Thunder Martial Chapter 123 - Deep Into The Forest

Being surrounded, Zi Chen had no choice but to fight a fierce battle.

The Raging Flame Sword is exceptionally sharp, cutting through metal like mud and if the Sword Qi were to hit anyone of them, they would all be cut at the waist. Zi Chen made use of this opportunity to fight their way out of the encirclement.

Ah... You guys be careful, I am Wang Shan from Cloud City, the fourth genius of Cloud City and my father is Wang Zhenwei.

Zi Chen held the Raging Flame Sword in one hand and Wang Shan in the other. He attacked repeatedly and when he could not dodge in time, he used Wang Shan as a shield.

Being under the Sword Qi, Wang Shan could die anytime so the people from Cloud City had no choice but to help.

Wang Luo, you are f*cking courting death. To actually block us, just which group are you on?

If Zi Chen runs again, I want your life!

The people of the other two forces were furious. Each time, the people of Cloud City turned around and attacked them at a critical moment, allowing Zi Chen to run away.

Nonsense, we naturally wants to kill Zi Chen but our Young Master's life is much more precious than Zi Chen's, we naturally cannot harm him Wang Luo was also unwilling and roared.

This was a fierce battle so many wounds had appeared on Zi Chen's body. Wang Shan was also the same and the surrounding experts were growing more and more, surrounding him completely.

Zi Chen, let's see where you can run to this time?

Haha, there is no other way. You will die for sure.

There's no path to heaven and no gate to hell. Let's see how you die

Everyone laughed sinisterly, their eyes were filled with killing intent, the invisible killing intent had already locked onto Zi Chen and had surrounded him from all sides.

Brother-in-law, let me go, I don't want to die! Wang Shan also kept begging.

The scene in front of his eyes meant that Zi Chen is definitely going to die. There was no longer any possibility of survival as there were experts everywhere and it is impossible for Zi Chen to escape.

Hehe, me dying? That's not necessarily true. The corner of Zi Chen's mouth curled into a strange smile and then, he looked towards the expert at Cloud City's side.

The two leaders, Wang Yong and Wang Luo looked at each other and they had a bad feeling about this in their hearts.

Sure enough, the bad feeling they had was proven to be true in the next moment. Zi Chen actually kept his Raging Flame Sword and turned to grab Wang Shan's leg, using him as a weapon.

I... Brother-in-law, you're too ruthless Wang Shan screamed in shock seeing Zi Chen use his own head to strike at the enemy's sword and blade, he almost fainted from fright.

The people of Cloud City were also frightened, they immediately pulled back their swords, at the same time, they used their bodies to block Zi Chen, not wanting him to escape.


Wang Shan's head struck a person's body, making a huge sound. The expert did not move but a large bump appeared on Wang Shan's head and he was almost knocked unconscious.

This was what Zi Chen did intentionally, the first strike was not very powerful. If not, when Wang Shan's head would hit the Protective Qi and even the recoil force would be able to kill him. He did not want Wang Shan to die, what use would he have if he was dead?

Are you f*cking courting death? Are you trying to kill me? Scram Wang Shan scolded loudly: You bunch of idiots, you dare use Qi to protect yourselves? Are you are trying to shock me to death?

Wang Shan's scolding had worked. Everyone from Cloud City quickly opened up a path, allowing Zi Chen to rush in.

Zi Chen's figure flashed, and many weapons came out of their sheaths and pierced towards Zi Chen's back but following that, Zi Chen swung Wang Shan around, scaring everyone into retreating. Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the forest.

Wang Luo, you better f*cking give me an explanation.

People of Cloud City, you are courting death

Behind him, there were angry curses. It was clear that the three forces had split up and were now in a huge conflict.

I said it before, Young Master Wang Shan's life is more precious than Zi Chen's. A mere Zi Chen can die but Young Master cannot. The people from Cloud City weren't scared because they had a large number of people and this is the territory of Cloud City.

Bullsh*t, we only want to kill Zi Chen, who would want to kill that idiot?

That's right, we only want to kill Zi Chen

The people of the Wu Zong Sect and the Heaven Killing Pavilion were also weren't scared because they are also very powerful. With this, the conflict between the two sides became more and more intense.

Right at this moment, a cry sounded out from the horizon, followed by the appearance of a large cloud of fire. A Firebird with a golden crown on its head appeared on the horizon.

For it to have a golden crown on its head, it means that this is a Royal Firebird. It was obvious that an existence that could ride on such a spirit beast is not an ordinary person.

On the back of the Firebird stood an indifferent man. The man was dressed in black and looked somewhat similar to Wang Shan.

Seeing the three forces quarreling below, the man jumped off the Firebird and landed near Cloud City's expert.

What's going on? The man is not very old, around the age of 21 or 22. He is very handsome and the moment he appeared, he emitted an indescribable pressure from his body.

Young Master Wang Shi, you came at just the right time. It's them, they resent us for letting Zi Chen go. Wang Luo went forward and said respectfully.

As for the other people from the Cloud City, they also respectfully bowed towards Wang Shi.

His status as the third genius of Cloud City is truly deserved. He has already stepped onto the Zhen Yuan Stage at such a young age and after learning the Azure Dawn Secret Art, he had comprehended quite a few Killing Techniques. His fighting strength is many times more terrifying than Wang Shan's.

