Thunder Martial Chapter 114 - Firebird

This was a dense forest and the man from Cloud City was currently frantically escaping. Seeing Zi Chen's strength from afar, he could no longer have any thoughts of fighting. He felt that it was laughable for him to think that he would be able to squash Zi Chen with a single finger before.

He tried to escape frantically, wanting to escape from Zi Chen but before he could even run far, he stopped, his eyes looking forward with shock.


Unknowingly, Zi Chen had already arrived in front of him. Although he is dressed in black clothing which looked tattered, his waist is still perfectly straight. After the man cried out in surprise, Zi Chen slowly turned around.

He is young, his face still has a bit of immaturity in hit. HIs Black Hair is like a waterfall and his eyes are like the morning light. He turned around and looked at the man, with a calm expression and an indifferent tone, he asked, Let me ask you a question, to be honest, I can spare your life.

The man's eyes were filled with fear as his expression continuously changed. Hearing what Zi Chen said, he subconsciously asked, What question?

Who sent you, Wang Zhenwei or Wang Qiong? Zi Chen's voice was calm and his expression indifferent.

Seeing Zi Chen, the man is sweating in fear, if his reply is not good, he will most likely die. The man wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead and said, Miss sent me, she thinks that you are still alive so after I see you, she wants me to bring you back.

Is that so? A cold smile appeared on the corner of Zi Chen's mouth as he said, Since she asked you to come, why did you run away when you saw me?

This... This... The man's forehead was drenched in cold sweat, he didn't know how to reply. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he said, That's because I wanted to tell Miss Xian`er about this news so that she can personally come and pick you up. That would show much more sincerity.

I originally wanted to give you a chance to live, but unfortunately, you didn't fight for it. If my guess is not wrong, it should be Wang Zhenwei who sent you. Zi Chen sneered, his eyes filled with killing intent.

You... The man's face changed, without saying a word, he immediately scampere. Even though he is in the late Xiantian Realm and is strong, he did not dare fight with Zi Chen.

You want to leave? Zi Chen's mouth twitched, a bone-piercing killing intent surged out and used the Nine Thunder Pass. Since he has already grasped the True Essence of the Nine Thunder Pass, his speed is incredibly fast


In just a flash of lightning, Zi Chen was already in front of the man, so fast that the man could not even imagine it. Immediately afterwards, Zi Chen clenched his fist and like two iron hammer, it rushed towards the man with a whistling sound, bringing about a gust of wind.

Hah! The man shouted and his Xiantian Qi began to revolve frantically. It was dazzling and shining, all the Xiantian Qi were gathered on his hands, releasing a dazzling light, trying to block Zi Chen's attack.


The silver fists attack with unstoppable force and peerless power, shattering the Xiantian Protection shield with a loud bang, following that was the man's body that was smashed backwards.

What a terrifying power! As waves of pain came from his hands, the man grimaced in pain and finally felt Zi Chen's strength himself.


After one hit, another strike came. Zi Chen's figure flickered and he waved his fist again.

Zi Chen, don't go too far. At worst, I will just go back and not report you. The man had nowhere to retreat to, he could only block again. With a flash of light, a weapon appeared at his waist, bringing a cold light with it as it struck towards Zi Chen.

You should just fool little kids with these words!

The power of his punch is ferocious, as though they are two mountains. It is extremely terrifying and once again sent the man flying, the weapon in his hands shattered long ago.

The man coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. Zi Chen's physique is truly frightening and even someone at the late Xiantian Realm is unable to withstand it. The man's eyes turned red as he shouted angrily, Zi Chen, you have gone too far. Black Wind Plam!

Streams of violent winds swirled up like wind blades, they were black and a terrifying aura appeared from within. The man struck out with his Xiantian Technique and in between his palms, a black wind seemed to be forming, bringing with it a bone-piercing chill, like a cutting wind blade as the man struck towards Zi Chen.

Humph! Zi Chen snorted coldly. His expression did not change as he punched out. The silver light illuminated the dense forest and his fist smashed over like a small mountain.


The black wind suddenly shook and was blocked by Zi Chen's fist. Soon after, all of the energy from his fist surged into the black wind and a loud bang resounded. In an instant, the black wind disappeared and the black wind palm was broken.


In the midst of the dull sound, the man flew backwards, coughing up blood. Even with the powerful Xiantian Technique, he is unable to do anything to Zi Chen.


With both of his fist clenched again, Zi Chen flashed forward, striking out with a strong attack once again. At this moment, his eyes turned cold and killing intent filled his eyes, as he is determined to kill this man.

The man coughed out a huge mouthful of blood and was sent flying again. This time, the newly formed Xiantian Protection Shield is broken once again and his bones are also shattered.

You forced me to do this! The man was furious, he fell into madness, the Xiantian Qi around his body started to become chaotic as black winds revolved around his body. He decided to burn away all of his potential and is determined to fight Zi Chen to the death.

Zi Chen punched out with his fist, the silver light around his body shone like a silver armored war god.


Zi Chen's best weapons are his fists. After that punch, the terrifying black wind vanished once again and the man flew back once more.


Zi Chen's finger flashed with as lightning bolts appeared one after another. It was extremely dazzling, as though they were thunder dragons that rushed towards the man.

