Thunder Martial Chapter 12 - Principle of Righteousness

Zi Chen slammed the door open and stood under the doorway. There was a terrible stench permeating the air outside, causing even the outer sect disciples quite a distance away to cover their noses. They proceeded to point from a distance and make all sorts of comments.

This retaliation was obviously done by Wang Meng.

Zi Chen had never expected this to happen; it was so despicable, so disgusting.

Feces was splashed everywhere.

Zi Chen had only heard of this kind of retaliation before, but had never experienced it himself until now.

Outer sect disciples were not allowed to fight, however, some people had thought of several ways to vent their anger whenever conflicts arose. Throwing feces happened to be one of them.

Zi Chen must have offended people he could not afford to provoke. Zi Chen could vaguely hear several words concerning his current predicament. Occasionally, there are also some people who took pleasure in others' misfortunes.

It was natural for some of the people present to know about the conflict between Wang Meng and Zi Chen.

Further away, the well famous Wang Meng was especially cautious today. Loitering around his presence were Fu Jie and Chi Ming, both are full of a confident and looking more like lap dogs by the day. They were constantly sucking up to Wang Meng with no shame and following him around. Their eyes were filled with an unprecedented look of fanaticism and worship, glancing at Wang Meng every now and then.

A youth clad in white strode next to Wang Meng.

In the Ling Wu sect, black outfits represented outer sect disciples, while white represented inner sect disciples. A vivid shade of red clothing represented the elders, a prestigious and aloof title within the sect.

From just his clothes alone, one could tell that this white clad youth was obviously an inner sect disciple. Moreover, he didn't seem to be just any ordinary inner sect disciple.

He was Wang Xiong, the very same Wang Xiong at the peak of the eighth layer of True Qi.

He had a rather high reputation within the inner sect, and his character was like that of a heavenly monarch in the outer sect. Of course, it was completely because of Wang Xiong's high prestige that Wang Meng's life was so easy in the outer sect, always acting lawlessly and domineering as he wanted.

After hearing from Wang Meng that Zi Chen had finally come back, Wang Xiong did not waste any time and came immediately.

The development of such a situation seemed to be beyond their expectations, contradicting their assumptions of what should have happened. There was not a single trace of Zhao Can and the others who should have returned several months ago. Yet, a few months later, Zi Chen made it back to the sect alone, alive and well.

But this matter was not really significant. Whether it was Zi Chen or Zhao Can, Wang Xiong didn't care. What he cared about was that Snow Ginseng.

For Wang Xiong, the 500 year old Snow Ginseng was extremely important to him because his cultivation had stagnated at the peak of the eighth layer of True Qi for too long. He hoped that the Snow Ginseng would assist him when attacking the threshold of the next level. So long as he broke through to the ninth layer of True Qi, there is still hope to pass the core disciple examination and enter the core of Ling Wu sect.

Once this was accomplished, his existence in the Ling wu sect would be exceedingly lofty and admired. In fact, there was a tradition in the Ling Wu sect to give each core disciple a Xiantian Pill for free.

A Xiantian Pill let cultivators at the peak of the True Qi realm to have an 80 percent chance of breaking through to the Xiantian realm.

Besides the pill, core disciples were also able to enjoy many other benefits provided by the Ling Wu sect. Unlike the inner sect disciples, core disciples did not need contribution points in order to exchange for resources. They actually did not need to pay anything and had many different resources available to them, free of charge. This kind of treatment was dozens of times better than the privileges given to inner sect disciples.

Zi Chen isn't willing to hand over the Snow Ginseng? Wang Xiong frowned, aware of the conversation between Wang Meng and Zi Chen.

Big brother, he is not just unwilling. This kid is playing the fool from the start. Speaking of Zi Chen's actions, Wang Meng grew increasingly riled.

Oh, acting dumb?

Yes, big brother. I asked him where the Snow Ginseng is and he actually said 'What Snow Ginseng?' If he's not playing dumb, then what? Wang Meng said.

Did you not offer the True Qi Pill in exchange for the Snow Ginseng?

