Thunder Martial Chapter 11 - Return to the Sect

Hearing the startled sound, Zi Chen turned and saw an old man in linen clothing staring back at him in the middle of the hall.

Steward Zhang.

Zi Chen knew this old man. He is surnamed Zhang and is the caretaker here. He is also a very amiable sort of person. Although his status could not be compared with the inner sect disciples, he is still ranked above the outer sect disciples. This place was where disciples who had gone out come to hand over resources.

The old man walked swiftly towards Zi Chen and whispered in a low voice, Where have you been these days, disappearing for several months?

I went out for a while to gain experience and train. See, I brought these things back. Zi Chen reached behind and pulled out many beast pelts.

You must be more careful. Recently, Wang Meng has been constantly looking for you, as well as Zhao Can. By the way, why hasn't Zhao Can come back with you? Steward Zhang asked in a low voice as he received the beast pelts from Zi Chen.

Although he never had much talent, and was getting increasingly older, Steward Zhang had a very good character and his words were filled with genuine concern.

Zhao Can diedZi Chen smiled faintly and said

He spoke casually, as if the one that died was a cat or dog rather than his good brother.

As an experienced man, steward Zhang took only one look at Zi Chen before patting his shoulder gently. The Zi Chen that was always so kind and gentle had actually mentioned the death of his brother so indifferently. Steward Zhang could obviously see that something has happened.

You need to be careful. I feel that those two have come with ill intentions. Steward Zhang warned, attempting to relieve some of the burden off Zi Chen's shoulders before leaving.

Yo, isn't this Zi Chen? What's wrong? I haven't seen you for several months. You didn't die yet? At this moment, two youths came in. When one of them spotted Zi Chen, he enthusiastically said

What's the matter? Zi Chen turned around and calmly gazed at the two.

Why would we be troubling ourselves with you? We aren't from the same world as you. It's elder brother Meng who is looking for you. We don't know what kind of dogsh*t luck you must have to make elder brother Meng care about you so much. The other youth said.

Of the two people standing in front of Zi Chen, the slightly taller one was named Fu Jie, while the shorter one was Chi Ming. Just as they had stated before, these two had no relationship with Zi Chen whatsoever.

Because the two of them were followers of Wang Meng, Wang Xiong's younger brother, resulting in them having no contacts with each other. Therefore, the reason they had sought after Zi Chen just now was obviously for that 500 year old Snow Ginseng.

Let's go.

Fu Jie's voice gained an incisive edge after seeing that Zi Chen remained motionless.

Where? Zi Chen looked at Fu Jie.

To go find elder brother Meng of course, Fu Jie said impatiently.

Again, I really don't know what kind of dogsh*t luck you must have for elder brother Meng to be looking for you so eagerly.

Likewise, I don't know where I stepped on a pile of dog sh*t. Although I know the dogsh*t you stepped on must have been in front of Wang Meng, what permeated the air was your equally smelly mouths instead. Zi Chen sarcastically retorted, glancing at the both of them.

He paid no more attention to them and prepared to leave.


Their complexions were extremely ugly after being ridiculed by Zi Chen. Fu Jie's figure flashed, suddenly appearing in front of Zi Chen.

Chi Ming also followed suit, their bodies exuding Zhen Chi as they coldly glared at Zi Chen.

Fifth layer of True Qi? Zi Chen stared at them, his pupils slightly dilating

That's right, it's the fifth level of Zhen Qi. We are destined to join the inner sect. I'm sure that you clearly understand the disparity between us and the outer sect disciples. If you offend us, you won't even know how you'll die. Fu Jie sneered, wearing a proud expression on his face.

The number of disciples arriving had gradually begun to increase. Naturally, some people saw the disturbance and overheard Fu Jie's conversation. There was some envy in their eyes as they watched the spectacle.

This Zi Chen actually offended elder brother Fu Jie. He really is courting death.

Indeed. Elder brother Fu Jie, together with elder brother Chi Ming, will no doubt become inner sect disciples eventually.

There were several people ridiculing Zi Chen in the distance in order to flatter Fu Jie and Chi Ming.

Ha ha, Zi Chen, I will give you an opportunity to kneel down, apologize, and follow us obediently to find elder brother Meng, otherwise.....

Hearing all the commotion they had attracted, Chi Ming laughed; his expression was incomparably haughty as he listened to them speak of his future as an inner sect disciple.

It was no secret that all outer sect disciples wished to become inner sect disciples. It was simple: the status of inner sect disciples was far loftier than theirs.

Many other people began joining in on the fun while others had traces of pity in their eyes. Offending Fu Jie and Chi Ming was the same as offending Wang Meng, and consequently, his older brother Wang Xiong. Zi Chen's road had almost come to an end, his life would not be easy even if he entered the inner sect.

That's right, kneel down and apologize. Tell everybody who is the dogsh*t here. Fu Jie also sneered.


Kneel down and apologize? Who do you think you are? You're nothing but rubbish. Zi Chen was too lazy to even pay attention to them. Looking at the opposite party as if they were simpletons as he said with disdain

Everybody in the surrounding area were all dumbfounded.

In this situation, Zi Chen had a couple of options: either he apologized, act tough, or keep silent. Never did they expect Zi Chen to counter attack with malicious words and thoroughly insult his opponents. Saying that both of them are trash.


Zi Chen's response was naturally beyond what the two had expected. The haughty expression on their faces disappeared right at that moment, and was replaced with incomparable anger. Killing intent arose as the domineering aura of the fifth layer of True Qi directly locked onto Zi Chen. Apparently, they were getting ready to attack him.

