Thunder Martial Chapter 110 - Blasted into Oblivion

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Wang Zhenwei is very strong and is very famous in Southern Region. His strength is ranked in the top three in Cloud City and he is definitely a strong expert.

As he stared his aura surged and a wave of killing intent had already locked onto Liu Qingfeng, causing his heart to not help but tremble.

He had not entered into the Wu Zong Sect yet when he had fought Wang Zhenwei in the past and Wang Zhenhai almost crippled him at that time. Although he had studied a lot in the sect over the years, he still does not think that he could deal with Wang Zhenwei.

Wang Zhenwei, you better understand, he is someone that our Wu Zong Sect wants, he is also one of us. For your Cloud City to shelter him, do you want to become enemies with our Wu Zong Sect? Since his strength was inferior, he might as well use his identity to suppress them so Liu Qingfeng said strongly.

Hmph, I naturally do not care about your matters. It's just that if this child dies today, where will my Cloud City's reputation go? Wouldn't others say that my Cloud City's people are ungrateful? Wang Zhenwei glared as him as his aura surged, bringing about a large amount of pressure to everyone, If I let you take him away today, then where would I, Wang Zhenwei, hide my face and the face of Cloud City?

What do you mean? Liu Qingfeng's voice is ice-cold and extremely domineering but in his heart, he was complaining. His own strength could not match up to Wang Zhenwei and his own people had been caught by them. The situation is very disadvantageous for him.

My meaning is very clear. I want to take this little fellow away in order to protect him today, he has done my Cloud City a great service. Wang Zhenwei said very straightforwardly but he left some leeway in his words.

Liu Qingfeng is not an idiot, Wang Zhenwei's meaning was very clear, Zi Chen can live today but he didn't say anything about tomorrow. Liu Qingfeng also understands this logic, but if he waits till tomorrow, there is no point in capturing Zi Chen. All the things in his body will most likely have been taken away by Wang Zhenwei.

He is not stupid and the other party is not stupid as well. The Wu Zong Sect is chasing after a True Qi Realm, and actually sent out an Imperial Sky Expert. It is obvious that Zi Chen most likely had something they want

No, this is a matter of our Wu Zong Sect. If you insist on interfering, I can only assume that you want to fight our Wu Zong Sect at any cost. Liu Qingfeng said unyieldingly.

Are you, Liu Qingfeng, seeking death today? Wang Zhenwei was enraged. The more Liu Qingfeng persisted, the more he felt that there is something important on Zi Chen's body.

The two sides were in a deadlock, and Zi Chen, as the person in question, appeared to be very calm. Both sides fought back and forth with the aim of obtaining what he had on him.

The only thing that he received from the Grand Elder is the defensive treasure. At that time, it had been very casual and the Grand Elder did not say that it is a great treasure. Although Zi Chen suspected that they wanted it, he is not sure.

At this moment, his life and death had already been decided.

Wang Zhenwei protected him so he can take the black disc. As for tomorrow, the people of the Wu Zong Sect would immediately kill him. If Wang Zhenwei doesn't protect him, then he would definitely die.

It is just a day late and a day early. Rather than putting his life in someone else's hands, Zi Chen would rather take a gamble.

He is betting on whether the black disc is something they wanted and if it is that powerful.

Just as he was thinking this, the two of them had already finished discussing, and in the end, they did not make a move and Liu Qingfeng finally made a compromise.

It was not worth it to die for something.

Alright, today I will give you, Wang Zhenwei, some face. If it is someone else, I would naturally have to spar with him. Liu Qingfeng said coldly, which could be considered as giving himself a way out.

In the distance, although the group of Wu Zong Sect's disciples were discontented, they did not dare to say anything. They are not in a position to speak.

Alright, Qiong'er, take Zi Chen and leave. As for that trash, you can let him go. Wang Zhenwei said indifferently.

The restrained Imperial Sky Expert was released and Wang Qiong also noticed the situation. Knowing that Zi Chen had a great treasure on him, he walked straight towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen's eyes constantly flashed. Today, if he was taken away by Wang Qiong, his life would definitely be in the hands of the other party.

Hmph, boy, consider yourself lucky. Wang Qiong snorted, a killing intent materialized in his eyes, it was clear, he would not let Zi Chen go, he would kill him sooner or later.

Zi Chen did not say a word, he quietly looked at the other side, the distance between the two sides got closer and closer, Zi Chen's pupils shrank, he made up his mind, Right now


Suddenly, a berserk Qi surged, Liu Qingfeng actually made his move and with his hand extended out, the light shining on it shone resplendent, instantly striking towards Zi Chen. His large palm moved forward with an unstoppable force, as if he wanted to kill Zi Chen in one strike.

Liu Qingfeng took action but it is a sneak attack, exceeding everyone's expectations.

Liu Qingfeng, how dare you. Wang Zhenwei's face changed, obviously he did not expect the other party to be so shameless By the time he reacted, it is already too late, in a short ten meters, an Imperial Sky Expert's attack can arrive in an instant.

Humph, Wang Zhenwei, the matters of my Wu Zong Sect is not something you can meddle in. Liu Qingfeng snorted coldly, his hand seals becoming even faster and fiercer.


The surging aura came from behind him. Wang Qiong subconsciously dodged to the side, and then, the huge palm reached out for him. This was also the moment when Zi Chen had made his decision. When the palm completely enveloped him, his figure flashed and transformed into a streak of lightning that charged into the Thunder Domain.


