Thunder Martial Chapter 116 - To look for your teeth

If you keep on beating him like this, you will definitely beat him to death. If Xiao Xian comes again and hears that you beat him to death, I think it would be hard for you to explain. After all, the scholar had studied for a few years so he had some literary talent. At this moment, although his voice was very light and weak, it was very heavy.

Using Wang Xian'er to suppress them, he shocked the two of them.

What, you smelly scholar, are you threatening me? The short man swept a glance at the scholar and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

I don't dare but there is one thing that you know. The butcher saved Xiao Xian'er that day and he have done her a favor. I presume that Xiao Xian'er will not ignore his death. The scholar's forehead was already covered in sweat, but his voice was relatively calm.


His face was swept away and the short man felt displeased. He slapped the butcher again to repel him but this time, he did not lose his teeth. It was clear that he was afraid of losing his life and knew his limits.

You lowly commoners, aren't we just going to kill you as we please? It can't be that the Miss will punish us for the sake of you lowly commoners, don't be so naive. The tall man also sneered. Although he didn't make a move, from start to finish, he just watched this scene with a smile.

The threat in the scholar's words made them feel very disdainful.


A clear sound rang out again. The butcher's face was covered in blood as he continuously retreated. His eyes were staring at the short man with fury.


The crisp slapping sound came again, the short man was very proud. I hit you guys because I'm giving you face. F*ck, what kind of place is this? Making us wait for a dead person is really unlucky.

The short man attacked again and again. He had a sense of propriety, hitting the butcher so hard that his face was covered in blood. He was in a sorry state but it was not fatal.

Don't tell me that you really want to kill us? Let alone the fact that Xiao Xian'er will not let you off, Zi Chen will also not let you off. There's a reason why Xian'er wanted you to wait here. If you kill us villagers now, Zi Chen will definitely not let you off. The scholar could not bear to continue watching and spoke again. His voice was very cold. If the short man did not stop, even if the butcher did not die, he would still have to lie down in bed for a few months.

In this small mountain village, let alone a few months, even if he didn't work for a few days, he would have nothing to eat.


Another crisp voice came out, the short man looked at the scholar and said disdainfully: A mere trash True Qi Stage, even if he is still alive, I, Yan Ping will not fear him. Is he even worthy to be placed in my eyes?

His tone was very arrogant but also filled with disdain, You lowly commoners, even if this grandpa kills you, no one will plead for you. Who do you think you are, lowly commoners, this grandpa here is in the Xiantian Realm and is an existence at the level of an elder in a small sect.

The short man was exceptionally arrogant with a contemptuous look in his eyes. He did not even consider the villagers as human beings and was very arrogant. The tall man beside him also sneered. Although he didn't say anything, he was still coordinating with the short man with his expression.

Suddenly, an indifferent voice sounded. Really? If you have the ability, then why don't you show me it?

The voice was sudden, cold, and filled with boundless rage. The two of them were very arrogant, and did not notice who said it.

God damn it, what reckless bastard said that? Get the hell out here. See if I don't beat you to death or not The short man was furious and let out a roar. He looked around and swept his eyes over the crowd in front of him.

Ah... It's the Young Hero.

Suddenly, a surprised exclamation came out and some villagers saw Zi Chen walking over from far away.

What f*cking Young Hero, a mere commoner dares to call himself a Young Hero? The short man scolded angrily but did not see Zi Chen.

What rubbish, even you lowly commoners dare to call another commoner a Young Hero? The tall man also sneered, he also did not see Zi Chen.

It's you, Zi Chen. You really didn't die, I knew you wouldn't die.

Zi Chen, you're finally back. We all believed that you're fine.

The butcher, like the village chief also saw Zi Chen and was extremely excited. It is as if they had seen their savior.

Hearing this, both of their expressions changed greatly. They instantly turned around and saw a young man with an extremely gloomy expression walking towards them.

You are Zi Chen? Looking at Zi Chen, the young man asked coldly.

Zi Chen did not say anything, but directly walked forward with a gloomy face. He had seen shameless people before but he had never seen people as shameless as them.

Brat, we are talking to you, you're that Zi Chen, could it be that the Thunder Domain didn't even kill you? The tall man asked.

Zi Chen did not speak and quickly walked forward. He did not use martial skills but his footwork was steady and there was an indescribable pressure within.

Kid, are you deaf? I'm talking to you

When the pressure came, the short man felt that something was wrong and coldly shouted. When he saw that Zi Chen still had no reaction, he turned to look at the tall man.

This kid is weird. The tall man whispered.

Motherf*cker, just a mere True Qi Realm, so what if he's weird? I will still kill him. Attack, the two of us will attack together. The short man cursed.


