Thunder Martial Chapter 130 - I've Come To Break The Trap

The moment Zhang Shui opened his mouth, it was like he is a record player, telling Zi Chen all of the grievances in his heart.

Back then in the Spirit Medicine Garden, if not for Senior Brother Zi Chen, I would have died a long time ago. In these two months, I have already understood that I am a mere mortal and planned to live out the rest of my life like that but it's a pity that they did not give me this opportunity.

The last time they came, the villagers were able to gather a Low Grade Yuan Stone it hasn't even been a while, in just half a month, they came again and asked for another Low Grade Yuan Stone. Their goal is me and they wanted me to feel guilty, blame myself and then watch the villagers die one by one.

Both of his hands clutched at his hair, Zhang Shui's eyes were filled with pain. Tears fell from his eyes and he cried out, It's me who harmed them, it's all because of me.

Zhang Shui was very haggard, the despair in his eyes was not for himself, but for the villagers.

He knew that this was a conspiracy but he is powerless to jump out. He could only sink into it step by step.

Today, they only beat me up and took away a dozen or so broken Yuan Stones. But a few days later, if they don't have anything to take away, I'm afraid they will kill people. They will kill them one by one until there are none left to kill.

Zhang Shui's face was covered in tears. He was very sad, very pained and very desperate.

Zi Chen's heart trembled. He originally thought that after Zhang Shui's dantian had been crippled and had turned from a cultivator into a mortal, he would only think about himself and not care about these mortals.

Zhang Shui had seen through everything thoroughly. He understood everything but he did not have the ability to handle everything.

He could only wait for death.

This was a type of sorrow, the sorrow of a mortal in a world where the strong was respected.

To the cultivator, slaughtering a village is very simple. Mortals are basically lives that are as useless as ants. It was simple to kill them but to these mortals, this was life and their foundation.

They had always lived at the bottom and it had been very arduous for them. Every day, they had to work hard just for the sake of a single mouthful of food so they could be happy amidst their hardships. However, it could not compare to a single word from cultivator. Slaughtering a village with one simple word was enough to scare them senseless so they could not sleep and they were filled with fear.

As for those cultivators who were talking about massacring the village, they might be currently eating and drinking to their heart's content, playing around.

This is a death trap. No one can break it. He suddenly raised his head, looked towards Zi Chen, and pleaded, Chen Zi, I know that you're from the cultivator and I want to beg of you, please take the villagers and leave this place. Hide for a period of time first and bring the villagers back after I die.

Zi Chen's heart trembled, he was extremely moved and his eyes also became a little moist. He asked himself, why is it that only the most ordinary mortals can see the beauty of the world and see the most sincere of emotions?

Back then, in order to save him and Wang Xianer, the villagers of the Clear Water Village did not hesitate to sacrifice their entire lives to help them.

Now, for the life of the entire village, Zhang Shui did not hesitate to be tortured to death but did not dare to commit suicide.

Could it be that all cultivators are cold and merciless?

This was a question that he could not answer, at least, Zi Chen had not found the answer to.

My life should have ended a year ago and I should have died in Spirit Medicine Garden. I've lived for so long and I'm already satisfied. I just hope that you can bring the villagers away for now and bring them back after I die.

Zhang Shui pleaded, his eyes full of determination.

Their target is me. As long as they torture me to death, I believe that they will not attack the villagers. You just need to wait patiently for a while.

Zi Chen was very touched but he still shook his head and said, No!

You... Zhang Shui's body stiffened, he did not know what to say but the sorrow in his eyes grew even more intense.

Are you going to watch as the villagers die, or do you think that their life is worthless? The one who should be killed is me and not them. Zhang Shui said with a trembling voice.

I won't agree to this because of this trap. I'll help you break it. Zi Chen said in a heavy voice.

The villagers were innocent, so was Zhang Shui. The one who deserved to die is Ling Yun because he was the one who had planned everything out in the first place.

Zi Chen had killed many people and is definitely not a good person, nor is he a righteous person.

You.. You can break it? Zhang Shui looked at Zi Chen in disbelief and exclaimed. You're crazy, do you know how big of a trap this is? Do you think a mere cultivator like you can break the trap? Let me tell you, back then, I was an Eight Layer of True Qi and even I was injured.

Zhang Shui stared at Zi Chen and said. You are a cultivator, so you should know what a Xiantian Realm means. Moreover, he is not an ordinary cultivator, but an existence of the late Xiantian Realm. I don't want the villagers to die and I also don't want you to die. During this period of time, you came to my house every day to deliver game. I am grateful to you so you should bring the villagers with you.

We can leave for a while but we won't be able to leave for a lifetime. Since the people who set up the trap can arrange it in the Daling Village, then they might set it up in another place, maybe in the Qianling Village or even in the west of the Daling village, the Xiling Village. The people from the Daling Village have left but what about the rest, can they all escape? Zi Chen's eyes suddenly turned cold, his body releasing a burst of killing intent, and said, I do not wish for such a tragedy to happen, the only way is to break the trap and the person who laid out the plan.

