Thunder Martial Chapter 138 - Young Monk

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This was the first time Zi Chen had seen such a large city. He was truly shocked and when he looked ahead, he was unable to calm down for a long time.

The Gate was filled with a steady stream of carriages that flowed in like an unending stream. Just the wide bluestone path was enough for eight carriages to travel side by side and it was enough for Zi Chen to widen his horizons.

In addition, there were many people dressed in all sorts of clothes. With swords and sabers in their hands, it was already clear that they weren't mortals.

It could be said that this was a big city, a city with cultivators as the main residence.

This is a grand and imposing city that had been through tens of thousands of years. It is filled with a vast and imposing aura. Moreover, this aura was coming straight at one's face. This was the result of the passage of time.

Zi Chen was dumbstruck and was deeply shocked. Of course, he could also be considered a country bumpkin that had just come to a big city.

Country bumpkin, this is your first time in Cangli City. You must be scared silly, right?

Hehe, another country bumpkin has come.

There's no helping it, there's no such a big city within tens of thousands of miles of Cangli City but there are so many small villages around. These kinds of bumpkins exist every day, it's not strange.

Seeing Zi Chen not moving, one cultivator after another mocked and laughed at him as they walked towards the Gate while wielding their blade and sword.

Zi Chen shook his head and laughed. He adjusted his baggage and prepared to enter the city


Suddenly, a roar sounded out from behind Zi Chen, the sound rolled out, following that, a gust of wind assaulted him, causing his clothes to flutter. Zi Chen turned his head and saw a fierce tiger approaching from afar.

This is,,, the Scarlet Tiger? Zi Chen's pupils contracted slightly.

Scarlet Tigers were a type of Ferocious Beasts, with a strength of around six or seven. Their entire body had scarlet red hair, which was like flames, hence they were called Scarlet Tigers.

But the tiger in front of him, although its entire body was ignited in flames, its eyes were exceptionally cold. They were suffused with black light and it was not an ordinary ferocious beasts, it was clearly a spirit beast.

Compared to the Scarlet Tiger, this tiger was even more mighty and its body was much taller than normal Scarlet Tigers and it was also much more nimble. The terrifying aura around it was extraordinary and wherever it went, everyone avoided it.

At this moment, on the back of the tiger sat a young man. He was quite young, only around 22 years old. His face was like that of a crown jade and his appearance was handsome.

Country bumpkin, have you never seen a Scarlet Tiger before?

Just as the other party was walking past Zi Chen, he snorted disdainfully, raising his head high and staring at the sky.

Scarlet Tiger, this is actually a Scarlet Tiger, a spirit beast at the early Xiantian Realm. It is a rare existence and it is even more precious than a Roc

Oh my god, I never thought that this would be the famous Scarlet Tiger. Looking at it now, it should at least be worth a 100 Yuan Stones, right?

Bullsh*t, half a year ago, Linglong Pavilion auctioned such a Scarlet Tiger and the final price was only several thousand Yuan stones, almost ten thousand of them. A mere one hundred, you really dare to bid for it with that much?

A mere Scarlet Tiger is actually so precious?

Nonsense, compared to a this Scarlet Tiger, a Roc isn't even comparable to it. This thing is a rare spirit beast, it is said that it can break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm, which is even more powerful than normal Zhen Yuan Realm experts

Heavens, a Scarlet Tiger has such a background. Who is this young man, he can actually ride on such a spirit beast. This is equivalent to having a helper at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

The young man rode on a Scarlet Tiger and proudly walked past. When he heard the surrounding discussions, the young man became even more proud.

These people were cultivators so their eyesight was naturally extraordinary. Some people immediately recognized this young man.

Lower your voice, this is Cangli City. If I'm not mistaken, this should be Li Huo from the Li Family.

What, Li Huo from the Li Family?

Everyone's expression changed.

Cangli City is a big city and there are two super families among them. They were created in Cangli City and have existed since.

One of them was the Li Family.

The Li Family is the master of Cangli City. They can call the wind and summon the rain here and they can do whatever they want

Hearing the name, Li Family, everyone obediently shut their mouths and no longer daring to loudly discuss the matter.

At this time, Li Huo had already entered the city with his mount.

When he walked past the Gate, those cold guards were acting abnormal. All of them nodded their heads and bowed with passionate faces, making everyone's guesses come true.

It is said that this Li Huo is extremely talented and loves fire so he got himself a Scarlet Tiger.

That's right, to be able to reach the late Xiantian Realm at such a young age, his talent is indeed extraordinary.

I heard that this time, when geniuses gather at Cangli City, Young Master Li Huo will also attend. He seems to be one of the organizers.

After Li Huo left, Zi Chen once again heard some soft discussions and immediately laughed involuntarily.

Genius? He's a genius just like that? Zi Chen shook his head, suddenly thinking of Wang Shan. He was also known as a genius, the fourth genius of Cloud City. However, he was just bestowing the title to himself.

Following the crowd, Zi Chen walked into Cangli City.

Cangli City was very big, and the blackstone on the city wall had become blanched white.

The city was ancient and it was bustling with activity. There were many buildings inside, all of them from ten thousand years ago.

A candied fruit, a sweet and crisp candied fruit.

Zhang Family's Steamed Bun, Zhang Family's Steamed Bun, take one more bite and you'll be sure to love it.