The two of them looked at each other, a cold light flashed in their eyes as they activated their Xiantian Qi. With a tap of their feet, they rushed towards Zi Chen.


In that moment, they had long forgotten what Wang Xian'er had said previously. After seeing Zi Chen, please be respectful to him and welcome him to Cloud City.

Looking at the two of them, Zi Chen's eyes squinted, his eyes became extremely cold and on his gloomy face, there was a tinge of killing intent.

The two of them attacked. He didn't dodge, he only raised his right hand.

Brat, you're not dodging? Die

The two laughed wickedly and struck out at Zi Chen's vital points.


Just as the attacks from the two were about to land on Zi Chen's body and just as the villagers were worrying him, Zi Chen made his move, his palm shone with silver light and struck at them.

His palm moved very quickly and landed on the short man's face first. Following a crisp sound, the short man was sent flying.


The moment his palm landed, he lifted it up once again and swiftly brought it down again. Like a bolt of lightning, the speed of his attack became even faster and with a crisp sound a loud and resounding slap was heard. The tall man was sent flying with a single slap.

Two simple slaps dispelled the two's attacks and sent two people flying. Zi Chen's strength was shocking to all the villagers but at the same time, everyone felt a sense of comfort in their hearts.

You... You...

With a simple slap, it stunned the two of them. When they got up, they looked at Zi Chen in shock.

Zi Chen still did not speak. A silver light flashed under his feet and the Nine Thunder Pass appeared. He instantly appeared in front of the short man and struck him with his palm.


Another slap, crisp and loud had landed on the short man's face. The short man was sent spinning a few times as he spat out blood along with his teeth.

The tall man noticed that the situation was bad and wanted to escape, but how could he possibly escape from Zi Chen?

The sound was loud and clear. It made the villagers feel very comfortable and some of the villagers even secretly applauded in their hearts.

Kid, do you know who I am? The short Yan Ping crawled up from the ground, covering half of his swollen face as he glared at Zi Chen.

I don't know who you are but I know what it means to look for your teeth on the ground. Zi Chen finally opened his mouth and his voice was ice-cold. This time, he raised his left hand and amidst the dazzling silver light, it descended once again.


Only half of Yan Ping's face was swollen, while the other half of his face was completely undamaged. This time, Zi Chen slapped this half of his face and after a resounding slap, Yan Ping spat out another mouthful of blood, followed by a few teeth.

You... Yan Ping's face changed. Zi Chen's attack was heavy and he was simply slapping him to death. In just a few slaps, he was actually stunned, his ears buzzed and his body swayed.

Do you know what it means to search all over the ground for your teeth? It means that I will break your teeth and let you find them one by one. Zi Chen's eyes flashed coldly, his voice was cold and emotionless, he raised his left hand again.


Another slap, crisp and loud which is followed Yan Ping spitting out a mouthful of blood and a few teeth.

Yan Ping was close to tears, these words were the same words he said before, speaking with such confidence and righteousness, making it sound so spectacular.




In this period of time, Yan Ping had been trying to escape but when Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass, he suddenly moved like a ghost, following behind him closely. Yan Ping did not see Zi Chen use his martial skills, he only saw Zi Chen raise his hand time and time again.


Each time, the sound was so loud and clear that it made the villagers feel comfortable.


Yan Ping had already spat out a lot of teeth in his mouth and even spat out some bone fragments. This was his shattered jaw, Zi Chen's physique was strong, he did not hold back at all and his attacks were heavy. Every time he slapped Yan Ping, he used a lot of strength.

You... Do.. Yo.. Kno.. I.. Am? Yan Ping's words were slurred by Zi Chen. He wanted to say something fierce but he realized that he couldn't even say it out loud. He wanted to say do you know who I am but when he said it out loud, he couldn't understand it at all.


Zi Chen's face darkened, his eyes extremely cold as he continued to slap Yan Ping


Another few teeth fell, followed by the appearance of shattered bones.

I don't know who you are but I know what it means to look for your teeth. Although Zi Chen did not understand what Yan Ping meant, he could guess why he would say those words again and again, even though he did not understand what Yan Ping was saying.





Zi Chen slapped again and again the light beneath his feet flickered like a ghost as he chased after Yan Ping and slap him. In the end, Yan Pings body shook again after dozens of slaps had landed and he finally fell to the ground, fainting.

At this time, in his mouth that was full of teeth, there is not a single tooth left and all of them were scattered on the ground. His entire jaw was also broken by Zi Chen and his look was more than ten times worse than the butcher's.

Now, it's your turn to look for your teeth. After taking care of one person, Zi Chen turned and looked coldly at the tall man.