Thunder Martial Chapter 118 - Killing with a borrowed Knife

The major road is a straight path and if you travel along the major road, you will be able to reach Cloud City.

Zi Chen sat at the side of the road, quietly waiting for Wang Shan's arrival. Not far away were two heavily injured people, one tall and the other short. They have been beaten into a pig head, lost all their teeth and their chins were shattered. They hadn't eaten for a few days and they were dispirited.

Brat, you waiting here for Young Master Wang Shan is basically waiting for death

Offending the three forces means that he won't be able to live for long. It's understandable for him to be waiting here to die.

The tall and short duo were dispirited and hungry but they had to eat. At this moment, they were lying on the ground side by side under the scorching sun. Their hearts were filled with resentment and they were constantly ridiculed him.

Waiting for death, you guys are so confident in Wang Shan? Isn't it just a second ancestor, a trash? Zi Chen smiled lightly, not caring in the slightest.

Dream on, the strength of Young Master Wang Shan is not something you can imagine. Yan Ping grinned and said in disdain, Young Master Wang Shan is an existence who cultivates the Azure Dawn Secret Law, do you know what it is? If I say it, it'll scare you to death, it is Cloud City's strongest technique.

Although Wang Shan is just a late Xiantian Realm, a peak Xiantian Realm expert is nothing in front of him. In Cloud City, I personally saw someone at the peak Xiantian Realm fighting for a woman with Young Master Wang Shan being silenced with a single sword. You are an insignificant early Xiantian Realm, you are nothing.

That's right, for a small insect like you, how would you know what a genius is? Do you know what the Azure Dawn Secret Law is? When Young Master Wang Shan attacks, defeating someone stronger than himself is simply a breeze for him. You are overestimating yourself

The two of them ridiculed Zi Chen, acting as if they weren't captives as they continued to ridicule him

Zi Chen laughed and did not say a word.

He naturally had heard of the Azure Dawn Secret Law's great name before, it was something similar to the Wu Zong Sects, Wu Zong Art. Previously, when Zi Chen was together with Wang Xian'er, he had more or less understood it.

Powerful techniques, in the hands of a person who has lost all motivation for cultivation and is only interested in playing, the technique would naturally be greatly reduced in power.

Go on, don't stop. Zi Chen laughed lightly, Your lives are reaching its end. Since you are able to speak now, you should speak more.

Kid, you said you won't kill us. Hearing that, the two of them were startled, their expressions changed and Yan Ping said while trembling.

I said that I won't kill you but I believe that there will always be people who will kill you. Thus, I want you all to talk a bit more. Zi Chen said.

Hmph. As long as you keep your promise and don't kill us, you don't need to worry about our lives. The tall man harrumphed coldly.

You should worry about yourself, you are about to die in the hands of Young Master Wang Shan right now. I wonder if you have any last words and we can help you fulfill those wishes as much as possible Yan Ping's expression relaxed as he ridiculed.

Zi Chen guaranteed that he wouldn't kill the two of them and the two talked a lot more after that. Moreover, he praised Wang Shan so much that all Zi Chen can hear is the name Wang Shan and at the same time, he also said how powerful Wang Shan's strongest attack is.

Brat, I know you are very pleased with yourself, your physique is strong but let me tell you, Young Master Wang Shan has a sword named Raging Flames which was personally crafted by the Great commander. Although it is not as powerful a magic treasure, it is still extremely sharp. You have to be careful, don't get slashed by the sword and immediately die.

The two laughed at Zi Chen and praised Wang Shan, talking about his other trump cards.

Zi Chen listened with interest, and asked, Then since Wang Shan is so talented, so lustful, and so powerful, I presume that when he comes, he will bring along a lot of broken Yuan Stones right? That's right, he can also make things appear out of thin air after stretching out his lands like Wang Xian'er?

Hmph. He really came out of a ravine and doesn't even know about Spatial Equipments. How ignorant. The two once again ridiculed Zi Chen, That is called a spatial treasure and it can only be refined by experts in Imperial Sky Realm. It requires many precious materials and it is extremely precious. The cheapest is worth several thousand Yuan Stones, not broken Yuan Stones.

Oh, a Spatial Equipment. Zi Chen nodded his head to show that he understood. At the same time, he was shocked by the price.

The current him only had a few broken Yuan Stones.

Country bumpkin! The two of them curled their lips in disdain and accidentally dragged their wounds into it and they cried out continuously in pain, causing their resentment towards Zi Chen grew even stronger.

You guys have talked for a long time but you still haven't said it. Does Wang Shan have that thing on him? How much wealth does he have? Zi Chen asked, this is what he was most concerned about.

Humph, you think that Spatial Equipments are cabbage? Let me tell you, although Young Master Wang Shan doesn't have one right now, but Great commander has already promised him that when he breaks through to the Zhen Yuan Realm, he will give one to him as a gift. Yan Ping said proudly.

Oh, he doesn't have one? So he's just a poor guy. To think that you guys were talking so much, making me think that he is the sky above the sky, is it all a lie? Zi Chen said in disdain.

