Thunder Martial Chapter 121 - Plunder While Running

As a Genius of Cloud City, Wang Shan naturally would not come out alone. It was just that due to his proud nature that he was unwilling to travel with his guards.

He had urged his Black Scaled Horse to run all the way, leaving the guards far behind. Unexpectedly, he had met Zi Chen and after a round of fighting, he was subdued and unwillingly called the bandit his brother.

He felt very aggrieved in his heart.

When he heard the voice of the guard, his heart quivered as if he had eaten a ginseng fruit. His entire body became quivered and he is extremely excited.

Wang Yong, I'm here, come quickly With his swollen face, Wang Shan arrogantly shouted and turned to look at Zi Chen. Ignoring his previous bowing and groveling, he arrogantly stood up once again, Bandit, my guard is here. I will give you a chance, kneel down and kowtow, admit your mistake and then beat yourself into a pig's head. Beat yourself up all the way until you have to look for your teeth and then recognize me as your master.

Wang Shan was very confident, because he had two Zhen Yuan Realm and many Xiantian Realm guards

Do you know what it means to look for your teeth on the ground? It's just knocking out your mouth full of teeth and then finding them one by one on the ground. Wang Shan was very proud, his swollen eyes deliberately squinted, as if releasing a cold ray of light but in the next moment, this deliberate action brought about waves of pain, making him grimace in pain.

Ha ha! Zi Chen laughed, and said, So it was you who invented the saying. It seems like you had quite a few people looking for their teeth all over the ground in the past

Of course. There are men and women, old and young, no matter whether they are noble or lowly, everyone is equal. Anyone who provokes me will never be given special care. Wang Shan nodded, his small eyes filled with arrogance.

Now, I will treat you equally and give you a chance to look for your teeth all over the ground. Wang Shan looked down at Zi Chen, his words were extremely arrogant.

Young Master Wang Shan!

The cries of alarm and the sounds of horse hooves got closer and louder. His reinforcements were arriving very quickly and Wang Shan thought he would be able to see how Zi Chen looked when he was beaten up badly.

Hurry, beat yourself up so you can find your teeth on the ground Seeing that the bandit was only laughing and not moving, Wang Shan widely opened his eyes with difficulty, unsatisfied.

Alright! Zi Chen nodded and his smile became even wider, Thank you, Young Master Wang Shan, for giving me a chance to look for my teeth all over the ground. I will grasp it well, cherish it well and I will definitely live up to your expectations.

Zi Chen spoke with sincerity and gratitude.

Haha, no need to thank me. Just seize the opportunity. Wang Shan laughed arrogantly but a few of his teeth fell out of his mouth and his laughter leaked air.


In the next moment, Zi Chen raised his palm and suddenly smashed it down. A clear and loud slap resounded as Wang Shan was hit until he spun three rounds in place, still feeling a little muddled.


He spat out a mouthful of blood and had two large white teeth. He looked at Zi Chen in a daze, You...

For a long time, Wang Shan did not say a single word after that.

Thank you, Young Master Wang Shan! Zi Chen said gratefully and immediately followed up with a wave of his hand. With a flash of silver light, his palm landed.


Five clear finger marks appeared on Wang Shan's face. The slaps were loud and clear, spreading far and wide.



Wang Shan coughed out blood once again and even his big white teeth were spat out, he was in a sorry state.

You dare to hit me? You're courting death. Wang Shan covered his face, blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

You told me to seize this opportunity. If I don't hit you, who else should I hit? Zi Chen waved his palm again.

Hit your f*cking self. Wang Shan was enraged, his anger rose up to ten feet but at the same time, he felt wronged and his entire body trembled.

Oh, thank you Young Master for your guidance Zi Chen said in a teasing manner, his palm once again striking down, producing a crisp sound as it hit Wang Shan in the face.

You.. You did it on purpose. Wang Shan finally realised that he was messing with him. He covered his swollen face with blood flowing profusely as he started to curse angrily.

Haha, Young Master Wang Shan is so smart Zi Chen laughed in ridicule, he then slapped his face again.

Wang Yong, come quickly! Wang Shan let out a miserable scream. He was obviously afraid, afraid that the bandit would beat him to death.

He could already tell that the bandit didn't care about his identity at all. It is very likely that he had already known of his identity and was waiting here for him on purpose.

The sound of the horses' hooves grew closer and the earth began to shake. It was obvious that they were only a few hundred meters away.

Haha, enough, my dear Young Master Wang Shan, we should be on our way. Zi Chen let out a cold laugh, grabbed Wang Shan with one hand and rushed towards the dense forest on the side of the major road in a flash. His speed is extremely fast and after a few breaths of time, he had already disappeared into the dense forest.

Wang Yong, save me!

In the forest, Wang Shan's mournful cries came out unceasingly.

