Thunder Martial Chapter 136 - Guarding The Entrance

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Zi Chen's every punch carried the comprehension of the Azure Peak Seal. It was as heavy as a mountain. With a single punch, it enveloped Elder Fan, making him seem to have entered an encirclement with no place to hide.

The only thing he could do was to keep retreating, but Zi Chen was even faster, following closely behind as he continued to punch out.

Thousand Illusion Palm

Elder Fan shouted loudly. His late Xiantian aura surged and the roars of tigers and Dragons could be heard. It was also like a monstrous wave surging about and was a sign that the Xiantian Qi had gone completely berserk.

Until now, he had been suppressed. Elder Fan knew that if this continued, he might really die here.

The berserk Xiantian Qi brought about a terrifying power, and the power of the Thousand Illusion Palm also increased by many times.

Each and every palm strike was like a solid object, radiating a terrifying pressure as they erupted forth.

Humph! Seeing these palm prints, Zi Chen just released a cold snort as his hands formed a seal and like an elf, his fingers nimbly moved and the complete version of the Azure Peak Seal appeared.


The sky shook and the Azure Peak Seal appeared. It was as if a mountain was pressing down on Elder Fan, causing his Qi to surge and the surrounding trees were not be able to withstand the pressure and they instantly exploded into many pieces, causing smoke and dust to fly everywhere.


Along with Zi Chen's finger, the Azure Peak Seal fell. Its body emitted an azure light but there was a layer of hazy silver light. If you looked carefully, it was as if you could see some electric snakes within the silver light.

Through the use of the Xiantian Qi, the strength of this Azure Peak Seal was not one bit weaker than the disciples who cultivated the Azure Dawn Secret Art.


The Azure Peak Seal descended, it was like a mountain pressing down. The aura was steady and dense and the berserk Thousand Illusion Palm was instantly dispersed, transforming into a natural energy. The sky trembled and the huge seal descended once again.


Elder Fan spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew backwards. His eyes were filled with shock, the berserk Xiantian Qi was almost his strongest move but he did not expect it to be easily blocked by this black boy as well.

You are not from Daling Village, who exactly are you?

Elder Fan was dumbstruck. With blood still trickling from the corner of his mouth, he stood up.

I'm the one who will kill you. Zi Chen coldly replied, his killing intent not diminishing as he dashed forward.

No, for you to have such methods at the early Xiantian Realm. Exactly which power raised such a genius, our Zhan Wu Sect has no enmity with you, why must you be so ruthless? Elder Fan quickly retreated. At this moment, he finally understood the difference between them.

The ones who are ruthless are you guys but don't worry though, after you die, Ling Yun will come and find you. You bunch of scum shouldn't be living in this world.

Zi Chen's body flashed, he waved his fist and in the midst of a loud explosion, Elder Fan flew backwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

In the past, when Zi Chen fought with Wang Shan, he had used his bare hands to catch his Raging Flame Sword. The Raging Flame Sword is known as the sharpest weapon that is j, which was only second to the Intrinsic Treasure.

Moreover, back then, Wang Shan was also in late Xiantian Realm but his strength was much stronger than the Elder Fan. The gap between the two was simply too huge.

Don't kill me, I am an elder of the Zhan Wu Sect and my disciples are numbered in the tens of thousands. Elder Fan opened his mouth and begged for mercy.

Zi Chen did not say anything, his body flashed forward again as he threw out another punch.

No, our Zhan Wu Sect is a branch of the Wu Zong Sect. Killing me is equivalent to offending the Wu Zong Sect. The anger of the Wu Zong Sect is not something that you can withstand. Even the power behind you cannot withstand it. Seeing that Zi Chen did not care about Zhan Wu Sect, Elder Fan brought out the banner that was the Wu Zong Sect.

The power behind me has already been burnt by the Wu Zong Sect. Sooner or later, I will look for them, and as for the reason why you attacked the people from the Daling Village, it can be considered because of me. If it wasn't for me that day, I'm afraid that Ling Yun's scheme would have succeeded and this could also be considered as a cause and effect. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold and it was rare for him to reveal his identity.

What.. You... Elder Fan's eyes flashed, his expression kept changing and in an instant, his face revealed a look of shock,

You're someone from the Ling Wu Sect, you're Zi Chen, you... Aren't you dead?

On that day, even though he did not go to the Spirit Medicine Garden, when they returned, he heard from Ling Yun about this matter.

Therefore, if Ling Yun wanted to take revenge, he had to eliminate all of his enemies so that he could prepare to take over the Zhan Wu Sect in the future.

Zi Chen was only an unknown existence previously and Elder Fan simply did not care about him at that time. However, a while ago, news about Zi Chen spread, causing the three forces to suffer huge losses. Even though he was already dead, it still caused a huge sensation.

Furthermore, the sect leader had said that if this person did not die that day, he would naturally become an influential figure in the future. It was natural that the True Qi Realm boy who is able to cause such a huge commotion to be an influential figure in the future.

You... You actually didn't die and is actually still alive. Even Dark Serene Forest isn't able to kill you, it seems like your life is really tough At this moment, the shock in Elder Fan's heart had already surpassed his panic.

Before you die, I will make you understand. Remember to tell Elder Liu that the one who killed him is Zi Chen.

With that said, Zi Chen punched out.


The fist landed and everything came to an end.

