Thunder Martial Chapter 137 - Advantageous

My dantian has been destroyed, I am already a cripple. The sect will also expel me even if I go back. Senior Brother, please let me go, I am no threat to you at all.

A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes. Liu Liu was already in tears and was begging nonstop.

I hope that you can spare my life. I am already a cripple and no longer have any fate with cultivation but I don't want to die either. The sect doesn't support idle people and ordinary people will be chased out.

Liu Liu kept crying and begging and had tears streaming down his face, looking extremely pitiful.

Zi Chen frowned, he was deep in thought and was in a dilemma.

In this period of time, Liu Liu had pointed out a lot of people. Initially, Zi Chen was afraid that Liu Liu would lie so before taking action, he had to ask around but without question, they were all evil people.

It could be said that Liu Liu was very conscientious and did his best.

Senior-apprentice Brother, I am already crippled and unable to commit evil. I am only a mortal. Senior-brother, please let me go. Seeing Zi Chen's hesitation, Liu Liu spoke up once again.

Alright! After a long while, Zi Chen sighed, and said,

In the future, be a good mortal, don't be evil anymore. There are a few broken Yuan Stones here, use it for your daily lives.

After hesitating for a while, Zi Chen still decided to let him go. If it was before, he would kill Liu Liu without hesitation but after so long, Liu Liu had done everything for him.

Thank you Senior Brother, thank you Senior Brother! Liu Liu was very grateful. He kowtowed continuously and took the broken Yuan Stones from him afterwards.

Alright, goodbye, we'll probably never see each other again. Zi Chen's voice was calm and ethereal. He had already gone far away and disappeared.

He left very casually.

We will probably never meet again. Thank you for your grace for not killing me, senior brother.

Liu Liu took the broken Yuan Stones and stood up, wiping the tears off his face, his expression still showing gratitude.

He did not run away but instead, slowly walked forward.

It's a pity. I was originally a cultivator, but now I have become a mortal. However, mortals also have their own lives and their lives might not be any better than a cultivator.

Liu Liu raised his head to the sky, looking full of energy, he kept the broken Yuan Stones in his bosom, as though he was holding onto hope, as if he was already experiencing it, using these broken Yuan Stones to earn the first fortune in his life.

From now on, he will have no fate with cultivation, and for the rest of his life, Liu Liu only said two words, Earn Money

When he was hungry, he ate some rations and when he was thirsty, he drank some water. Other than the first muttering of Earn Money, he did not say another word.

This trip lasted two days.

Two days later, Liu Liu arrived at an open area and with a glance, he could see several hundred meters away. It was very empty, with no signs of human habitation.

Ha ha!

The light of hope in his eyes faded as Liu Liu suddenly laughed towards the sky. His voice, which carried far, far away, scared some birds away.

Haha.. Hahaha!

The laughter echoed in the open area. There was grief, anger, and hatred mixed in but there was no happiness in it at all.

At that moment, there was no hope in Liu Liu's eyes, there was only despair.

Laughing, tears flowed out of Liu Liu's eyes. This time, it flowed down slowly, very slowly, there were only two drops but it was as if his heart and soul was crying.

He retracted his smile and his expression turned sinister. His eyes were filled with red light and he clenched his teeth,

Zi Chen, it was you who harmed me.

Zi Chen had humiliated him, even crippled him and he had turned him into a mortal. From then on, he no longer had the means to call the wind and summon the rain and do whatever he wanted.

In the future, he would be an ant in the eyes of others, an existence that others could trample to death with contempt.

He was furious in his heart but he had been holding back. Previously, in order to survive, he had even done everything he could to help Zi Chen so there was nothing to hide.

Therefore, he racked his brains and thought of the many evil deeds his fellow disciples had done, how they had bullied men and overpowered women, yet still lived in a carefree and unfettered manner and allowed Zi Chen to eliminate them. He did this so Zi Chen can forget his evil deeds and earn some of Zi Chen's favor

After enduring and betraying for a while, he finally got his reward. After begging with all his might, Zi Chen let him go.

Zi Chen, you let me off but I do not plan on letting you off. My life is ruined, do you think that just giving me a few broken Yuan Stones would make me feel grateful?

Liu Liu's expression was sinister as he spoke to himself, his eyes full of hatred.

I am a crippled, an ant in the eyes of cultivators but Zi Chen, don't be happy, you won't be in a good spot either. I can't kill you and I don't pose any threat to you but there are too many who can pose to be a threat to you. Haha...

Liu Liu laughed out loud once again, as if he had already lost control of himself. The veins on his neck bulged out as he roared sinisterly,

Zi Chen, I want you dead.

The anger in his heart needed to be vented and this was exactly what Liu Liu was doing right now. He desperately needed to vent it out and since the surroundings were empty, it was impossible for anyone to hear it.