I did not even have the opportunity to mention the True Qi Pill before he told me that he does not know of any Snow Ginseng. Since he didn't admit to knowing anything at all. What else can I say? Wang Meng unwillingly said.

Oh? He is actually so unyielding? Wang Xiong's eyes briefly flashed with a cold light.

Very unyielding. I do not know where this kid gets his courage from. Wang Meng replied bitterly. Zhao Can and those trash was unable to accomplish anything useful, and instead messed things up. Zi Chen has come back, yet they are nowhere to be seen.

How strong is Zi Chen? Wang Xiong inquired.

His strength is unclear, but it should not exceed the fifth layer of True Qi. Wang Meng answered after thinking for a moment.

You've seen him fight before?

Wang Meng shook his head and said, No, but yesterday when he saw Fu Jie and Chi Ming, his complexion suddenly changed. He was obviously surprised, so we can conclude that he has not broken through.

Wang Xiong gave a satisfied nod. As long as Zi Chen did not breakthrough, then all was well. That would mean the Snow Ginseng had not been refined yet. Besides, Zi Chen was only at the fourth layer of True Qi; therefore, Wang Xiong didn't think the opposite party had the ability to refine the Snow Ginseng.

Despite not having a breakthrough, he is acting so tough. Does he not care about my face? Wang Xiong's voice became very cold. Who in the outer sect would dare to not give him any face?

Of course he knows, he just doesn't want to give you any face. Wang Meng spat. But surely he wouldn't dare to not give any face now.

Did you teach him a lesson?

No, I only made him sick.

After Wang Meng finished speaking, Wang Xiong smelled the stench in the air. It was the odor of very strong excrement, and he subconsciously frowned and covered his nose.

He He.

Immediately after that, the distinct laughing of three voices actually resounded from his side, obviously from Wang Meng and the others.

Not bad eh, this Lin Mi's performance is quite good.

In regards to the stench in the air, Wang Meng was very satisfied.


Soon after, they saw a crowd of onlookers in the front. With a light cough, everyone turned their heads to see Wang Meng and Wang Xiong. Their complexions immediately changed as they stepped aside to make way for them, instantly clearing a path to the front of the crowd.

Unfortunately, this path did not lead to any place of happiness, but instead to a house that was currently surrounded by the smell of feces in front of which stood a calm youth in green clothing.

Ha Ha

Zi Chen stood in his room, but outside, there was quite a variety of random objects. The wooden barrel used by Lin Mi had been tossed aside, the contents having already been spilled out. Seeing this scene, Wang Meng could not help but laugh loudly. He was soon followed by the two people behind him who also laughed, seemingly very satisfied with their own work.

The laughter of three people was like a lighting fuse passing it all around. Within just a few seconds, they were surrounded by much louder, roaring laughter.

As everyone continued to laugh, Zi Chen stood in his room, quietly watching Wang Meng. Only if one observed closely would they notice the trace of burning anger in his eyes, though it was not easy to detect.

Meanwhile, Wang Xiong's appearance had also caused an uproar. The sounds of discussion resounded through the spectating outer disciples once more.

You are Zi Chen?

From a great distance away, Wang Xiong asked lightly.

Who are you? Zi Chen asked coldly. He naturally knew who Wang Xiong was and had seen him from afar before, yet he intentionally asked such an obvious question right now.

Ahem, you're really ignorant aren't you? You don't even know senior brother Wang Xiong, why don't you get your ass over here? Fu Jie, who hadn't said anything along the way, finally had the opportunity to speak at this moment.

Senior brother Wang Xiong? Zi Chen appeared to be very calm as he brazenly said, Senior Brother Wang Xiong did not stay in the inner sect, but instead, has come to my place that stinks to the heavens. Did you want to take a look at your little brother's masterpiece?

Obviously this matter was Wang Meng's doing, Zi Chen clearly understood this.

Is this your attitude when speaking to me? Wang Xiong face darkened. Zi Chen was the first outer sect disciple that had ever disrespected him. If not for that Snow Ginseng, Zi Chen would certainly be done for.

The surrounding spectators looked at Zi Chen with some degree of pity in their eyes.