But you? Zhang Shui still did not believe that this dark skinned youth could solve this problem.

I've already broken the death trap in the Spirit Medicine Garden, not to mention this trap right now. If the heavens do not want you to die, then you will not die either. I will break this trap. Zi Chen suddenly smiled but the look in his eyes showed incomparable resolution.

You... Zhang Shui looked at Zi Chen in shock, Chen Zi... Zi Chen... You.. Yes... Senior Brother Zi Chen, you ... You're still alive

Taking a careful look at this dark skinned youth, he did indeed resemble Senior Brother Zi Chen back then.

Zi Chen smiled slightly and said, Now you know that I can break through this trap, this matter will only be known to you and me.

Yes, yes Zhang Shui continuously nodded, using his sleeves to wipe the tears off his face. Like a child, his eyes were filled with excitement.

Alright, now it's time for me to leave and think of a way to break the situation. As for you, since you're so haggard, you should eat something. Don't worry about me anymore. Zi Chen said.

Yes, yes! Zhang Shui nodded, Senior Brother, you stay here too, let's eat together.

No need. Zi Chen turned and left.

Senior Brother Zi Chen, Senior Brother Zi Chen, how could such a talented person die? Zhang Shui was very excited. If in this world, the one who could break Ling Yun's trap, Zhang Shui believed that it could only be Senior Brother Zi Chen.

The sky had already darkened but the villagers did not leave. All of them were waiting outside and when they saw Zi Chen coming out, they asked him questions.

Chen Zi, how is Zhang Shui?

He still won't talk?

There's nothing wrong with him, right? He can't be thinking too much, right?

The villagers were all very concerned.

Zi Chen only laughed, and said, Don't worry, he's doing very well. Then, Zi Chen turned towards the Elder Zhang and said, Uncle, Zhang Shui is definitely hungry now. Go and get him some more food.

With that, Zi Chen left.

What? Hungry? Elder Zhang was startled, he had already forgotten how long it had been since his son last felt hungry. During this period of time, if he did not call him to eat, he probably would have sat in a place until he starved to death.

If he's hungry, that's good. He can eat now? The villagers also could not believe it.

Father. Just then, a person walked out from the room. It was Zhang Shui.

The current Zhang Shui, although very haggard was still in high spirits. He was brimming with energy and vitality, his eyes were glowing, it was obvious that he was normal.

Sigh! Elder Zhang continuously nodded, his eyes filled with tears.

Zhang Shui, your alright, that's great. Let's let the cultivators see, our family's Zhang Shui cannot be defeated. Since they want the Yuan Stones, we need to go up the mountain to look for them now.

That's right, everyone in the village need try our best to get a piece of the Yuan Stones in the next few days.

Right, we'll leave now.

Zhang Shui was fine, the villagers were very happy and a few villagers also shouted loudly.

Go, us two will go as well. Elder Zhang leaned on his bamboo stick. His eyes were filled with tears but his waist was extremely straight.

Looking at the excited villagers, Zi Chen smiled, and said, It's already so late, everyone should rest. As for the Yuan Stones, no one needs to worry, I have already thought of a way.

Chen Zi, you already have a way?

Chen Zi, is what you said true?

Chen Zi, you are the savior of our Daling Village.

All the villagers looked at Zi Chen.

Everyone, don't worry. I'll definitely have a way. Oh right, this money is from today's leather goods. Everyone, split it. Zi Chen took out all of the silver coins from his bosom and placed it on the stone block before turning around to leave.

Why are there so many?

Our furs aren't even worth that much money.

It must be Chen Zi. He left his share here with us.

The voice of the villagers came from behind.

After returning to his residence, Zi Chen started to cultivate.

As for the matters with the villagers, to Zi Chen, it is not a problem at all. He did not need to think about it.

A few months had passed since the last time Zi Chen broke through to the Xiantian Realm. Zi Chen's Xiantian Qi was currently improving in an orderly manner but recently, without the help of spirit medicine, his strength had been increasing too slowly.

Regarding this matter, Zi Chen decided to head to Cangli City to buy some spirit medicines or medicinal pills to speed up his cultivation.

After all, the current him is rich and powerful, with dozens of Yuan Stones in his possession.

With Zi Chen's reassurance, time passed in a flash. The villagers, each and every one of them calmed down and their lives became regular once again.

As for Zhang Shui, he is also more optimistic. When he had nothing to do, he would come and chat with Zi Chen and most of the time, he would just follow his father and learn to play with traps.

A few days later, the sound of horses galloping came from outside the village.

The villagers' hearts trembled. The people of the Zhan Wu Sect had arrived again.

All of the villagers, get the hell out here A furious roar spread throughout the entire mountain village.

Zhang Shui, get out here. Immediately after, another voice sounded.