Thunder Martial Chapter 113 - Killings

The two of them exchanged blows and the Xiantian weapon was smashed into pieces. The black clothed man's expression changed drastically as shock filled his eyes. The arrogance and disdain he showed earlier had long since disappeared.

Zi Chen's eyes shone with a cold light, he did not say a word, with a tap of his feet, he was already beside the black clothed man.

The black clothed man's expression changed. Just now, the previous attack had shattered his Xiantian Weapon so he can only attack with his fists. He gathered the surging Xiantian Qi to his hands. The radiance on his hands was resplendent as numerous Xiantian Qi surged and struck towards Zi Chen.


However, his fist is met with Zi Chen's silver fist. The silver fist is like a heavy hammer, powerful and ferocious. Under this attack, the black clothed man suffered a heavy blow and with a groan, his body flew backwards. At the same time, both of his arms were broken, causing the Xiantian protective shield to immediately scatter.

How could you be this strong? The black clothed man spat out blood, his eyes filled with fear. At this moment, he could not help but curse in his heart, the rumors were unreliable, this man is even more terrifying than the rumors.

Two punches are enough to injure him.

Go to hell. Zi Chen's eyes flashed with killing intent, he waved his fist again, wanting to kill the opponent.

It was a matter of life and death so naturally he couldn't be soft-hearted.


The black clothed man was blasted away, his Xiantian protective shield was destroyed, his bones were broken and he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, his injuries were severe.


The black clothed man was panic-stricken. With a tap of his feet, he prepared to escape. His Xiantian Qi activated even more crazily at this moment.

Where do you think you're going!

Zi Chen's body turned into lightning and gave another strong punch. On his fist, a dazzling silver light flashed.


Zi Chen arrived moments later and with a single strike, he sent the black clothed man flying. The black clothed man coughed out blood but did not die.

Don't kill me, I have some vital information for you. Facing Zi Chen whose body emitted dense killing intent, the black clothed man begged for mercy in fear.

Speak! Zi Chen stopped his fist in front of the black clothed man.

But you must promise not to kill me

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, and said, If you don't say anything, you will die.

As the sound of his voice faded, his fists once again shone with a silvery light as a terrifying aura surged forth from him.

I'll say, I'll say! The black clothed man cried out in alarm, There are many people here. If you don't leave now, you'll definitely be surrounded and attacked.

Who are they?

There are people from our Wu Zong Sect, people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion and people from Cloud City. Now that you have offended the three forces, if you do not leave now, when they hear the commotion and rush over, you will definitely die. The black clothed man said.

How many strong experts are there among them? Zi Chen asked.

A lot. Among them are elders at the Zhen Yuan Realm and the Imperial Sky Realm. The black clothed man said, Leave quickly. I'm afraid you won't be able to leave after a while.

Really? Then, I must thank you for your reminder. Zi Chen retracted his fist and laughed.

No need for thanks, no need for thanks! black clothed man smiled apologetically, but in his heart, he was full of contempt.

However, before he even had the chance to curse in his heart, he felt a terrifying aura appear in front of him and it was from the fist that Zi Chen had just retracted.


With a loud sound, the resplendent silver light disappeared and Zi Chen retracted his fist. The black clothed man's body fell backwards.

Hmph, do you think I am an idiot? Why would so many of them wait here for me for two months? Looking at the corpse on the ground, Zi Chen sneered.

After killing the Wu Zong Sect disciple, he did not leave immediately but walked around as if he was searching for something. A moment later, Zi Chen found a black baggage from a big boulder and opened it up to find a few pieces of dried meat, some rations, and a porcelain bottle containing several Qi Restoration Pills.

Zi Chen took the Qi Restoration Pills and also took out some dried food to wolf it down. It had been a long time since he last ate and he is very, very hungry.

Zi Chen is extremely hungry, he just chewed and swallowed everything down and almost choked on his food. He quickly took out his water bag and gulped down a few mouthfuls and then finished the meat.


Just as he finished eating all the meat and before he could even swallow them all, Zi Chen felt a burst of killing intent. The killing intent is bone-piercing, extremely cold, it went straight to the point between his eyebrows, following that, a cold light appeared from the darkness, like a ray of lightning, aimed straight at the center of Zi Chen's brows.

People of the Heaven Killing Pavilion!

Zi Chen was too familiar with this move of sneakily killing, he had witnessed it with Wang Xian'er many times. With a cry of alarm, his body suddenly exploded forth, and the Xiantian Qi in his body frantically surged, wanting to block this killing blow.

The Sword Qi recklessly flashed with cold light, carrying the killer's killing blow, in that instant, it had reached Zi Chen's forehead.


With a light sound, the Xiantian Protection Shield was pierced through. At the same time, the sharp tip of a sword pointed at Zi Chen's forehead, releasing a bone-piercing killing intent, causing Zi Chen to feel a moment of pain between his eyebrows. Before he could even react, the longsword had arrived.


It was too fast!

This is the Heaven Killing Pavilion's Hidden Killing Sword Technique, it is unbelievably fast. Under a sneak attack, very few people could dodge it. This is a sword technique that allowed them to kill enemies beyond their cultivation realm.


Around Zi Chen's body, silver light surged as his vital energy and blood also surged. His strong physique is completely revealed and at this critical moment, allowing him to withstand the attack. The sharp tip of the sword carried a bone-piercing chill as it instantly pierced towards the center of Zi Chen's brows.


