Thunder Martial Chapter 125 - Revenge

In the Dark Serene Forest, Zi Chen was currently fighting with the giant ape cub and explosive sounds of energy could be heard. The trees in the surroundings exploded and grass flew everywhere.

There were many places on Wang Shan's body that were stained with the giant ape cub's blood.

This Zi Chen, he's really a bastard. I didn't see him fighting the Demonic Beast before but after arriving here and seeing a cub, he immediately wants to fight it. You are f*cking sending yourself to your death, please don't pull me along

Wang Shan had always been cursing in his heart, constantly cursing Zi Chen. Coming out this time, it could be said that he had been through eight lifetimes of bad luck, to actually run into Zi Chen.


Relying on the sharpness of the Raging Flame Sword, Zi Chen's every attack was able to break through the defense of the giant ape. The Sword Qi flashed and brought with it a large amount of blood and after a few consecutive attacks, many wounds appeared on the giant ape cub's body as blood flowed out.

The giant ape cub roared and then beat its chest again. It was very angry but at the same time, it was also extremely anxious.

Brother-in-law, hurry up and leave, if the parent comes, we won't be able to leave. We'll be swallowed alive by the old giant ape. Wang Shan practically begged in his voice and both of his eyes were filled with tears but it is a pity that his powerful strength was sealed by Zi Chen; otherwise, he would have ran away long ago.

This won't do. If I don't kill this beast, how will I be able to stay out in the future? How will I have the face to face the people of this world? Zi Chen persisted on and the Sword Qi flashed once again. In the midst of a large wave of fire, a sharp Sword Qi appeared.

Pfft, with a punk like you thinks that you will be facing the people of this world in the future? This trip to Dark Serene Forest will be the day you die. Wang Shan kept cursing inside.


Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and quickly retreated. On the giant ape cubs body, there were a few more wounds and fresh blood, dying the black fur red.


Right at this moment, an angry roar sounded out. This roar rolled over and actually formed a sound wave. In an instant, a violent wind swept up.

Not good, this is the Old Ape. Brother-in-law, let's go Wang Shan's face changed drastically as he warned Zi Chen.

At this moment, Zi Chen naturally did not need Wang Shan's reminder. After hearing the giant apes roar, Zi Chen's feet flashed and like a ghost, he instantly appeared in front of the giant ape cub and following that, he entered into a state of being one with the sword and released a powerful sword strike.


The longsword was exceptionally sharp and fast, this was Zi Chen's full force attack. While he is one with the sword, red light flashed and like a sword of fire, it instantly pierced through the giant ape cub's head.

After withdrawing the longsword, the giant ape cub let out a wail. Its life force had dissipated and following that, blood spurted out all over Wang Shan's face.

You... You actually killed it! Wang Shan did not care about the blood that was boiling hot on his face, his eyes were wide open as he looked at the dead Giant Ape Cub, completely dumbfounded.

If I don't kill it, are you waiting for it to kill me? Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold as he carried Wang Shan and ran in another direction. This time, Zi Chen displayed his extreme speed and completely unleashed the Nine Thunder Pass

With a roar from the Old Ape, it shook for several tens of kilometers. At the very least, it should be a Demonic Beast at the Zhen Yuan Realm.


A wave of violent winds rose up in the forest and a nearly five meter tall Old Ape appeared. Its aura was extremely tyrannical and it emitted a pitch-black light.

The pitch-black fur on its body is like iron-watered steel, emitting an icy cold feeling. With its gigantic feet, it stepped on the ground, causing two deep footprints to appear but following that, the giant ape jumped a few hundred meters into the air. When it landed again, it shattered a large part of the forest, causing the ground to shake.

After a while, the Old Ape arrived at the location of the previous battle. The ground suddenly trembled and the Old Ape walked forward step by step, the forest around it swaying to the side, opening up a path for it. Then, it saw the giant ape cub that had lost its life force in a pool of blood.


The Old Ape cried out in grief. Taking a step forward, it arrived beside the giant ape cub. Its speed was extremely fast as it grabbed the giant ape cub in one go.

After that, it went completely berserk. An incomparable aura exploded from its body like a volcano that was about to erupt. Its aura caused a fierce wind to blow about, shattering who knew how many trees.

The black light's glow surrounding its body was like many sharp blades, exuding a ghastly killing intent.

The Old Ape cried out sorrowfully. A huge tear drop fell down and it was extremely heartbroken. The giant ape cub in its arms had already died without a sound.

Amongst the forest, ape roars sounded out continuously, like a huge tornado. A ruthless killing intent filled the entire forest and the weaker Demonic Beasts began to tremble in fear.

Very few Demonic Beast dared to provoke it. Now that its child had died, it is very angry and it immediately sniffed the air for the smell of blood.

Following the smell of blood, the Old Ape picked a direction for itself. Holding onto the giant ape cub, it leapt into the air and in the blink of an eye, it was hundreds of meters high, flying towards the distance.

The Old Ape chased after the smell of the giant ape cubs blood.

