Thunder Martial Chapter 111 - Breakthrough to the Xiantian Realm

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Within the Thunder Domain, tens of thousands of lightning bolts wreaked havoc. They had no beginning or end and would never dissipate, destroying anything that they can destroy.

Aside from the thunder and lightning, there is nothing else here. It is completely empty.

It was said that the appearance of the Thunder Domain was because a corner of the Thunder God Shrine had been destroyed. It is very mysterious and the lightning contained within it is extremely terrifying. It has no beginning nor end and it is terrifyingly powerful.

This place was divided into nine levels according according to the strength of the thunder and lighting. The ninth level contained the most terrifying amount of thunder and lightning and according to legends, there is a great treasure that belonged to the Thunder God Shrine that that no one had ever found.

In the third level of the Thunder Domain, Wang Zhenwei and Liu Qingfeng left after searching for a while but to no avail.

The limit that the two of them could reach was the third level. After the two of them left, a figure walked out from the fourth level of the Thunder Domain that was located at the edge of the third level.

The person is dressed in black, his clothes tattered and full of bloodstains and he looked to be in a sorry state. At the moment, his entire body was emitting streaks of silver light, blocking all of the thunder and lightning on the third level. He is young, very young, and his eyes glowed with lightning.

Zi Chen had decided to enter the Thunder Domain beforehand. However, he had never expected that after Liu Qingfeng compromised, he would choose to launch a sneak attack and fortunately, he reacted very quickly, and avoided the attack.

His body flickered and after entering the Thunder Domain, what entered his vision was only lightning. It was extremely dense and terrifyingly powerful but these lightning did not kill Zi Chen. His body is covered in a bright silver light, forming a silver shield around him.

He was not immediately killed, Zi Chen knew that his wager was right, his power of lightning can protect him in the Thunder Domain.

At this time, Zi Chen had already entered the second level of the Thunder Domain, followed closely by the third level and finally broke through to the fourth level.

When he reached the fourth level, Zi Chen felt started to feel pressure and he could feel a terrifying aura from within the fifth level. This aura felt very dangerous so he no longer went forward but hid at the edge of the fourth level's Thunder Domain.

At the same time, Zi Chen felt that the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art in his body is also circulating frantically in his body and its speed is more than multiple times faster than the outside world.

As it revolved, there is also a silver energy that was vaguely absorbed by his body.

In the Thunder Domain, there was only one type of energy, and that is thunder and lightning energy.

Zi Chen was shocked when he felt his body absorbing the lightning energy, and immediately turned ecstatic. However, the rate at which he absorbed the lightning energy is simply too slow.

After a few hours, Zi Chen reckoned that the Liu Qingfeng and Wang Zhenwei had left so he went out of the fourth level of the Thunder Domain.

When he reached the third level, Zi Chen felt the pressure reduced by a lot. Thus, after carefully looking around on the first three levels, he carefully looked outside. Through the thin barrier of lightning, Zi Chen could see that the outside was empty.

He is finally sure that everyone had left.

However, just in case, he didn't immediately leave but instead stayed behind in the Thunder Domain.

He sat cross-legged and circulated the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art. Streams of silver energy passed through his skin and flowed into his body.

During this period, Zi Chen sat down in each of the four levels of the Thunder Domain. He discovered that the pressure on the first level was the least and the energy he absorbed is even faster. The pressure on the fourth level was the largest but the rate he at which he absorbed the energy is also the slowest.

Thus, in the following period of time, Zi Chen stayed at the first level of the Thunder Domain.

His strength had already reached the peak of tenth layer of True Qi. All of the True Qi Pills had been eaten by him already and there is no longer any True Qi Pills for him to eat but the endless thunder and lightning energy here actually made things easier for Zi Chen to cultivate with.

The thunder and lightning energy passed through his skin and into his body, going into his blood and bones and finally reaching his blood channels. In that period of time, Zi Chen's body underwent a change and following that, the wave of energy was absorbed by his heart which once again refined it and sent it out to every part of his body.

This was a transformation that means that he is about to reach the Xiantian Realm. His physique which had already reached its limit had undergone a tremendous change under this endless amount of silver energy.

At the same time, Zi Chen's True Qi is increasing bit by bit, but compared to his physique, the growth of his True Qi is not very fast.

The Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art mainly focused on the body, physique, and bones. The silver lightning energy passed through his body, changing his physique. This is a qualitative change and Zi Chen could clearly feel the changes in his body.

The silver energy seeped into his body like a warm current, nourishing his body and causing it to constantly change. Silver light brilliantly shone around his body, causing him to look as if he is valiant and dignified like a god of thunder sitting in the midst of thousands of lightning bolts.

The thunder and lightning around him continuously flashed like lightning snake, twisting and turning with frightening power but when Zi Chen meditated, all the thunder and lightning around him doesn't go near him, creating a safe space for him to cultivate in.


