Thunder Martial Chapter 119 - Equally Matched

What the Heaven Killing Pavilion trained were all killers, they cultivated the Hidden Killing Sword Technique and their movements were strange. Every one of them used a sword and the first move being the killing move.

Although Zi Chen's attacks were sharp and fierce, Wang Shan did not feel that dense killing intent.

He had already guessed that his opponent is not someone from Heaven Killing Pavilion. In fact, he had already discovered with a single exchange that his opponent is actually in the early Xiantian Realm, which is two levels weaker than him.

This discovery almost made Wang Shan angry to the point where his nose was crooked. Thinking back to his cautious look from before, he immediately felt like he had been humiliated.

Who are you to have thoughts on me? Do you not want to live? His eyes were cold and his tone was cold. The Raging Flames in his hand burned like a flame, emitting a cold light.

Hand over everything and I'll spare your life. Zi Chen lowered his voice and spoke coldly.

So it's a bandit. A bandit that wants money more than his life. Wang Shan was relieved. He finally understood that not all masked people were assassins and sometimes, they were even robbers.


Since one strike didn't work, Zi Chen unleashed another attack. His figure flashed and he was already in front of Wang Shan, his speed is absolutely terrifying.

Kid, why you are courting death by making a fool of yourself when you are soo young? Wang Shan was furious. As a genius from Cloud City, he has been blocked by a thief. With an angry shout, a Sword Qi flashed from his hand and a large red light appeared. Like a ball of fire, it rushed toward Zi Chen.


Zi Chen's body shone with a silver light, he raised his fist and punched it towards the flames, instantly dispersing it and his fist collided with the Raging Flame sword.


Like the cries of iron clashing, they repeatedly rang out. In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged blows for more than ten times.




What a sharp sword! Zi Chen retreated seven or eight meters, looked at his fist and realised that many red marks had appeared on top of it with blood stains.

What? How is that possible? His Raging Flame sword is refined by his father and although it is not as terrifying as a magic treasure, it is still very sharp and can practically cut steel like its tofu. However, even after fighting for more than ten rounds with him, he is still unable to cut off his opponents fist and is only able to cause a few shallow cuts that were like hair.

What a strong physique. Wang Shan was shocked. The other party's body was practically harder than steel.


Right at this moment, Zi Chen swung his fist once more. His eyes were ice cold and an aura surged atop his fist as his fist suddenly smashed down.

The longsword in Wang Shan's hands seemed to be burning like a flame. One cyan and one red, he swung his sword behind his back in an instant as a scarlet Sword Qi appeared.


The Sword Qi clashed with Zi Chen's fist, causing a series of explosions. Zi Chen's fists instantly shattered the Sword Qi which was extremely powerful.

As his fist fell, it rose up once again. With dazzling silver light and peerless power, it struck towards Wang Shan's face.

The longsword in Wang Shan's hand is like a blazing snake, extremely agile. The Sword Qi flickered and many Sword Qi appeared, bringing along a boundless killing intent.


The strong impact caused a loud sound to echo out. Zi Chen's strong physique repeatedly blocked the Sword Qi attacks.

Brat, you dare to rob me? Do you know who I am? Wang Shan shouted loudly. His Qi once again surged and the red light around his body became denser. At the same time, the longsword in his hand also erupted with a blinding red light.


Zi Chen punched out, his entire body shining with a silver light, his eyes cold and sharp, just like a Thunder God.

The two battled far away from the Black Scaled Horse. Wang Shan wanted to protect his mount and so did Zi Chen. He did not want to kill such a good thing.


Tens of thousands of rays of red light emitted from the Raging Flames sword like a myriad of Sword Qi, sharp and cold. The longsword in Wang Shan's hands shook and rushed straight towards Zi Chen along with tens of thousands of rays of light.


Zi Chen clenched his fists, the Qi and blood in his body surging like a huge dragon that had just awakened, his entire body brimming with power. With a punch, the air around him exploded, making him look like a roaring beast with unparalleled might.


With that strike, the Sword Qi disintegrated and the red light also retracted. Zi Chen's hand only had new shallow scars and his heart was filled with an endless amount of energy.

You bandit, so it turns out that you are relying on some methods. No wonder you dared to come to try and rob me, this Young Master. The Raging Flame sword rolled up, setting off a bright red light, as if it was a sea of fire surging forth. Wang Shan stood in the midst of the fire as his white robe fluttered in the air, looking very relaxed and at ease.

Stop with the rubbish. Just as I said before, hand over everything or die Zi Chen lowered his voice, it was extremely cold and he did not want his original voice to be exposed.

Hmph, do you know who I am? Steal from me? Wang Shan coldly snorted and arrogantly said, I will give you a chance now, follow me in the future and I will guarantee your success. You will have endless resources to cultivate but you have to respect me as your master.

Wang Shan wanted to recruit Zi Chen but he was too conceited and wanted Zi Chen to recognize him as his master.