Boundless energy surged and wreaked havoc, causing the space to distort violently. An Imperial Sky Expert's attack is extremely terrifying, Wang Qiong's body turned into green light as he continuously retreated, barely dodging the impact of the aftershock.

The entire space was trembling. The place where Liu Qingfeng's palm was pointing towards emitted a loud bang. A terrifying energy was surging crazily, giving off an apocalyptic aura. For such a powerful attack, forget about a cultivator in the True Qi Realm, even if the cultivator is in the Zhen Yuan Realm, they would still die a graveless death.

The surging energy gradually dissipated and the world returned to silence. The distorted space once again recovered but up ahead, the place where Zi Chen had previously been standing is empty. It was as if he was struck into oblivion by the Imperial Sky Expert.

Zi Chen!

Wang Xian'er cried out in alarm and her beautiful face lost color. Her tears flowed down her cheeks, clearly thinking that Zi Chen had been smashed into oblivion

How is this possible?

Liu Qingfeng also had a face full of disbelief. It was normal for him to kill his opponent with one strike but Liu Qingfeng didn't expect that one of his attacks would actually reduce his opponent to oblivion.

Could it be that the item is really not in his hands? At this moment, Liu Qingfeng also hesitated.

Zi Chen made his move the moment the palm imprint enveloped him. He flashed into the Thunder Domain and he blocked everyone's line of sight using the bright light from his Thunderbolt Finger.

As for Wang Zhenwei and the others, they placed all of their attention on Liu Qingfeng and did not look at him.

As a result, no one saw Zi Chen enter the Thunder Domain in a flash.

Impossible, according to his performance on the way, it's impossible for him to be blasted into oblivion. Liu Qingfeng let out a strange cry and with a tap of his feet, he dashed towards the Thunder Domain.

Liu Qingfeng, how dare you, you actually dare to play with me. Wang Zhenwei roared and rushed into the Thunder Domain.


Along the way, Zi Chen took good care of her and used his body to help her block attacks several times. She had even promised him that once they were saved, she would bring him back to the Clouds City and protect him from being hunted down.

But now... He was blasted into oblivion.

Wang Qiong's eyes were filled with tears, her figure flashed and she almost fell to the ground. Wang Qiong hurriedly supported her and said indifferently, Little sister, you are a favored child of the heavens, he is just an unremarkable character. He used a little bit of cleverness to hurt you, he died because he deserved it, why are you being so sad?

Wuu... Wuu...

It was fine if Wang Qiong didn't say it but she became even more saddened after hearing him. She, who is intelligent and quick-witted just now, naturally heard what he said but couldn't say anything. She was still thinking of begging her uncle to save Zi Chen after she leaves this place.

The two Imperial Sky Experts charged into the Thunder Domain one after the other. Their protective spirit energy spread out, creating a stable space for the two of them. The lightning descended abruptly but it is unable to destroy their protective shield.

From their point of view, Zi Chen should have died here but after running around for a few hundred meters, they still could not find Zi Chen's corpse.

Could it be that he was blasted into oblivion? Liu Qingfeng also hesitated at this moment, he didn't dare be certain that the treasure is in his hands either. If he really had it, it would be impossible for it to be smashed into oblivion but if he didn't have the treasure on him, it wouldn't be reasonable for them to have tried to kill him time and time again.

Wang Zhenwei did not speak, and directly flew forward. He did not believe that the little fellow had died.

Liu Qingfeng caught up, the two of them ran forward a few hundred metres and the lightning in the deeper area became stronger causing the two of them to be unable to endure it. After a while, the two of them no longer searched for Zi Chen's corpse and instead for anything that might have been left behind by Zi Chen

However, the entire Thunder Domain is filled with lightning. Even if they died, let alone a True Qi Realm, there wouldn't be a corpse left behind. They would be struck into oblivion by the lightning in an instant.

It can't be that there aren't any Liu Qingfeng did not believe it and advanced once again. This time, he kept moving forward until he was within the range of the lightning and if he went any further, the thunder and lightning would take his life. He continuously searched around this area carefully in order to not miss a single corner.

Unfortunately, there is still nothing.

Did that old man really not give it to him? Or did that old man not have it himself? Liu Qingfeng was hesitant and walked towards the outskirts of the Thunder Domain.

When Wang Zhenwei heard Liu Qingfeng's muttering, he also let out a cold snort and said, When has your Wu Zong Sect ever been reliable?

After he had finished, he waved his sleeves and walked outside, obviously having given up on searching.

Liu Qingfeng is very unwilling to accept this. After looking around once more, he still did not see anything and can only leave unwillingly.

In the outside world, everyone was waiting. Seeing the two flying out in the air and seeing that Zi Chen did not appear, Wang Xianer's eyes reddened.

Let's go!

Wang Zhenwei let out a low sigh, This is life, fate preordained. That brat fell today, no one can protect him

No, I don't believe he will die. He won't die. Wang Xianer madly rushed towards the Thunder Domain but was caught by Wang Qiong.

Take Xian`er back, your parents are worried sick.

When the people from Clouds City left, the people from the Wu Zong Sect also unwillingly left. They had chased Zi Chen all the way here but they never expected that this is how it ends up

Everyone had left, leaving only a few corpses lying on the ground alone.

Wang Xian'er turned her head back three times with each step, her eyes filled with reluctance, and muttered: I'll come back to see you.

Tears rolled down her face and fell to the ground. Like crystalline pearls, they instantly shattered.