Thunder Martial Chapter 134 - Combined

As Xiantian Qi surged in the air, Zi Chen punched out with a resplendent silver light that carried immense power.

Die! Elder Wu's eyes emitted killing intent and his Xiantian Qi turned into a set of sharp and cold Sword Qi, thrusting straight at Zi Chen's face.


When his fist landed on the Sword Qi, it produced a sonorous sound. Zi Chen's footwork flickered, it was very profound and after dispersing the Sword Qi, he retreated after striking. [TN: Soronus: Producing sound(as when struck). I got this definition from merriam-webster]

What, you are also in the Xiantian Realm? His red robe fluttered without wind. Elder Wu was shocked and his expression became serious,

To have the strength of early Xiantian Realm at such a young age, you are indeed a genius but what a pity, you have just entered the Xiantian Realm but I have already reached the peak of the early stages. Today, I am destined to kill you.

Zi Chen curled his lips in disdain. From the elders words, he could tell the difference between the Zhan Wu Sect and Heaven Killing Pavilion.

When he traveled with the people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion that day, they all looked at him with contempt, giving him a list of many talents. Moreover, they even said that Zi Chen was miles away from being considered as a genius.

But here, the Zhan Wu Sect elder actually called him a genius.

Since you are here, you should know about the matters of the Daling Village, right? Zi Chen asked coldly.

Humph, it's just a bunch of ants. So what if they die? Elder Wu harrumphed coldly.

It's best if you have such an idea. Otherwise, if I kill you, I'll feel uneasy and feel like I've killed the wrong person.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, his killing intent exploded out. Without any further hesitation, he punched out.

This was a battle between the Xiantian Realm experts. It was extremely intense as the clashing of Xiantian Qi caused a loud noise.

The previously fleeing disciple had an incomparably arrogant expression. Relying on Elder Wu's presence, he had faked his might and was already prepared to watch the scene of the Black Boy being killed by the elder.

However, the result was that the strength of both sides were almost equal. They'd fought fiercely for dozens of rounds and yet, they've been unable to determine the victor.

Brat, I've underestimated you. I didn't expect you to have some tricks up your sleeve. Elder Wu released a cold snort, the Xiantian Qi around his body surged. His body moved slightly and two of his fingers pointed straight at Zi Chen's forehead and Sword Qi immediately rushed forward.

They had fought fiercely for more than ten rounds and yet, he had not been able to defeat this brat. He felt that he had lost a lot of face. Previously, he had even threatened to kill this brat.


Zi Chen lifted his hand to block it, and he seemed to be very relaxed. Xiantian Qi surrounded his body and when the Sword Qi hit his hand, it produced a sonorous sound and dispersed.


With an explosive shout, Elder Wu rose into the air and his surging Xiantian Qi formed a sharp Sword Qi. It was several meters long and looked like a huge sword that was several meters tall as it descended straight towards Zi Chen.

The Xiantian pressure filled the world. The earth trembled, trees exploded, and cracks spread.

Liu Liu had a look of shock on his face. He retreated yet again but did not dare to flee because he knew that Zi Chen still had many methods he had yet to use. Furthermore, looking at Zi Chen's casual appearance, it was obvious that he was not using his full strength.

The previously arrogant disciple also noticed the terrible situation. His complexion changed and he involuntarily retreated several hundred meters, preparing to retreat.

Time to end it!

Zi Chen's face was gloomy, his eyes were merciless. After fighting for more than ten rounds, it was enough to confuse the other party.


In that instant, the Sword Qi crumbled and scattered about. At the same time, Zi Chen's fist landed on the chest of Elder Wu, causing him to be blown away as he vomited blood.


Elder Wu's eyes were overwhelmed with shock. He obviously didn't expect that this brat would have such skills. His hands were like iron arms and his bones were like steel. It was indestructible.

I'll send you on your way.

Zi Chen's voice was cold, his eyes filled with killing intent. He clenched his fist again and when it descended, a silver light flashed, bringing about a huge pressure. Like a mountain, the pressure caused the elder to be unable to breathe, as though he had sunk into a mire and his body is also greatly obstructed. [TN: A mire is almost like quicksand but a bit different]

Zi Chen's punch, although seemingly ordinary is one that is fused with the Azure Peak Seal. Once the punch was thrown out, it was equivalent to the appearance of the Azure Peak Seal.

The surrounding grass and trees were dancing, sand and rocks were flying. A fist was thrown out, like a flying mountain, it carried a heavy weight with it and a whistling sound, giving Elder Wu a lot of pressure.


When he was on the verge of death, Elder Wu burst out with unparalleled potential and with a loud shout, his Xiantian Qi began to surge like a torrential river and converged into his arms. At the same time, his Xiantian Protection shield emitted a bright light, blocking in front of him.


Zi Chen's fist, combined with the power of the Azure Peak Seal, it contained an unparalleled might and instantly broke through Elder Wu's Protection Shield. At the same time, with a cracking sound, the Elder Wu's arms were shattered from the impact but the force of the fist did not decrease and it landed on Elder Wu's chest once again. This time, it was accompanied by a surge of energy.


Elder Wu spat out a mouthful of blood and he felt as if he had been knocked into by a mountain. All of his internal organs were shattered and at the same time, he spat out fresh blood along with his bone fragments.

Elder Wu took a few steps back, his eyes filled with shock and fear. His life force dissipated and he fell backward.

This... He is so powerful. He killed Elder Wu in one strike. Liu Liu trembled in fear, at the same time, he was glad that he did not run. If he did, he would have most likely ended up like that elder.