Amongst the Dark Serene Forest, such a huge disturbance naturally attracted the attention of Wang Shi and the others.

Let's go and take a look over there. Zi Chen must have accidentally provoked some powerful existence. Wang Shi stood on the Royal Firebird's back and flew toward the place where the Old Ape had roared.

At the same time, the other Rocs followed closely behind.

Zi Chen ran like mad and had already ran for more than five kilometers.

Hurry up and run faster. Brother-in-law, if you are not fast enough, my little life will be over. Wang Shan still thought that Zi Chen was slow.


Zi Chen stopped and did not continue to run.

This was a huge valley and its surroundings were lush greenery. ancient tree towered into the sky and strange rocks cropped up all around.

Why aren't you running? Do you want to die?

I don't want to die but I have to go deeper. As for you, you don't need to take the risk with me. Zi Chen looked at Wang Shan and said.

Really? Wang Shan's eyes lit up but his expression immediately changed. His face instantly dropping and he said, Don't, brother-in-law, do you want me to die? The Old Ape is right behind us, the reason you put me here is so that you can kill me.

As for whether or not you can survive, that will depend on your luck. Now, I will remove your restrictions. Zi Chen's finger shone with a silver light as streams of energy struck Wang Shan's body. He was trying to break Wang Shan's seal.

Don't, Brother-in-law, you can't leave me! With his strength back, Wang Shan was not happy at all. On the contrary, he had a bitter face.

Your body is tainted with the blood of the giant ape cub, the Old Ape will definitely chase after you. Right now, let's see if you can go ahead of the Old Ape and find Cloud City's reinforcements. If you can't find them, then you're really dead. Zi Chen said in a heavy voice.


Wang Shan had just stood up, but after hearing Zi Chen's words, he did not manage to stand steadily, and directly fell to the ground in fright, Brother-in-law, you're trying to kill me!

His body was dripping with fresh blood. He looked miserable but there is not a single wound on his body since the blood on his body is the blood of the giant ape cubs.

This is it, this is it. Brother-in-law, you're deliberately trying to kill me. Wang Shan's tone was filled with hidden bitterness.

Sorry, until we meet again.

Zi Chen's figure flashed, running straight into the depths of Dark Serene Forest. He used the Nine Thunder Pass and turned into lightning as he disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Ah, you are trying to kill me! Wang Shan roared towards the sky, his aura strong and imposing.


But right after, an even thicker roar sounded out and a monstrous killing intent came from afar. The Old Ape was here and the sounds of trees shattering in the distance could be heard clearly.

Oh my god...

Wang Shan let out a strange cry, his expression changing crazily as azure light surged around his body. The Azure Dawn Secret Art was completely unleashed and his body transformed into a ray of azure light as he ran towards a different direction.

Someone, save me!

As he ran, Wang Shan shouted loudly.

Someone, help! Wang Shan's voice was extremely miserable.


The trees behind collapsed, the mountain rocks burst into pieces and the Old ape appeared while carrying the giant ape cub. A brutal killing intent had already locked onto Wang Shan.

Aiya, this is a Demonic Beast that is about to reach the Imperial Sky Realm Seeing the Old Ape behind him, Wang Shan was so scared that his soul almost left his body.


With a cry, the sound of Roc's chirping and flapping their wings resounded in the sky. Streams of gales swept through the air as the Rocs spread their wings and rushed over.

Haha, they're here! Wang Shan was very excited, he did not care about who the other party was and in a flash, he rushed towards the direction of the Rocs.


The giant ape was tyrannical. Stepping off the ground, it rose into the air and in the blink of an eye, covered a few hundred metres. Then, it extended out its fan-like hand and slapped towards the incoming Rocs.


Many black lights swirled around in its palm. The Old Ape's attack is extremely powerful and with a loud bang, the Rocs body instantly exploded. Even the cultivator above did not escape death.




Wang Shan continuously ran through the forest, heading towards where there were a lot of Rocs.

The Old Ape landed and stepped on the trees and breaking them but immediately after, its figure shot up again. The Old ape waved its palm and with a bang, another Rocs was smashed apart. Fortunately this time, the person on the Rocs back reacted quickly and jumped down first.

When the other cultivators saw this, they either ran away as fast as they could or jumped into the forest. However, no matter which option they chose, it had attracted the attention of the Old Ape.

After staying with Zi Chen for a long time, Wang Shan had learnt how to be more cunning. At the moment, he was not in a hurry to escape but was running towards a place with many people.

The Old Ape's target was him, but if it met someone blocking its way, it would have to make a move.

Ah... You damned Wang Shan, get lost

Get lost, don't come over here!

Lead that damned Old Ape to the side.

Many disciples cursed, and continued to dodge but none of them could do anything as Old Ape was too strong. With a kick, one of them died.

Wang Shan, f*ck off!

We came to save you but you want to kill us all.

With regards to those angry curses, Wang Shan was already immune to them. The most important thing is his life so his figure continuously flashed as he rushed towards the other side where a few Rocs were fleeing.