Thunder Martial Chapter 112 - Evolved Thunderbolt Finger

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A bolt of lightning surged out from his finger, twisting and shining with a silver light. It is like a lightning dragon, bringing a terrifying aura as it charged towards Zi Chen.

This is the first skill of the Thunderbolt Finger and it involves forming lightning and it is only this one move. Zi Chen had already grasped it long ago so there is nothing strange about it.


With a tap of his feet, a silver light flashed as thunder and lightning appeared. He dodged the attack like a ghost.

But just at this moment, a change occurred. The youth who released the Thunderbolt Finger did not stop there, his fingers once again shone with silver light and he started to make hand seals. It is a seal that was even more complicated than the Thunderbolt Finger.

The seal is complicated and difficult to understand but there is an inexplicable energy circulating within it. The youth made a seal and his fingers covered in silver light seemed to dance like an elf, exceptionally nimble. In an instant, the complex seal came to an end.

The youth's finger glowed with a dazzling silver light as a terrifying aura emanated from it.


As the seal landed, lightning started to surge and bolts of lightning appeared from the youth's body. Each lightning bolt is bright and terrifying and each lightning bolt had the power of the Thunderbolt Finger from before. It is a total of a thousand lightning bolts that filled the sky and earth with peerless might.

What is this? Such terrifying power!

Zi Chen's face changed, the sky is filled with lightning. He could not dodge, he continuously used the Nine Thunder Pass, attempting to dodge the lightning but there are simply too many lightning bolts and their power is terrifying. In an instant, they enveloped Zi Chen and then they exploded, releasing rumbling sounds.

In the Thunder Domain, Zi Chen opened his eyes with shock in them. The Thunderbolt Finger is an incomplete battle skill, with only one move. However, what the lightning youth had unleashed just now was clearly an even more complicated Thunderbolt Finger.

Could it be that this lightning youth has restored the Thunderbolt Finger? Zi Chen guessed in his heart and he became extremely shocked.

Unfortunately, he had been struck by thousands of lightning bolts and he hadn't paid close attention to those seals at all.

After thinking for an entire hour and not being able to think it through, Zi Chen decided to watch again.

Concentrating and calming his mind, Zi Chen once again entered into deep meditation, his entire body shining with a silver light. After a moment, he once again entered the Lightning Space.

The lightning youth's eyes were as sharp as lightning and his entire body is filled with a tyrannical aura of lightning. The moment he appeared, he had already unleashed his Thunderbolt Finger and the Thunderbolt Finger turned into a lightning dragon as it roared and charged at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen moved to the side, easily dodging the attack.

Zi Chen's eyes were focused on the youth's hands. The youth's fingers were bright and silver, as though they are made of pure silver but they are extremely agile. One after another, complicated hand seals were quickly formed and soon after, even more lightning dragons appeared and surrounded Zi Chen.

The lightning dragon exploded and a terrifying energy was released as Zi Chen's figure disappeared from the Lightning Space.

This is the complete version of the Thunderbolt Finger, it's power is peerless, it's definitely the strongest Rank One Martial Techniques In the Thunder Domain, Zi Chen opened his eyes with a hint of ecstasy.

This lightning youth is indeed extraordinary, to actually be able to evolve the complete version of the Thunderbolt Finger.

Suddenly, Zi Chen's eyes lit up, The complete version of the Thunderbolt Finger can even be evolved the lightning youth. I wonder what the complete version of the Nine Thunder Pass will be like?

Thinking about this question, Zi Chen's heart became extremely fervent. The Nine Thunder Pass is reputed to be as fast the heaven and earth. If the lightning youth can evolve the Nine Thunder Pass, he will basically be unmatched in the world

Zi Chen's heart moved, he once again sat crossed legged, wanting to go to the lightning space once more but unfortunately, he has already used up a lot of energy

Zi Chen felt disappointed, he can only wait until tomorrow.

Very few people would come to the Thunder Domain so it is very safe for Zi Chen as he cultivated here. It had already been two months and even if they suspected that Zi Chen is still alive, they would still give up after not seeing him after so long

Another day later, Zi Chen opened his eyes and looked at the Thunder Domain, his heart filled with unwillingness to part.

This is a good place to cultivate, but unfortunately, it was not suitable for the current him because Zi Chen is starving to death. Previously, when he was meditating to cultivate to break through realms. He absorbed lightning energy to temper his body and he was in a deep state of comprehension so he did not feel hungry at all.

It's time to go or else I will starve to death here. Next time, I'll bring enough food and properly cultivate here. Zi Chen thought.

Before leaving, Zi Chen once again entered the fourth level of the Thunder Domain, wanting to see if there is anything special here. After searching for a while, Zi Chen finally discovered something.

It is a fist-sized rock that emitted a faint golden glow, like an abandoned artifact forging material. It is only the size of a fist but it is extremely heavy, about several hundred kilograms. When Zi Chen picked it up, he did not pay attention to the weight, causing his body to stagger and he almost fell.

An Imperial Sky Realm expert can only make it to the third level of the Thunder Domain but Zi Chen found a light golden stone in the fourth level of the Thunder Domain. It is only the size of a fist and it shone with a golden light.

Take it out and sell it. It'll solve my urgent problem.

After several months of chasing and killing, other than his life, Zi Chen had lost everything else, even the two True Yuan Skills he had to give to the Black Tortoise Sect. The only thing he has is only a black disc, a tattered set of clothes and his life.

