Thunder Martial Chapter 135 - Violence

The Azure Peak Seal is a Killing Technique recorded in the Azure Dawn Secret Art, its power was peerless. Once it was unleashed, it is like a huge mountain pressing down, bringing about a boundless pressure with a grand aura, its power was terrifying and it could destroy everything.

When the two elders appeared, Zi Chen immediately attacked. The silver light between his fingers flickered, like a dancing spirit, he became extremely nimble and in that instant, the Azure Peak Seal was completed, releasing a bright light.


The sky shook and a terrifying aura exploded forth. A huge Azure seal fell from the sky. It was several meters in size and looked like a small mountain. It emitted an azure and silver halo as it pressed down toward the three.

The appearance of the huge seal carried a terrifying pressure. The heavy pressure caused the space to tremble slightly, falling towards the three of them.

Brat, to sneak attack the moment we arrived, you're really despicable. The Azure Peak Seal is terrifying so Elder Liu did not dare to be careless. His Xiantian Qi converged into a huge blade, flying up into the sky with a bright light shining and it rushed towards the Azure Peak Seal.


At the same time, Elder Fan saw that the Azure Peak Seal was special and also attacked. He waved his big sleeve and a hurricane appeared.

Zhang Ming's expression changed drastically. When three Xiantian experts fought, such a terrifying pressure made his movements slow and he was unable to even escape in time.


With a wave of Elder Fan's sleeve, the pressure on Zhang Ming greatly decreased. With gratitude in his eyes, he quickly escaped. The battle between Xiatian Realm experts is not one that he could participate in.


When the seal landed, it was like a mountain, bringing with it a terrifying aura. The sky trembled and the Blade Qi it instantly exploded and dissipated when it struck the Azure Peak Seal. Zi Chen's full-power strike, also had a powerful Battle skills, was naturally terrifying.

The Blade Qi instantly shattered, the Azure Peak Seal's luster dimmed slightly but its momentum did not slow down at all as it directly smashed into the Hurricane.

The hurricane rose into the air and continued to spin. When it came into contact with the Azure Peak Seal, 'ding dong' sounds rang out, as if thousands of wind blade were being sliced apart at the same time.





In the air, the hurricane and the Azure Peak Seal clashed continuously and released many sounds until they finally exploded with a loud bang as both the hurricane and the Azure Peak Seal began to dissipate.

How is this possible?

In the distance, Zhang Ming saw this scene and was completely dumbfounded. The black Boy's fighting strength seemed to have become even stronger.

Kid, you dare to sneak attack me. Truly despicable. Elder Liu scolded again while Elder Fan's expression became even more serious.


Just at that moment, a silver light flashed, Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and his body transformed into lightning, rushing over from the distance. His speed is extremely fast, just like lightning.

Zi Chen had comprehended the second form of the Nine Thunder Pass and had already become extremely fast. Forget about Xiantian Realm experts, even early Zhen Yuan Realm experts might not be able to catch up to him.

Zi Chen disappeared in a blink of an eye, his expression was cold and indifferent, under Elder Liu's shocked gaze, he waved his fist.


Elder Liu's expression greatly changed as he welcomed the attack with his palm. The Xiantian Qi in his body surged crazily as a resplendent Protective Shield was formed.


This time, Zi Chen did not use martial techniques but used his own physiqueal strength. His fist came down like a heavy hammer, instantly smashing apart Elder Liu's Protective Shield, following that, his fist struck, causing him to fly backwards while spitting blood.

With a single blow, Elder Liu was injured.


In the distance, Zhang Ming was completely dumbfounded. In that moment, he could tell that the black Boy was truly not ordinary. He had fought with Elder Wu for a long time earlier but it seemed like he was concealing his strength and now, he completely revealed it.

Fast, too fast!

Even if it was in terms of speed or attack, it was already unbelievably fast. Even Elder Fan who is in the late Xiantian Realm had yet to react and Elder Liu was already injured.

Kid, die! While Elder Liu was forced to retreat, Elder Fan then shouted loudly, completely reacting to the situation. The surging Xiantian Qi was like raging waves, he struck with his palm and layers upon layers of palm prints appeared, covering the sky.

Xiantian Technique, the Thousand Illusion Palm is a famous Xiantian Technique in the Zhan Wu Sect.

Once it was unleashed, there would be tens of thousands of palm prints in the sky, some of them were fake and there is no way to differentiate them so it could be said to be a powerful martial technique.


Zi Chen did not care about the palm print at all, and lightning once again appeared underneath his feet. Zi Chen is like lightning, his speed is strange and like an illusion, he instantly dodged the palm prints and rushing towards Elder Liu once again.


A punch was sent out, striking right at Elder Liu's face. The clear sound of breaking bones could be heard, his forehead had shattered and half of his teeth had fallen out of his mouth.


Zi Chen was very fast, after punching once, he punched out again, just like a torrential storm.

Because his speed was too fast, Elder Liu didn't even have time to shout before the sound of bones breaking rang out.

