Thunder Martial Chapter 124 - Killing Techniques

In the dense forest, the stench of blood permeated the air. It was extremely dense and there were limbs everywhere.

This was the place that Zi Chen had left footprints in, a place that he had deliberately avoided.

This damnable Zi Chen, I swear, I will definitely kill him. Seeing his companions die one by one, the Wu Zong Sects Zhen Yuan Realm Expert was so angry that his entire body trembled.

Zhen Yuan Realm experts are existences that are considered to be elders in the Wu Zong Sect and in the previous Ling Wu Sect, they were even considered to be great elders.

Zi Chen, my Heaven Killing Pavilion is irreconcilable with you. The assassins of the Heaven Killing Pavilion were famous for their ruthlessness but when they saw their companions die miserably, they were angry.

Many people did not even have corpses left. Broken limbs and corpses were everywhere, all thanks to Zi Chen.

Zi Chen! Wang Shi's eyes flickered with a cold light, his killing intent filling the air. This time, their Cloud City had suffered heavy losses and even he himself had sustained some light injuries.

In the distance, a four to five meter long black panther was lying in a pool of blood. Its entire body was covered in scars and fresh blood was flowing out.

It was precisely this Blackwind panther that had the speed of wind that caused them to suffer.

A total of six Zhen Yuan Realm Experts died at the hands of the Blackwind panther and over ten Xiantian Realm experts died. This is a terrifying number and if not for Wang Shi and the rest of the experts, the people who surrounded and attacked Zi Chen would have all have fallen here.

It was rumored that there were even Demonic Beasts that can transform. This place is guarded by many powerful Demonic Beast and it could be said to be a dead end. Since ancient times, there had not been a single expert that had truly traversed the Dark Serene Forest.

Chase, we are already at the outskirts of Dark Serene Forest, Zi Chen is definitely slowing down, we must catch him.

Wang Shi's eyes flashed with a cold light, he was the first to chase after the footprints that Zi Chen left behind.

This place is already in the Dark Serene Forest, and even Imperial Sky Realm experts does not want to rashly approach it. If it is a normal person, Wang Shi would naturally not choose to take the risk but his own Younger brother is in the hands of the other party.

The other two factions hesitated for a moment before continuing.

The Dark Serene Forest is very scary, they did not believe that Zi Chen would dare to go deeper and thus, there is a high possibility of him going around the outer circle.

Along the way, Zi Chen was running frantically. Occasionally, he would hear furious beast roars which were the exact place he had circled before.

Brother-in-law, this is the Dark Serene Forest. If you are too fast, we might die. Wang Shan was scared and said repeatedly.

People have already died. If we slow down, we'll be in trouble. Zi Chen said solemnly, his speed not slowing at all.

Brother-in-law, you have to slow down. There are Demonic Beast everywhere, if we meet an Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beast, we will definitely die. Wang Shan said with a sullen face.

Zi Chen ran frantically for two hours before he finally stopped. His breathing was stable and his eyes flashed with a cold light, a dense killing intent surged out from his body as he looked at Wang Shan with his pitch black eyes.

Brother-in-law, what are you doing? Wang Shan's heart trembled, and his voice trembled.

I want to go deeper and find a way to survive. Zi Chen growled but the killing intent in his eyes did not lessen.

Then.. Then go, I won't stop you. Brother-in-law, I hope you can succeed. Wang Shan was extremely frightened, as if he had already guessed Zi Chen's plan.

What about you? Zi Chen asked coldly.

Brother-in-law, you don't have to care about me, don't care about me. Wang Shan hurriedly said but upon seeing the cold glint in Zi Chen's eyes, he also pleaded for mercy, Brother-in-law, please let me go. I've really improved in this period of time.

Wang Shan was so scared that he was about to cry.

I am entering a dangerous place where my chance of survival is slim. If I let you go, you will just go back to enjoy life and I might have become food for the Demonic Beast. If you were me, what would you do? Zi Chen looked at Wang Shan and said coldly.

Brother, my blood brother, don't kill me. I'll give you anything you want. I hope you won't kill me. Wang Shan cried in fear.

Now, Zi Chen was going deeper into the Dark Serene Forest, making him useless.

Looking at Wang Shan's pitiful and cold appearance, Zi Chen seemed to have some hesitation on his face.

Brother-in-law, you can't kill me, you can't be like this. I gave you everything: weapons, Yuan Stones and everything I have, just let me go. Wang Shan was very quick-witted, and naturally saw Zi Chen's hesitation, and cried again at this moment.

Zi Chen became even more hesitant but his eyes still held killing intent.

Brother-in-law, I hope you can let me go, I've given you all my things, weapons, Yuan Stone and even the dried meat from before, I've let you eat first and the only thing missing is the Azure Dawn Secret Art, Brother-in-law, let me go. Wang Shan continued to wail.

Azure Dawn Secret Art? Suddenly, Zi Chen frowned, his pupils shrank and the last bit of killing intent seemed to disappear with some hesitation.

Brother-in-law, you can't cultivate this Azure Dawn Secret Art Wang Shan was shocked, he wanted to smack himself a few times. Why did he talk about the Azure Dawn Secret Art?