After leaving the Thunder Domain, one had to live. This strange rock is just right for sale.

As for the way out, Zi Chen had already thought about it.

Wang Xian'er had treated him quite wellso if Zi Chen went to look for her, he would naturally be able to obtain her protection. However, Wang Zhenwei wanted to seize the treasures on his body and Wang Qiong also wanted to kill him.

As for the Cangli City, it is not far from the Wu Zong Sect and many disciples would enter there. Therefore, Zi Chen could not go there either, he could only go to the Floating Snow City.

It is recorded in the books that there would always be snow falling in the four seasons of the Floating Snow City and it will never stop, it is a very unusual place

Carrying the mysterious stone in his hands, Zi Chen finally walked out of the Thunder Domain after two months. Taking a deep breath, Zi Chen removed the silver light barrier on his body and directly headed outside.

After breaking through to the Xiantian Realm, his physique had undergone another transformation. Zi Chen did not need to rely on his silver light barrier to be able to withstand this lightning pressure.

Outside of the Thunder Domain everything is deathly silent. There were no birds in the sky and no beasts underground. The only thing that can be heard is the rumbling of thunder and lighting that spread out for several li.

Zi Chen is so hungry that his heart is basically touching his back. He can only try to find something to eat first but before he can walk out of the range of the lightning pressure, he saw a figure sitting cross-legged on a large rock outside of the lightning pressure.

It is a man who is currently cultivating cross-legged. Just as Zi Chen walked out from the lightning pressure from the Thunder Domain, he saw who the man is. At the same time, the man also noticed his presence and opened his eyes.

It's you... Zi Chen, you really didn't die? When the man opened his eyes and saw Zi Chen, he was extremely shocked.

Zi Chen's pupils contracted as his eyes instantly became cold.

This person is clad in black and his attire was similar to that of the previous members of the Wu Zong Sect. Now that he mentioned his name, it is clear that he was a member of the Wu Zong Sect.

This bunch of damn bastards still haven't left? The moment he appeared, he is discovered by someone. He did not want to face another round of pursuit. A cold light flashed in his eyes, Zi Chen had already unleashed his killing intent.

However, before he could make a move, he heard a fiendish laugh, Haha, the heavens treated me well. After staying here for so many months, everyone else had already left. I am the only one left, but unexpectedly, I found you.

The black-clothed man laughed out loud in excitement, his eyes gleaming with green light, You didn't die in the Thunder Domain. I assume that the treasure is on you. Very well, as long as I kill you, that treasure will be mine.

The man in black seemed very confident.

With just you? Zi Chen looked at him coldly.

Hehe, you're just a mere True Qi Realm, what can you do to me? The man in black sneered, his eyes full of disdain.

Along the way, Zi Chen and Cloud City has killed so many disciples from the Wu Zong Sect. As a result, a large number of people from the Wu Zong Sect arrived but not everyone had fought with Zi Chen before.

I was told about how powerful and fierce you are but unfortunately, I didn't see it myself. I only saw you running away like a dog. Today, let me experience it for myself. The black-clothed man laughed in disdain. When he came, he had only seen Zi Chen escaping and was in a very sorry state.

As you wish. Seeing that the black-clothed man had not run away and instead arrogantly went forward. Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief, but in the next moment, hearing the black clothed man's words, he became even more vigilant.

Hmph, the idiots from Cloud City and the Heaven Killing Pavillion must have already retreated far away. Looks like this treasure belongs to me.

With that, the black clothed man stepped forward, his Xiantian Qi starting to surge, following that, he pointed his finger, releasing a sharp Sword Qi towards Zi Chen.


The Sword Qi is sharp, with the power of an Xiantian Realm expert. Zi Chen did not choose to take it head-on but chose to dodge. With a flash under his feet, he dodged the Sword Qi and turned into a ray of silver light, charging towards the black clothed man.

He had to stick to his opponent to prevent him from running away in fear after seeing his powerful strength.



Zi Chen's figure flickered, his body transforming into a silver light, his speed quick and in the blink of an eye, he is already in front of the black clothed man.

Kid, I've long heard that your physique is special but I have the Xiantian protective shield. What can you do to me? The black clothed man laughed sinisterly, his Xiantian Qi surging and a resplendent Xiantian light barrier appearing around him. At the same time, a cold light flashed and his sword left its sheath, slashing towards Zi Chen's vitals with a sharp aura.


The black clothed man laughed sinisterly, a cold light flickering in his eyes. His attack was even sharper, bringing along the terrifying Xiantian Qi.


Zi Chen snorted, his two hands forming fists, the blood and Qi in his body surging, like a dragon awakening. He did not use his Xintian Qi and only used his body's power. He punched about, bringing about a huge pressure as his fist moved towards the sword.

Zi Chen wanted to use his own body to block a Xiantian weapon.

How reckless!

The black-clothed man laughed coldly as the tip of his sword had already touched Zi Chen's fist.


At the same time, a powerful force rushed towards the longsword and a terrifying force directly poured into the longsword. In an instant, cracks that looked like spider webs appeared on the longsword, followed by a loud bang, the Xiantian weapon is shattered by Zi Chen's attack.

The black clothed man is also forced back a few steps.

You... The moment the punch landed, the black clothed man's facial expressions changed drastically.