an afterlife, I won't let you off. Zi Chen had already given up all hope.

Benefactor, you will definitely be grateful to me. Unfortunately, you are fated to not have a next life. The monk continued to laugh but his smile only grew wider.

Afterwards, he stretched out his hand, took out a blue porcelain bottle, and poured out a Pills. He smiled and said,

Benefactor, this is a supreme Treasure Pill, it will help your limbs recover.

With that, the monk wanted to make Zi Chen swallow the Pill.

Zi Chen was speechless at this moment. He seriously suspected that the monk was insane, even though he had crippled him, he still wanted to save him. Furthermore, he took out a Supreme Treasure Pill.

Zi Chen swept his gaze at the pill when he smelled a familiar fragrance from the pill and nearly exploded his lungs out. How was this some Supreme Treasure Pill, it was just an ordinary Qi Restoration Pill, and the cheapest kind as well. It is the same kind where Zi Chen had swallowed a bottle of it with one gulp a year ago.

With a wave of the monks hand, the 'Supreme Treasure Pill' had already been swallowed by Zi Chen. After that, his finger emitted this golden light and pointed towards Zi Chen's body.

Benefactor, this is a secret cultivation technique that this old monk cultivates. It can speed up the refining of Supreme Treasure Pill and help you recover faster.

The monk was laughing loudly, like a Maitreya Buddha, his fingers shone with a golden light and he kept on pointing, causing golden energy to flow into Zi Chen's body like water. These golden energy kept on pouring into Zi Chen's body, causing him to feel less pain.

Benefactor, with my Supreme Treasure Pill and my secret cultivation techniques, your bones will be stronger than ever and you will be unobstructed on your cultivation path from now on. This is a great achievement. The monk looked solemn and was grinning happily.

Did he really come to help me? The pain lessened and Zi Chen's expression became much warmer. Seeing the monk's smiling face, he started to suspect himself.

But it is indeed an ordinary Qi Restoration Pill. It has the same color and smell and when it entered my body, I didn't feel anything.

Could it be that the Supreme Treasure Pill is like that? Maybe I just didn't see it clearly.

The monk was very serious. Every part of his bones that was fractured is being healed with the golden energy, causing Zi Chen to feel very comfortable.

Right now, Zi Chen was suspicious of himself. Could he have misunderstood the monk?

The extremes of things are always reversed and it can cause cultivation deviation. Could it be that my body is really like this? Although it is tough, when it reaches an extreme, it will bring about the opposite effect.

Zi Chen was no longer confident that the monk was actually trying to harm him. He had heard of the extremes of things but he did not know what it meant.

However, right after hearing what the monk said, Zi Chen's eyes were blazing with fire, his body releasing smoke.

Benefactor, Supreme Supreme Treasure Pill plus the supreme technique, a total of One Thousand Yuan Stones. The monk was laughing. After saying out a Thousand Yuan Stone, his mouth was about to split open. Zi Chen could already see the other party's back teeth.

This is f*cking robbing for money, a Thousand Yuan Stones? Zi Chen was so angry that he wanted to cry but he finally understood everything.

The monk was not helping him at all, he was doing business. Breaking his body, giving him a Qi Restoration Pill, healing him with the golden energy and finally asking for a Thousand Yuan stone.

Bandit! Bandit! Zi Chen roared in his heart. He wanted to cry but no tears came out.

He was truly unlucky to have met with such a situation. It was even more frightening than meeting a bandit. They all said bandits were scary, but now Zi Chen knew that this evil monk was even more scary.

Benefactor, this old monk sees that your expression isn't right, could it be that the price is too expensive? Don't worry, this old monk is a buddisht, I treat both young and old honestly. The youth last time was like you and he gave me a Thousand Yuan stones. Before Zi Chen could say anything, the monk continued speaking said,

Remember, it's a Thousand Yuan Stones, not a Thousand Broken Yuan Stones.


Zi Chen could not hold it in and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, almost spraying it on the monk's face. However, the monk immediately dodge, making Zi Chen very gloomy.

I don't have any Yuan Stones. Zi Chen turned his head, but he was feeling very aggrieved in his heart,

What the hell is going on? Could it be that all the robbers are like this now?

Listening to what the monk said, he felt pity for the person who paid the Yuan Stones.

No Yuan Stones? For the first time, the smile on the monks face disappeared as he said seriously,

Impossible, you used a disguise technique because you do not want others to know your true face. There must be a reason, someone like you cannot be without Yuan Stones and every one of them should be extremely rich.

The monk's serious expression almost made Zi Chen spit out a mouthful of blood,

I don't have any Yuan Stones, not even a piece.

No, then this old monk will take a look. The monk squatted down once again and then took Zi Chen's baggage and started looking through it seriously.

What kind of world is this? A monk has even become a bandit. Seeing the monk's serious look, Zi Chen wanted to cry. He was actually robbed by a monk.

It's only so little!