Once inside the city, Zi Chen heard loud noises. Among them were hawkers and shouts, there were even more loud noises.

There were stalls, medicinal pills sellers and snacks sellers. The level of liveliness far surpassed Zi Chen's imagination.

As soon as he passed through the Gate, Zi Chen saw several stalls beside the road. Amongst them, quite a few of them were selling medicinal herbs, as well as some places that sold martial techniques and weapons.

On both sides of the road, all sorts of lights were being emitted. There were all kinds of different colors and all types of treasures were being displayed.

Here, medicinal herbs could be seen everywhere, and there was no lack of medicinal herbs among them that were several hundred years old.

Since he had nothing else to do, Zi Chen also lowered his head and sized them up with interest.

The Thousand Illusion Palm, it's actually the Second-Rate Martial Technique.

Cloud Parting Palm!

This made Zi Chen even more surprised. It was obvious that the moment he had entered Cangli City, if he had already seen this kind of goods. Then, it was obvious that there were even more extraordinary things out there within the formal shops.

After arriving at Cangli City, aside from killing Ling Yun, Zi Chen also needed to find some medicinal herbs and resources so that he could have a breakthrough in his strength.

There were medicinal herbs everywhere and Zi Chen also checked them one by one to see if he could find anything useful.

At present, he was already in the Xiantian Realm so a mere hundred year old medicinal herbs are no longer of much use.

Medicinal herbs under five hundred years of age are only worth a several broken Yuan Stones only. As for those under seven hundred years of age, they were not even worth a single Low Grade Yuan Stone.

Along the way, Zi Chen saw many medicinal herbs and was very disappointed. There was nothing he needed at all. There were many medicinal herbs here but there were no thousand year old medicinal herbs.

If you want a thousand year old medicinal herbs, go to the Treasure Pavilion. Why are you here? A stall's owner, upon hearing Zi Chen's words, rolled his eyes and said.

Zi Chen laughed awkwardly and asked for the direction of Treasure Pavilion.

This is your first time in Cangli City? Go straight from here until you reach a two crossroad. cultivator's expression became a lot more relaxed.

Zi Chen was grateful and prepared to leave.

Please wait a moment, Young Benefactor. A voice sounded from behind Zi Chen.

Zi Chen turned around and saw a young monk walking towards him. He was wearing a monastic robe and had a face full of smiles.

What's the matter? Zi Chen's voice was indifferent, his heart was a little tired. He wasn't too old, he would definitely not exceed thirty years of age, yet this person called him Young Benefactor, no matter how he dressed, he looks like he's around 25 or 26 years old.

This old monk has an item here that might be of use to the Young Benefactor. The young monk smiled, his huge kasaya swaying to block the fat on his body.

Old monk? Zi Chen scoffed when he saw that the monk looked young and said,

My apologies, I do not plan on buying anything.

With that, he turned and left without waiting for the monk to reply.

Ugh! The young monk was startled, a light flashed past his eyes, he stepped forward quickly and spoke in a low voice,

This old monk has a supreme technique and it can change your appearance and it can even shrink your bones.

The monk's voice was very low and only Zi Chen could hear it.

What do you mean? Zi Chen stopped and looked at the young monk cautiously.

Although his disguise technique was not very good, he had learnt it from the Heaven Killing Pavilion. Nobody could see through him, but this young monk could tell that he had disguised himself.

Young Benefactor, please don't misunderstand. This old monk has no other intentions. I just happened to come across a secret scripture that could change your appearance. Today, I decided to give it to you as a gift due to fate. The young monk had a face full of smiles. He had a kind face and looked like a monk.

Giving it to me? Zi Chen's heart was moved.

Of course I will need to collect a small fee. After all, this monk also wants to be able to cultivate and Buddha also needs money for incense and lanterns. The young monk said with an aged tone.

Liar! Zi Chen snorted coldly and left once again.

Young Benefactor, please wait. You and I are fated to be together. How can I lie? You will know this supreme technique is true soon enough The monk caught up to him, and the fat on his body trembled.

Not interested. Zi Chen waved his hand and quickly left.

This monk was not simple. He could see through his disguise with a single glance so he did not want to get entangled with him.

Young Benefactor, hold on The monk's voice came out from behind Zi Chen.

Sorry, I'm not interested. It's better if you look for someone else. I don't have a Yuan Stone either. Zi Chen was even faster, his entire body releasing silver light.

Little Friend, meeting you today is also a form of fate. This old monk wants to rescue you from the shadows. The monk persisted.

Don't follow me, I said I'm not interested and I don't have any Yuan Stones, so you have to give it to me for free. Zi Chen said without turning his head, a silver light flashed beneath his feet and he used the Nine Thunder Pass

After walking for a long time, he still could not shake off the other party. This monk was not simple, Zi Chen had a bad feeling about this and suspected that he was from one of the three forces.

Young Benefactor, please wait a moment. You and I are fated. I am here to save you from the dark. So what if I have to give it to you for free? The young monk's voice came from behind Zi Chen and like before, it came from right behind him.

After using the Nine Thunder Pass to the maximum, Zi Chen's speed had far exceeded that of an ordinary Zhen Yuan Realm expert but at this moment, he had actually yet to shake off the fat monk who was like a maggot in his bones and he was simply unable to get rid of him.