I'll send you on your way!

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, his first once again released a silver light and this time, the combination of the Azure Peak Seal with his fist appeared again. Although it was only one punch, Elder Liu felt like there was a mountain flying towards him, bringing a terrifying pressure.

His eyes revealed fear and horror, along with a shred of despair as he activated all of the Xiantian Qi in his body to form the final line of defense.

Zi Chen's current body is terrifyingly strong and is even tougher than Xiantian Weapons. The power of this fist is not inferior to a magic treasures.


The Protective Qi was instantly destroyed and at the same time, Zi Chen's fist landed on Elder Liu's face. In that moment, Elder Liu's head exploded.

An existence at the mid Xiantian Realm was killed.

This... This is impossible!

In the distance, Zhang Ming's face changed greatly. In a few breaths of time, Elder Liu was killed and Elder Fan did not even manage to touch him. He knew that he had made a miscalculation. This fellow did this on purpose, he did not even blink when killing the elder, let alone him.

With a tap of his feet, he decided to escape.

Unfortunately, Zi Chen naturally would not let him live. He used the Nine Thunder Pass once again and his body transformed into a bolt of lightning, appearing in front of Zhang Ming in the blink of an eye.

No... Don't kill me Zhang Ming screamed in despair, his voice was shrill but then, he stopped as a ray of Sword Qi had pierced through his body. His life force was gone and he fell to the ground.

The three of them had only arrived for a few breaths' time but two of them had already died.

Zi Chen turned and looked at Elder Fan calmly.

Elder Fan was an old man and there were many frowns on his face but his eyes were incomparably sharp and there was no signs of turbidity in them. At this moment, his eyes were cold and filled with fury. Killing someone right in front of him was simply slapping his face.

Do you only know how to run? Elder Fan asked indifferently but anyone could hear the cold intent in his words.

Of course not, I'll send you on your way right now. Zi Chen replied indifferently.

Bullsh*t. If you didn't use your speed, I could kill you with one move. Elder Fan's tone was sharp but his eyes constantly flashed, as though he was thinking about something.

Your Zhan Wu Sect's people are really shameless. Back then in the Spirit Medicine Garden, Ling Yun plotted to kill everyone and he did not even let his fellow sect disciples go and killed so many people. After only facing the walls for half a year, he came out this time and is even more cruel. Zi Chen said coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Hmph, that is the business of my Zhan Wu Sect, you don't need to bother about it. On the other hand, you, after killing so many of us, are destined to die. As for the village you are in, it will be affected by your foolish actions. Elder Fan scoffed.

Slaughter the village? A hint of disdain appeared at the corner of Zi Chen's mouth as he said,

Unfortunately, you won't have the chance anymore.

But don't worry, you go on ahead. After a while, Ling Yun will come down to accompany you. With that said, Zi Chen's figure flashed and rushed towards Elder Fan.

His fist was his biggest weapon and with his strong physique, it was comparable to a magic weapon type treasure. With a silver glow, he punched towards Elder Fan.

Shameless boasting. Let me destroy you today! The Elder Fan snorted as he struck out with his Xiantian Technique. In that instant, palm imprints appeared, covering the sky and the earth.

It was the Thousand Illusion Palm, the mighty Xiantian Technique of the Zhan Wu Sect.

This sort of insignificant trick is useless against me. Zi Chen did not dodge this time, his entire body was shining with a silver light, his eyes were cold and emotionless. His fists struck out, using force to break the palm prints.


In the midst of the loud explosion, Zi Chen swung his fist down and the palm prints that filled the sky disappeared without a trace.


However, just as the palm print dissipated, a hurricane appeared. This was also a type of Xiantian Technique, the hurricane is like a type of wind blade and is extremely sharp. If an ordinary person was struck by it, they would be cut apart, dying miserably.

But Zi Chen is not afraid, facing the hurricane, he only raised his fist and punched out.


With that punch, the hurricane disappeared and the wind blade turned into a natural energy and disappeared.

What... The black boy had easily destroyed two of his martial techniques in a row and judging from his strength, he is merely an early Xiantian Realm expert. There is a difference of two realms between them and yet, he is still suppressed by the black boy.

Who the hell are you? Elder Fan's face changed, his body instantly retreating.

Zi Chen moved quickly just like a ghost, sticking closely to Elder Fan.

His eyes were merciless and there is only killing intent in his eyes. He didn't utter a single word as he punched out continuously and his blood surged within his body like a tidal wave that surged to the heavens, emitting the sound of raging waves.


Elder Fan's complexion changed, these Xiantian Techniques, were all the powerful martial techniques of the Zhan Wu Sect. He could only learn them because he had the identity of an elder but at this moment, in front of Zi Chen, these powerful martial techniques were simply nothing.

Zi Chen punched out with his fist, simple and direct but he was able to easily destroy the powerful Xiantian Techniques. Zi Chen wasn't even using any martial techniques and is simply attacking with pure violence