Thunder Martial Chapter 139 - Terrifying Monk

An unfamiliar monk, after seeing his disguise technique, followed closely behind him and threatened to give him a set of supreme technique and he didn't even have to pay him Yuan Stones because the monk would give it to him for free.

Zi Chen would never believe something like a pie falling from the sky. It seemed like the monk had other intentions.




Zi Chen had already managed to comprehend the true essence of the second form of the Nine Thunder Pass. Now that he had unleashed it, his speed far surpassed normal Zhen Yuan Realm experts

His speed was so fast that ordinary people wouldn't be able to see him clearly. Even some of the cultivators could only see a flash of light in front of their eyes.

This was already extremely fast.

Young Benefactor, please hold your steps. It is fate that we met. This old monk is willing to save you from the shadows. What's wrong with being a righteous person?

Zi Chen did not turn around nor did he look at the monk. However, the monks voice always came from behind him and it was always a distance away.

He did not turn his head but he could imagine that this monk was not even three meters away from him.

Zi Chen had a bad feeling about this, he suspected that the monk was one of the three forces.

Could it be one of the geniuses from the three forces? He doesn't look like he is from the Heaven Killing Pavilion nor Cloud City. Could it be the Wu Zong Sect? However, why would the Wu Zong Sect have a monk?

Zi Chen was covered in cold sweat, he did not dare to turn his head, and even now, he did not dare to speak.

Young Benefactor, you are too persistent. The monk said.

Monk, you should leave. We have a different path. You and I are just passerby's and I do not want you to save me either. I still have things that I need to do. Zi Chen opened his mouth with great difficulty but he was extremely nervous in his heart.

No, you and I are fated. This old monk wants to do good deeds wholeheartedly. Today, seeing that young benefactor is struggling in the shadows, I must help you, if benefactor does not have any Yuan Stones, then the supreme technique will be free, I hope that young benefactor can turn around. The young monk persisted.

Unlike Zi Chen who had turned into lightning, the young monk walked forward step by step but with every step he took, it is as if he was shrinking the ground.

Grandmaster, I don't need your help. Go find someone else. There are so many people suffering now but so I can persevere. I insist that you leave. Zi Chen was already afraid, the monk was just too weird. He called himself an old monk and spoke with an old and aged tone. Zi Chen suspected that the monk is and old monster that had made himself look young and had an unfathomable strength.

Benefactor, stop, this is our fate, if I do not save you from the shadows, this old monk will not leave.

The monk was very strange. Even though he was not even thirty years old, he had an aged look on his face. He was fat and his eyes were kind. Every step he took felt like he was shrinking the ground. His face was not red and he did not even gasp for breath. Only the fat around his body trembled like a Maitreya Buddha.

Grandmaster, you and I really have no fate. I'm leaving, please don't follow me. Zi Chen was close to tears, he actually met such a strange monk.

He had come to Cangli City in high spirits with the thought of killing Ling Yun and his desire to increase his strength but he had never thought that he would encounter such a strange monk on his very first day in the city.

Sigh... benefactor, there's no need to do this. The monk sighed.

Grandmaster, you are merciful. Please let me go. Hearing the other party sigh, Zi Chen thought that he had given up and spoke again.

Since that's the case, then I can only take action. When no one understands my goodwill, I can only use my greatest strength. As the saying goes, if I don't enter hell, then who will.

As his voice fell, Zi Chen felt a cold breeze from behind him, it was as if someone was approaching him and then, he felt his shoulder being pressed down by a big hand.

Grandmaster, you..... Feeling the wind behind him, Zi Chen's face changed. He could only make a move and with a low shout, he instantly turned around, the silver light around his body shone and his Xiantian Qi had already started moving frantically as he instantly unleashed a Fist Qi.

This Fist Qi is as firm as a mountain and it almost looked like a mountain as it brought about a terrifying pressure.

The monk's expression did not change. He casually stretched out his hand to block the incoming fist Qi. At the same time, he shouted,



When Zi Chen hit the monks palm, he felt like he had hit on steel. Not only was it indestructible, it was also emitting a powerful aura of a recoil force. His Fist Qi was instantly scattered and at the same time, his entire body flew backwards, his internal organs were in turmoil and his Xantian Qi was in disorder and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

With that strike, Zi Chen was actually shaken to the point where he vomited blood.

Who the hell are you? Zi Chen looked at the monk in shock. This monk does not look that old but his strength was so strong. Just a simple palm had injured him.

Amitabha, this old monk is the person who will bring you out of the shadows. The monk clasped his hands together in a dignified manner. His entire body was emitting a faint golden light, as if he was a buddha who had just achieved enlightenment.

As he stood there, his aura was as if it was formed by heaven and earth. It was as if he was one with the world as his entire body emitted a faint golden light.

Zi Chen looked behind him, only to discover that he had unknowingly arrived at a dead end.

Bald donkey, you forced me into a dead end, are you trying to silence me by killing me? Zi Chen's eyes instantly turned cold, obviously not believing that this monk was a good person.

Benefactor, you made a mistake. This old monk is a monk, not a bald donkey. As the monk's voice faded, he walked forward step by step. He was obviously very young but when he said he was an old monk, he had an aged look on his face.

