Thunder Martial Chapter 14 - The Beating Heart

It had only been a single day since Zi Chen returned, yet he had already provoked Wang Xiong. Although Su Mengyao had helped him out in the end, he was still ostracized by most of the outer sect disciples.

The assessment of the inner sect disciples was fast approaching, and numerous outer sect disciples busied themselves with cultivation. The disciples who knew that they had no hope of making a breakthrough were busy finding spirit medicines instead instead.

Some continued to cultivate bitterly, while others left the Ling Wu sect to find much needed resources.

Zi Chen, on the other hand, was isolated. The outer sect disciples that still maintained their relationship with him definitely did not amount to more than five.

Miao Kong was one of them, as well as Liu Yang. Lin Xue was also still on good terms with Zi Chen, but she hadn't spoken with him ever since she left with Su Mengyao that day.

Liu Yang was at the fourth Layer of True Qi and, just like Zi Chen, was only one step away from the fifth Layer of True Qi. Before leaving the mountain, Zi Chen had reached the fourth Layer of True Qi. When he returned to the sect, he was still at the fourth Layer of True Qi and had seemingly not made much progress for the past few months.

But nobody knew that Zi Chen went from being a cripple to the fourth Layer of True Qi in only a few short months. Not only that, his physique now surpassed that of a rank five Ice Bear and he had already comprehended the true essense of a martial technique.

Ordinary cultivators at the fifth Layer of True Qi was nothing in front of Zi Chen.

200 year old spirit medicine? Zi Chen looked at Liu Yang, his brow wrinkling slightly.

Of Course. I found it with great difficulty, but there is a rank five beast guarding it. I know I cannot beat it alone, and that's why I've come to find you. Liu Yang said solemnly.

This.... I will have to think about it for a while, Zi Chen said hesitantly.

Zi Chen, you still need to consider this? I think of you as my brother. That's why I came to find you. You are at the fourth Layer of True Qi, and so am I. A 200 year old spirit medicine can be exchanged for two True Qi Pills, one for each of us, and when the time comes, we will be able to break through to the fifth Layer of True Qi. Once we break through, it will then be possible for us to enter the inner sect. What other things do you still have to consider? Do you really think that as your brother, I will harm you? Liu Yang said after staring at him for a bit

‘Brother'. This word to Zi Chen was like a spark and his pupils shrank as he listened to Liu Yang.

Okay then! After hearing Liu Yang, Zi Chen no longer hesitated and immediately nodded. When do we go?

That's right, this kind of fortunate event does not need to be considered at all. Liu Yang agreed with a smile. We will set off early tomorrow morning.

Liu Yang left after saying so.

Do you believe him? After Liu Yang had disappeared, Miao Kong walked out from the opposite room, watching Liu Yang's back as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

Zi Chen only smiled and said nothing.

If you need True Qi Pills, I can find a way to get you one. Something is amiss with Liu Yang finding you so suddenly, Miao Kong said again.

I only want to see what tricks they are playing. Zi Chen reassured him.

You are not afraid that he is colluding with Wang Meng to kill you?

As long as there is no Wang Xiong, I am confident. If Wang Meng appears, I can guarantee that he will die very miserably. Zi Chen said coldly as, at this moment, a strong feeling of conviction emerged from his body.

After not seeing him for several months, Miao Kong discovered that he could not see through Zi Chen anymore. It was as if his body was being covered by a thin layer of transparent sheet of silk, making him gain a mystical aura as his body was obscured by the faint light.


The next morning, Liu Yang arrived on time while carrying a bag of useful items.

Let's go.

Zi Chen also decided to bring a simple bag with him. Both of them soon left the Ling Wu sect while the morning weather was still cold and chilly.

Along the way, Liu Yang was very excited as he unceasingly talked to Zi Chen.

But throughout all of the rubbish he spouted, there was not a single word pertaining to the two hundred year old spirit medicine.

What about the spirit medicine? Any other details? Zi Chen had quietly listened to Liu Yang's blather until they were a great distance from the Ling Wu sect. Only when they entered a dense forest did Zi Chen suddenly voice his question.

