Thunder Martial Chapter 120 - Reinforcement

The Azure Dawn Secret Art is a type of Supreme Secret Art. The foundation of Cloud City not only contained a strong Cultivation Technique but also an incomparable Killing Technique.

Amongst them, the Azure Peak Slash is a powerful attack but it was a pity that Wang Shan is too weak and is unable to display its true strength.


Zi Chen punched out, his fist is like a Thunder God with a hammer in his hand smashing down, instantly shattering the Azure Peak Slash.

Bandit, today, I, Wang Shan, will let you see what a killing technique is.

Wang Shan was finally angered and felt humiliated. Even in Cloud City, he is able to defeat an enemy that has a cultivation level higher than him so when has he ever suffered such a loss? He is suppressed by a fellow in the early Xiantian Realm.

Azure Peak Seal!

Wang Shan gave up on the Raging Flame sword and started to form hand seals. The red light constantly flickered and all of his fingers started to move agilely as a complex hand seal quickly appeared.


As the last hand seal was made, a huge Azure Seal formed, it looked like a mountain and brought with it a terrifying pressure.


As the Azure Mountain pressed down, an endless amount of red light circulated on the surface of its body. Like a great mountain, it smashed towards Zi Chen's head.


Zi Chen bellowed, his fists clenched tightly the blood and Qi in his body surging nonstop, the energy in his heart flowing in an unending stream. He jumped up and punched towards the Azure Mountain.


The sky shook and the Azure Mountain was sent flying by Zi Chen's strike. He is like a Thunder God as his entire body shone with bright silver light and his eyes were ice-cold and emotionless.

I don't believe that I can't smash you to death. Wang Shan screamed, his fingers moving once again. As the last hand seal was made, the mountain whistled over from the horizon, its aura was even more stable and thicker.


Zi Chen clenched his fists again and punched towards the Azure Mountain once more. At the same time, his fists were like the hammers of the Thunder God, striking out continuously and in every strike, a terrifying energy circulated.

He struck out like lightning more than ten times and in the end, the mountain shattered with a loud bang.

The Azure Dawn Secret Art's killing technique was broken by Zi Chen.

Azure Cloud Sword

Wang Shan could not accept it and threw out another attack. Countless rays of azure light emitted from his body, like a myriad of azure Sword Qi, it rushed straight towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen punched out with his fist again, causing the air to tremble and millions of Sword Qi shattered. Wang Shan was also affected and he quickly retreated while spitting out blood.

Just a mere early Xiantian Realm, I don't believe you can persevere. I want to exhaust you to death. All of his tricks had lost its effect in front of Zi Chen.

The Azure Peak Slash, Azure Peak Seal, and the Azure Cloud Sword continued to be unleashed. Its power was peerless as it swept up the wind in all four directions.


Zi Chen possessed immense strength like a ferocious beast, his Qi and blood were surging and his might was astonishing. When he punched out, it was accompanied by a loud explosion and these Killing Techniques would be shattered by him.

The consumption of Wang Shan's Xiantian Qi is very large and he was panting heavily. The two had already been fighting for a long time and he already felt that he could not endure any longer but Zi Chen is still bursting with energy.

He did not admit defeat so he gritted his teeth and persevered, trying his best to use the last of his Xiantian to kill Zi Chen. He walked up quickly as his entire body flashed with red light, wanting to fight Zi Chen head on.

I was waiting for you to do this. Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light. After fighting for a long time, he had been waiting for this moment because at his current early Xiantian Realm, he does not have that much Xiantian Qi as of right now

Just as Wang Shan arrived, Zi Chen's hands also began to form a seal.

All this while, Zi Chen had always been using his fists and fighting with just his physiqueal strength. He had never used any techniques but now that he made a hand seal, Wang Shan jumped in fright.

Zi Chen's hand was very steady. A flash of silver light soon appeared and it seemed as if there is a lightning snake dancing on his fingers After that, numerous bolts of lightning surged out from Zi Chen's body.

Thunderbolt Finger!

Every single bolt of lightning contained a terrifying power. At this moment, there were a total of ten bolts of lightning and like the roar of a lightning dragon, it charged towards Wang Shan with extreme speed.


Currently, Wang Shan was already very close to Zi Chen and did not even have time to react. After a cry of alarm and before he even had the time to retreat, he was already surrounded by these ten bolts of lightning.

After a few days of cultivation, Zi Chen's comprehension of the Thunder Finger had deepened and now, he could release ten lightning bolts at once.

Ah... What technique was this? It's actually real lightning

Amidst the explosion, Wang Shan's painful screams rang out. The lightning energy surged and charged out together but was met with red light. Wang Shan was still struggling to resist the lightning energy.

After a while, the lightning dissipated, revealing Wang Shan's figure. The white robe that was fluttering is now completely destroyed after being struck by the lightning bolts. His clothes were completely destroyed and there were still some sparks coming out from it. His face was dark, as if he had just come out from the bottom of a black pot.

You... After extinguishing the flames on his body, Wang Shan looked at Zi Chen in shock, he never expected that he had hidden such a method up till now. He hadn't exhausted the opponent to death but it had instead been reversed.


