Thunder Martial Chapter 127 - Serious Loss

The Old Ape jumped up into the air and welcomed the incoming palm with its own. Streams of black light covered the entire sky and struck onto the Azure Peak Seal, producing a loud sound.

The Azure Peak Seal did not move at all, instead, it released rays of azure light, causing space to distort.


The Old Ape roared, its body did not fall. It floated in the air and changed its palm into a fist. Soon after, black light appeared on the surface of its body and it threw another punch at the Azure Peak Seal.


With such a powerful attack, the Azure Peak Seal began to tremble violently. Cracks spread out and it soon exploded with a bang.

Only then did Old Ape's figure fall towards the ground.

It's actually able to float for a short period of time, it's about to reach the Imperial Sky Realm. Heavens, what kind of existence have we provoked?

Too terrifying, it can actually launch multiple attacks in the air.

Even Wang Shi does not have the ability to suppress him. This Old Ape is too terrifying.

Everyone around them gasped, looking at the Old Ape in shock.

The Old Ape descended and the earth trembled. Countless trees exploded and two gigantic footprints appeared as cracks spread out.

The Old Ape's eyes were sharp and the aura around it was tyrannical. In the previous attack, it did not suffer any damage.

Above the Royal Firebird, a trace of blood leaked out from the corner of Wang Shi's mouth.

Even the third genius of Cloud City is unable to suppress the Old Ape with absolute strength.

Hurry up and attack, kill the Old Ape and chase after Zi Chen.

Wang Shi dropped from the sky, his voice was cold and the blood at the corner of his mouth flowed. Following that, he unleashed another powerful strike.


Wang Yong, Wang Luo and the rest also bellowed. Their killing intent filling the air as streams of True Yuan Qi surged, attacking towards the Old Ape.


The sky erupted as handprints appeared one after another. This was the Wu Zong's Annihilation Palm from the Wu Zong Art, a powerful type of martial technique with peerless might. It appeared in the sky and pressed down towards the Old Ape.

At this moment, those at the Xiantian Realm were all retreating. The experts of the Zhen Yuan Realm all stepped forward as their True Yuan Qi surged crazily, striking out with their powerful attacks.


An expert was hiding in secret and in the next moment, a hidden killing technique appeared and a monstrous killing intent surged. Immediately after, a sharp Sword Qi rushed straight towards the Old Ape.


The Old Ape reacted quickly as many black lights circled around its body. The Sword Qi pierced through the black light but was blocked by its black fur, giving off a sonorous sound. He did not manage to break through the defense.

What? Heaven Killing Pavilion's experts face changed drastically as he retreated in a hurry but at this time, the Old Ape swung its palm and with a loud bang, he was smashed into the ground, disappearing without a sound.

The Old Ape is very powerful. With a wave of its palm, the palm prints in the sky disappeared one by one and pitch black light covered the entire horizon.

The numerous attacks landed on the Old Ape and although it was continuously forced back, it was not injured at all. The Old Ape's defense is truly terrifying and after fighting for a long time, no one was able to break through its defenses.


With the powerful attack from the Old Ape, the huge palm prints was immediately dissipated and the black light and its Qi around its body surged

Bring out the Raging Flame Sword Wang Shi's eyes were filled with killing intent, he extended his hand and shouted.

The Raging Flame Sword was refined by his father, Wang Zhenwei, and is second only to magic treasures. It is exceptionally sharp and could slice through iron like mud. It was in Wang Shan's hands.

Hearing his Eldest Brother's words, Wang Shan's heart trembled and he hurriedly said, The Raging Flame Sword was snatched away by brother-in-law.

Wang Shi frowned, confused.



Wang Shan stretched out his hands and slapped himself hard across the face twice and he said, It's that bastard Zi Chen who stole the Raging Flame Sword. That damned thing, if I catch him, I'll definitely dismember his corpse into a thousand pieces.

Hmph, I'll deal with you later. Wang Shi snorted, turned and glanced at the others and said: Everyone, stop hiding, go all out and kill the Old Ape. Afterwards, chase after Zi Chen.

In the forest, the Old Ape was wailing. Its roiling Qi was stirred up and the space around it was warped. Streams of black light filled the world and the other Zhen Yuan Realm Experts were attacking ferociously. Their power was peerless as they surrounded and attacked the Old Ape.

The forest exploded, the mountain rock collapsed and the earth split open. A large open area appeared and in the end, the three forces paid a heavy price but they were able to kill the Old Ape.

Dammit, I will tear this Zi Chen into ten thousand pieces.

We, the Wu Zong Sect are irreconcilable with him!

Our Heaven Killing Pavilion wants to chase him to the ends of the earth.

The three forces were furious. They had lost a lot of people due to theOld Ape's massacre and even though they were rich and powerful, their sect's strength was strong, causing them to feel heartache in their hearts.

When Zi Chen was still in the True Qi Stage, they had started to chase to kill him. Now, many people in the Zhen Yuan Realm and the Xiantian Realm had died because of him but they still could not catch him.

