Thunder Martial Chapter 131 - Animals

The people of the Zhan Wu Sect came on time and when they said they would come in seven days, it meant that they would come in seven days.

It was early in the morning, and the horses were neighing and the ground was letting out rumbling sounds. The seven to eight disciples of the Zhan Wu Sect had already arrived.

All of the villagers, get the hell out here Some disciples shouted in anger while others directly told Zhang Shui to come out.

These mortals were all ants in their eyes and there was nothing to hide so they directly called out Zhang Shui.

Zhang Shui, get out here.

When the villagers heard the shouts, they came one after another and their eyes were filled with fear. They were very afraid of these cultivators.

Zhang Shui also supported Elder Zhang and walked behind the crowd.

Zhang Shui, f*cking hell, why are you still so slow when I'm calling you. Some disciples jumped off their horses when they saw Zhang Shui approaching slowly. They walked up and grabbed him and smacked him twice.

Zhang Shui's mouth immediately turned red.

Is this Turtle speed? Playing Turtle speed with me, you're courting death!

The slapping sounds rang out once more.

I know you, you are called Liu Liu. I remember that you had committed a crime in the sect and I was the one who had forgiven you, sparing your life. Zhang Shui wiped the blood off his mouth, looked at the Zhan Wu Sect's disciple and said indifferently.

Damn it, you have such a rotten memory. Why do you still remember it so clearly? What, do you still expect me to spare your life for that small matter? The corner of the cultivator's mouth curled into a mocking smile.

Zhang Shui, didn't you act very arrogantly before this? Carrying the longsword, you chased after me to kill me. At this time, another white robe disciple came forward and with a cold smile on his face, he ruthlessly slapped Zhang Shui's face a few times.

This person was someone who came out alive from the Spirit Medicine Garden, and belonged to Ling Yun. He harbored deep hatred towards the people who chased them and when Ling Yun went into closed door cultivation, all of them acted like grandchildren and when Ling Yun finally came out, they began to take revenge on the other cultivators.

Zhang Shui, you have such a day too

Haha, you can't live even if you want to. Seeing how arrogant you are normally, carrying the longsword and chasing after us, this is what happens to you.

Immediately after, a few more cultivators who had enmity with Zhang Shui walked up and instantly opened their big mouths.

When they reached here, they did not ask about the Yuan Stone first. Their purpose was already very obvious, precisely to torture Zhang Shui to death. Furthermore, they did not want to kill him immediately.

Don't hit my son. Elder Zhang used a bamboo stick as a walking stick and shakily walked forward, wanting to pull them away.

Where did this old thing come from? Scram One of the cultivators raised his leg and kicked, causing Elder Zhang to instantly fall to the ground.

You dare to attack my father? Zhang Shui's eyes flashed with a cold light and suddenly shouted.

A loud shout scared a few of them. Seemingly recalling Zhang Shui's power, they immediately stopped but after thinking about it, they became enraged and attacked even more fiercely.


The slap was crisp and loud, Liu Liu scolded As an ants, you still dare to make a ruckus in front of me?

God damn, what dog is this? He dares to yell in front of us? He's simply looking to die

The seven to eight disciples all made their moves and took turns to step forward, giving him a fierce slap, causing Zhang Shui's face to swell up once again.

Elder Zhang got up and was kicked down who knows how many times. Even the villagers who went up to persuade him were kicked down a few times.

Zi Chen lived rather far away and upon hearing the sound, he immediately ran there. When he arrived, Wang Shui has almost fainted from being slapped.

Everyone threw Wang Shui to the side, the leader looked at the villagers and coldly said, Our Zhan Wu Sect had protected your village for a long time. Now, we are here to collect protection fees, to maintain the sect's expenses, a piece of Low Grade Yuan Stone, have you prepared it?

The villagers' hearts trembled as they looked at each other, avoiding his gaze.

You dare to f*cking mess with us, do you want us to slaughter the village? Liu Liu, who was previously slapping Wang Shui stared at the villagers, his eyes filled with killing intent.

He had the strength of the seventh layer of True Qi and the pressure around him is not scary but it is not something ordinary people could resist. In the next moment, several people fell to the ground and many children began to cry out in fear.

God damn. You're not allowed to cry. Shut up. Kill whoever cries! Liu Liu bellowed, his eyes filled with killing intent, it was obvious that he was not joking.

To them, mortals were ants. Killing mortals is like stepping on an ant, there was no need to joke around.

Sirs, the Yuan Vein on the mountain didn't produce any Yuan Stone for dozens of years. Where are we going to get a Low Grade Yuan Stone for you?

That's right, Sirs, we can't even take out a single Yuan Stone. Please spare us.

Some villagers cried out.

Hmph. If I spare you. Who can spare us? Who can spare my dead brothers? The leader sneered and said, Very good, since you guys can't take out the Yuan Stone, then you can only use your lives to pay for it. A Yuan Stone will equal ten lives each.

Don't, Sirs!

Don't kill us.

The villagers were frightened and begged for mercy.

The leader was unmoved, and said, Liu Liu, kill ten people first and collect the Yuan Stone seven days later.

Yes, senior brother. Liu Liu nodded his head, a dense killing intent flashed past his eyes. With a clang, his weapon was unsheathed, and a cold light flickered. A dense killing intent permeated the entire area and even more villagers fell to the ground, their eyes filled with fear.

