Thunder Martial Chapter 126 - Strong Old Ape

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The Old Ape held the dead giant ape cub in its arms. The aura around its body was extremely tyrannical and a wave of overflowing killing intent swept through the entire place. Its eyes stared straight at the bloodied Wang Shan, and anyone who obstructed its way would receive a slap.

Wang Shan, you are really vicious, you killed the giant ape cub but now, you are trying to frame us.

You truly have ill intentions. Hurry up and f*ck off.

Are you stupid? Take the Old Ape and run in the other direction. Why are you always running around here?

The Old Ape was ruthless and with just a casual slap, it could kill a person. Forget about these Xiantian Realm, even if it was a Zhen Yuan Realm expert, they would not be able to endure such a slap.

Do you think I'm stupid? If I run away, the one who dies will be me. Damn it, Brother-in-law wants to harm me, all of this has nothing to do with me.

Wang Shan shouted as he ran, always going in circles and not planning to run away.


The Old ape roared and leaped into the air. While body was in the air, black light coiled around its palm and with a loud crash, it fell down, causing the Rocs in the air to wail as it was smashed into pieces.

Wang Shan, why are you still not leaving? How many people do you want to kill?

Scram! Why don't you go find your elder brother?

All of the cultivators continued to flee but Wang Shan's speed is much faster than theirs.

What? My brother is here? Haha! That's great. As long as I can persevere for a bit, I can live. Wang Shan was so happy that he continued to run in circles.

The cultivator who spoke just now wished he could slap himself a few times. After saying this sentence with his big mouth, he immediately regretted it to death.




Wang Shan continued to dodge and escaped frantically, running towards other cultivators. At this moment, he had become a street rat. Wherever he went, curses would come from everywhere around him. After that, everyone scattered and didn't dare to group up anymore.

The forest was filled with the smell of blood. cultivator died one by one and occasionally, one or two Rocs were killed.

After a moment, the Rocs spread out. As for the Those cultivators, they also scattered and no longer formed a group.

Amongst them, many of them had already scolded Wang Shan till their mouths were dry but Wang Shan had a thick skin and did not care at all.

Wang Shan, I'm begging you, hurry up and get the hell out of here, how many people do you want to kill?

Go to hell. I'm begging you, go die. Don't implicate others.

You damned thing. If we don't die today, we will definitely find trouble for you in the future.

Everyone dispersed in all directions and continued to flee but there were people who were unable to get away from Wang Shan. With a 'swoosh', Wang Shan had already caught up to him and passed him.

Good, good. You said you won't let me off. That's good! Wang Shan sneered as a cyan light flashed around his body and he had already surpassed that person.


The Old Ape slapped the cultivator with its palm. This cultivator let out a blood-curdling scream and was killed instantly. At the same time, the Old Ape stomped its foot on the ground and the two people beside him also innocently died.

Who, who else wished for my death? Come out and speak. Wang Shan continued to run in circles and looked around.

Wang Shan's speed and the Old Ape's power had scared everyone present. At this moment, no one dared to speak as their eyes were filled with fear, afraid that they would be chased by Wang Shan.

Is it you? Were you the one who said that just now? Wang Shan stared at a member of the Wu Zong Sect who is only in the Xiantian Realm. Upon hearing Wang Shan's words, he snorted coldly and said forcefully, I didn't say anything.

God damn. You didn't say anything and yet you still act so arrogantly. Wang Shan was furious, his feet flashed and he rushed towards him.

Wang Shan, f*ck off, don't come over here The cultivator was shocked, he opened his mouth and started cursing. His voice was sharp, as if he had scolded for a long time and his saliva was dry and smoke was coming out from his throat.

Your throat is dry yet you still dare to say that you didn't scold me. Wang Shan glared, his speed becoming even faster, in an instant overtaking him.


The Old Ape's big foot landed and this cultivator was immediately trampled to death together with the person beside him. They died a wronged death.

Who else? Wang Shan looked around arrogantly.

No one dared to speak, as they were all terrified. Seeing Wang Shan's gaze sweep over them, they all avoided him, their eyes filled with fear.

Is it you? Wang Shan stared at a Heaven Killing Pavilion expert and asked.

No, no! This cultivator had a sullen face as he quickly shook his head and then quickly escaped.

Then it must be you. Wang Shan's gaze moved and landed on another person.

No, brother, it really isn't me. The cultivator was about to cry, he did not want to be a dead man.

F*ck, what brother, call me Brother-in-law. Wang Shan was furious, his feet flashed, and he rushed towards him.

After being captured by Zi Chen, Wang Shan could be said to be a grandson for a very long time and had to call him brother-in-law, making him extremely depressed. Now that he heard someone call him brother, he was also extremely angry.

Brother-in-law? This person was stunned. He obviously never heard of such a term beforet. [TN:

Damn it, you actually didn't call me it. You're courting death! Wang Shan's speed became faster and he had surpassed the cultivator already.

The Azure Dawn Secret Art is indeed the foundation of the Cloud City.