However, before he could finish speaking, he coughed up a large mouthful of blood. In the last strike, even though he had blocked ten bolts of lightning and did not die, that terrifying lightning energy had caused him to suffer a very heavy injury.

What did you say? Come over and greet you master. Zi Chen stood far away and sneered. Wang Shan had already used up all of his Xiantian Qi and is like a toothless tiger.

However, in today's battle, Zi Chen felt that his strength is insufficient because he is so exhausted even though he only has to deal with a mere Wang. If not for the fact that Wang Shan had exhausted all of his Xiantian Qi, he would not have been able to hold him back.

In your dreams! Wang Shan was furious after hearing what Zi Chen has said.

Then I'll beat you until you submit


Zi Chen laughed lightly. With a tap of his feet, he clenched his fist again and rushed towards Wang Shan.

With such a heavy injury, Wang Shan is simply unable to dodge and could only barely resist for a bit.


The moment his fist arrived, like a large iron hammer, it instantly smashed into his face. Wang Shan's body was struck down and two of his front tooth fell off.

How dare you Wang Shan covered his face and he is furious. He never thought that this bandit would actually dare hit him.

The current him had almost used up all his Xiantian Qi and is no longer able to fight. He did not lose because of his martial techniques, but because of his Xiantian Qi being exhausted so he is very unwilling.



Zi Chen did not speak and only continued to hit him. He wanted to vent his anger because of the people that Wang Shan had sent out had bullied the villagers. They were extremely shameless and his father, Wang Zhenwei, had even wanted to steal the treasures on his body. If it wasn't for Wang Zhenwei, Zi Chen would not have offended Cloud City. Not only had he not offended them, he had even gave them such a big favor because he had saved Wang Xian'er.

He could not take care of Wang Zhenwei but he can deal with his son. Naturally, Zi Chen could not let him go so easily.




Zi Chen punched out repeatedly and violently, causing Wang Shan to scream in shock.

Bandit, we can talk, we can talk. Aren't you robbing for money? I'll give it to you. Wang Shan retreated quickly and said again and again.


Zi Chen was even faster, he quickly caught up and threw a punch towards Wang Shan's face. As the saying goes, one should not hit the person's face but Zi Chen had to hit Wang Shan's face, only then would he be able to see Wang Shan's injuries and feel at ease.

Bandit, enough. I've already agreed to give you money. Wang Shan was enraged and said coldly.


Zi Chen punched him again to the ground and a cold light flashed in his eyes, You still dare to yell at me, do you want to die? I don't mind doing something like killing someone for their goods.

Oh, no, no, bandit, if you have something to say, let's talk. Aren't you just robbing for money? Just take it. I have plenty of money so don't kill me Wang Shan was shocked, he is only seventeen or eighteen years old and can still be considered a youth. Although he had already experienced countless flowers and was an expert, this is still the first time he faced death head on and is completely afraid.

Then be a good boy before I kill you Zi Chen coldly snorted, he stepped forward once again and swung his palm towards that big mouth.

Wang Shan continued to block but without his Xiantian Qi, his speed is not comparable to Zi Chen's at all. Every time he is hit, he would feel very aggrieved, even though he knew that he is about to be hit on his face, he was unable to avoid it.




Zi Chen repeatedly made his now. The beating made him feel extremely comfortable, the anger he got from Cloud City's Wang Zhenwei was completely vented out.

Hmph. I said it already. Today, I will be taking things from you At least you know what's good for you. I'll take you in as my servant another day. Zi Chen snorted. At this moment, Wang Shan's pig head transformation was almost finished, his big eyes turned into a small eye and his handsome face turned into a pig face and he looked fat.

Phew, alright. Hand over the things and I'll be leaving. Just as Wang Shan was about to be beaten to tears, Zi Chen finally felt happy and lightly said.

Yes, yes, brother bandit Wang Shan was very aggrieved in his heart. He scolded himself why he ran so fast and why the Black Scaled Horse is also too fast and at the same time, he scolded those idiots for being slow. Of course, he scolded Zi Chen with the most vicious words in his heart.

On the surface, however, he had to smile and nod his head, putting on an appearance of being extremely cooperative.

'What kind of f*cking world is this? You clearly want to rob me but I still have to greet you with a smile.' Wang Shan was aggrieved, he wanted to cry but he had no tears. He reached out into his bosom and was prepared to hand over all his wealth so that this brother, the bandit, wouldn't kill him and keep his mouth shut.

'Pui! What the f*ck is brother bandit? You're not even considered sh*t!' Wang Shan cursed in his heart.

Suddenly, the sound of a hurried horse's hooves could be heard from afar. It was extremely anxious.

Young Master Wang Shan! At the same time, there were shouts.

The battle between the two just now was extremely intense and Wang Shan's bodyguards were finally able to catch up.

Wang Yong, I'm here. Quickly come and save me. Wang Shan's hand, had already been placed in his bosom, taking out the bag of Yuan Stones but after hearing the call, he retracted it back and at the same time, he shouted out.