Thunder Martial Chapter 122 - Brother-In-Law

Ever since Zi Chen entered the Thunder Domain, the three forces had arranged for a large number of people to be stationed here, just in case.

The three of them were only stationed here for a short period of time and would leave in the future. They had secret methods to communicate with their forces but after Zi Chen killed the three, the connection was broken.

Several days later, the three forces found out that something was wrong and sent people over. They didn't see anyone but found their corpses.

On the corpse, there were obvious marks of lightning energy, which was almost the same as the information they had obtained. Thus, the three forces guessed that Zi Chen was still alive and had come out.

This discovery greatly shocked them. A little fellow like him, who had been in the Thunder Domain for more than two months had actually not died and had even made it out alive.

Thus, everyone was even more curious about what exactly was the treasure on his body.

Following a few clues, they began to search for traces of Zi Chen. A few days later, they finally found a clue.

At the same time, Cloud City received a report that Wang Shan had been captured by a stranger and he had even lost a mouthful of teeth. At the same time, they also found out that two people he sent to the Clear Water Village were already dead.

Hearing this, Wang Zhenwei was enraged, it was obvious that he had guessed who it was. Zi Chen had come out and is still alive.

At the same time, the other two forces also confirmed that Zi Chen was still alive through some means. He had even captured Wang Shan and brought him to the Dark Serene Forest.

Therefore, the three forces all sent out their experts to surround and kill Zi Chen. The Roc's, the Firebird and many other tamed spirit beast flew up into the sky and flew towards the direction of the Dark Serene Forest.

Previously, Zi Chen was just a nameless little brat. However, ever since the people from the Wu Zong Sect chased him down, his reputation had gradually grown. Now, even an existence at the Imperial Sky Realm like Wang Zhenwei knew of Zi Chen.

It could be said that Zi Chen was very famous right now.

The three forces sent out many experts for the sake of Zi Chen alone but the three force seemed to have reached a tacit agreement and this time, they did not send anyone in the Imperial Sky Realm.

Wang Shi, the third genius of Cloud City is already at the level of Zhen Yuan Realm at such a young age and it is not something that the self-proclaimed fourth genius could compare to. He had already embarked on the road to search for his Younger brother and at the same time, there were even more experts that rushed towards the direction of the Dark Serene Forest.

Zi Chen's whereabouts had already been exposed and another big hunt had begun.

Within the dense forest, ancient tree towered into the sky. They were lush and verdant and their roots were like horned dragons that took root underground.

Zi Chen carried Wang Shan and advanced. Wang Shan is powerful so just to be safe, Zi Chen had sealed his strength so he is just like a normal person right now.

You're crazy, you really want to enter the Dark Serene Forest. If you want to die, please don't bring me along It had already been a few days but Wang Shan's face was less swollen now, he looked at Zi Chen in shock.

If I don't go there, where else can I go? Zi Chen said coldly.

Do you know what that place is? Wang Shan's eyes widened, and said, That is the Dark Serene Forest and it contains countless Demonic Beast and there are even some Demonic Beast whose strength is not any weaker than a human Imperial Sky Realm expert. It's simply a dead end and the legends say that deep inside the Dark Serene Forest, there are even more powerful Demonic Beast so for you, a mere Xiantian Realm to go there is simply courting death.

The Dark Serene Forest is very scary. There are many Demonic Beast among them and Wang Shan didn't say the full details of the Dark Serene Forest. It was said that there were even Demonic Beast that can transform into humans and their strengths are extremely frightening

It may only second to Thunder Domain in terms of mysteriousness, but it is even more dangerous than the Thunder Domain.

Zi Chen also knew, but he had no choice. The Floating Snow City was on the other side of the Dark Serene Forest and the three forces had already caught up to him, blocking the road to the Floating SNow City. He had nowhere to go so he can only enter the Dark Serene Forest to gain a chance of survival.


In the sky, the Rocs were chirping away. There are also a few Firebirds and all of them are spirit beasts that could be tamed to become mounts. On the mounts, there were at least dozens of experts and a monstrous killing intent surged out, causing the beasts below to flee in fear.

It's here again! Zi Chen's pupils shrank. In the past few days, he had already experienced several great battles and escaped every time due to luck. However, there were more and more pursuers and there weren't many paths left for him.

Zi Chen sped up and at the same time, he secretly rejoiced. The dense forest covered the sky and the sun, giving him plenty of cover.

Sigh.... Zi Chen, let me go, if you want to die, please don't drag me down with you, I've already given you my wealth, bringing me along would still be a burden, I hope you can let me go. Over ten days of captivity and several attacks, Wang Shan already knew Zi Chen's identity.

You are my protective talisman. As long as you are here, the people of Cloud City will not dare to use any extreme methods. Zi Chen sneered.

Wang SHan was always hungry and when he heard Zi Chen's words, he almost cried, Zi Chen, although the people from Cloud City were lenient, those from the Heaven Killing Pavilion and the Wu Zong Sect had attacked me with hatred and wished to kill me!

Wang Shan felt so wronged that he almost wanted to cry.

