Thunder Martial Chapter 117 - Run Away

The ground is full of blood with dozens of broken teeth, Yan Ping laid down on the ground, passed out and on the verge of death.

Who can resist that brute strength?

What do you want to do? Zi Chen, let me tell you, I am someone from Cloud City, you better not be reckless.

Seeing the outcome of Yan Ping and seeing Zi Chen looking at him, the tall man became even more frightened. His voice trembled and his teeth chattering non-stop, as if he was afraid that Zi Chen knock all of his teeth out of his mouth in the next moment.

Are the people from Cloud City very powerful? In Zi Chen's eyes, there was a trace of disdain. His feet flashed and his figure disappeared like a ghost, rushing towards the tall man.

Zi Chen, we can talk, we can talk. I was sent by Wang Xianer to bring you back to Cloud City. The tall man was terrified and kept backing away. Due to his fear, he started to speak quickly.


Another resounding slap struck across the face of the tall man. It is as though he had been struck by a savage beast. In that instant, fresh blood mixed with teeth cleanly flew out.

Zi Chen, you are crazy, we are on the same side. The tall man retreated at top speed. Half of his face was already swollen but his speech was still quite quick.

Zi Chen sneered, walked up once again, raised his palm and slapped again.


It was another big slap, crisp and loud.


It was too fast, Zi Chen's slap was simply endless and indescribably fast.


Another slap, crisp and clear.

Zi Chen, we are on the same side The tall man covered his face and said.

On the same side? Would people on the same side make a move on the villagers would they have to rob them of their money to repair their houses? Zi Chen was very angry and slapped harder.


Every time Zi Chen struck, it is always powerful and he never missed his target. Blood and teeth accompanied by the tall man's fractured bones were all spat out at the same time.

The tall man frantically dodged but compared to Zi Chen, his speed was simply too slow. Zi Chen is like a shadow following him.

You are worse than pigs and dogs, forcing the villagers unscrupulously demand the broken Yuan Stones for you and then beat them up. If they are lowly commoners, then what are you, in my eyes, you do not even count as Ants.

The more Zi Chen spoke, the angrier he became. He slapped the all man again, loud and clear.

Zi Chen, we are Wang Shan's men, Young Master Wang Shan will be here in a few days. If you kill us, prepare to accept Young Master's anger.

At this point, the tall man no longer begged for mercy and threatened him instead.

Zi Chen's pupils contracted, he looked at the tall man in shock, he had never expected that the tall man's face would be smacked so hard that it looked like a pig's head, his big eyes were squinting, half of his teeth were missing and even his chin was shattered. However, his words were still clear and full of threats.

Wang Shan? I've never heard of him. Zi Chen didn't mind as he raised his left hand and slapped again in a flash.

With the Nine Thunder Pass, Zi Chen has . Even if the taller one knew that he would be hit, he was still unable to avoid it.


The tall man was repeatedly slapped and sent flying and a few teeth shot out of his mouth once more. They were all snow-white and it wasn't even stained with blood.

Zi Chen, you better think about it properly. Wang Shan is Wang Qiong's cousin, Wang Chuan's blood related Younger brother, Wang Zhenwei's blood related son. Offending him, you won't be too far off from death. The tall man continued to threaten him.

I wonder who it is. So it's actually a second ancestor. Zi Chen sneered, he did not care and waved his hand again, releasing another loud and clear slap.

Wang Shan will be coming over in a few days to visit and have us brothers receive him. If you kill us, not only will you die, even the villagers will not be able to survive. At that time, all of you will be buried with me. The tall man continued to curse viciously.

Oh, Amazing, there's only a few teeth left in your mouth but your words are still so sharp. Seems like you are much stronger than the waste, you can be considered aa a big Ants. Zi Chen laughed in disdain, following that, a cold light flashed in his eyes. His body moved forward like a ghost and he raised his left and right hand.





It was the sound of a big slap but in the end, like a firecracker, a series of slaps rang out. After coughing out a mouthful dozens of times, the tall man no longer had any teeth in his mouth as his face became bloody and mangled. Finally, he rolled his eyes and fainted along with the short man.

Hmph. Scum. Today, I won't kill you. I'll let you live for another two days. Looking at the two who fainted, Zi Chen spoke coldly.

The two of them passed out and only then did the villagers step forward.

Zi Chen, you have saved our Clear Water Village again. Our Clear Water Village owes you a great debt.

Zi Chen, many thanks to you this time.

They all said you died. Luckily you came back and saved our Clear Water Village once again.

You are the savior of our entire village

The villagers stepped forward and began praising Zi Chen. They were all very excited and very grateful to him.

Back then, when the tall and short duo came to the village, they said that Zi Chen had already died in the Thunder Domain.

