Thunder Martial Chapter 115 - Demanding broken Yuan Stones

A screech sounded from the sky, resonating with the sound. Zi Chen raised his head and saw a large cloud of fire drifting in his direction.

A Firebird!

Zi Chen cried out in alarm. In the middle of the sky, there is a beautiful red bird with feathers that looks like flames around its body.

In the Sky Martial Continent, it is said that the Firebird is a descendant of the Divine Phoenix. When the Firebird spread out its wings, it is more than ten meters long, shining resplendently like a flame burning in the sky and its size is even larger than that of a Roc.

Furthermore, its reputation is much higher than the Roc's. It is also a rare type of spirit beast that could be tamed.

At this moment, Wang Xian'er was on the back of the Firebird. Her hair was down to her shoulders and was incomparably black. While the Firebird was flying in the air, she looked like an immortal goddess. Her twin peaks were proudly standing tall and straight and her waist is slender.

Seeing Wang Xian'er again and seeing her beautiful face and light figure, Zi Chen's body and mind trembled. He leaned against the tree so that he won't be discovered by her.

The Firebird's speed was very fast, not one bit slower than the Roc's. With just a few flaps of its wings, it had already arrived above the village. Wang Xian'er tapped her foot on the ground and like a ball of floating cotton, she figure gracefully landed on the ground as her clothes fluttered in the wind. It was as though a celestial being had descended into the mortal world. The eyes of the crowd below were all staring at her.

Greetings Miss!

The two Cloud City experts reacted in time as they hurriedly bowed.

Get up. Wang Xian'ers voice was light and soothing, like the cry of a phoenix.

Big sister, you're finally here

Xiao Xian'er, you're here

The other villagers also reacted and greeted her enthusiastically. Compared to back then, the Wang Xian'er today had brought them far too much shock.

Uncle, how have you been recently?

Aunt Zhang

Uncle scholar

Wang Xian'ers clothes fluttered and her voice clear and crisp. There is a sweet smile on her face as she greeted every familiar villager, very cordial and easygoing.

The villagers nodded repeatedly, feeling very happy.

You two are here. You didn't disturb the villagers did you? After greeting the villagers one by one, red light appeared in Wang Xian'ers hands as it flickered and one by one, cute toys appeared out of nowhere which were soon taken by a bunch of children who were laughing. Then, Wang Xian'er turned and looked at the two Xiantian experts.

No, no!.We have not disturbed the villagers. Recently, we've been training. The tall and short duo lowered their heads and quickly said. Facing Wang Xian'er, the pressure the two of them felt was immense.

It's good that you haven't disturbed the villagers. Wang Xian'er said indifferently, You are all Wang Shan's men, I don't want to make things difficult for you but if I find out that you abused the villagers, don't blame me for being rude, you all know my temper.

Yes, yes. We know, we definitely wouldn't dare The duo nodded their heads. They didn't even dare to raise their heads.

The short men quietly turned his head and looked towards the village chief. He pursed his lips and a cold light flashed in his eyes as a warning.

Xiao Xian, don't make things difficult for them. These two sirs are very good to us. When they have time, they even teach the kids a little. The Village Chief's back was bent. When he saw the man's warning, he spoke up for the two of them.

That's right, Miss. We haven't taken anything from the villagers at all

Not only did we not take anything, we even gave a lot. When we have nothing to do, we even teach these children.

The two of them did not blush nor did their hearts jump. They followed the words of the Village Chief and acted as if they were showing off their strength.

The villagers on the side also forced a smile and echoed him. No one dared to discredit him. Although the villagers were simple, they were not fools. They knew that Xiao Xian'er would be leaving soon and the two of them would be staying here for a long time.

That's right, Xiao Xian'er, these two sirs are very good.

The villagers continued to speak out for the two of them, causing Wang Xian'er to be very satisfied with what she heard. She nodded his head and then gave the two of them some rewards.

You two have performed well. I hope that you will do the same in the future.

The two of them nodded in thanks, their hearts wild with joy, these rewards could be considered as today's unexpected harvest. There are quite a few broken Yuan Stones.

After the incident that happened last time, Cloud City's protection on Wang Xian'er was even tighter. She can only go out for half an hour before going back to Cloud City so once she finished talking to the villagers, she began to make preparations to leave.

Xiao Xian'er, eat a meal here before leaving.

That's right big sister, you can stay a while longer.

Wang Xian'er insisted on leaving. The villagers could not stop her and reluctantly sent her to the entrance of the village.

Alright, you can go back now. Wang Xian'er smiled then called the Firebird to take her back to Cloud City.

Miss, be careful

Take care, Miss

The two from Cloud City said respectfully. However, they turned around and viciously stared at the Village Chief. Their eyes seemed to be questioning him, clearly, there was one thing that they had yet to do.

The Village Chief's heart trembled, he was in a difficult situation, but seeing the cold gazes from the two, he shouted out, Xiao Xian'er

Village Chief, is there something else? Wang Xian'er turned around and saw the Village Chief's troubled face.

