Thunder Martial Chapter 13 - Su Menyao

The crowd parted for the new arrival and a beautiful figure in white soon appeared.

The girl was dressed completely in white, obviously indicating she was an inner sect disciple. Her clothes fluttered softly, dancing gracefully in the wind. Everyone's attention was immediately drawn to her face. The features upon it were so delicate that it resembled a finely crafted carving with a pair of beautiful big eyes as gentle as water, instantly making her the center of attention. Her steps moved gently as she slowly approached the disturbance.

It was as if a fairy was descending into a place filled with dirt and filth. Although her eyes were still tender and kind, they were tinted with a hint of anger. She slightly wrinkled her eyebrows at the pungent smell in the air.

Seeing such a beautiful person, everyone present almost had their souls leave their bodies.

Senior sister Su Mengyao, why did you come?

Upon her sudden arrival, Wang Xiong's anger was unexpectedly replaced with a pleasant feeling.

Wang Xiong looked to be over 20 years old, while the white clothed female in front of him was around 16 or 17 years old. Nevertheless, Wang Xiong referred to her as senior sister.

Is that senior sister Su Mengyao from the inner sect? I heard that at the young age of 16, she had reached the peak of the eighth Layer of True Qi. She is expected to soon become a core disciples.

My god, so she turned out to be senior sister Su Mengyao?

Some of the spectating outer sect disciples exclaimed in surprise. Their eyes were full of fanaticism as if they were seeing the goddess of their dreams.

They were not wrong. Su Mengyao was indeed an absolute goddess compared to all the outer sect disciples of the Ling Wu sect. Besides having the appearance of one, she also had the natural talent of a goddess.

She was widely known as the number one disciple of the inner sect.

Unfortunately, the current goddess was not happy upon seeing the feverish looks of the crowd. Instead of happy, diligent disciples she longed to see, she felt disgusted to be stared at by fanatic people who were unable to tell right from wrong. She felt as if this was an insult to herself.

Since when had the present outer sect disciples become like this. Are all of you unable to distinguish between right and wrong? Su Mengyao thought in her heart discontentedly.

What's all this about, Wang Xiong? Why are you here? Su Mengyao asked indifferently, staring at Wang Xiong.

Everything is as it should be. I just came out for a walk. What about you, senior Sister Su Mengyao? Why did you come to a place so full of excrement? Wang Xiong asked politely as he greeted her with a smile.

Su Mengyao was known as the most talented inner sect disciple. She was only 16 and already has the strength of the eighth Layer of True Qi. In addition to being an outstanding talent, she was also being pursued by countless disciples, including some core disciples as well. Therefore, whenever Wang Xiong saw Su Mengyao, he always made sure that he was especially polite.

You came out for a walk in order to snatch others' possessions? Su Mengyao glared at Wang Xiong with unconcealed coldness in her limpid eyes.

Senior Sister, I'm being wronged. I really came out to take a walk. Snatch what things? As an inner sect disciple, why must I come to the outer sect to snatch something? Are there any valuable things that are worth being snatched in this remote place? Wang Xiong's forehead was sweating, his mind running at high speed. The arrogance shown while facing Zi Chen had completely disappeared.

Although Su Mengyao was from the inner sect and did not have any significant background, Wang Xiong still didn't dare to provoke her. This was because the people that had once provoked Su Mengyao had all disappeared quietly, including several at the ninth Layer of True Qi.

You also know that you are an inner sect disciple? In Su Mengyao eyes, there was a hint of ridicule. Sweeping a glance around, she frowned and said, This is your work isn't it? If you looked at a person's behavior, you can see that person's heart. From what I can see, your heart is just as dirty as this filth.

Wang Xiong did not dare to refute, and could only listen in silence. Su Mengyao's eyes swept over her surroundings once again.

You all cannot distinguish between right and wrong, shamelessly finding justification in a false sense of righteousness as an excuse to flatter him. Humans can be naïve, but they cannot be so shameless as to not differentiate between right and wrong.

Nobody opened their mouth to speak. All of them lowered their heads with shame. Even Wang Meng's arrogant group bent their heads forward and stared hard at the ground, not daring to even look at Su Mengyao at all.

Their obedience made it seem as if she was not a beautiful woman but instead a ferocious beast.

Wang Xiong remained smiling, but in his heart, he was furious. However, he did not dare to show even a trace of it on his face. In the minds of the outer sect disciples, Wang Xiong was akin to an absolute monarch, but among the numerous inner sect disciples, he was nothing. On the other hand, Su Mengyao was inviolable in the minds of many inner sect disciples. Her status could not be compared with Wang Xiong at all, as her status is dozens of times higher than his.

Therefore, he did not dare to refute Su Mengyao.

Still staying?

After Preaching, Su Mengyao then turned to look at Wang Xiong.

Leaving. We will leave immediately. Just like a lost dog, Wang Xiong walked away. Looking at him from behind, one could see that his white clothes were soaked by the cold sweat on his back. He had obviously been very scared.

The rest of you have not yet left? Do you want to stay here to testify? Su Mengyao's eyes swept around once more in response to the still shocked looks of the crowd.

Two simple sentences had driven away the arrogant Wang Xiong. It was natural for everyone to be shocked.

The outer disciples all shook their heads. Some wanted to speak a few words with the goddess, but seeing the opposite party's cold and disgusted eyes, they could only quickly lower their heads and leave.

Damn you Zi Chen. It is all your fault that the goddess sees me as a fool.

When leaving, this thought occurred in more than one outer sect disciple's heart. Unfortunately for them, Su Mengyao did not notice this at all, much less care about them.

She didn't even pay any attention to Zi Chen. After all the people had left, she too, had turned to leave without taking a look at Zi Chen at all.