Heh heh. Liu Liu laughed sinisterly, then walked towards a villager, scaring the latter into retreating.

Enough, don't you want the Yuan Stone? We have gathered it.

Right at this moment, an indifferent voice sounded out. A youth dressed in black walked to the front of the villagers and blocked Liu Liu's sword blade.

It was Zi Chen who had walked over. In his hand was a small bag of broken Yuan Stones, exactly one hundred pieces.

Black boy, who are you? The weapon in Liu Liu's hand pointed straight at Zi Chen, his voice cold.

I am an ordinary person, I came to deliver the Yuan Stone to you. Zi Chen said indifferently, he handed over the small bag in his hand to the man in front of him.

When the frightened villagers saw that Zi Chen had appeared, all of them let out a sigh of relief.

Humph! Liu Liu snorted coldly, he kept his weapon and received the small bag. After sweeping it with his gaze, his expression became a lot more gentle.

Senior brother, it really is a hundred pieces. Liu Liu passed the small bag to the leader.

This leader first swept a glance at Zi Chen and then looked at the small bag in his hand. His expression was gloomy and indeterminate, no one knew what he was thinking about.

Sirs, we have gathered all the Yuan Stones so the protection fee should be considered completed, right? Thank you Sirs for protecting us for this period of time, we, the Daling Village are very grateful. Zi Chen cupped his hands and said gratefully.

He had already seen the scene before, these people deserved to die but Zi Chen was not willing to kill people in the village and cause trouble for the villagers.

Thank you, Sirs!

Behind him, the other villagers also cupped their hands together in gratitude when they saw this.

Hmph, consider yourselves lucky. The man snorted, and once again swept his gaze across Zi Chen and said with a cold glint in his eyes: This is only the protection fee for one week. Seven days later, we will come again.

The man's words made all of the villagers' faces change. Now, they could see that he did not simply want the Yuan Stones but what he truly wanted was to kill everyone in the village.

Don't worry Sirs, we will definitely work hard to harvest these Yuan Stone. We guarantee that we can gather one next time. Zi Chen nodded and said.

All of you are sensible. The leaders gaze was cold, he kept the Yuan Stone and prepared to leave but before he left, everyone went up and gave Zhang Shui another kick.

Consider yourself lucky, we'll meet again next time. Liu Liu spat at Zhang Shui.

The sounds of horses galloping could be heard as the Zhan Wu Sect's disciples left. The road was filled with smoke and dust.

This group of people are really animals. They are trying to kill us all.

This is truly inhumane. How could such a disciple appear in such a large sect like the Zhan Wu Sect?

Oh my god, this is going to destroy our Daling Village.

When the people of the Zhan Wu Sect left, the villagers complained incessantly. Some of them even cried bitterly.

Everyone, don't worry, I believe they still have a conscience. They will definitely not come again after taking our Yuan Stone. Just at this time, Zi Chen stepped forward and said.

Chen Zi, you're so kind. Didn't you hear what they just said? They will come back in seven days.

That's right, Chen Zi, they are not kind people. That piece of Yuan Stone was wasted, I think we should just move away.

Another villager said and the rest of the villagers echoed his sentiments.

Everyone, don't worry. Even if they were to come back in seven days, I would have a way. Zi Chen laughed, signaling everyone to be at ease.

Chen Zi, we cannot stay here any longer, they are all vile creatures that drink blood. I know you treat us well but we cannot fill in the gaps with pieces of Yuan Stone, they are all wolves that won't be full no matter how much we feed them.

That's right, Chen Zi, we've always been giving them Yuan Stone so this method is not feasible.

The villagers were kind and did not wish for Zi Chen to waste any more Yuan Stones.

Don't worry everyone.

In the end, Zi Chen eventually convinced the villagers to return. Only Zhang Shui was still lying on the ground and the villagers wanted to support him, but he rejected them all.

How is it? Can you still persevere? After all the villagers left, Zi Chen looked at Zhang Shui who was lying on the ground.

Yes! A cold light flashed across Zhang Shui's eyes. He stood up from the ground and dusted off the dust on his body.

Alright, come with me.

Zi Chen carried Zhang Shui and with a tap of his feet, he used the Nine Thunder Pass. Like a streak of lightning, they ran towards with a speed that was many times faster than the horses.

On the mountain road, the Zhan Wu Sect's disciple rode on their horse.

This time, I didn't humiliate him enough. I'll see if he still has that kind of luck next time. Liu Liu coldly said as he sat on the horse.

After seven days, if they can't take out the Yuan Stone, then kill ten people. His village only has a hundred people in total, let's see how long it can last. The leading black clothed man also said coldly.

Who told this kid to go against Senior Brother Ling Yun. Back then, at Spirit Medicine Garden, he actually followed Zi Chen to kill us. He deserves to be humiliated today.

All the people in his village will die sooner or later but Zhang Shui must be the last one to die. We must let him live in despair and pain.

The others all opened their mouths as well and started laughing maniacally. Their eyes were filled with coldness as they harbored malicious thoughts.

Suddenly, the pupils of the leader shrank as he pulled on the reins of the horse and let out a long hiss.