The evolved version of the Thunderbolt Finger is capable of forming a thousand lightning dragons. Zi Chen had only grasped a little of it and can only form five thunder dragons but their power was five times stronger than the previous version of the Thunderbolt Finger.

In addition to its power, there is also the lightning's extreme speed. Five bolts of lightning instantly wrapped around the man and after that, thunderous explosions resounded one after another as silver light bloomed. It was like a silver firework blooming in front of Zi Chen.

After a moment, everything returned to silence. In front of Zi Chen, there is only a charred figure that had been struck by lightning and the man at the late Xiantian Realm is already dead.

During the previous battle, the sound have most likely spread over ten li away. It is not a good idea to stay for long.

Zi Chen took the baggage and quickly left.

What kind of world is this? I actually offended the three forces in just half a year.

Zi Chen complained incessantly. Before he had done anything, he had already offended the three great forces.

Cloud City, Heaven Killing Pavilion, and the Wu Zong Sect are all reputable existences in the Southern region and there are countless disciples in the sects. Zi Chen felt a great pressure.

To the current him, he urgently needs to reach Floating Snow City and had warned himself to be low key and not create trouble.

The forest is full of trees and there are many ancient trees that are at least a hundred years old rooted in the ground like horned dragons.

Zi Chen travelled through the dense forest and suddenly discovered that this dense forest is very familiar.

This is the dense forest near the Clear Water Village. I wonder how the villagers are doing, were they implicated?

The last time, the villagers saved him and Wang Xian'er and Zi Chen was very grateful.

As he just happened to pass by today, Zi Chen decided to take a look.

The little village was still the same small village. The village is filled with houses and smoke rose into the air, there is nothing special about it. From afar, Zi Chen could already hear the laughter of the children.

Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief as he moved behind the big tree. He prepared to enter the small village, greet the villagers and then leave but suddenly, Zi Chen saw the villagers walking out of the small village one after another, all dressed up neatly, as if they were all trying to dress up. Their faces had a look of anticipation and smiles, as if they were about to welcome an important person.

What's going on? Zi Chen was suspicious, he hid in the forest and didn't appear. Upon closer inspection, the villagers stopped at the entrance of the village, leaving behind a large empty space. The children was jumping in joy, saying that their elder sister was coming.

Elder Sister? Could it be Wang Xian'er? Zi Chen was startled but did not reveal himself.

A moment later, two more people walked out from the village. They were two middle-aged men, one tall and the other short. A look of contempt flashed in their eyes as they saw the happy children.

People of Cloud City. Zi Chen's expression changed, secretly glad that he did not appear.

They are both cultivators and possessed powerful strength. Everywhere they passed, the villagers would give way with fear in their eyes. Even the village chief was the same.

Hmph, remember this well. When the Miss comes, you all better keep your spirits up. Don't all of you dare to look sullen. The tall middle-aged man said in a cold tone.

Yes, yes. Of course, of course

The villagers all nodded in succession. They were afraid of offending the other party so they were somewhat submissive.

This.. Sir, I would like to ask, is Young Master Zi Chen really dead? The village chief spoke with a dejected tone.

When the other villagers heard this question, one of them also raised his head. Even the children stopped playing around and looked at the tall middle-aged man. In their eyes, there was hope.

Bah!, what the hell is Young Master, that guy is so daring. He dared to lie to us and made us attack the Wu Zong Sect. Forget about him dying, even if he didn't, I would have killed him with a slap. The tall middle-aged man suddenly cursed.

Zi Chen and the Miss Xian'er are very good friends. Back then, he was the one who saved the Miss Xian'er's life. Some villagers suddenly said, obviously dissatisfied with the tall man's words.

Who do you think you are, you bunch of lowly commoners? our Miss, the high and mighty Princess, an existence above tens of thousands of people and who is Zi Chen, a disciple of a small sect that has been destroyed, a mere True Qi Stage, what qualifications does he have to be on equal footing with our Miss?


Don't but, let me tell you, in the future, don't mention the name Zi Chen in front of me. What rubbish he that dares to be compared with the Miss? The tall middle-aged man said unhappily, When the Miss arrives, whoever dares to bring up Zi Chen with me, they should not even think about seeing tomorrow's Sun.

Yes, yes! The villagers nodded their heads, their eyes filled with fear.

Did you forget what we told you before? The short middle-aged man also said in a cold voice.

No, no, we will definitely speak kindly about the two sirs in front of Miss Xian`er. The villagers hurriedly said, seemingly very afraid of the two of them.

Hmph, not only do you have to use words of praise, you have to say that the little house is dilapidated and it needs to be renovated. Also say that it needs some Yuan Stones. The short man said.

Yes, yes! The village chief kept nodding with his back bent.

In the distance, Zi Chen's heart burned with anger, the two of them were shameless to the extreme, they actually wanted to use the villagers to get resources from Wang Xianer. Although the benefits are supposed to go to the villagers but obviously, the benefits would not fall into their hands.

Damn it. Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, he can't wait to make a move and slap the two of them to death.

However, just at this moment, a crisp and melodious bird cry rang out in the sky.

Hearing the noise, Zi Chen raised his head and saw a patch of fiery red bird appear in the sky. Like a burning flame, it is swiftly flying in his direction.

This is the Firebird!

Seeing the flames, Zi Chen was shocked.