Spirit medicine? Liu Yang seemed vaguely surprised for a second before he smiled and said, Of course we have to talk about it. That spirit medicine, what was it called again? I'm honestly not very clear about that too, but looking at its age, it is probably around 200 years old. The rank five beast is a blazing tiger, very savage and cruel. Therefore, we must be careful. We must not die in order to obtain the spirit medicine, so once there is danger, you hide behind me and I will protect you.

Liu Yang said all this with an awe inspiring righteousness.

Zi Chen could not help but laugh and say, It seems like you didn't do your research properly. The weakest blazing tiger is at the very least a rank six beast, although it's normally a rank seven beast. It's perception is incomparably keen, so once you approach, it will definitely notice your presence and attack. Let alone you, even if it is someone at the sixth Layer of True Qi, it is impossible to escape with your life.

Liu Yang was shocked by sudden information, his expression changing constantly as he tried to find the right words to respond with.

Now, how about you tell me what the reward for betraying me is? Did you get a backer or did you receive a True Qi Pill? In Zi Chen's eyes was a touch of ridicule as well as traces of sorrow.

Anyone who was continuously betrayed by their close friends would feel pain in their heart.

You... Know?

Liu Yang's complexion suddenly changed, his figure retreating backwards as he opened a distance between himself and Zi Chen.

Seeing through your little tricks is not difficult at all, Zi Chen said lightly. Compared to Zhao Can's cunningness, Liu Yang was far too inferior.

Then why did you still come? Liu Yang's face froze.

I came to see if there would be any good opportunities.

Liu Yang did not understand his intentions at all.

Come out. Having already followed us all the way here, you do not need to hide anymore. Zi Chen suddenly shouted towards the dense jungle behind them.

Ever since his bones had been rebuilt and his physique transformed, his perception was also unnaturally sharp; therefore, Zi Chen had naturally discovered the people who had been following him carefully.

Good kid, you have guts.

Condescending sneers could be felt from dense forest as two figures emerged from the dense foliage.

Fu Jie and Chi Ming soon left the shadows of the trees and arrived in front of Zi Chen.

Just the two of you? Seeing these two men, Zi Chen was quite surprised. According to his speculation, Wang Meng should have been the one to confront him here.

The two of us is enough to deal with you. Fu Jie smiled coldly.

Zi Chen was quite disappointed. His target this time had been Wang Meng, who he had guessed to possess the True Qi Pills. However, these two showed up instead, shattering what little hope Zi Chen had of snatching the good resources.

Are you very disappointed? Don't tell me you wanted to die in the hands of elder brother Meng? Chi Ming sneered.

I actually am quite disappointed. If Wang Meng was here, he would at least have some True Qi Pills, but you two are poorer than one another, what a pity. Zi Chen shook his head and sighed. He was very disappointed indeed.

Zi Chen, do not look down on people. This father also has a True Qi Pill. Fu Jie was furious as he took out a True Qi Pill to show Zi Chen.

It was a white colour pill that contained a rich aura of qi; it really was the True Qi Pill. This caused Zi Chen's eyes to shine.

Your death approaches and yet you're still so greedy, simply seeking to die. Killing intent flashed across Chi Ming's eyes.

Liu Yang ran in front of the two and turned around to look at Zi Chen saying, Zi Chen, do not blame me. If a man doesn't look out for himself, he will be condemned by heaven and earth.

Rest assured, I will not blame you. From the moment you were determined to betray me, there was destined to be only one survivor. Zi Chen calmly said, Either you or I die, but I believe the one who will die will certainly be you.

Liu Yang was silent, his complexion very ugly.

Ahem, you sure talk big. Fu Jie snorted coldly and said, Zi Chen, now is the hour of your death. As for that Snow Ginseng, I think it's in the bag behind you.

You can come and see whether it is here or not. However, that depends on whether you will still be alive to look in it Zi Chen said.

You're just trash that doesn't know what's good for himself. I, Fu Jie, will send you to your afterlife today.

Fu Jie shouted loudly. The fifth Layer of True Qi surged instantaneously. Flowing Cloud Step appeared under his foot as he rushed rapidly toward Zi Chen with strange movements.

Go to hell

His fist clenched tightly like a big iron hammer, bringing along the whistling wind as it was aimed maliciously towards Zi Chen's face.

Third rank martial technique, Iron Fist.