The sound of hooves was very hurried, after a few breaths, a few figures appeared, led by a rough looking man whose entire body was surging with True Yuan Qi, it is obvious that he is an existence of the Zhen Yuan Realm. He jumped off the horse's back and when he arrived at the location of the battle, he saw that the ground had split open.

Oh no, something has happened to Young Master!

Arriving here and not seeing anyone, Wang Yong's expression changed and he inwardly cursed.

Wang Yong, save me!

Just then, Wang Shan's cry for help came out from the forest.


Wang Yong clenched his teeth, abandoned his horse and ran towards the forest.

Before you chase after us, pick up your Young Master's big white teeth. Doesn't he like to make others look all over the place for theirs? Don't you forget, he doesn't even have teeth anymore. A mocking voice echoed.

Hearing that, Wang Yong's entire body shivered, he started to tremble, it was obvious that he was extremely frightened. Wang Shan's teeth were actually broken by someone and if this news were to spread out, he would be blamed for not protecting the Young Master and would definitely be killed.

Wang Yong's face darkened, he glanced at the Xiantian experts at his side and said, Go and retrieve Young Master's teeth, the rest of you follow me. Damn thing, you dare to capture Young Master, I will make it so that he has nowhere to go.

After a few flashes, Wang Yong and the rest caught up.

Zi Chen travelled through the forest with another person in his hand but it is as if he was walking on flat ground, his speed was extremely fast. Behind him was a group of strong experts that were chasing after him, two of them are in the Zhen Yuan Realm while the rest are all Xiantian Realm experts.

Not bad, you are truly worthy of being a disciple of a large clan. You actually have two Zhen Yuan Realm bodyguards. Zi Chen joked as he turned into lightning and ran away at an extremely fast speed.

Zi Chen had long since comprehended a part of the evolved Nine Thunder Pass and now that he had comprehended the second form, his speed was much faster than these Zhen Yuan Realm experts. The people behind him could not catch up to Zi Chen at all.

Kid, you will regret this. Wang Shan said angrily. He wanted to clench his teeth and curse at the bandit but he realized that he did not have any teeth.

What Zi Chen had just said was not deliberate provocation..

Hehe, I think the one who regrets this is you. Zi Chen laughed without care and then, he grabbed Wang Shan with one hand and reached for his bosom with the other.

What are you doing? Wang Shan screamed, as though he had been stung by a scorpion, his voice was sharp and ear-piercing.

He claimed to have been through thousands of flowers. He loved women but he never had sex with men.

What are you thinking about? With people like you, I'm not even interested. Zi Chen sudden shout woke him up from his thoughts. He took out a small bag from Wang Shan's chest and inside the bag were Yuan Stones.

Zi Chen opened it to take a look. There were dozens of them and they were all real Primeval Stone s, not trash broken Yuan Stones.

You are really a poor bastard but you still dare to say that you have a powerful backer. Moreover, you dare to say that you are the fourth genius in Cloud City? Zi Chen was very unsatisfied and he gave Wang Shan a few more slaps.

Wang Shan was almost crying. It was unknown whether he was crying from the beating or from anger but in his heart, he kept cursing Zi Chen as a country bumpkin.

In Cloud City, other than him, no one had been able to take out several tens of Low Grade Yuan Stones. Even when Wang Xian'er was at the same realm as him back then, she had not been able to take them out.

Every time he came out, he brought several tens of Yuan Stones with him. Wang Shan was already considered rich but from this bandits tone, he is a poor bastard. However, when the bandit clearly saw those Yuan Stones, his eyes almost popped out and he even drooled a little but he immediately wiped it off, revealing an appearance that he did not see anything and he even said that he, Wang Shan, is so poor.

At this moment, Wang Shan even had the heart to die.

But soon, he felt something was wrong. He felt a tremble at his waist as if a large hand was touching his waist.


He immediately screamed. It was as if an electric current had passed through his body, making him feel extremely uncomfortable. The sound was ear-piercing, almost the same sound a girl would make when he force himself upon them.

What are you shouting for Zi Chen said in a dissatisfied tone. His hand had already reached Wang Shan's waist, and then, he had untied his Raging Flame sword.

This is the Raging Flame Sword, it's not too bad. I will accept it with difficulty Zi Chen took the Raging Flame Sword and put it on his waist instead, looking very mighty.

Although it was not as frightening as magic treasures, it is still not something ordinary weapons could compare to but this bandit dares to say that it is 'Not Bad'.


Wang Shan couldn't stand the insult of this country bumpkin. He spat out a mouthful of blood and then passed out in a very dignified manner.

Sigh, I didn't even get to finish speaking. Zi Chen shook his head, as if he felt very regretful. After that, he searched his body again but didn't find anything of value.