What's wrong, you want to fight? Let's see if you have the courage to dare to fight here? Zi Chen indifferently said.

It was forbidden to fight In the Ling Wu sect. The outer sect disciples didn't even have the qualifications to participate in battles. Even if there was a bigger issue at stake, they could not fight in the sect.

Although Fu Jie and Chi Ming both had the strength and qualifications to enter the inner sect, they had yet to participate in the assessment. At present, they were still outer sect disciples and were therefore unable to do anything to Zi Chen. This made a torrent of fury smolder within their hearts and left them with burning eyes.

Hence, Zi Chen strode away casually.

A farce had finished so casually, which left both Fu Jie and Chi Ming burning with anger. There wasn't a single person who was blind enough to go and flatter them.

You.... just you wait and see.

Both of them snorted coldly, leaving after showing off their tough facade.


Zi Chen returned to his own hut.

Two huts, although not that large, were visible. The huts were complete with tools and all the necessary furniture was there.

Next to Zi Chen's hut was Zhao Can's. In the past, their relationship had always been very good since they considered themselves brothers. They once had intentions to combine the two huts into one. Unfortunately now... Thinking of Zhao Can once again, Zi Chen appeared calm on the surface but bore an icy coldness within his heart.

Zi Chen, get your ass out here.

Zi Chen had only returned to his hut for a while before an angry roaring came from outside. Zi Chen was not familiar with this voice in the past, but now, he could identify the owner of this voice, Fu Jie.

Fu Jie's aura was very ferocious and arrogant.

Zi Chen walked out of the room only to discover that there were not only two people that had come to visit him, but three.

Besides Fu Jie and Chi Ming stood another youth. The age of this person seemed even younger than Zi Chen.

Wang Meng.

In regards to the outer sect's famous disciples, Zi Chen naturally knew that he was Wang Xiong's younger brother. Wang Xiong had repeatedly come to the outer sect for Wang Meng in the past. Zi Chen had seen that from a distance multiple times, but both sides never had any interaction before.

In terms of status and power, Wang Meng has a higher status and power at that time, while Zi Chen was merely a passerby.

You've seen brother Wang Meng, yet you haven't come out obediently? Seeing that Zi Chen walked to the door without opening it, Chi Ming could not bear but to shout loudly.

What's the matter? Zi Chen remained indifferent.

Because of Zhao Can's betrayal that day, these people whom he had never interacted before were looking for him, constantly looking for trouble.

After surviving that day, Zi Chen became completely different. He completely did not put people of the fifth layer of True Qi in his eye at all

So you are Zi Chen. You have some character. Wang Meng had a faint smile on his lips. Under the seemingly immature expression resided an experienced adult tone.

Wang Meng did not beat around the bush and directly said, I think you know very well that my purpose of coming here is for that 500 year old Snow Ginseng.

Having said that, Wang Meng stared at Zi Chen.

Snow Ginseng? What Snow Ginseng? Zi Chen pretended to be stupid.

The indifferent expression on Wang Mengs eyes disappeared, and an angry look took its place. He was only a youth after all, still immature and easy to rouse. Are you playing dumb with me?

I do not know what you are talking about. Zi Chen said nonchalantly.

Ha Ha, good. Very good. You will know what I am talking about soon. Wang Meng sneered, then turned his head and walked away.

The Ling Wu sect had its own rules. Perhaps the inner sect disciples did not need to abide by them, but the outer sect disciples had no choice but to do so, even if it was Wang Meng. He still had to abide with the rules and therefore left, afraid that he would not be able to help but attack Zi Chen. Although he could settle this matter afterwards, it was really an unworthy method for dealing with Zi Chen.

Thus, Wang Meng departed.

Teach him a lesson. Wang Meng issued this command before he left.

Okay, no problem. Both of them nodded with excitement in their eyes.


The next morning, when Zi Chen walked out of his room, he detected a foul smelling stench. Zi Chen retracted his feet and moved back with lightning speed.

In front of his gate was an indistinct yellow lump, exuding an unpleasantly heavy stench.



At this time, Zi Chen also heard the sound of water splashing. He followed the sound to the other side of the house where he soon saw a masked disciple completely clothed in black. This dark figure was dousing Zi Chen's house with some sort of yellow excrement, using a gourd scoop to shovel it from a stinking wooden barrel.

Because the unknown substance in the wooden barrel was too smelly, every time the green clothed disciple scooped, he furrowed his brows. His Adam's apple would react, occasionally bobbing, and his expression gave off a miserable feeling.

Hey, what are you doing?

Zi Chen roared at the green clothed disciple, preparing to approach and scold him.

Who would have thought that when he suddenly roared, he had frightened the opposite party. The disciple's hand trembled, accidentally splashing the feces on himself. The substance stuck on his wrists and sleeves, causing him to nearly vomit.

What are you doing?

Zi Chen angrily shouted again as he carefully walked out of the door.

The green clothed disciple was still confused and tried to suppress the urge to vomit. Seeing Zi Chen arrive, he panicked and grabbed the gourd scoop in the wooden barrel, shoveling it quickly. The sound of watery excrement within the barrel splashed again and a single scoop of watery excrement flew toward Zi Chen.

After that, the green clothed disciple abandoned the wooden barrel and gourd scoop, hurriedly running away. The wooden barrel spun slowly a few times before it rolled over and completely overturned its contents. Suddenly, an even more pungent smell saturated the air.

There were streaks of excrement in front of him and plenty more of the yellow excrement under his foot. Zi Chen could only step through the mess as carefully as he could and retreated to his room once more. After avoiding the many splashes of yellow, he discovered that the figure of the green clothed disciple was already gone.