On the other two forces, when they saw Wang Shi, their complexion changed. Wang Shi is a genius and he is also very powerful and although they are also powerful, would are a match for him.

Furthermore, considering that this is Cloud City's territory, neither the genius from the Wu Zong Sect nor the Heaven Killing Pavilion's dared to appear. They were afraid that Wang Zhenwei would be angered and kill them with a palm strike.

After Wang Shi finished listening to Wang Luo's explanation, his gaze swept across everyone and said, If anything happens to my Younger brother, all of you will die with him

His voice was cold and emotionless, arrogant and domineering. The moment he finished speaking, he leapt up and once again landed on the Royal Firebird's back.

Come, follow me! With Wang Shi's order, the people of Cloud City followed him into the depths of the forest.

Tsk, it's only the third ranked genius. What's there to be arrogant about? My sect has many geniuses.

For someone like him, he can be killed in a single blow from a genius of our Heaven Killing Pavilion.

After Wang Shi left, only then did the disciples of the other two forces start muttering to themselves.

Go, chase after Zi Chen!

The two forces continued to move forward.

Zi Chen's escape route is very clear, it is indeed the Dark Serene Forest. As he went deeper, he encountered many Demonic Beast but relying on his powerful spiritual sense and his extremely quick footwork, Zi Chen is able to avoid them. Furthermore, he intentionally left footprints where the Demonic Beast roamed.

The three forces came over to fight the Demonic Beast and suffered a lot.

The three forces suffered a huge loss. Fortunately, Wang Shi had returned in the end and an Azure Peak Seal fell from the sky like a mountain. Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, it smashed the Demonic Beasts to death.

In this moment, everyone finally knew how powerful Wang Shi is.

Brother-in-law, I'm begging you, we're already at Dark Serene Forest and are in grave danger, please let me go.

Brother-in-law, I'm still young and have not reached adulthood yet. I don't want to die and although you yourself are willing to enter the Dark Serene Forest and you yourself are willing to die but I am not willing.

Brother-in-law, last time you used my head as a weapon, I don't even care about it anymore. I hope you can let me go.

As Zi Chen went deeper, Wang Shan was scared to death. He begged for mercy repeatedly but Zi Chen remained indifferent.

After hearing his begging multiple times, Zi Chen finally got annoyed and coldly said

If you say anything else, I'll throw you out. Zi Chen had threatened Wang Shan. With him here, Zi Chen had escaped death several times and he was very happy about his previous choice.

Brother-in-law, I'm begging you... Wang Shan continued to plead.

Shut up! A cold light flashed across Zi Chen's eyes, killing intent surged. Every time this happened, Wang Shan would shut his mouth because he had definitely sensed another powerful Demonic Beast.

Zi Chen's spiritual sense is very strong which is something that Wang Shan is very impressed with as well. The two of them proceeded forward, until now, they had only fought with one Xiantian Realm Demonic Beast, and they had avoided several Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast.

All of this was sensed by Zi Chen's spiritual sense.

Brother-in-law, there's another powerful Demonic Beast here, let's quickly move aside. Wang Shan was extremely terrified and suggested, We'll leave quickly and leave some footprints behind so that they can catch up.

Zi Chen turned his head and looked at Wang Shan weirdly. That gaze made Wang Shan's hair stand on end and after a long while, he said: You brat, for your own self-interest, for your own survival, you do not care about the lives of others. Even the people who saved you are not spared, you have such rotten ideas.

Wang Shan's heart turned cold after hearing Zi Chen. After all ,they are already in the scope of the Dark Serene Forest so he knew that Zi Chen didn't really need him. Furthermore, he has already experienced Zi Chen's disposition of hating evil as if it is his personal enemy.


Wang Shan wanted to beg forgiveness but he didn't know how to do so. Right at this moment, Zi Chen actually gave a bland laugh and said, You're such a despicable person, I like this kind of character.

Hu! Wang Shan heaved a sigh of relief and suddenly realized that the space between his legs was wet.

Damn it, I was so scared that I broke out in cold sweat. Wang Shan scolded himself, he did not blush at all.

Zi Chen left some footprints here and then ran in the other direction. He is obviously very careful and after a quarter of an hour, a furious roar came from the direction he was previously at.

Wow, this Qi is so strong, it must be a terrifying Demonic Beast. I'm afraid it has already become an existence at the Imperial Sky Realm. Wang Shan broke out in a cold sweat and at the same time, he felt an even greater admiration for Zi Chen's spiritual sense.

In front of them was a large river called Lup Nur. It is said that this river flowed out from the depths of the Dark Serene Forest, meandering for thousands of miles like a giant dragon, seemingly without beginning or end.

Zi Chen and Wang Shan rested by the river bank for a while before they continued their journey. This time, they ran directly in and at a very fast speed.

Wang Shan's face immediately turned green.

Brother-in-law, we can't be this fast. Your spiritual sense will lose its effectiveness. Wang Shan screamed in fear.

If we don't leave, we'll die. Zi Chen scoffed.

Just at this moment, the angry roar of Demonic Beast resounded yet again from dozens of Li away.