Spatial Equipments are not something you can have just because you want one. Furthermore, you are the only one who dares to say that Wang Shan is poor. Let me tell you this, every time he comes out, he would at least bring dozens of Yuan Stones with him. Hearing Zi Chen's words, the short man not like it and immediately refuted.

Only a few dozen pieces? It's too little Zi Chen shook his head and said.

The two of them had the urge to immediately get up and hammer Zi Chen to death. They thought, you, you poor bastard, you only have a few broken Yuan Stones on you and the Yuan Stones of the Young Master can be exchanged for thousands of these lousy things of yours. How is he poor?

Country bumpkin!

The two of them were so angry that they ignored Zi Chen.

After a while, a rustling sound came from the side, both of them turned their heads in confusion. They saw that Zi Chen was already dressed in black with a mask covering his face, revealing only his eyes.

Kid, what are you doing? The duo asked doubtfully.

I heard the sound of horses' hooves. It seems like your Young Master has arrived. Wear some clothes so that I can send you on your way. Zi Chen said indifferently.

Young Master is here, great. The two of them were happy but they suddenly realised something was amiss, their expressions changed as they looked at Zi Chen, You want to kill me to keep my mouth shut?

Of course not, I want to give you to your Young Master. Zi Chen sneered behind his mask. He then picked up two pieces of blue cloth and stuffed them into their mouths.

The two of them had their mouths stuffed and the pain from their wounds being affected was excruciating. They were making 'wuu wuu' sounds.

Alright, it all depends on your luck if you can survive. Zi Chen carried the two of them easily he walked towards the major road.

The 'clop' of hooves sounded. Smoke and dust flew all over major road as a handsome horse galloped over.

It was a dark horse with scales on its body and it was even taller than normal big horses. Its four hooves were sturdy and powerful and as it stepped on the ground, the entire ground trembled slightly.

This is a famous Black Scaled Horse in the Sky Martial Continent. It is difficult to tame and has a short temper. However, it has a long endurance and great strength. It is one of the favorite mounts of Cultivators.

Sitting on the horse was a young man, about seventeen or eighteen years old. His face was like that of jade and a fiery red longsword was tied around his waist.

However, his face was slightly pale and devoid of any color. It is as if he had expended a great deal of energy and had completely emptied his body.

Riding on a Black Scaled Horse, only seventeen or eighteen, with a sword in hand.. Looks like it's him Zi Chen appeared from afar and when he saw the youth's attire, he confirmed his identity.

Woo woo!

The tall and short duo also saw Wang Shan and their eyes revealed excited lights as they wailed continuously, as if they were calling for help.

Seems to be right. Seeing the expressions of the two, Zi Chen was even more certain.

Therefore, the Xiantian Qi around his body surged as many streams of energy gathered into his hands and in that moment, Zi Chen's hands became bright and resplendent. Zi Chen picked up the two of them and with the help of his Xiantian Qi, he threw them as if he was throwing a huge stone towards Wang Shan.

Zi Chen's strength is astonishing and now that he had activated his Xiantian Qi, the two were like two cannonballs, whizzing through the air.

Who dares to sneak attack this Young Master? When he raised his head to look, he saw two black figures that were like big stones whizzing over. With an explosive shout, he suddenly jumped high up into the air, looking exceptionally relaxed.


With a crisp sound, the Raging Flames sword was unsheathed. A blazing red light filled the sky like a burning flame.


Wang Shan held onto his sword with both hands and jumped up into the sky, his figure extremely relaxed. The Xiantian Qi in his body activated and he suddenly slashed forward. In an instant, a gigantic Sword Qi appeared and rushed towards the two black figures.



Without any suspense, the two black figures were split into two, falling towards the ground. Blood sprayed in the air and Wang Shan's figure shifted a few steps in the air, avoiding the blood that filled the sky.


However, when he landed, he frowned. He thought it was a big stone that was thrown at him but instead, there was blood and as his gaze shifted over, he saw two vaguely familiar faces whose mouths were stuffed. Their small eyes suddenly opened wide and they were filled with fear and shock.

Good boy, your skills are indeed extraordinary Just as Wang Shan was thinking about where he had seen the two of them before, a cold voice suddenly appeared in front of him.

Someone from the Heaven Killing Pavilion? Wang Shan cried out, his expression a little unnatural.

Black clothes and a mask had almost become the signature attire of the killers in the Heaven Killing Pavilion. Furthermore, during this period of time, Cloud City and the Heaven Killing Pavilion are in an extremely tense situation so Wang Shan had blurted out these words out by reflex.


Zi Chen did not waste any words. After walking out from the darkness, he turned into a silver light and rushed towards Wang Shan. He wanted to finish this battle quickly.

The people from the Heaven Killing Pavilions can kill their enemies the moment they attacked. Wang Shan did not dare to be careless and leaped up into the air to retreat. He had already given up on the Black Scaled Horse.


Zi Chen's speed was very fast and he immediately arrived in front of Wang Shan. The two immediately exchanged blows in the air, causing a loud explosion.

That's not right, you're not someone from the Heaven Killing Pavilion. Suddenly, Wang Shan let out a strange cry as he quickly retreated.