Ah, no, I'll call you it, I'll call... Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, spare me...Ahhh! With a miserable scream, the giant ape's palm landed and the cultivator died innocently. The two people by his side were also heavily injured but they jumped back at the critical moment so they were not directly hit.

Wang Shan continued to run in circles, and looked around, as though he was looking for his target.



Hello brother-in-law!

Everyone who was being swept by Wang Shan trembled in their hearts. As they were fleeing in panic, they also quickly opened their mouths and called him brother-in-law.

However, they were cursing in their hearts. What the f*ck was this title? Brother-in-law... it was so f*cking awkward.

Haha, so it feels this great. No wonder that piece of trash, Zi Chen, didn't kill me. Wang Shan laughed out loud. This feeling of being called brother-in-law made him feel very comfortable because this was a new term that he had invented.


As he was careless, the Old Ape caught up and almost killed him in one blow. He let out a strange cry and continued to run.

Angry curses rang out once again.


Suddenly, an overwhelming aura descended from the sky. An enormous Azure Seal formed, as large as a mountain coiled with rays of azure light, bringing with it an oppressive might.

Azure Peak Seal, the Killing Technique.

The seal descended, its aura pressing down on the space, causing it to distort. It is like a mountain, smashing down on the heads of the Old Ape.

Big brother!

Looking at the familiar seal, Wang Shan's eyes suddenly lit up. During his previous escape, he was almost exhausted and his vision was swimming in dizziness. If Wang Shi didn't come soon, he wouldn't be able to hold on.

As for the other people who were running, when they saw the seal, they all let out a sigh of relief. They had been on the verge of collapsing from their previous escape.


The Old Ape raised its head, roared and the black light around its body surged. A sharp light flashed in its black pupils, following that, it waved its palm upwards, attacking towards the seal.

The Old apes palm carried a pitch-black light. It is like the surging waves of a Demonic Qi, surging with peerless might.


The powerful attack shook the earth, causing the mountain rocks to explode. The trees shook, causing the branches and leaves to make cracking noises as they broke.

In mid-air, the giant seal, which weighed hundreds of thousands of kilograms was sent flying ten meters back. However, the giant seal trembled once more, causing the sky to shake. Endless azure light shone out, carrying an even more terrifying aura.


The giant ape roared, holding onto the giant ape cub, it jumped up into the sky again and released another palm attack. On its palm, a terrifying Qi was brewing like a gigantic black hole, it was pitch black and suddenly flew towards the seal.


Under its full strength, the seal burst with a loud bang, transforming into a natural energy and disappeared. In the air, an endless amount of energy surged and when the Old Ape landed on the ground, the earth shook and an explosion was heard. Two deep footprints appeared and a gigantic fissure appeared along with it, extending outwards in all directions.

All of the cultivator's expressions changed and they retreated again, afraid of being affected.


Immediately after, a blade cut across the sky, which was more than 10 metres long glowing with an endless azure light, heading straight for the Old Ape.

Azure Peak Slash!

The Old Ape roared and the Spirit Qi around its body became even more tyrannical Its large hand became like black iron and struck towards the azure blade.


The sharp blade dissipated in the air and the Old Ape retrieved its hand. On its huge palm, there was a shallow wound.

What a powerful body, to think that only a single scratch would appear on its palm after receiving a blow from the Azure Peak Slash

The power of the Cloud City's Killing Technique is peerless, it can defeat enemies beyond its rank. For the Old Ape to be able to withstand it with its bare hands, it seems like it will soon reach the Imperial Sky Realm.

Everyone was dumbstruck. They now had an understanding of the Old Ape's strength.

Just at this time, a cry sounded out and everyone looked towards that direction, only to see a Firebird with golden fur that looked like a golden crown appearing. Its speed was extremely fast, like a ball of raging flames rushing over, on its back was a black clothed man. His waist and back were straight, like an unsheathed sharp sword.

Big brother, you're finally here.

Seeing black clothed man, Wang Shan shouted excitedly.


At the same time, the cries of Rocs sounded out and Rocs appeared one after another. The large group of the three forces finally arrived and there were quite a few Zhen Yuan Realm experts among them. Their killing intent permeated the air as they jumped down from the Rocs back one by one and descended.


Wang Shi swept his eyes across his Younger brother, and discovered that his entire body was drenched in blood but he was not injured so he heaved a sigh of relief and turned to look at the Old Ape. His killing intent was boundless, his finger pointed forward, and countless of azure lights, like thousands of sharp blades, rushed towards the Old Ape.


The surging killing intent angered Old Ape who carefully placed the giant ape cub on the ground. The aura around its body surged, and its killing intent filled the air.


The pitch-black light destroyed everything and brought along an endless amount of destructive aura. In an instant, millions of rays of azure light dispersed and the Old Ape, who was in the air had charged straight at Wang Shi.

Wang Shi formed a seal with his hand and the space instantly trembled. A gigantic Azure Seal descended and the Azure Peak Seal smashed down with a loud bang.