There's no need to be so polite, didn't you guys also save me and Xian'er earlier? I was lucky enough to survive after entering the Thunder Domain and me coming came back to save everyone is the heavens' arrangement, it proves that we are fated. Zi Chen laughed, these villagers were very simple and honest and in order to save him and Wang Xian'er, they did not hesitate to lie to the people of the Wu Zong Sect. They completely gambled away the lives of all the villagers.

Zi Chen, this time it's all thanks to you. The village chief picked up his cane and walked forward shakily.

Village Chief, you are too courteous. My life was saved by you all. Thus, it is only right that I come here to help you all. Zi Chen supported the village chief and laughed. Then, he took out the bag of broken Yuan Stones from the short man's bosom and said, These things should be exchanged into gold and silver as soon as possible. You should build some stone house for everyone to live in.

No, no. I can't take this thing, our house is only leaking a little. It's still fit for living and can be repaired a bit so Zi Chen, you can take these broken Yuan Stones. Previously, he had heard from the tall and short duo that even if Zi Chen did not die in Thunder Domain, he would not live for long because he had offended the three forces.

The reason why the village chief didn't want the broken Yuan Stone was also because he wanted Zi Chen to escape for his life while holding it.

Village chief, you should just take it. You should build everyone a sturdy house and live in a comfortable environment. Zi Chen said.

No, child, you should take these broken Yuan Stone and quickly escape. We already know about your situation, you have offended the three forces so it is now very dangerous. The Village chief looked worried.

That's right, Zi Chen, hurry up and take the broken Yuan Stone with you!

It's more important to stay alive!

The villagers also tried to persuade him.

He can't leave. If he leaves then your crappy village is just waiting to be slaughtered by Young Master Wang Shan. They didn't know when but the tall man had already woken up and said this maliciously.

Humph, relax, I won't run. I need to see that second ancestor. His father wanted to steal my treasures so I assume that you are here because of his son's arrangement. That's good too, since I can't beat the old one, then I will let off some steam on the young one. Zi Chen turned around and laughed coldly.

Following that, he moved towards the two of them, wanting to take away their items.

You, you're shameless The tall man was enraged but he was unable to do anything to Zi Chen, allowing Zi Chen to take away both of their items.

The shameless ones are you guys, you greedy bastards. Zi Chen took out two small bags from each of the two bodies. There were quite a number of broken Yuan Stones among the bags and he passed them to the village chief.

Don't worry village chief, keep these things properly. Two days later, the second ancestor will send me the broken Yuan Stone. Take these with you, building a new house is more important. Zi Chen smiled to ease the Village Chief's heart.

Zi Chen, stop dreaming. Although Wang Shan is still young, he is already in the late Xiantian Realm and even learned the Azure Dawn Secret Law. You are merely an early stage Xiantian Realm, just wait for him to slap you to death. The tall man he was still cursing.

Bullsh*t, so noisy. You talk too much. Zi Chen appeared to be impatient and directly kicked the tall man, causing him to black out and faint.

Zi Chen, you should run The village chief was still worried and the other villagers also tried to persuade him.

Zi Chen, you're already so powerful at such a young age, you will definitely not be someone to be trifled with in the future. You can't be burdened by ordinary people like us, you should leave.

That's right. Our lives are inexpensive. If we die, we will die. As for you, you are a genius. Your future is limitless and your path is very broad. Quickly leave.

Zi Chen, you must go. If you can't go alone, the whole village will migrate with you.

The villagers shouted at Zi Chen, wanting him to quickly run away.

Zi Chen laughed, and was very moved, This is the territory of Cloud City, you all have no way of moving out of here so this method is obviously not possible. Everyone can be at ease, I will not leave and I also need to meet that Wang Shan. Once I deal with the situation, I will naturally leave so everyone can rest assured.

Zi Chen had already learnt from the tall man that Wang Shan would be coming over in a few days but the specific time was uncertain.

So two days later, Zi Chen brought the two of them on the road, he wanted to be on the road that Wang Shan would take and wait for him.

Zi Chen, be very careful!

Big Brother, be careful.

We of the Clear Water Village will always remember you.

The villagers came out and waved goodbye. Zi Chen carried the two of them like he was carrying a little chick and disappeared into the forest.

Several hours later, Zi Chen arrived at the major road. The two had already clearly told him that Wang Shan would use the major road.

Zi Chen had also heard rumors about Wang Shan. Back then, the people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion also briefly mentioned Wang Shan. For his age, being at the late Xiantian Realm is already rare and although he isn't as terrifying as Wang Qiong or Wang Xian'er, he can still be considered to be at the level of a Little Genius.

It was just that he is not willing to train in martial arts and liked to hunt, bully, and did all sorts of evil. He did not have a good reputation in Cloud City and could be considered a typical scum of society.

It is said that he was already an expert among the flowers in Cloud City. He had been through thousands of flowers and has left almost none attended. [TN: basically means he is a player]