As for the previous disciple, he was also slippery. Seeing that the situation was not looking good, he ran away at a very fast speed but when Zi Chen finished off the elder, the latter had already ran a few thousand meters away. Hearing the loud noise, his heart suddenly shook and he increased his speed.


Zi Chen looked at the retreating back of the disciple and snorted coldly, allowing him to leave.

Is he even human? To have such strength at such a young age. Could he be a genius comparable to Senior Brother Ling Yun? Even Elder Wu was killed by him. Zhang Ming was terrified, he ran away quickly and he was extremely scared.

This won't do, we must get the Elder Fan to come, only he can kill this black Boy.

Seeing that Elder Wu was killed, Zhang Ming ran straight towards the Zhan Wu Sect.

The sky had already darkened, providing a good cover for Zhang Ming. In this period of time, he kept looking behind him but didn't see anyone chasing after him.

The sky never ends, the sky is so dark, there are no stars and no moon, that black Boy must have gone in the wrong direction. Zhang Ming secretly rejoiced in his heart.

Along the way, he was running while using his True Qi. His speed was much faster than when he came here and after a few hours, he had already reached the Zhan Wu Sect.

At this time, the huge Zhan Wu Sect was still brightly lit and bustling with noise and excitement.

During this period of time, it was precisely the time of the core disciple examination. It was very lively and busy and when Elder Fan heard Zhang Ming's report earlier, he did not go immediately because he felt it is not worthwhile for him to deal with a boy.

Secondly, he was very busy with the assessment.


Elder Fan, help

It was very late, Elder Fan had not rested yet and there was light in his room. When Zhang Ming arrived at the center of the courtyard, he shouted miserably.

Zhang Ming, what's the matter? In the room, Elder Fan was startled.

Zhang Ming stumbled into the room. Elder Fan was dressed in a big Red robe and is sitting on a wooden chair, beside him was a middle aged man. He was also dressed like an elder and the two of them looked at Zhang Ming in shock.

Elder Fan, Elder Liu, you must avenge us and seek justice for our people in Zhan Wu Sect! Seeing the two elders, Zhang Ming kneeled on the ground and cried out in a miserable voice.

What happened? Where's Elder Wu? Didn't he go out with you? Elder Fan frowned.

What Zhang Ming and the rest had done, he was clear about it, just that he did not know the details.

Dead, Elder Wu was killed by the black Boy. Zhang Ming cried. His face was full of tears and is extremely pitiful.

What? Elder Wu is dead?

The two elders' expressions changed. What kind of strength did Elder Wu have? He was at the peak of the early Xiantian Realm and his fighting strength is also very strong. He had only needed to kill a single black Boy but unexpectedly, he died.

What is going on? Elder Fan asked coldly.

It's that black Boy, he was concealing himself. He's actually in the Xiantian Realm Zhang Ming started to narrate some of the details while adding fuel to the fire. He naturally would not let go of any places where he could exaggerate.

He actually spoke for a quarter of an hour just for a short matter. His eloquence was very good.

Elders, that black Boy is truly arrogant. He actually said that our Zhan Wu Sect is a nest of fowls, dogs, rats, and thieves. Moreover, he even spoke so arrogantly and said such outrageous words.

As the two elders listened, their gloomy expressions turned cold and filled with killing intent.

Under Zhang Ming's words, that black Boy had already become a vile and despicable person who has enraged the heavens and deserved to be struck by lightning. He will not stop no matter what and he was simply evil to the extreme.

Bastard. How can such a person be alive? I'll go kill him Elder Liu was originally an impulsive person and after hearing Zhang Ming's words, he was instantly enraged and killing intent rose from all directions.

He has offended our Zhan Wu Sect and even killed our people. He deserves to die. Elder Fan coldly said but he gave Zhang Ming a profound look, causing the latter's heart to tremble and no longer daring to make any nonsense.

Elder, that black Boy killed everyone, and also killed Elder Wu. He spoke rudely about our Zhan Wu Sect, we cannot let him off so easily.

This kid deserves to die. I'll go kill him Elder Liu had a fiery temper. He immediately stood up and said,

Lead the way.

Junior brother should not be anxious, I will go with you. Elder Fan stood up.

Senior Brother, for something like this, there's no need for you to step in. He is only a mere brat, it would naturally be very easy for me to kill him Elder Liu said.

Elder Fan was an old man. He shook his head and said:

Since the boy dares to do so, he must have something to rely on. I also want to see what kind of ability this black boy has to actually dare attack the people of our Zhan Wu Sect.

He was worthy of being called a scheming old fox. He had already discovered that something was amiss, to think that a grand late Xiantian Realm expert would actually be cautious.

Zhang Ming was overjoyed and led the way.

The two elders had left the Zhan Wu Sect overnight and did not inform anyone. Only the disciples guarding the gate saw them but they did not dare to question them.

When the sky turned white, the three finally reached their destination.

If the black boy is not here, then he must have returned back to the Daling Village. We will go straight to the village and I want all of them to die for my brothers. Zhang Ming said coldly, his eyes full of hatred.

Haha, what arrogant words. Unfortunately, you are destined to be disappointed.

Right at this moment, a loud laughter came out, followed by a figure as it walked out from the forest. The sky had just lit up and Zi Chen was dressed in a black robe.

That's him. Elders, that's him. Zhang Ming was startled but he could already recognize Zi Chen's voice.

These two must be Elder Liu and Elder Fan. Very good, since we are all here, I will send you two on your way.

The black figure approached again, his voice cold. Immediately after, lines of silver light appeared on the figures chest, illuminating Zi Chen's dark face.