Iron Fist yet not Iron Fist, Flowing Cloud Step yet not Flowing Cloud step. Even if your True Qi is stronger by one layer... you are still going to die. Looking at the Fu Jie who was attacking, Zi Chen shook his head. With a hint of ridicule at the corners of his mouth as he said

The ridicule in his eyes was soon replaced with cold light as Zi Chen shifted his feet slightly and dodged Fu Jie's strike by a hair's breadth. The roaring sound of a fierce tiger resounded as the third rank martial technique, Fierce Tiger Fist appeared, mercilessly striking towards Fu Jie's chest.


In the midst of dull, bone breaking sounds, there was also Fu Jie's pitiful scream. Fu Jie's figure had retreated as quickly as he came.

When he attacked, he traveled on the ground swiftly. When he fell back, he was knocked flying into the air by Zi Chen.


As his body fell to the ground, Fu Jie spat out a mouthful of blood and soon became breathless.

In one strike, Fu Jie, who was at the fifth Layer of True Qi had died.



Chi Ming and Liu Yang's complexion instantly changed. In their eyes, there was a look of disbelief because after only a single exchange, Fu Jie died. The strength of Zi Chen had gone far beyond their imagination, it was simply more frightening than a rank five beast's.


Facing the two people that were panic-stricken, Zi Chen maintained his silence and used the movement technique that was just like the passing clouds and flowing water, arrived in front of Chi Ming in an instant.


Chi Ming was furious, a roar resounded as both his fist struck out. The power of the fifth Layer of True Qi surged and the rank three martial technique, Fierce Tiger Fist, struck towards Zi Chen fiercely.

This is not the way to use Fierce Tiger Fist.

Zi Chen grinned, he could have dodged this attack easily, but he actually chose to face Chi Ming head on.

A tiger roared, just like a fierce tiger descending the mountain, seeing a prey and attacking, both of his fist roared towards Chi Ming.


Their fists collided, erupting a deafening sound, followed after that, there was the sound of bone breaking. Chi Ming felt like there was a stream of powerful energy emerging from Zi Chen's fist, the impact turned his body upside down and he flew backwards, both arms hanging down weakly, they were actually broken.

After facing the attack head on, Chi Ming‘s life or death was unknown.

This was the strength of Zi Chen who is in the fourth Layer of True Qi. With his formidable physique, facing an opponent at the fifth Layer of True Qi was like child's play.

In the blink of an eye, the only one remaining on the field was Liu Yang.

Zi Chen, I... I was wrong... please let me off... I beg you. Liu Yang's shock turned into panic, and he soon became terrified after seeing Zi Chen's glance. His voice trembled as he was begging for mercy.

Zi Chen maintained his silence, the killing intent in his eyes already indicated everything.

Zi Chen, I was being forced, really, please let me off, I beg you.

The terrified Liu Yang knelt in front of Zi Chen directly, begging for mercy.

Zi Chen's cold look changed slightly.

Zi Chen, I was really being forced, please let me off, considering that we were friends and brothers. Seeing there was some hope, Liu Yang begged for mercy once more.

Stand up first.

As he spoke, the killing intent in Zi Chen's eyes weakened.

No, if you do not forgive me, I will not get up. Liu Yang insisted.

Stand up, today's matter was not your fault. Zi Chen said lightly, and then walked towards Liu Yang, wanting to lift him up.

Zi Chen supported Liu Yang's arm, wanting to pull up the opposite party. The distance between them was less than half a meter. Moreover the vulnerable points of Zi Chen were wide open.

Die, the 500 years Snow Ginseng is mine

Killing intent suddenly flashed in Liu Yang's eyes as he grabbed the short dagger at his waist and stabbed toward Zi Chen's Chest.

This scene happened too fast, the short dagger arrived at Zi Chen's chest in the blink of an eye, about to pierce through it the next moment.


But a light sound emerged just before the dagger hit Liu Yang felt that his chest was in pain, there seemed to be something that entered his chest, all of his strength dissipated in an instant.

Liu Yang lowered his head and saw a bloody arm pulling back, then Liu Yang saw the arm was grasping a beating heart.

I wanted to take a look at your heart, whether it was black or red. As Zi Chen's cold words resounded, his five fingers put some force, crushing this heart in an instant.

Liu Yang's pupil's dilated as he fell on his back.