Hmm, then what's the point in keeping you alive? Zi Chen asked coldly. He had already learned the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art so it was useless for him to ask for it.

Brother-in-law, although you can't cultivate the Azure Dawn Secret Art, the Killing Technique in there can be cultivated by you. This way, even if you enter the Dark Serene Forest, you will have a better chance of surviving. Wang Shan hurriedly said.

Killing Technique? Zi Chen's eyes suddenly lit up, and said: That's right, the skills you used back then were pretty powerful.

Wang Shan did not have the time to care about Zi Chen's tone. As long as he can live, everything was good as long as this master is willing to let him go. As for the Azure Dawn Secret Art, he would hand it over.

It is only because Wang Shan had a very deep understanding of the Dark Serene Forest and he knew that as long as Zi Chen went in, he would not be able to come out alive.

Brother-in-law, listen to my chant, this is the Killing Technique that I have mastered, although it's not many, it's not few either.

After that, Wang Shan impatiently recited a Killing Technique chant for Zi Chen. It was actually the Azure Peak Slash it is extremely powerful so Zi Chen is very satisfied.

What else? After hearing the first, he still could not hear the second one, causing Zi Chen to frown.

Brother-in-law, can you promise that once I say the Killing Technique, you won't kill me? Wang Shan still had some brains so he carefully asked.

You're quite considerate. As long as I have an extra 10% chance of survival, there's no harm in letting you go. Zi Chen said indifferently, My goal is the Dark Serene Forest, I want to challenge it, pass through it, and defeat it, what do you think you are?

Fine, fine! Wang Shan nodded repeatedly, but he was ridiculing him in his heart, Pah, someone like you who dares to brazenly challenge the Dark Serene Forest is simply courting death. Let alone the two Killing Techniques, even if you learn all the Killing Techniques, you would not have a ten percent chance of surviving

He was constantly cursing Zi Chen in his heart but Wang Shan went on to chant the scripture of the Azure Peak Seal for him.

Brother-in-law, I'm done reciting it. Can you let me go? Wang Shan raised his head and carefully looked at Zi Chen.

Not bad, let me verify it first. Zi Chen nodded, walked over and sat cross-legged next to a large boulder.

Under Wang Shan's dumbstruck gaze, Zi Chen's entire body started to emit a silver light and his entire body was immersed in a deep comprehension.

Holy crap, this is a great lucky chance. Is this fellow some sort of freak? In just a few breaths of time, he has already entered into a deep level of comprehension. Wang Shan stared with his eyes wide, obviously shocked.

After a moment, Zi Chen opened his eyes, looking satisfied.

As expected, the lightning youth did not disappoint him as he had truly produced two Killing Techniques.

Sigh, it's over! Seeing Zi Chen open his eyes, Wang Shan's eyes were filled with disappointment. In his heart, he once again ridiculed him, This country bumpkin, he actually forced himself to awaken. It's clear that he doesn't know the importance of this deep level of comprehension.

Alright, it's time for us to move on. Zi Chen stood up and said indifferently.

What? Brother-in-law, as a person, you have to be honest. You said you'd let me go. Wang Shan's expression instantly turned bitter and revealed a pitiful look.

The pursuers are coming. Come with me for a while. Zi Chen said indifferently, he then picked up Wang Shan and rushed deeper.

Along the way, relying on his powerful spiritual sense, Zi Chen avoided danger several times.

An hour later, a beast's roar sounded and a completely black ape appeared in front of Zi Chen.

The ape was only two meters tall but had four powerful arms. Its entire body was covered in pitch-black hair and its pair of eyes contained a faint black light.

A Xiantian aura gushed out from the ape's body. It was a Xiantian Realm Demonic Beast.

Seeing the giant ape blocking the way, Zi Chen's body surged with fighting intent.

But who would have thought that when Wang Shan saw the giant ape again, his expression changed immediately, and he almost bellowed: Brother-in-law, this is a Giant ape but it's only a cub. We better leave quickly; otherwise, we won't be able to leave if we're late.

Cub, how can I be afraid of it? Zi Chen laughed coldly, the battle intent emerging from his body once again.

I say, Brother-in-law, of course this cub is nothing to be afraid of but it has parents. If you want to kill it, I guarantee that you won't live to see another day, let's retreat. Wang Shan said with a sullen face.

Really? Then I want to see it for myself. Zi Chen laughed sinisterly, ignoring Wang Shan's persuasion, he held the Raging Flame Sword and walked forward.

With a flash of red light, a dense Sword Qi appeared, bringing along a large number of Fire Wolves and they rushed towards the giant ape cub.


The ape roared and a tyrannical aura surged out. It waved its fan-like palm, striking towards the wave of Fire Wolves.


An explosion occurred, the energy scattered everywhere and a rain of blood appeared in the sky. All of the blood fell onto Wang Shan's body.

Relying on the Raging Flame Sword, Zi Chen injured it with a single attack.


The giant ape cub roared in pain its hands continuously hit its chest, producing pa pa sounds.

Not good, Brother-in-law, let's retreat quickly. It's calling for its parents. Wang Shan cried out in shock, his expression changing into a miserable state.