Dead bald donkey, if you want to kill me, it won't be good for you either. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with killing intent and he was ready to give it his all.

His finger quickly formed seals and each of his fingers seemed to be covered in silver light.

In that moment, the Azure Peak Seal was completed. A loud explosion came from the sky and a large seal descended from the sky, revolving with Azure Light and releasing a silver halo. With a terrifying aura, it smashed straight towards the monk's head.

Benefactor, your killing intent is too great. It seems that you have stayed in the shadows for too long. The monk clasped his hands and called out a Buddhist prayer. He walked straight forward, ignoring the huge seal above his head.


The huge seal descended with terrifying might, heavily smashing onto the monks head. The huge seal dissipated but the monk did not stop as he continued walking forward.

This seal, which was strong enough to kill Xiantian Realm experts easily did not even harm the monk in the slightest.

Azure Peak Slash!

Zi Chen did not care about being shocked at all, his entire body started to release many rays of silver light, which were like ten thousand sharp blades. The silver light started to condense in front of him, transforming into an Azure giant sword, flying straight towards the monk.

Benefactor, there's no need for you to do this.

The monk had a solemn expression on his face. With a smile on his face, he casually struck out with a faint golden light.

When the Sword Qi met the palm, it instantly dissipated, turning into the natural energy. The monk was still unharmed.

Die, you dead bald donkey. At that moment, it was either you die or I die, Zi Chen was no longer merciful, his figure flashed, using the Nine Thunder Pass and rushed towards the monk at an extremely fast speed.

The blood in his body continuously roared like a tidal wave. Zi Chen threw a punch and his entire fist turned silver, as though it was made of silver.

Under the attack, the air seemed to distort and emit an ear-piercing explosion.


Golden light surged out of the monk's body. With a gentle wave of his palm, Zi Chen's fist was blocked.

At the same time, he push Zi Chen back.

Benefactor, you stayed in the shadows for too long. It looks like I must risk my life in order to help you. As the monk's voice faded, he attacked.

Previously, he was only defending but this time, he took the initiative. He gently struck out with his palm, bringing with it a vast aura and a terrifying pressure enveloped Zi Chen, causing his movements to become extremely slow.


Zi Chen bellowed, and his Xiantian Qi began to surge continuously. At the same time, a loud sound came out from the exuberant Qi in his body.

He raised his fist and struck out with full force.

Thunderbolt Finger!

At the same time, Zi Chen shouted explosively once again and a large amount of lightning appeared on his body. Like a lightning dragon, it carried a terrifying lightning power and rushed towards the monk.


The monk had a calm expression the entire time but after seeing the lightning around Zi Chen, the expression in his eyes changed slightly but the smile on his face did not subside as he waved his palm and a palm imprint appeared.


When the lightning dragons touched the palm imprint, it disappeared and transformed into a natural energy. At the same time, the palm imprint rushed towards Zi Chen, bringing with it a terrifying power.


Zi Chen spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew backwards. Both of his hands felt a scorching pain;

You old bald donkey. Zi Chen cursed.

Benefactor, I think it's better for me to save you. Your body is surrounded with evil Qi. We must clear it to prevent you from escaping into the Devil Dao. The monk's next attack was still as light as ever. It seemed weak but it had a kind of pressuring might to it.

Zi Chen tried his best to resist but to no avail. He spat out blood and flew back.


When the third strike landed, both of Zi Chen's hands were actually broken. A sharp pain spread out and he couldn't help but tremble but he didn't scream.

This place was inaccessible and it was already blocked. Zi Chen had no place to retreat to. Moreover, being tightly suppressed by the monk, he is unable to escape.

Benefactor, you should be cultivating a powerful Cultivation Techniques. Unfortunately, although the Cultivation Techniques is strong, things will turn around in the opposite direction when they reach the highest point. This old monk just so happens to have a supreme technique that can help you.

The monk had a solemn look on his face and was smiling but no matter how Zi Chen looked at him, he felt that the monks smile was weird and scary.

With just a few simple attacks, the monk had crippled him and even broken his bones that he was extremely confident in.

Moreover, his palm had already split open. It was obvious that this monk's physique was even more terrifying.

Dead bald donkey, what exactly do you mean? Zi Chen laid on the ground, both of his hands breaking apart and felt waves of excruciating pain. He gritted his teeth and persevered, without letting out a sound but his forehead dripped with cold sweat.

I want to save benefactor The monk had a solemn expression. His face was full of smiles and he was extremely fat. He was like a Maitreya Buddha. However, he was not kind and his actions were vicious.



He was very decisive when he attacked again, and the sound of bones breaking came from Zi Chen's body once again.

Things will turn around in the opposite direction when they reach the highest point. This old monk is helping you. He gave off a faint golden light around his body, as if he was a Buddha but his hands were extremely sharp. As though he is crippling Zi Chen, the bones in his body were almost broken.


Even Zi Chen could not help but let out a blood-curdling screech.

Dead bald donkey! Zi Chen cursed but his heart grew cold. This monk was definitely extraordinary and he is absolutely ruthless. He had shattered his bones and yet, he was still smiling. Furthermore, he was even speaking words of justice nonstop.