Are you daydreaming? The two of them were currently in a tie but Wang Shan wanted Zi Chen to become his servant.

Bandit, I'm afraid you don't know who I am yet. Let me tell you, I am from Cloud City, the second son of Wang Zhenwei and also the fourth genius of Cloud City. If you become my servant, I can give you power, resources and backing, it is your honor to be my servant. Wang Shan was arrogant and conceited, looking down at Zi Chen with contempt.

After saying his backer, he was already waiting for Zi Chen to be shocked, kneel down in gratitude and then call him master.

Ha ha! Zi Chen laughed loudly. He was so infuriated, Fourth genius of CLoud City? Haha, why don't you say that you're the number one genius?

So what if I'm the fourth genius? The first three are my brothers and sister and since we're all family, I won't fight for the first place. Bandit, I'll give you one last chance. Submit or wait for death Wang Shan said proudly.

Boasting shamelessly Zi Chen laughed coldly and said, However, your identity is indeed special, how about this, I will be your master. Although I have no power, no backing, no resources, after becoming your master, you can give your resources to me and at that time, I will give you my protection.

Reckless fool, you refuse to accept toast that was given to you Wang Shan's gaze turned cold, the Raging Flame Swords released tens of thousands of rays of light, which were like red clouds that dyed the sky red, Previously, it was just a warm up and I did not use any of this Young Master's abilities. I gave you a chance but you did not take the chance so don't blame me.

A cold light flashed in his eyes and his killing intent rose. Since he is unable to subdue him, then he might as well destroy him.

Since you are unwilling to accept me as your master, that's fine too. Today, I shall rob you of your possessions and give you a lesson. Zi Chen also sneered.

Boasting shamelessly, watch my Raging Flame Sword Wang Shan was furious, his longsword started to release rays of red light and thousands of rays of light started to shine out like a myriad of sharp swords, dazzling and shining. In an instant, these rays of light converged and entered the Raging Flame Sword as though they were being absorbed.


In the next moment, Wang Shan raised his hand and waved his sword, releasing a terrifying Sword Qi straight towards Zi Chen.

Hmph, is that all you've got? Zi Chen felt a dangerous aura from the Sword Qi but he is not afraid at all. The aura around his body is like a savage beast awakening, and his Xiantian Qi continued to surge within his dantian.


Zi Chen's fist is also exceptionally terrifying, as if it is a Thunder God's hammer, releasing a myriad of lightning bolts. When the two clashed, a rumbling sound was emitted and the entire sky and earth began to tremble.

Smoke and dust flew in all directions above the major road and enormous cracks spread out from the ground.

After the first strike, Zi Chen was pushed back as another wound appeared on his hands. This time, the wound was even bigger but it is only a superficial wound and did not damage his bones.

Good, very good Zi Chen's eyes became cold and said Good twice. Although Wang Shan is known as a scum of society, his strength has indeed far surpassed someone of the same level. He only needed a few punches to settle ordinary late Xiantian Realm experts but facing Wang Shan, he is actually injured.

Good. Let me tell you, how do you like the taste of my true strength? The corner of Wang Shan's mouth flashed with disdain. The red light on the Raging Flame sword suddenly vanished completely and immediately afterward, rays of red light emerged from his body.

The red light was like water as it covered the Raging Flame sword, glowing with a brilliant light. It was the Azure Dawn Secret Art of Cloud City, finally being revealed.

The moment the Azure Dawn Secret Art appeared, the entire space started to distort. A dense killing intent locked onto Zi Chen, causing him to feel even more pressured.

Bandit, your time of death has come. Wang Shan's voice was very cold and the moment the Azure Dawn Secret Art was released, even his aura had changed.


With a tap of his feet, a red light flickered. Wang Shan actually gave up on attacking from afar and rushed towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen aura also erupted, his Qi and blood surging out from his body. It is extremely exuberant and his silver fist is like a Thunder God's hammer, releasing endless amounts of lightning bolts. Silver snakes swam around his body and lightning flickered in his eyes.


The power of this one punch was absolutely terrifying and peerless, instantly dispersing the endless red light. At the same time, Zi Chen also repeatedly punched out.




Explosions rang out as the two fought in close combat. The wind and dust were blown everywhere and their figures were nowhere to be seen.

The more the two fought, the faster they moved. In the end, they became two rays of light, one red and the other silver.

Azure Peak Slash!

Wang Shan unleashed waves after waves of powerful martial skills. These were all killing techniques from the Azure Dawn Secret Art, their power was peerless.


Zi Chen's attack was relatively simple but it is even more terrifying. His silver fist is like a Thunder God's hammer as it came crashing down and waves of fierce attacks shattered under Zi Chen's fist.

You bandit, how dare you force me to such a state. Today, I will let you experience the true killing technique of my Azure Dawn Secret Art.

The two beams of light separated as Wang Shan said coldly.