My room has turned into this mess. In what manner does Senior Brother Wang Xiong expect me to speak? Zi Chen responded lightly, suppressing his anger.

His own place had already been defiled by the splashing of excrement. Now that this Wang Xiong was even complaining about his bad attitude, Zi Chen was naturally furious.

Good, very good. Wang Xiong's eyes squinted and a cold light flashed. His gloomy voice resounded, Hand over the 500 year old Snow Ginseng and I can write off the matter of you being disrespectful to me. Otherwise....

Even if Wang Xiong didn't say the following words, there was no doubt that Zi Chen was done for. If an inner sect disciple killed an outer sect disciple, it was the same as killing a chicken. This was not even counting the fact that the existence of Wang Xiong was very high and aloof.

The Ling Wu sect has a rule that does not allow fighting in the sect. Don't tell me Senior Brother wants to violate that rule? Zi Chen lightly said.

Hmph. Wang Xiong snorted coldly, looking at Zi Chen as if he was nothing but an idiot.

Do you think that me killing you can be considered as breaking the rules? Who do you think you are? Even if I kill you, it would be your good fortune. Will the sect even bother punishing me because of a useless outer sect disciple like you? Wang Xiong ridiculed

Zi Chen fists clenched. He was furious, but did not refute it. What Wang Xiong said was a fact. Outer sect disciples simply could not be compared to inner sect disciples.

I will give you one last chance, hand over the 500 years old Snow Ginseng, and then kneel down and apologize. Otherwise, today will be the day of your death. The awe inspiring words fell like heavy stones as a killing intent began to billow from Wang Xiong. The atmosphere tensed instantaneously.

Finished, Zi Chen is finished.

He offended Senior Brother Wang Xiong. He will die without doubt.

There were a lot of people whispering their opinions in a low voice.

Senior brother wants to kill people in broad daylight? Zi Chen asked in deep voice.

The present Zi Chen did not have the ability to properly fight with Wang Xiong. Once both sides attacked, whether he could run or not was a big problem. Because he did not have the Snow Ginseng, this fight was bound to be inevitable. Zi Chen was trying to think of a suitable escape route after the fight.

Broad daylight? Ha Ha. Wang Xiongda laughed aloud, looked around and said, Do all of you see that I am about to kill someone?

Wang Xiong's words startled the onlookers, but shortly after, all of the voices answered No.

I only saw that Zi Chen made impertinent remarks, using malicious words to slander senior brother. Senior brother is furious and has no other alternative but to attack.

Indeed, senior brother has no choice.

Senior brother did all of this for the sole purpose of maintaining peace within the Ling Wu sect.

There were immediately some clever disciples who quickly voiced their opinions in order to flatter Wang Xiong.

Very good. Everyone's responses made Wang Xiong very satisfied, and he once again looked at Zi Chen, the killing intent in his eyes growing stronger.

I'm giving you one last chance. Hand over the Snow Ginseng and I will spare you.

The Snow Ginseng has been eaten by me. Zi Chen truthfully said. It was a pity that nobody believed the truth.

Zi Chen, do not be stubborn.

That's right, it's your good fortune to be able to present things to Senior Brother Wang Xiong

Do not be ignorant, you are forcing Brother Wang Xiong to make a move.

Wang Xiong hadn't even opened his mouth and the onlookers around him all snorted coldly on his behalf. As they spoke, they looked at Zi Chen condescendingly and then gazed at Wang Xong with flattering expressions.

With Wang Xiong's righteous sounding cause and so many onlookers to testify, the atmosphere was even more depressing for Zi Chen.

If Zi Chen were killed today, he would not only die in vain, he would also be charged with the crime of being malicious. Wang Xiong would even gain a reputation for punishing evil.

As the tense atmosphere rose to its peak, Zi Chen continued to plan a way to get out of trouble. Suddenly, a gentle voice with a hint of anger echoed over everyone.

What's wrong with the present outer sect? So many people are blatantly lying with their eyes open. Are all of you blind?

The soothing voice fell over the disciples and a beautiful figure in white appeared in everyone's line of sight.