The monk took out several tens of Yuan Stones from Zi Chen's baggage. He frowned slightly, obviously dissatisfied as he muttered,

These Yuan Stones are not even able to buy one. Could it be that this old monk has really miscalculated, could we really be fated?

Bullsh*t, you dead bald donkey, that's clearly a Qi Restoring Pill. The cheapest kind, one Yuan Stone can buy ten thousand bottles. Zi Chen roared, causing his wound to twitch and causing him to grimace in pain

Benefactor, you have mistaken, please do not be fooled by its appearance. Although it looks like a Qi Restoration Pill, it actually possesses the effects of a Supreme Treasure Pill, you must believe it. The monk said seriously while carrying all of Zi Chen's belongings with one hand

You're just a bandit, that's all I have. Zi Chen wanted to cry but no tears came out. He could not hold it in and vomited blood again.

Benefactor, you are wrong, I, this old monk took out a Supreme Treasure Pill and used a secret cultivation method, causing a huge consumption of energy. Moreover, it took at least ten years of my lifespan to help you but it will only cost you a mere One Thousand Yuan Stone. The monk said.

Monk, tell me which temple you are from, I must remember you. Zi Chen didn't know what kind of expression he had but this monk made him speechless.

Amitabha, where did monk come from? I have always been doing good deeds and never sought for anything in return.

Speaking to the monk, Zi Chen was so angry that he almost died. He roared,

You don't expect anything in return? Then give me back my Yuan Stones and quickly leave.

The monk shook his head and said,

I cannot go, although monks do not seek for the favors to be returned, Buddha wants me to lose a Supreme Treasure Pill and 10 years old my lifespan just for some incense and lanterns. If I don't go to hell, who will? [TN: Buddha is needed everywhere, especially in hell so that's where the saying comes from. Buddha will go to hell to help those in need]

Enough, Monk, don't mention the Supreme Treasure Pill to me or else, I'll get violent with you.

Alright, let's talk about the Yuan Stones. The monk was very serious. He said,

Benefactor, you only have a few dozen Yuan Stone here. You are still far from a thousand. I wonder what you will do?

Kill me if you have the ability. I don't have any Yuan Stones left and all my belongings are taken by a monk like you who drinks blood. I really don't know which temple burnt the wrong incense and brought up a monk like you, evil monk. Zi Chen roared.

Benefactor, your words are wrong. Without Yuan Stones, we can use items to make up for it. We can lack the Supreme Treasure Pill and our lifespans. However, we cannot lack incense and lanterns for Buddha. The monk said and saw the longsword that was wrapped in a long cloth beside Zi Chen.

In an instant, the Raging Flame Sword appeared in front of him. While it was still in the sword sheath, the Raging Flame Sword was already emitting a brilliant red light, like a burning flame.

Not bad, a good sword! The monk's eyes lit up. His eyes looked as if he saw a naked beauty

The monk's eyes were sharp, he could see that Zi Chen was disguised with just one glance. Therefore, the moment he saw the sword hilt, he knew that it was a good sword.

With a 'clang' sound, the Raging Flame Sword appeared, dyeing the surroundings red. It was as if a fiery cloud had burned half of the sky, the longsword's cold light shot in all directions, the sword tip was extremely cold and it released an oppressive aura.

It really is a good sword! The monk's eyes lit up as he praised.

After a moment, the monk finished appreciating it and said,

Although the quality, material, appearance and sharpness is not good enough, nor is it long, soft or thin enough. This old monk will reluctantly accept it.

Monk, your mouth is already wide open. If it's not good enough, then hand the sword over to me. I will give you a Thousand Yuan Stones in the future. Zi Chen was almost speechless, he now had a grave suspicion, the reason this monk was stopping him was because of this sword.

Haha, Benefactor, please don't mention it. I am happy because I have done another good deed. Buddha knows that will definitely be happy. The monk was laughing so hard that he revealed two rows of bared teeth, grinning from ear to ear.

If Buddha knows what you are doing, Buddha will die from anger. You are a scum, evil monk. Zi Chen roared.

Sigh! If I do not enter hell, then who will enter hell? Since I am the savior, please do not be fooled by this appearance The monk sighed but continued smiling,

Benefactor, we are destined for each other. After today, our fates have come to an end and we shall meet again in the future.

Taking away the Yuan Stone and the Raging Flame Sword, the monk was about to leave.

Monk, do you dare to reveal your name? Zi Chen laid on the ground, and shouted loudly.

Many dry rations were thrown on the ground. This monk had no sense of morality.

Haha, when this old monk does good deeds, he never seeks repayment. Today is the end, we will meet again in the future if we are fated.

Meet my ass, Monk, where is the supreme technique you mentioned to me? Zi Chen scolded angrily.

Oh, what a sin, I almost forgot about this, the supreme technique is here. The monk slapped his forehead and walked forward with a grin, exposing his molars without a care.

Afterwards, he took out a secret manual from his bosom. It was a yellowed secret manual. It was wrinkled and looked very ancient.

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