Inside Zi Chen's body, it is as if thunder and lightning were exploding and releasing rumbling sounds. This is the sound produced by the transformation of his bones after absorbing the thunder and lighting, almost as if it is the sound of the Great Dao.. The Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art may seem simple but it is incomparably profound and it is a cultivation technique that could absorb the lightning and turn it into pure energy.

His blood boiled and his blood is vigorous, just like a massive wave that surged to the heavens as waves of powerful energy wreaked havoc.

Zi Chen's entire body is shining with a resplendent silver light, as if he is a precious light that is dazzling to the eye.

Time continued to flow and Zi Chen entered into a state of deep meditation. Time seemed to return to one entity, motionless and unmoving.

At the start, when he first absorbed the lightning energy, Zi Chen could only feel it. However, as he meditated for a longer period of time, the rate at which his strength increased was faster and faster, to the point where he could see with his naked eye that as the lightning energy enter into his body through his pores

Breaking through to the Xiantian realm from the peak of the True Qi Realm is a qualitative transformation. It is like a natural chasm but with a huge difference. This difference was at least ten times greater.

Under normal circumstances, a Xiantian Realm could easily destroy a True Qi Realm and only some geniuses would have the ability to destroy enemies beyond their cultivation level. Of course, there are some special circumstances, just like how Zi Chen relied on the lightning pressure in the Thunder Domain to destroy enemies who are a few realms higher than him.

As the wisps of lightning entered his body, the silver light started to shine brightly and began to transform.



More than ten days later, rumbling sounds came out from within Zi Chen's body again. It is like the sound of heavenly thunder, causing his bones to buzz, and his joints to emit a resplendent silver light. This time, the light was emitted from within Zi Chen's body which was resplendent. At the same time, his peak tenth layer of True Qi is also advancing towards the Xiantian Realm.

In the following period of time, rumbling sounds would occasionally come out from Zi Chen's body, as if lightning was surging inside his body. It is as if heavenly lightning were tempering his body and it resounded time after time.

More than ten days passed, Zi Chen's physique had already reached its limit. Thunder rumbled as if it is the sound of the Great Dao and his tenth layer of True Qi energy had finally undergone a qualitative change after a period of accumulation.

Within the silver colored True Qi, there were flashes of lightning. His True Qi is transforming into Xiantian Qi.

The Xiantian Qi is more condensed, it could be used outside the body, forming sword qi, blade light, fist light and its degree of density is definitely ten times more than normal True Qi.

The Xiantian Qi in Zi Chen's body is extremely pure, far surpassing ordinary people. At this moment, he is advancing towards the Xiantian Realm and his own Xiantian Qi had increased by several realms. This kind of transformation is very slow.

He sat upright within the thunder domain like a God of Thunder. Silver light emanated from him as he meditated in silence and absorbing the lightning energy in order to break through.

Time flowed, one day had passed and Zi Chen's transformation had finally come to an end.

After around ten days, the last bit of True Qi in Zi Chen's body also transformed into Xiantian Qi.


Zi Chen's entire body shone with a silver light. His eyes are sharp like lightning and he had an imposing aura about him, which made him give off an incomparable pressure at the same time.

After more than a month, Zi Chen finally broke through.

Both of his fists clenched tightly, his joints releasing cracking sounds. Zi Chen could clearly feel just how terrifying the energy in his body is.

Without using Xiantian Qi, just my physiqueal body is able to kill a person of the same cultivation realm with a single punch. Zi Chen clenched his fist. After sensing the power of his body, his eyes lit up.

Inside his dantian, all of the Xiantian Qi had become silver, with streaks of lightning flashing within. It is extremely pure.

After breaking through to the Xiantian Realm, his physique had increased by many times. This time, Zi Chen's transformation had brought about a tremendous change to his body.


Two fingers pointed forward and a silver sSword Qi left his body. It shot forward and finally disappeared into the Thunder Domain.

Xiantian Qi, after the True Qi transformed into Xiantian Qi, it could leave one's body.

I broke through. I finally broke through. If I am being chased again, I won't be in such a sorry state anymore. Zi Chen sighed in his heart.

Zi Chen did not immediately leave. Instead, he sat cross-legged and began to stabilize his cultivation.

Without the Xiantian Pill, Zi Chen could only absorb a little more lightning energy. A few days later, Zi Chen's realm stabilized and at the same time, he became familiar with his current realm

Zi Chen sat cross-legged in the Thunder Domain, focused and entered the ethereal state. He had not entered this state for several months.

In the middle of Lightning Space, lightning crackled crazily and immediately after, a youth clad in lightning appeared. He looked like Zi Chen, but his body is surrounded by lightning and he looked even younger, as though he is a teenager.

The youth in lightning suddenly appeared and stood in the distance. His eyes are cold and indifferent, and his entire body is like a bolt of lightning that revealed its edge.

Why did the lightning youth appear again? Zi Chen was very doubtful about the appearance of this lighting youth. Logically speaking, he should not have appeared because he had already mastered all of his martial skills.

But in the next moment, the lightning youth pointed a finger at Zi Chen.


A blinding bolt of lightning appeared.

One finger turned into thunder, this is the Thunderbolt Finger.