Thunder Martial Chapter 132 - Face Slapping Technique

The horses neighed as the Zhan Wu Sect's disciple reined them in and looked ahead.

Unknowingly, two figures appeared in front of them.

One of them was dressed in grey and his clothes were stained with mud. His face was as fat as a steamed bun and because of the swelling, his large eyes became small. His small eyes stared at them coldly, as if he was looking at a dead man.

They were very familiar with this figure and the fat on the man's face was also their masterpiece. It was just that the person who should have become the waste was now in front of them, blocking their path.

The other figure was dressed in black. They had also seen him before, it was the black brat who gave them the Yuan Stone previously.

Zhang Shui, do you want to die? How dare you block my way? Liu Liu was the first to let out a loud shout, his eyes flickering with a cold light.

Someone who is avaricious and insatiable and is never satisfied with what they have. In my opinion, the ones seeking death are you. Zhang Shui's small eyes were filled with coldness, his voice incomparably cold.

Who do you think you are, still that Senior Brother Zhang Shui from back then? A disciple stepped forward, his gaze ice-cold.

All of you have done many evil deeds and are utterly devoid of conscience. Even if you live in this world, it would be a waste of food. With Zi Chen here, Zhang Shui is not afraid in the slightest.

With just you, waste? You forgot your sorry state from before. Do you have the guts of a lion since this black brat with you? The Zhan Wu Sect's disciple teased, urging his horse forward, he teased again, In the world of cultivation, having a darker skin tone does not mean you are stronger.

But it's not like you're that good even though you're so white. Zhang Shui said, Trash like you all specifically do things that are devoid of conscience. You are no different than an animal

Zhang Shui's words were filled with ridicule and his tone was ice-cold.

What are you talking to him, the waste? Hurry up and kill him. Liu Liu shouted.

Yeah, kill him. The others also joined in.

Don't kill him, break his four limbs and then return to the Daling Village. We'll go massacre the village. The leader waved his hand and his voice was ice-cold.

It would seem like calling you an animal is giving you face and it is basically a praise to you. You are all even inferior to animals. At the very most, you can only be considered human scum. Zi Chen finally spoke with a face full of frost, his eyes full of killing intent.

He had originally thought that since they had been ordered by someone else, it was understandable. However, after hearing the words spoken by them, it is clear that they were of the same nature. Even being appointed by the wicked is in itself a further enforcement.

You are courting death. This disciple finally arrived in front of Zhang Shui. With a shake of his hand, the horsewhip whistled in the air and drew a cold streak of light as it struck towards Zhang Shui's face.

The disciples was sharp and powerful, the whip whistled through the air. If struck, half of Zhang Shui's face would probably be smashed off.

Humph, the ones seeking death are you two. Zhang Shui snorted, facing the attack, he did not dodge nor evade.


With a light sound, the horsewhip stopped in front of Zhang Shui. Unknowingly, a large hand firmly grabbed onto the horsewhip.


The disciple looked at Zi Chen and exerted force in his hand. He grabbed onto the long whip and realised that it did not budge an inch.

Trash like you are unworthy of living in this world. Zi Chen grabbed onto the whip and used a lot of force. In the next moment, the disciple was pulled into the air and landed in front of Zi Chen with a 'Peng' sound as he fell flat on his face.

No need for formalities. Your fellow brothers will have to go through this ceremony together. Just hand over your lives to me. Zhang Shui said indifferently with a swollen face.

You're courting death!

The disciple was enraged, as though he had just been humiliated and leaped into the air, his leg stepping towards the top of Zhang Shui's head.


But before he could even land, he felt someone grabbing his bare foot, it was that Black Boy. The disciple was furious but there was nothing he could do about it, that person's hand was like a giant pincer and he was unable to break free from that person's grasp.


The next moment, the disciple felt a huge force coming from his bare feet, followed by the sound of bones breaking, his whole leg was crushed. At the same time, a wave of force spread throughout the entire leg, making a sound like crackling beans.


The intense pain made this disciple scream uncontrollably, his voice was extremely mournful, his entire leg had been crushed by Zi Chen and all of his bones had been shattered.

Attack, kill!

The people behind finally realized that something was wrong. The leaders eyes flashed coldly as he shouted and rushed forward.

With a tap of his feet, he transformed into a black light and rushed towards Zi Chen at an extremely fast speed.


Right at this moment, Zi Chen's fist landed on that disciple's chest. Under great force, that disciple's chest instantly collapsed and his entire body flew backwards at an extremely fast speed.

You can consider yourself lucky to have died so easily. Zi Chen retracted his fist, his voice cold.


The leader had already arrived in front of Zi Chen. He extended both his hands, formed eagle claws with streams of True Qi revolving around his fingers. His attacks were very sharp and a ruthless killing intent surged within his eyes.


Zi Chen looked at him coldly, in the next moment, he raised his palm and it suddenly dropped, resulting in loud and clear slap on his face.