The three powers had gone completely mad. Killing intent filled the air and some of the weaker beasts were so scared that they started fleeing in panic.

After killing the Old Ape, under Wang Shan's guidance, they continued to search for Zi Chen.

He ran from this direction, this damn bro.. bastard, I must kill him. Wang Shan scolded, almost calling him brother-in-law again.

After a long time, they entered a dense forest and found traces of a battle. The trees that were hundreds of meters tall were snapped at the waist and their leaves were everywhere, it was a mess. The mountain rocks collapsed and were smashed into pieces, causing the earth to crack.

It could be seen that this was an extremely tragic battle.

Looks like he's run away, keep chasing

Following the blood trail on the ground, the group continued their journey. The Rocs and the Firebirds above their heads were monitoring everything. Not long after, they discovered an injured Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast.

This must be the one fighting Zi Chen intensely. Zi Chen should be right in front, quickly chase after him!

After killing the Demonic Beast, the group increased their speed.

In the blink of an eye, two days had passed and a few Demonic Beast had been discovered. Each time, it was the aftermath of an intense battle but Zi Chen was nowhere to be seen.

Is he dead?

Everyone's faces were unsettled. They had spent so much effort but still couldn't catch him and now they had also lost track of him.

If he is alive, I want to see him. If he is dead, I want to see his corpse. No matter what, I must retrieve the Raging Flame Sword.

Wang Shan said coldly, he had instigated everyone to chase after Zi Chen and had never forgotten about his own Raging Flame Sword.

Of course, he was not stupid enough to tell everyone that in order to survive, he had secretly passed on the two types of Killing Techniques to Zi Chen.

The group continued forward.

Everyone advanced forward and the leaves on the trees grew even more luxuriant. In the end, they did not even see a single bit of sunlight, making the forest extremely eerie. The air was moist and the rotting leaves gave off an unpleasant scent. Furthermore, they also encountered more and more Demonic Beast.

Just how scary is this Dark Serene Forest? We met so many Demonic Beast in the outskirts and a few of them were already about to reach the Imperial Sky Realm. We wouldn't encounter any Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beast would we? Wang Shan muttered.

Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beasts are even more terrifyingly powerful than human Imperial Sky Realm Experts.


Suddenly, a furious roar sounded out as another powerful Demonic Beast appeared. The Demonic Beast's aura was extremely tyrannical and its killing intent was boundless. After it discovered a human, its eyes began to emit a bloodthirsty light.

After a fierce battle, the three forces lost another lot of people. It could be said that along the way, their numbers continuously decreased. However, since they couldn't find Zi Chen's corpse, they didn't give up.

A few days later, just as everyone was going deeper in, they finally encountered an Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beast.

This was no longer a fierce battle, but a massacre. If the group were to encounter an Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beast, they would simply be courting death.

Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beasts already has a high level of intelligence and their strength was even more terrifying. They are even stronger than human Imperial Sky Realm Experts so killing them would be basically impossible

Everyone fled, suffering heavy losses.

Even Wang Shi was severely injured and almost died. In the end, he fled with Wang Shan. Out of dozens of experts, less than ten survived.

Helpless, the group could only return. At the same time, they had to accept the fact that Zi Chen had already died.

The three forces had once again failed and suffered heavy losses, causing great waves. At the same time, the name Zi Chen was deeply engraved in the hearts of the three forces.

In the past dozens of years, they had never suffered such a huge loss of face and forces.

The three forces experts returned but not long after, an Imperial SKy Realm Expert appeared. However, they could only linger around the outskirts of the Dark Serene Forest and after searching for a while, they still did not find anything and had no choice but to return.

At the same time, the three forces had not given up and still sent one or two exerts to guard outside of the Dark Serene Forest. At the same time, they sent more and more experts to search the other outer regions of the Dark Serene Forest.

One day, two days, half a month... A month had passed but there was still no news of Zi Chen.

No one gave up but after two months, Zi Chen still did not appear and there was also no news of Zi Chen arriving in the Floating Snow City. Thus, they had no choice but to admit that Zi Chen was truly dead.

Just like that day, the higher ups of the Wu Zong Sect were enraged and roared continuously. Ever since trying to kill Zi Chen, they had lost an Imperial Sky Realm, 20 Zhen Yuan Realm, and dozens of Xiantian Realm experts trying to kill Zi Chen.


Two months later, a Firebird flew over from outside the Dark Serene Forest. On the back of the Firebird, Wang Xian'er quietly stood there like a fairy, her big beautiful eyes staring at the Dark Serene Forest in a daze.

Are you really dead? Even Thunder Domain didn't kill you. I believe that you will bring about a miracle. Wang Xian'er said as teardrops slid down her cheeks like a sparkling pearl. She soon took her Firebird to leave.

Wang Xianer was crying. Even if she did not believe him, she believed that he could still create miracles.

The Dark Serene Forest is a land of death with countless Demons in it who are even more powerful than Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beasts. In all these years, no one had ever been able to cross it.

Her father is a famed expert but even he can't cross it, let alone Zi Chen. He is merely a Xiantian Realm expert