Thunder Martial Chapter 133 - Scum

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This was a huge road, surrounded by dense forests. The Zhan Wu Sect's disciple who were previously extremely arrogant and wanted to slaughter the entire village now had a round face, eyes filled with fear, and no longer had an arrogant look.

Zi Chen hated being threatened by others and even more so, he hated being threatened by someone who was destined to die. Compared to leader, Zi Chen loved to see people like Wang Shan, who clearly knew that Zi Chen would not dare to kill him but still calls him Brother-in-law.

Zi Chen made his move, the light beneath his feet flickered and he kicked towards leader, releasing a ray of light.


It was as though a ball had been kicked, and the leaders head exploded with a loud bang. Soon, red and white liquid flew out in all directions.

The rest were the ones who bore the brunt of the attack. Their faces were all covered with blood and all of them started to tremble in fear. Some of them who were weak-willed already had a puddle of water appear in between their legs.

They were good at killing but now that they were about to be killed, they were all afraid.

Zi Chen's actions were decisive and ruthless, shocking everyone.

At this moment, Liu Liu didn't even dare to plead.

Zhang Shui was also shocked, just now, Zi Chen released a ray of light and blocked the red and white liquids for him but even so, he felt a wave in his stomach.

He had also killed many people but he had never seen such a method of killing.

Speak, who told you to do it, is it only Ling Yun? Zi Chen's gaze swept towards Liu Liu.

Liu Liu's heart trembled, his body kept trembling, and he said, No.. Also... Elder... Elder Fan...

Senior brother, someone ran away. Just then, Zhang Shui suddenly said.

When Zi Chen turned his head around, he saw a figure fleeing into the distance. From behind, the figure's head looked like a round ball.

Run, run, look for Elder Fan!

When the others saw this, they all roared in their hearts, hoping that he could escape and call for reinforcements.

Just run. Zi Chen said indifferently, he did not care at all. Previously, he had deliberately left a few people in the same spot after beating them up so they can escape and call for reinforcements

To completely solve this problem, the only way was to kill all those who were involved in this matter. He would use violence to suppress violence.

But, Senior Brother Zi Chen... Zhang Shui panicked. If the other party was to escape, it was very likely that they would find an elder. One must know that an elder are usually in the Xiantian Realm.

No worries Zi Chen waved his hand.

What? Zi Chen, you're Zi Chen?

Liu Liu was shocked and exclaimed. Although others could not speak, the shock in their eyes clearly showed their emotions.

Several months had passed and everything related to Zi Chen had long since been spread out. Zi Chen caused the three forces to suffer and experts went to chase after him but in the end, there were less than ten people who returned, while Zi Chen himself died within the Dark Serene Forest.

Whether intentionally or not, this matter had already spread to the Zhan Wu Sect.

But now, Zi Chen was actually standing right in front of them. Looking carefully, this black Boy indeed resembled Zi Chen a little.

Other than the Elder Fan, who else? Zi Chen asked coldly.

There's still Elder Liu... There are also some fellow disciples. Liu Liu's voice trembled. After knowing that the black boy was Zi Chen, he became even more afraid and did not dare lie.

Where's Ling Yun? Is he in the sect or not?

No, this are all arranged by the Elder Fan. Senior Brother Ling Yun has already gone to Cangli City. It was rumored that he is participating in some genius gathering.

Liu Liu said everything he knew, he did not dare to lie, he was truly afraid.

Genius gathering? Zi Chen scoffed, since Cangli City is as famous as Cloud City, then there is naturally a genius like Wang Qiong amongst them. Compared to Wang Qiong, Wang Xianer and the others, a mere Ling Yun can't be considered a genius. Ling Yun might not even be able to compare to Wang Shan.

Where's Zhang Haotian? Back then in Spirit Medicine Garden, he also attacked you guys. Did Ling Yun not deal with him? He only had one friend in Zhan Wu Sect, and that was Zhang Haotian.

Zhang Haotian. Liu Liu was startled, then said, He's dead.

What? Zhang Haotian is dead? Zi Chen's face changed, his black face became even darker as his killing intent surged.

Who killed him? Zi Chen asked coldly.

Looking at Zi Chen's expression, Liu Liu hurriedly said, No one killed him, or more accurately speaking, no one knows whether or not he is dead. Roughly a year ago, when everyone just came out of Spirit Medicine Garden, Black Tortoise Sect's Lu Peng came to find him and went somewhere; however, he did not come back again.

This matter was spread throughout the Black Tortoise Sect because Lu Peng and the others did not come back. It has been more than a year and everyone guessed that they were already dead.

Zi Chen asked again, but was unable to find anything useful.




Several Xiantian Qi shot out from Zi Chen's body, directly surging into the bodies of the few people. In an instant, the sounds of air shattering rang out as Zi Chen crippled everyone.

Don't kill him, I still have a use for him. You can deal with the others. With that, Zi Chen left.

Senior Brother Zhang Shui, don't kill us.

Senior brother Zhang Shui, on account of us being junior brothers, please let us go.

We were all fellow disciples, Senior Brother Zhang Shui, please spare us.

Everyone's faces were ashen. Not only had their cultivation been crippled, they could not even preserve their lives. They struggled to open their mouths and begged for mercy.

You scum, living in this world is such a waste of food, I'll send you on your way. Zhang Shui held his swollen face in and took out a longsword from who knows where.

Senior Brother, please don't

Senior apprentice-brother, let us go

Zhang Shui coldly snorted, You call me Senior Brother now but look at my face, this is all your masterpiece. Moreover, you even threatened to slaughter the entire village. Killing you guys ten times wouldn't do you injustice.

Senior apprentice-brother, we were forced to do it.