The leader didn't even have time to react before he was hit. The power he displayed previously was gone and the force generated from this slap had caused him to fall straight to the ground.

Aren't you domineering? Didn't you want to slaughter the entire village? Zi Chen looked at him coldly, his voice was cold and emotionless and in the next moment, he raised his palm again.


The slap was crisp and loud. It was a powerful strike, causing the leader to vomit blood, accompanied by two of his teeth.

You... The leader was completely dumbfounded. He hadn't even touched the black boys clothes but he has already received two slaps. Moreover, he did not even clearly see when the black boy made his move. [TN: For those thinking this is racist or something because I keep saying black boy, its not. Zi Chen literally made his skin tone very dark if you haven't realised by now]


Zi Chen did not say anything, he once again swung his palm and a loud and clear slap rang out.

Not good, we met a tough guy.

He forced back senior apprentice brother with just one move. Let's quickly flee

Clear slapping sounds continuously rang out and seeing that their senior brother could only passively take a beating without being able to fight back, the other disciples that were prepared to step forward immediately turned pale. They backed away one by one and prepared to run away.

Senior apprentice-brother, they're going to run Zhang Shui paid attention to their movements and said.

You want to run? Where was the prestige of when you were planning to slaughter the village?

With a pa sound, Zi Chen sent the leader flying with a slap. This time, several large white teeth flew out from his mouth, causing him to almost faint.

Zi Chen's body turned into a bolt of lightning, running towards the disciples.

A silver light flashed on his palm, followed by a series of popping sounds in the forest.

Ah... Don't hit me.

I was wrong, please let me go.

Don't hit me, my teeth are all gone.

Zi Chen moved as fast as lightning and did not use any sharp attacks. He only used his palm and did not punch them.

Zi Chen also refined his skill of making someone look for their teeth on the ground while slapping them.

This... Senior Brother Zi Chen is too fierce.

Zhang Shui's eyes widened and he was tongue-tied. What he saw stunned him for a moment and in his heart, his admiration for Zi Chen grew to the extreme.

They had also slapped me and made me lose a few teeth but compared to Senior Brother Zi Chen, they are nothing but dregs in terms of face slapping.

Zhang Shui touched his swollen face and felt much better. At the same time, he was glad that the person who slapped his face was not Senior Brother Zi Chen, or else, he would really be dead.




Zi Chen's attack was very ingenious, there was definitely a skill involved in it, it was not a simple face slapping. This is something that Zhang Shui believed int

That is because the number of teeth that they spat out followed a set pattern. First, one of the teeth was spat out, then two, then three, and so on, until all the teeth were gone.

Their face was swollen and it was round like a ball, causing their eyes to look like like slits but the weird thing is, there were no finger marks on their face.

This is also a technique Zhang Shui sighed. Senior Brother Zi Chen is truly worthy of being called a senior brother, he can even slap their face so well.





It had only been a few breaths of time, and under the clear and loud slapping sounds, everyone's faces turned into rubber balls. Afterwards, they were lifted by Zi Chen and thrown in front of Zhang Shui.

Zhang Shui looked at Zi Chen with a face full of worship, thinking that this was his senior brother.

At the end of the fight, the other party couldn't even make a sound as they begged for mercy. Their small eyes were filled with terror and shock.

Don't kill me, don't kill me Liu Liu had acted the lightest against him so he could still beg for forgiveness.

As for the others, they were on the verge of death.

Didn't you want to slaughter the village? Zi Chen sneered.

Misunderstanding, it's a misunderstanding Liu Liu quickly waved his hand, and said, This is a misunderstanding. We were forced to do this and we were also ordered to do so.

By whom? Zi Chen asked in ridicule.

By Senior...

Before Liu Liu could finish speaking, a loud shout exploded out, Liu Liu, shut up!

The one who spoke was the leader, he could speak as well. Now, he roared angrily at Liu Liu, and turned to look at Zi Chen, and coldly said, Kid, we are from the Zhan Wu Sect, if you beat us, you will offend the Zhan Wu Sect. If you kill us, not only will you lose your life, you won't even be able to protect the lives of everyone in the Daling Village.

The leader was very smart, he knew that admitting defeat was not an option so he used the Zhan Wu Sect to threaten Zi Chen. At the same time, he used the villagers to threaten Zi Chen.

Are you threatening me? Zi Chen rubbed his chin, a playful smile on his face.

Of course not. What I said was the truth. If you kill us, there will naturally be people standing out for us. All the villagers in the Daling Village will be buried along with us. The leader said proudly.

Ha ha Zi Chen smiled faintly and is not the least bit angry, It's Ling Yun who will stand up for you guys. If I'm not mistaken, it should be Ling Yun who ordered you guys to do so.

You... How do you know? The leaders expression changed.

Because not only will I kill all of you, I will also kill Ling Yun. Zi Chen's eyes instantly became cold and he kicked towards the leaders head.