During this period of time and during this moment of life and death, Zi Chen faithfully placed him in front, being treated as a shield. Although his people were lenient and were afraid of killing him, the Heaven Killing Pavilion and the Wu Zong Sect were not afraid and were even more ruthless in their attacks, almost killing Wang Shan several times.

Zi Chen smiled mysteriously, Bringing you along will only bring benefits, no harm

Brother, I'm begging you, brother, let me go, I'm your blood related Younger brother, your closest Younger brother. I just turned eighteen and still have a good life, I don't want to die yet Wang Shan pleaded with a pitiful look.

A few days ago, Wang Shan was still strong enough to shout at Zi Chen, but ever since Zi Chen decisively sent him out to block the attacks, he was completely terrified and was scared stiff by Zi Chen.

If I had a younger brother like you who does all sorts of evil deeds, I would have long strangled you to death. Zi Chen replied coldly.

Don't, brother. You're my blood brother! Wang Shan said with a bitter face, Brother, Brother Zi Chen, please let me go, I really don't want to die. I promise I will never do anything evil in the future, I will definitely eat my meals everyday in peace. I will definitely recite scriptures everyday and pray for you.

Oh yeah, big brother, didn't you have a good relationship with big sister Xian'er? Not only are you my big brother, you're also my brother-in-law. Brother-in-law, let me go. In order to live, Wang Shan didn't care about anything else and made up a new term. [TN: Basically, no such term as brother-in-law has been said. You will understand in future chapters, no worries]


Suddenly, a terrifying killing intent appeared in front of him, a dense Sword Qi slashed across the sky with the intent of killing, it flew towards Zi Chen.

Heaven Killing Pavilion!

Zi Chen's pupils constricted. He suddenly retreated while carrying Wang Shan but the Sword Qi in front of him followed him closely like a shadow, carrying a monstrous killing intent.

This was the ultimate move of the Hidden Killing Sword Technique. Its power was peerless.


Zi Chen held onto the Raging Flame Sword from the back of his hand. In that instant, the longsword was unsheathed and a sheet of flame appeared. It was filled with red light, as if the entire forest had been set ablaze.


Zi Chen struck with his sword behind his back. A blaze flashed and the Sword Qi flashed as the ultimate move of the Hidden Killing Technique was broken at the middle. At the same time, a cracking sound could be heard as the sword of the Heaven Killing Pavilions expert shattered.




Zi Chen kept on retreating to stabilize his body. A figure appeared in front of him, dressed in black with a masked face. It was obviously the killer of Heaven Killing Pavilion.

This bunch of darn Heaven Killing Pavilion killers, really a bunch of rats, they only know how to sneakily attack from the shadows Wang Shan cursed angrily. He was currently similar to a mortal and that strike just now had almost killed him.

Every time these assassins tried to sneak attack them, they would always use their most powerful attack. The power was terrifying and they might even die in the process.

Hmph. You two aren't too far off. One is despicable and shameless while the other is evil. Zi Chen coldly replied.

Ah, Brother-in-law, this is not the same, I used Yuan Stones to exchange for those, they are willing to follow me. Both sides are willing, and even if I did, I would not harm anyone Wang Shan hurriedly tried to defend himself. Along the way, he knew very well that Zi Chen hated evil as if it were his enemy. He was really afraid that even if Zi Chen knew that he would die, he would still drag him down with him.

Humph! Zi Chen snorted, he did not care about Wang Shan but coldly looked at the masked man.

You do have some skills but your life is at the end. The masked man said coldly.

Pui! Boasting shamelessly. With your little bit of skill, you aren't even worthy enough to carry my brother-in-law's shoes. Wang Shan said in disdain.


With a flash of red light, Zi Chen stepped forward with the Raging Flame Sword in his hand and a sharp Sword Qi appeared, slashing through the air.

In the distance, Wang Shan was leaning on a large tree as his body curled up and his body trembled. With his strength sealed, he is no different from a mortal and these energy fluctuations were enough to kill him.

However, he did not dare to run. He was afraid that if he were to run into the people from the other two forces, he would die without a doubt.


High up in the sky, the Rocs were chirping and the Firebirds was also flapping its wings, bringing up gales of wind. The fierce battle in the forest had already alarmed them and a large number of experts had arrived.

Brother-in-law, they're coming! Wang Shan reminded Zi Chen, not because he was being kind but because he is afraid of dying a violent death.


Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, he once again fought with his life, purposely exposing an opening and getting struck. At the same time, the Raging Flame Sword flashed and pierced into the masked man's vitals.

Let's go!

After swiftly looting all of the wealth on the body of the masked man, Zi Chen then pulled Wang Shan along as he ran off into the distance.

Brother-in-law, there's also the baggage, there's meat jerky in the baggage Wang Shan shouted loudly. After running away for a period of time, he had been eating bitter fruits everyday and meat had become a treasure to them.


The Roc appeared from the sky and flapped its wings, raising gusts of wind. One black-clothed man after another descended and surrounded Zi Chen.

With the sound of his clothes fluttering through the air, they appeared from all directions. At this time, Zi Chen no longer had a way out.