Elder Fan's chest had caved in, his Xiantian Protective Qi had been broken and he had fallen into a pool of blood.

With the two dead, Ling Yun and a few other ordinary disciples were next.

Zi Chen had obtained an unexpected harvest from the two elders. He actually discovered a few Yuan Stones and the quantity is not small.

After dealing with the corpses, Zi Chen walked towards a large stone in the distance where Liu Liu laid unconsciously.

Get up! A ray of Xiantian Qi was released and Liu Liu woke up from his coma.

Come back to the village with me to get something.

Zi Chen brought Liu Liu and walked towards the Daling Village.

Zi Chen had not returned for an entire night. The villagers were all worried, and did not go out today but waited in the village instead. Although they were confident in Zi Chen, they were still worried.

Zhang Shui. Suddenly, Zhang Shui heard Zi Chen's voice.

You... You're back. Zhang Shui was very excited to see Zi Chen. Liu Liu followed behind him. His face was very swollen and he was not in a good condition.

Chen Zi is back

Chen Zi, you're finally back. Did anything happen to you?

Everyone is worried since you haven't come back for the whole night.

The villagers all walked up but when they saw Liu Liu behind Zi Chen, their expressions changed and they became cautious.

I came today to retrieve my things. I'll be leaving in a few days. Zi Chen said.

What? Chen Zi, you're leaving?

The villagers were startled. Although they had already predicted that such a day would occur, they had not expected it to happen so soon.

Everyone, don't worry. In the future, the people from the Zhan Wu Sect will never come again. They have already discovered their conscience and think that it's enough to just accept the Yuan Stone. Zi Chen revealed the worries of the majority of the villagers.

Am I right? Zi Chen looked at Liu Liu.

Yes, yes Liu Liu's heart trembled. Up till now, he still felt like he was in a dream. When the two elders arrived, Zi Chen had already knocked him out but after waking up, he only saw Zi Chen, not the two elders.

Furthermore, there were traces of blood on the ground. He felt that something was off. A result that he could not believe and did not dare to think of appeared in his mind.

The two Elders were killed.

Everyone, don't worry. We have already gotten the Yuan Stone. This matter can be considered over. Liu Liu said in a trembling voice but he felt very wronged in his heart. They had indeed taken the Yuan Stone but it has been taken away.

Hearing Liu Liu's words, the villagers were very happy but also very disappointed and tried to get Zi Chen to stay.

Zi Chen rejected them with a smile. It was time to leave and if he wanted to completely settle this issue, he had to go to Cangli City and eliminate Ling Yun and it was only there that he could have more resources to break through.

Otherwise, if his identity is exposed and he is to be chased by the three factions again, he would die without a doubt.

Luck can't be with him all the time.

In the end, Zi Chen took the baggage and left. However, he did not immediately head to Cangli City but instead, walked towards the Zhan Wu Sect.

This time, there were many disciples participating. Zi Chen had to get rid of them once and for all so that they wouldn't hurt anyone again.

Outside the Zhan Wu Sect, in a large forest, Zi Chen was hiding there. In front of him was the only way down the mountain for the Zhan Wu Sect's disciple.

Liu Liu followed beside Zi Chen to testify against so Zi Chen would know who to kill.

Two days later, Liu Liu found someone.

He, he's the one...

A disciple was walking down the mountain. He seemed to be angered and was cursing.

F*ck they actually dared to mock me. Very good, today I am going to vent my anger on Zhao Tan, I do not believe that he, who has already become a waste will still have any strength left. I want to repay the humiliation he once gave me.

This disciple was cursing and his voice was loud and without restraint.

Zhao Tan is in the same situation as Zhang Shui, he had his cultivation destroyed. Back then, He was lucky enough to survive from the Spirit Medicine Garden. Zhang Shui explained in a low voice.

Good, very good! Zi Chen nodded, killing intent surging in his eyes.

Suddenly, the disciple felt his whole body tremble as if a cool breeze passed by.

F*ck, where did this cold wind come from? The disciple continued to curse and move forward.

However, he suddenly discovered that there was an additional person in front. He was dressed in black and had a pitch-black appearance.

Black Boy, are you seeking death by blocking my way? The disciple shouted in anger but his vision blurred and he lost consciousness.

Only a few elders participated in this matter, and they were all killed by Zi Chen, the rest of them were the disciples. To deal with them, it is simply a breeze for him.

In just a few short days, Zi Chen had already killed seven to eight people.

At the same time, following the disappearance of the three elders and the disappearance of many disciples created all kinds of rumors. Many disciples who had committed evil deeds became nervous and did not dare to go down the mountain again.

Half a month later, Zi Chen sensed a strong aura appearing from the mountain and quickly left with Liu Liu.

He had already asked before and although the Zhan Wu Sect did not have Imperial Sky Realm experts, they still have Zhen Yuan Realm experts so once he felt this aura, Zi Chen immediately fled and the expert would not be able to catch up to him. After the expert went back, Zi Chen also went back

Back and forth, Zi Chen guarded the mountain outside the Zhan Wu Sect. In almost a month's time, he had killed most of the disciples that committed evil deeds and finally left.

Senior brother, please let me go. My dantian has been crippled and I can be considered mortal. Even when I returned to the sect, I will be expelled.

When Zi Chen was about to leave, he will be useless to him and he will most likely be dealt with. Thinking of this, Liu Liu's heart trembled and he quickly begged for mercy.