I want to tell the Zhan Wu Sect and everyone that you were the one who killed those disciples. I want to send a message to the Wu Zong Sect that you are still alive.

Liu Liu laughed and cried at the same time.

Because of this, he didn't notice that a figure had already appeared behind him without a sound.

I thought you could wait a few more days. Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind Liu Liu. The voice was indifferent, like an ancient well with no ripples at all.

However, such a calm voice caused Liu Liu's figure to tremble. As if an electric current had passed through his body, his entire body became stiff in an instant.

Zi... Zi Chen!

Liu Liu was like an automaton, he slowly turned around and his expression was already indescribable and after that, he saw that familiar face. The two of them had only been separated for two days.

Zi Chen, the one behind him was none other than Zi Chen.

Black clothes and black pants. Black hair, black eyes and skin, all black, it was a black Boy.

Senior Brother, why are you here? Liu Liu's expression changed several times and finally became stunned, as if he was very surprised.

I was waiting for you to betray me. Zi Chen responded indifferently, he quietly looked at Liu Liu and the expression in his eyes was too calm, giving Liu Liu a bad feeling, as though he saw a word from Zi Chen's eyes.


Senior Brother, it's a misunderstanding. Senior Brother, I was just grumbling Liu Liu's face changed again as tears flowed down his face. He knelt on the ground and begged, looking pitiful.

Senior brother, you must not misunderstand. This is because I was just venting my discontent. Before, I was working for you and did my best. Almost every villain has been dealt with.

Senior Brother, you can't kill me!

Liu Liu was afraid, kneeling on the ground, he kowtowed and started banging his head on the ground, making oud sounds.

Zi Chen looked at Liu Liu, his eyes and voice calm,

You sure are able to endure, your shrewdness is truly deep, it's a pity, you have become a mortal. If not, you would definitely become a big shot in the future.

Zi Chen's words were tinged with regret. At the same time, he was glad that he was stronger than Liu Liu. In the face of absolute strength, all of his schemes and plots were useless.

If they had the same strength and if he were to meet Liu Liu, the one who would die in the battle would be him.

Zi Chen, stop putting on airs for me, you are also a vile person, you actually followed me for a whole two days. I have underestimated you, this time I made a miscalculation, if there is a next life, I will naturally kill you.

Seeing Zi Chen's expression and hearing Zi Chen's words, Liu Liu decided to stop pretending and stood up.

I, Liu Liu, do not have high talent but I was able to reach this step not through luck but instead, through scheming. It's a pity, I met you. If not, after I played with Zhang Shui to death, Senior Brother Ling Yun would look at me in a different light and my chance would have naturally come but everything was destroyed in your hands.

I hate you, I thought you were just a kid who just arrived in Jianghu so you wouldn't have any shrewdness and would only have some pitiful and unnecessary kindness. However, I never thought that you would be so shrewd, or else, I wouldn't have been so careless. I would have hid for a week, a month, or a year and then I would have testified against you and let you die a horrible death

Liu Liu, who had taken off his disguise was extremely rude when he spoke. There was already not much life left for him.

Unfortunately, you won't have the chance. Zi Chen was still calm but whether he had the same expression as him in his heart, only he himself knew.

Liu Liu fell into a pool of blood and he left. Zi Chen did not let him go.

This incident gave Zi Chen a deeper understanding of this continent. Goodwill was fine but it isn't something that had to be shown at all times. Sometimes, when one ought to be ruthless, one could not hesitate.

Even if someone was accidentally killed others, they would not care. Everything was for the benefit of themselves.

At this moment, Zi Chen seemed to have thought of Zhao Can. Back then, Zhao Can had told him this logic but Zi Chen had not completely understand it.

Only profit can be sought after and as long as something is to their own advantage, is a thing worth doing.


Cangli City is a huge city, as famous as Cloud City.

In the Southern region, the famous Seven Cities included Cangli City.

The Southern region is huge and even if it was an Imperial Sky Realm expert, they would not dare to say that have been to every place. Some even guessed that there were many other powers outside of the Seven Cities and Sects.

As for mortals, while they were eating and chatting, they would only be able to chat about a few major cities. This was because they had spent their entire lives in one place so it was impossible for them to travel through to the Seven cities.

The walls of Cangli City is tens of metres tall and tens of metres wide and its entire body is black. Originally, it was a type of firm blackstone but after the passage of time, the blackstone had traces of being blanched and from afar, it looked like an ancient beast crawling on the ground.

This is an ancient city that had existed for more than ten thousand years. Within this city, the names of countless heroes could be heard.

The four Gates were all extremely wide, enough to accommodate eight horse carriages traveling side by side.

In the gentle weather, Zi Chen, dressed in black and carrying a baggage had arrived outside Cangli City with a longsword wrapped in a long cloth on his back.

Translator Note: I'll be honest, even I was a little moved by Liu Liu at first and thought that he was gonna turn over a new leaf