Thunder Martial Chapter 128 - Daling Village

As the sun set in the west, the clouds were bright red like a big ball of fire with all sorts of shapes. This is the famous Cloud of Fire, which could be seen from the entrance of Daling Village.

Sometimes, the clouds would form beasts and sometimes, they would form a variety of things. It was a magical scene but no one in Daling Village was interested in watching it.

Their ancestors had lived here for generations so they were not surprised. Every day, they would work day after day for the sake of their livelihood.

In the horizon, a man appeared and behind him was a long shadow. It was a young man wearing a sackcloth and had a dark complexion. When he saw the villagers, a smile appeared on the man's face and he revealed two big white teeth.

The young man held a wood chopping knife which is very sharp. Two wild rabbits, a wild chicken and a white fox were tied around his shoulder. Under the setting sun, he walked towards the little village.

Chen Zi is back!

Hello, Uncle Wang!

Hello, Uncle!

The young man is called Chen Zi. He is simple and honest and when he saw the villagers, he politely greeted them.

Chen Zi is so powerful and he captured so many small beasts today. This can be exchanged for quite a bit of money, maybe it can be exchanged for a few broken Yuan Stones.

Chen Zi, this technique of yours is even better than the Elder Zhang. Back then, when he was fighting the white fox, he had actually injured its skin.

Some of the villagers' eyes lit up when they saw the white fox on Chen Zi's back.

I'm just lucky! Chen Zi laughed honestly.

Oh right, Chen Zi, you have reaped a great harvest today. Are you about to go to the small town again?

Chen Zi nodded his head and laughed, I will be there in a few days, at that time, I will also help you sell your furs.

Hehe, Chen Zi is so sensible.

That's right, Chen Zi is truly the fortune of our Daling Village

After hearing that, the smile on the villagers' faces became even wider, and then, Chen Zi smiled and walked towards the village.

He must have gone to Old Zhang's house, the last time when Old Zhang went up the mountain, he accidentally broke a leg and is not allowed to hunt so his daily necessities are given to him by Chen Zi.

Chen Zi is quite sensible. He came to our village two months ago and in these two months, he has done a lot for us.

Yeah, I really hope that Chen Zi won't go and stay in our village forever.

Chen Zi is very simple and honest, he loved to laugh and treat people very well. His skills were not ordinary and on the day the villagers went hunting, they encountered a fierce tiger and at that moment of danger, Chen Zi jumped out and killed the fierce tiger with one punch.

The last piece of tiger skin sold for a good price but it was all distributed to the villagers.

The villagers knew that Chen Zi is not ordinary and would not stay in this little mountain village for long.

If my guess is not wrong, Chen Zi is very likely to be the cultivator, how can he stay in our mountain village forever?

The outside world belongs to cultivators. How can a mere Daling Village be able to keep him?

There was admiration and envy in the eyes of the villagers, as well as endless disappointment.

Cultivators are high and mighty being. Rumor has it that they could fly in the sky and escape into the ground.

Yeah, every single cultivator is a high and mighty being so of course our Daling Village does not expect to have a cultivator. It's a pity but the son of Elder Zhang is also a cultivator, and is rumored to be an Eighth layer of True Qi of some sort. Every day when he returns, a large group of little cultivator will follow him. Sigh... The heavens are trying to destroy my Daling Village

Some villagers began to sigh.

Elder Zhang had a son who was once his pride because he was a cultivator and a disciple of the Zhan Wu Sect. He had a very high status but half a year ago, his son went out on an adventure and met with a group of bandits. After a fierce battle, his Dantian was crippled and he was expelled by the Ling Wu Sect back to Daling Village.

This was the pain in Elder Zhang's heart. His dantian had been crippled and his son's entire life had been ruined.

When Chen Zi arrived, he realized that Zhang Shui was sitting on a boulder by the door. His eyes were dull and muddled, after hearing the footsteps, he turned and looked at Chen Zi with contempt.

He had already seen that Chen Zi was a cultivator a long time ago but he wasn't concerned about it. At that time, he was a powerful existence of the Eighth layer of True Qi.

Chen Zi, you're here. Elder Zhang also heard the footsteps. He was sitting in the courtyard with a long rod as crutches and is able to see Zhang Shui from where he was sitting. This meant that he was monitoring him, afraid that would get into trouble and find fault with him.

Seeing Chen Zi arriving, Elder Zhang shakily stood up with a walking stick in one hand.

Uncle, there's no need for you to get up. I've packed quite a few things today and it's bad for me to leave them at home. I just brought them over. Chen Zi's voice was low and deep, with one hand holding onto Elder Zhang, it was powerful.

Oh.. Oh! Elder Zhang nodded as tears welled up in his eyes. Almost from the moment he broke his legs, Chen Zi had been bringing him wild game everyday.

After leaving the items there, Chen Zi chatted with Elder Zhang for a while. When the sky darkened, he stood up and said his goodbyes.