The village chief was old and his figure trembled as he walked to the front of Wang Xian'er. He said in a troubled voice, The village is very remote, it is inconvenient to travel and most of the houses are wooden houses. There has been a lot of rain recently and some of the houses already had water leaks, they need to be repaired with Yuan Stones...

The Village Chief was in a difficult situation. He was clearly asking for something from her, something that went against his simple nature. However, when he said those words, he could not continue any longer and his old face became even redder.

Oh, this is my fault, I should have thought of it long ago. The houses here have to be newly built. Here are ten Yuan Stones, it's enough to rebuild a small village. Don't be afraid to spend money, find some craftsmen to build some stone houses, it's very sturdy. A red light flashed in Wang Xian'ers hands as a bunch of Yuan Stones appeared out of thin air. It was practically like a god's method, producing something out of nowhere.

Previously, Wang Xian'er had suggested for the villagers to stay in the City City but they rejected. Firstly, they didn't want to leave their homes and secondly, those that stay in Cloud City are mostly cultivators and it would not be convenient for them as there are very few commoners in Cloud City.

Many thanks After receiving this enormous fortune, the Village Chief was extremely ashamed. As for the villagers behind him, they all lowered their heads and did not say a word. They were filled with guilt.

In the blink of an eye, she disappeared. Before she left, she even ordered the two men, one tall and one short to supervise and help out so that the villagers could quickly live in stone house.


Wang Xian'er flew far away and in the blink of an eye, she was already at the horizon. Just then, as if she sensed something, she turned her head to look at the dense forest but the lush forest was filled with tree leaves. Her beautiful eyes moved about but she did not see anything.

It must be an illusion. How could I sense his aura? If he appeared, how could he have hidden from me? Wang Xian'er shook her head and muttered to herself.

Just then, Zi Chen appeared from behind a big tree. Looking at the direction Wang Xian'er had left in, he muttered, I'm sorry, I can't meet with you right now.

The people of Cloud City were looking for him so Zi Chen could not easily reveal himself. Now that he saw that the villagers were fine and that Wang Xian'er had returned, Zi Chen had already decided to leave.

You old thing, you still dare to hide things, hand it over. But at this time, Zi Chen heard a furious curse coming out from the village entrance.

Turning his head to look, he saw the short middle-aged man tried to snatch the bag of Yuan Stones that Wang Xian'er had to the village chief from his hands. When he failed, he became angry and kicked the village chief onto the ground and reached out towards the villages chief bosom as the village chief placed the broken Yuan Stones there as he was kicked to the ground.

The Village Chief was kicked to the ground and his walking stick was thrown to the side. It was a very painful thing. The surrounding villagers were angry but none of them dared to say anything.

Bad people, you are bad people, Big Sis just left and you guys are already attacking Grandpa Village Chief. Er Gou broke free from his parents' embrace and suddenly ran forward and pushed his petite body towards the short man.

The short man was fine but he staggered.

Scram Kid The short man was furious and kicked Er Gou away. Er Gou was just a child and fainted the moment he landed on the ground.

God damn, you old thing. You still dare to hide things, take them all out. The short man cursed and kicked the Village Chief on the ground.

You can't take it, you can't take it. The houses in the village are leaking, we really need to fix them. These broken Yuan Stones are used to build these houses. The village chief's hands tightly gripped his chest, preventing the short man from taking the broken Yuan Stone away.

Damn you old thing, this thing is wasted on all of you. A mere commoner would be quite lucky to have a house to live in but you care about a small leak? Hand it over quickly or else I'll kick you to death. The short man harrumphed coldly and exerted more force.

After a few kicks, the Village Chief could no longer bear it.

Enough, you guys have already taken a lot of broken Yuan Stone today. What else do you want, that broken Yuan Stones is for us to build houses. On the side, the butcher really couldn't hold it in any longer. He shouted angrily and suddenly stepped forward. He was big and burly and he glared at the two of them.

Who the F*ck do you think you are? Scram! Unfortunately, although he was a big guy, the short man didn't care and he just threw a backhand slap.


Along with a crisp sound, half of the butcher's face had swelled up, two of his teeth had been broken and he was vomiting blood.

You bunch of lowly commoners. You truly do not know your place. Today, I shall beat you until you will have to look for your teeth on the ground. The short man directly gave up on old man and walked towards the butcher who was slapped back. He extended his hand and slapped on the butcher's face.

Do you know what it means to search all over the ground for your teeth? It means that I will break your teeth and let you find them one by one. The short man attacked swiftly and fiercely and the sound of claps could be heard.

A few more of the butcher's teeth had fallen.

Don't go too far, we have already given all of the broken Yuan Stone to you, do you still want to beat him to death?

That's right, you should let them go. You have already taken the Yuan Stone, why do you need to beat them?

The villagers' eyes were spewing fire but they did not dare to step forward. These two people were too strong and they could easily be crushed with a single finger.