Yeah, it was Ling Yun who told us to do it, senior brother, we were forced to do it!

Everyone opened their mouths, begging for mercy. In this moment of life and death, even though their face was swollen and it hurts to even talk, compared to their lives, it was nothing.

Scum, I'll send you on your way.

Zhang Shui's eyes were cold. He raised the longsword high up in the air and swung it down.

Other than Liu Liu, everyone else had fallen into a pool of blood.

As for Liu Liu, he was so scared that he collapsed on the ground, losing control of his bladder.

Senior Brother, this is your broken Yuan Stones.

After a while, Zhang Shui brought a small bag containing broken Yuan Stones to Zi Chen's side.

Take it and distribute some to the villagers when you get back. Keep the rest for later. Zi Chen said indifferently.

Senior brother, this will not do. You have done us great favors, how can we take your things? Zhang Shui rejected him.

Take it, I have more.

After that, Zi Chen brought Liu Liu and left while Zhang Shui rode the horses towards a town 100 miles away. These were also money and in the future, they would need it to live the lives of ordinary people.

At dusk, Zhang Shui returned alone to find all the villagers outside the village, as if they were waiting for something.

Zhang Shui is back.

Elder Zhang, your son is back.

Someone hurriedly shouted out when they saw Zhang Shui.

Zhang Shui, where's Chen Zi? Didn't you guys leave together? Why didn't he come back?

Did anything happen to Chen Zi?

The two of you left together. Why did you come back alone?

The villagers all stepped forward with faces full of concern.

It's nothing, don't worry, everyone. We are just going to take a look around town and Chen Zi will be back in two days. Zhang Shui said.

Afterwards, Zhang Shui took out a few broken Yuan Stones and distributed them to the villagers.

Chen Zi will be back in two days. He has some matters to take care of. Everyone, rest assured. He will think of a way to deal with the things here.

After giving a simple explanation, Zhang Shui supported Elder Zhang back.

From now on, he was a mortal and would live the life of an ordinary person. He would never have fate with cultivation again.

As for the matters of the Zhan Wu Sect, Zhang Shui believed that Zi Chen could handle it because when he had attacked previously, he discovered that Zi Chen had released the Xiantian Qi.

Zhang Shui left while Zi Chen led Liu Liu forward for a distance before eating a simple meal.

What happened next was to wait for the arrival of the Zhan Wu Sect's reinforcements.

Then what are the cultivation levels of Elder Fan and Elder Liu? In the forest, Zi Chen sat on a boulder and looked at the major road.

Not far away, Liu Liu stood there, feeling extremely terrified. After hearing Zi Chen's words, he truthfully said, Elder Liu possesses mid Xiantian Realm and Elder Fan possesses late Xiantian Realm. The two elders have both entered it a long time ago.

Liu Liu hoped in his heart that the two elders would quickly come and kill Zi Chen.

Zi Chen is very strong and there were many legends about him that flew in the sky but Liu Liu did not believe that Zi Chen's true combat strength could compare to two elders.

They were still a distance away from the Zhan Wu Sect and when the disciple who had escaped came back with reinforcements, the sky had darkened and the sun had already set.

It's him, that's him. From afar, this disciple saw Zi Chen and quickly pointed at him.

Zi Chen saw the approaching people but he was very disappointed. The strongest is merely an early Xiantian Realm expert and for such an existence, he can easily kill

Elder, please kill him quickly. The disciple clamored, his eyes gleaming with a cold light and his face full of hatred.

Nearby, Liu Liu wasn't happy, on the contrary, he was very disappointed. He had seen Zi Chen do it before, and knew that he was in the Xiantian Realm. Although he was only in the early Xiantian Realm, he is still not someone that an elder of the same level could deal with.

Back then in the Spirit Medicine Garden, Zi Chen was able to defeat enemies at a higher level. Now that he was stronger, he is naturally able to fight enemies at a higher level as well.

What about the others? The elder was dressed in the standard red robe of the Zhan Wu Sect designed for elders and his voice was cold and indifferent. He stared at Zi Chen with his eyes and the corners of his mouth raised high in disdain.

The elder is a middle-aged man and upon hearing that his sect's disciple had been slapped in the face, he rushed over. He thought that it was an expert but unexpectedly, it was just a dark-skinned youth.

Dead, those kind of scum don't deserve to live in this world Zi Chen said indifferently.

What? You damned thing, you dared to kill my Zhan Wu Sect disciples? Who gave you that much guts? An explosive shout was heard. It was actually the disciple that had escaped earlier. With the presence of an elder, he was extremely arrogant and his eyes were filled with hatred.

Zi Chen swept across him with a cold glint in his eyes and coldly said, If you don't want to die, then scram.

The shout was like a clap of thunder, bringing with it a terrifying majesty. The disciple's face changed drastically as he instantly retreated.

You... The disciple looked at Zi Chen in shock, never expecting that he wouldn't be able to withstand a single sentence from him.

The elder's figure flashed, blocking in front of the disciple and a burst of Xiantian Qi surged out, You dare to be so arrogant in front of me, are you tired of living?

Zi Chen replied indifferently, The one who is tired of living is you, right?

Brat, you actually dare to talk to our Elder Wu like that. Not only will you die, you will also implicate the people of your village. You stupid thing, just wait for your village to be massacred. This disciple was a lot more confident than before and said coldly. He was truly a fox trying to show off its might.

You're young but your tone is not small. Let's see just how capable you are. The red robe around his body began to move without wind as his Xiantian Qi began to surge.

It really is a nest of snakes and rats. I see that your Zhan Wu Sect is full of scums. Today, I will send you to hell first. A cold light flashed in his eyes and his killing intent surged, with a flash under his feet, Zi Chen had already made his move.