Se... Senior Sister. Calling someone younger than himself senior sister made Zi Chen feel very awkward. But the opposite party had saved him, so Zi Chen gratefully said: Thank you for your help Senior Sister.

You do not need to thank me. This was originally a situation between outer sect disciples, and I did not want to interfere. It's just that today's matter was entrusted to me by a person. Su Mengyao said without looking back. Although her voice retained the same indifference it had before, it did not have the coldness she had spoken to the others with.

As a goddess, her status in the inner sect was very high. How could she be bothered to come here under normal circumstances? Let alone a place full of feces and urine? The fact that she had appeared at all was obviously not a coincidence.

Just as Zi Chen began wondering, he saw a vague figure clad in black that he had not noticed before standing further in the distance. From what he could distinguish, it seemed to be a young girl. The cute girl stuck her tongue out at Zi Chen from afar, making an ugly face before she turned and left with Su Mengyao.

Lin Xue.

Seeing the figure in black, Zi Chen's puzzled expression instantly relaxed.

He did not know Su Mengyao, but he did know Lin Xue. One year ago when Zi Chen came back from going out, he happened to see the injured Lin Xue at the foot of the mountain. She had been unable to walk, so Zi Chen carried her back.

Only after that did Zi Chen find out that the weak girl he had saved was in fact an outer sect disciple called Lin Xue who was actually comparable to Wang Meng in terms of status. While Wang Meng's backer was his elder brother Wang Xiong, Lin Xue was supported by Su Mengyao's sister.

Lin Xue had always been very good to Zi Chen, but Zi Chen's talent was still as ordinary as every other outer sect disciple. He had enough self-awareness and humility to never expect anything from her.

But he had not expected that for him, Lin Xue would actually ask Su Mengyao to help. For the goddess to take action on Lin Xue's behalf and come to a remote place like this was enough to show that their relationship was obviously not normal.

Perhaps she is repaying her gratitude, Zi Chen secretly thought, but he was very grateful.

Taking a look back at his own place, the pungent smell was still so overwhelming that it made one want to gag. Since it was completely covered with excrement, the place was now uninhabitable.

The excrement made him not want to live here anymore andZi Chen was even more unwilling to stay near Zhao Can's hut.

Zi Chen.

At this time, a figure arrived, closing in rapidly from afar. The person was a youth who wore green clothes of the Ling Wu sect for outer sect disciples. His age seemed similar to Zi Chen's. After smelling the unusual odor in the air, his brows knitted slightly and he said to Zi Chen, This place is no longer habitable. Let's go, come to my place.

Miao Kong, when did you get back? Zi Chen was very surprised when he realized who it was, as he tiptoed outside carefully.

I've been back for a few days and heard about what had happened. So Zhao Can betrayed you. Miao Kong sighed. I told you before that Zhao Can was a person who schemes a lot and has many ulterior motives. With him, it's fine to be a normal friend. But because you were a close friend of Zhao Can, you did not listen to me and now you have even provoked Wang Xiong.

Miao Kong was also a friend of Zi Chen's. He too, was very close to Zi Chen, but because Miao Kong didn't get along with Zhao Can at all, he had gone out by himself to seek cultivation resources some time ago.Therefore, Zi Chen had only taken Zhao Can with him to find the Snow Ginseng.

However, after the previous incident with Zhao Can, Zi Chen's heart harbored some bitter feelings about the word brothers.

I just heard that Wang Xiong was making trouble with you, so I rushed here and saw the black faced Wang Xiong, a happy Lin Xue, and senior sister Su Mengyao. Did she save you? Miao Kong asked.


Wow, What kind of luck do you have for senior sister Su Mengyao to actually help you? Miao Kong cried out strangely.


Because Su Mengyao appeared, Wang Xiong was forced to leave with Wang Meng and the others. It could be said that today was a big loss of his face.

Big Brother, is Su Mengyao really so frightening? Even though her strength is not that high? Wang Meng asked doubtfully as he looked at his depressed Big Brother.

You don't know anything. Wang Xiong turned around and angrily rebuked him, saying This Su Mengyao's power does not lie in her strength. It is her looks and her pursuers. Right now, among the inner sect disciples, who doesn't know that senior brother Chen Feng likes her. Offending Su Mengyao is the same as offending senior brother Chen Feng, and there's only one outcome of offending senior brother Chen Feng.

Senior brother Chen Feng? The personal disciple of the patriarch? The number one person among all the core disciples that is expected to reach the True Yuan realm? Wang Meng was in shock.

Of course. Among the core disciples, this news has already spread. This time, when the Patriarch returns, he is going to propose marriage on behalf of Chen Feng, and also let Su Mengyao become a core disciple. Now what do you say? Would I dare to provoke her? Wang Xiong spoke coldly.

This.... Wang Meng did not dare to speak anymore, the other two were also startled.

What about that Zi Chen? Should we just let him go? After a moment of silence, Wang Meng spoke again.

Hesitating for a moment, Wang Xiong quickly shook his head and said: I cannot touch him in the sect. You try to find some way to lure him out.

Good, when the time comes, I will do it myself. Wang Meng's eyes flashed with killing intent

No, you cannot go. You have to train. Here are five True Qi Pills. In this period of time you need to refine three of them. Give them two, they can settle this kind of matter on their own. Wang Xiong took out a bottle and said: For this year's inner sect disciple inspection, it has been said that the reward is going to be the most valuable in comparison to the other examinations these past years. There might even be a first rank weapon; therefore, you must get first place.

Relax, big brother, I am at the peak of the fifth Layer of True Qi now, three True Qi Pills are enough for me to make a breakthrough to sixth layer of True Qi. Not to mention the second rank weapon that big brother gave me. When the time comes, I will definitely get first place. Wang Meng said with confidence.

Nevertheless, you cannot be negligent..