Stay for dinner. Elder Zhang urged him to stay.

No, I've already eaten when I came.

Chen Zi's residence was a desolate little courtyard. All the houses in the past had been moved away and this place was now empty.

There were only a few simple pieces of furniture in the room. It was very simple and one of the longsword that was emitting red light was placed beside the bed, it was very eye-catching.

The longsword shone with a bright red light, like a burning flame. On the sword hilt, there was a Firebird engraved.

Everyone thought that he had died when he entered the depths of the Dark Serene Forest. Unfortunately, he had arrived at the Daling Village, it was not far from the Zhan Wu Sect so it was within the scope of the Cangli City.

Fortunately, although he was not strong, his speed is not slow, and was extremely fast when he traversed in the Dark Serene Forest. However, after running halfway and shaking off the Demonic Beast, he turned around and ran in another direction towards the Lop Nur, which was thousands of miles long. Like a huge dragon, it came out from the depths of the Dark Serene Forest and Zi Chen dove in without hesitation.

This was his plan before and he had long taken a fancy to the Lop Nur. Running into the Dark Serene Forest is only to divert the attention of the three forces.

The Lop Nur is very big, with swift flowing water, if he wanted to survive from here, other than having strength, he would need some luck. However, the force of the Lop Nur was much greater than Zi Chen expected. In the end, after stumbling for thousands of miles, Zi Chen was heavily injured.

The villagers here were all mortals. They didn't have any powerful strength but they were all simple villagers. Back then, they kindly took him in and even found him a place to stay.

It had already been two months since he arrived in Daling Village. Zi Chen went up the mountain to hunt during the day and returned at night to cultivate.

In this period of time, he had also comprehended the Azure Peak Slash and the Azure Peak Seal so his gains were not small. Also, because of the lightning energy in his body, once he used these two techniques, its power would also become very strong.

During these two months, Zi Chen would often go to a small town fifty kilometers away to find out some useful information while selling the fur there.


After a few days, the animal skins was already dry so he took his fur and went door to door to collect the fur from the villagers to bring it to the town to sell it for a good price. Although he had only been here for two months, the villagers trust Zi Chen a lot.

Selling furs was a lie and asking for news was the real deal.

A few hundred miles might take a few hours for a normal person but Zi Chen had already rushed all the way there in less than an hour.

After using the fastest and the cheapest price possible to get rid of the furs, Zi Chen arrived at a Tavern.

In the tavern, Zi Chen had asked for two small dishes and a pot of wine and quietly sat down.

The distance from here to the Zhan Wu Sect is not far and there were many Zhan Wu Sect's disciples who came down from the mountains to eat, drink and chat.

Zi Chen arrived very early and only after it was noon did the disciples appear.

The core sect examination is about to begin again. I wonder who will be able to enter this time.

Entering the core sect can be considered stepping into the heavens. With endless resources to cultivate, it's a pity that I'm just an Eighth layer of True Qi and is not qualified to do so.

Zi Chen's face changed a little because even though he could not clearly see the face of the person from the Zhan Wu Sect, he had already recognized him, he was in the Spirit Medicine Garden before. At that time, if he had been even a little later, he would have died at his, Zi Chens, hands.

Senior Brother, you are Senior Brother Ling Yun's man. Back then, you did something big with Senior Brother Ling Chen and even though you failed in the end, you can still be considered as Senior Brother Ling Yun's man. Could it be that he doesn't even give you the authority to do that? A disciple asked.

Rather than giving me authority, it's fine as long as he doesn't kill me. The senior brother stared and said, Do you know how big that thing was back then? It's fine if we succeed but if we don't succeed, we will have to kill everyone. Senior brother Ling Yun was under a lot of pressure.

Let me tell you, even Senior Brother Ling Yun was punished when he returned. He only reappeared after facing the wall half a year.

What? Senior Brother Ling Yun was punished to the point of facing the wall. Then when he comes out, won't he hold a grudge?

That was decided by the elders. How could senior possibly bear grudges? However, the disciples who attacked us and luckily survived that day received the appropriate punishment.

One of the disciples' eyes lit up, and he said: I heard about it too. They said that on a trip to Spirit Medicine Garden, many of our fellow disciples that survived either went missing or died suddenly. Could it be that all of them...

Hmph, it's good that you know this but keep your mouth shut. The senior brother snorted, Back then, those who attacked us were severely punished and that Zhang Shui who was so arrogant before, he is now just a cripple. F*ck, he almost killed me in one slash in the Spirit Medicine Garden but now, not only is his strength crippled, he can't even protect the mountain village that he lives in.

Moreover, that Zi Chen, he really deserves death. Even when the Ling Wu Sect was annihilated, he still made such a huge scene.

Senior brother, is that the Zi Chen the who had comprehended the Thunderbolt Finger in the Ling Wu Sect? Isn't the Ling WU Sect destroyed? Is he not dead yet? A disciple asked.