But right after, the sound of metal clashing sounded out. It is as if the tip of sword had stabbed onto steel and is unable to advance any further. Instead, it is also forced back.

How is this possible....? This physique...

The person who launched the sneak attack had a drastic change in his expression. The Sword Qi flashed again and this time, it actually went for Zi Chen's eyes. This is where everyone's vital points were so their defense is definitely not that strong there.


At this moment, Zi Chen finally reacted. He threw down his water bag and dry rations and suddenly punched towards the sword.

This was Zi Chen's powerful punch and when it came out at that moment, it was entirely out of anger.


The power of his punch destroyed the sword and didn't dissipate. It is still as powerful as before, rushing forward and following that, the person who launched the sneak attack is also flung away by Zi Chen as he coughed blood in the air.

Damn you, Heaven Killing Pavilion Zi Chen cursed, he touched his forehead and felt pain in his forehead. There is also a shallow wound, he felt a bit of fear. Luckily, he had broken through, his physique had become even stronger, if not, he would have been killed.

In a flash, The Nine Thunder Pass appeared beneath his feet and like a bolt of lightning, he charged towards the Heaven Killing Pavilion expert at extreme speed.


When Zi Chen punched towards the Heaven Killing Pavilion expert, it was accompanied by the sound of exploding Qi, causing the expert to cough out blood. This expert's face is hidden by a mask. On his entire body, other than his hands, only his eyes were exposed, it could be considered the main uniform of the Heaven Killing Pavilion when killing people.


One strike after another hit the masked man like a violent storm of attacks, leaving the masked man with no way to react at all.


Zi Chen's fists are like iron hammers as they smashed down abruptly, causing a clear sound of bones breaking to rang out.

Zi Chen had just broken through but had almost died in the midst of his sneak attack. He had attacked repeatedly, venting the anger in his heart as he repeatedly attack, with each attack stronger than the last.

Ah! The masked man screamed miserably, many of the bones in his body had practically been shattered. Zi Chen could have killed the masked man with one strike but he had chosen this method, it is obvious that he wanted to torture him.

He was terrified to the extreme, he did not expect Zi Chen to be so terrifying. Bringing along his severely injured body, he quickly fled, his figure flashing, and several afterimages instantly appeared.


Zi Chen's body turned into lightning, bringing about an extreme speed as he stuck closely to the masked man like a shadow and continuously punched out.


The masked man was sent flying. He screamed miserably as a few more of his bones were broken.

Zi Chen flashed his body forward, and waved his fist again.

Kid, you have offended the Heaven Killing Pavilion. From now on, there is no path to heaven or hell... Ah... The masked man retorted maliciously but he screamed again because the bones in his legs had been broken.

You will die a horrible death. The masked man cursed.

The ones who will die a horrible death are you animals. Zi Chen bellowed as he stomped his right foot downwards. With a flash of silver light, the power of his stomp is like the pressure of a mountain, causing the masked man's arm to be crippled once again.

Brat, you have guts. You offended three forces at such a young age. Haha, let's see how long you can live. Before he died, the masked man actually burst out laughing, with eyes full of disdain and pity, as though he is looking at a dead person.

I will definitely live longer than you! Zi Chen's eyes were filled with killing intent and he stepped towards the masked man's chest.


The silver energy had completely erupted and destroyed everything.

Everything was over. The masked man finally died.

The experts from the Heaven Killing Pavilion and the Wu Zong Sect all died.

After killing the masked man, Zi Chen did not stay any longer. He picked up the baggage not too far away and placed it inside the water bag. Then, his figure flickered as he quickly rushed into the distance. His feet flashed with lightning, his speed is extremely fast and as he ran along, he continuously looked around. It didn't seem like he was running for his life, but rather, he seemed to be searching for something.

Zi Chen is indeed looking for something, but it was not a thing. He is searching for a person from Cloud City. Before the two of them died, they said that he offended the three forces so the last one who stayed here to monitor him is obviously also from Cloud City.

As he ran around, Zi Chen tried to find any place where the Cloud City expert could hide. After a while, relying on his extremely fast speed, he heard the sound of clothes flapping.

There is indeed someone here. Zi Chen's heart stirred, he once again increased his speed, and flew towards the side.

Abnormal, abnormal. This Zi Chen is really abnormal, to think that he managed to defend against the Heaven Killing Pavilion's finishing blow, just how powerful is his body? The one running at a fast speed is from CLoud City. He is at the late Xiantian Realm and is the strongest out of the three, he was extremely confident in his ability to kill Zi Chen previously.

However, when he truly saw Zi Chen and saw that Heaven Killing Pavilion's killing blow could not even break through his defense and Zi Chen's single attack had caused the masked man to vomit blood, he was incomparably shocked. He no longer had the desire to kill Zi Chen and only wanted to run for his life.

It's been two months and this guy really came out alive. If he came out a month earlier, the others would not have retreated and we could have attacked him together. Now, I'm the only one left, how can I be so unlucky?

In the previous month, there had been at least five strong experts who had guarded this place, two of them being at the Zhen Yuan Realm. However, after a month and when they saw that there are still no movements from the Thunder Domain, they all thought that Zi Chen had died a long time ago so they all went back.

However, they would have never expected that Zi Chen would actually come out alive two months later.

This person was running away at a very high speed when suddenly, he stopped and his eyes were filled with terror.

Unknowingly, Zi Chen had already arrived in front of him. His black clothes were tattered but his waist was ramrod straight with his back facing this person from Cloud City