Thunder Martial Chapter 109 - Reinforcements

Outside of the mysterious Thunder Domain, Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er didn't meet a strong expert who can help them. Instead, they met the Imperial Sky Expert of the Wu Zong Sect, an Imperial Sky Expert who can kill them with a single strike.

I don't know her well, I only met her on the road. The person you want to kill is me, it has nothing to do with her. Can you let her go? At this moment, Zi Chen wanted to save Wang Xian'er. There is no grievances nor enmity between the two parties and he didn't want to continue implicate her.

Brat, stop dreaming. We know who she is and we also know that you aren't familiar with her. But do you know, along the way, how many of us died in the hands of the people of Cloud City?

Cloud City killed so many of my Wu Zong Sect disciples. Today, neither of you will be able to survive.

So what if you're from Cloud City? Our Wu Zong Sect is not afraid.

Without waiting for the Imperial Sky Expert to speak, the disciples behind him all shouted loudly. They too were aggrieved, they were only here to kill Zi Chen but for no reason at all, their fellow disciples were killed by people of Cloud City.

The reason why the Imperial Sky Expert did not catch up with Zi Chen for a long time is also because of the experts that had come from Cloud City to obstruct them. Both sides had engaged in a huge battle and wasted time, if not, Zi Chen would have died in the hands of the Imperial Sky Expert long ago.

You only know that she is a member of the Cloud City but do you know her identity? It's fine if you kill a nameless newbie like me but if you kill her, your Wu Zong Sect Sect will have to bear the boundless anger of the Cloud City. Zi Chen said.

Cloud City's second genius, Lord Wang Zhentian's daughter, Wang Xian'er, what a pity. If it was in the past, our Wu Zong Sect would definitely not have bothered with you. But this time, your Cloud City has killed so many of my Wu Zong Sect disciples. You have gone too far. I can spare your life but you have to make a trip to our Wu Zong Sect and Wang Zhentian must personally come to our Wu Zong Sect to apologize The Imperial Sky Expert's tone was ice-cold. If one looked carefully, they would naturally discover that his black clothes had many small holes, as if a sharp weapon had pierced through them.

Along the way, he had erupted into battles with the Imperial Sky Expert from Cloud City multiple times, allowing Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er to escape from him time and time again.

Behind Zi Chen is the rolling thunder but it was still unable to hide the killing intent in Imperial Sky Expert's heart. Everyone here were all members of the Wu Zong Sect, even if they killed him and Wang Xian'er, no one would be able to testify for them.

The two of them would have died for nothing today

Zi Chen held onto Wang Xian'er tightly, paying attention to every single movement of the Imperial Sky Expert as cold sweat appeared on his forehead. It is already time to decide life and death.

However, just at this moment, a loud and clear voice bellowed from the distance, Let my big brother personally go to the Wu Zong Sect? Liu Qingfeng, you have become arrogant, you have been hiding in Wu Zong Sect for so many years but your strength has not increased but your arrogance has increased.

His voice was loud and clear, piercing through the layers of air, causing one's eardrums to hurt.

This is uncle's voice. Our reinforcements are here Hearing the familiar voice, Wang Xian'er was very excited.

An aura surged up from the horizon and a tall figure appeared. He is as tall as a mountain and as imposing as a giant. He is domineering and overbearing and with a single step, the space around him began to distort.

This appearance was much stronger than the Wu Zong Sect Sect's Imperial Sky Expert came. However, he didn't arrogantly provoke the Thunder Domain. Instead, he slowly descended and walked towards them from afar..

Wang Zhenwei!

The eyes of the Wu Zong Sect Imperial Sky Expert suddenly contracted, surprise and fear evident in his eyes.

Wang Zhenwei is extremely famous in Cloud City and his combat power is definitely in the top three. With the two sides engaged in an intense battle, there is no possibility for the Wu Zong Sect to win.

Liu Qingfeng, after so many years of not seeing each other, your strength is still weak but your guts and arrogance have grown quite a bit. Previously, you relied on your strength to bully the weak and now you have become even more capable. The disdain in Wang Zhenwei's eyes became even stronger, Tsk, tsk, you people from the Wu Zong Sect sure have good methods.

Liu Qingfeng's face turned green for a moment.


Just at this moment, the world shook again as another few figures arrived from afar.

The one leading them was a man wearing a green armor. His black hair is like a waterfall and his eyes is like morning light. His temperament is very outstanding.

It is obviously just three people but everyone's eyes were subconsciously looking at the head of the group. This kind of person is like a crane among a flock of chickens, an existence that would attract the attention of others wherever it is.

Wang Qiong

He had only taken a quick glance at him before and was in a hurry to flee for his life. Now that he met Wang Qiong again, he is still extremely shocked.

Just as Zi Chen was sizing up Wang Qiong, his gaze also fell on Zi Chen. In that moment, his eyes were like stars emitted a red light and Zi Chen saw killing intent aimed at him.

This is bad! Zi Chen thought that things were not good. This master had set his heart on killing him, it seemed that he already knew the whole story. He knew that he had dragged his little sister into this.

Big brother Wang Xian'er exclaimed in surprise.

Behind Wang Qiong there were two other people. One of them is the Imperial Sky Expert who was chasing after them before but he was being held back by another man in green who is clearly also an Imperial Sky Expert.

You... You Liu Qingfeng's expression immediately changed, his companion is actually restrained.

Liu Qingfeng, to attack the people of our Cloud City, be careful or you won't be able to return alive. Wang Zhenwei said coldly.

In the distance, the two men who were flying had already stopped. Wang Qiong walked straight towards him, a green light flickered around his body as he blocked all the lightning pressure on him. Wherever he went, the black clothed men would all give way, afraid that they wouldn't be able to dodge in time.

Along the way, the number of Wu Zong Sect disciples that Wang Qiong had killed had already reached two figures.

In the midst of the lightning pressure, Wang Qiong walked over as if he is walking on flat land. Green light flickered around his body and the lightning pressure was blocked outside. He quickly arrived in front of Liu Qingfeng, passed by him and Wang Zhenwei as he continued walking towards Wang Xian'er.

Liu Qingfeng did not stop him and only stared at him coldly.

When he was near enough, Wang Qiong saw Wang Xian'ers severely injured body and her haggard appearance. His heart ached and the anger and killing intent in his eyes grew even stronger.

Let her go. At this time, Zi Chen is still holding onto Wang Xian'ers hand, he shouted coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Zi Chen pouted his lips, he wanted to say something, but in the end, he closed his mouth and released Wang Xian'er. In that moment, the silver light on Wang Xian'ers body dissipated, and a ray of green light shone onto Wang Xian'ers body.

Come, go back with me. Let's see if you continue to be willful in the future. This time's matter is a lesson for you. Wang Qiong seemed to be reprimanding her but the concern and heartache in his eyes was completely exposed. It seemed that Wang Qiong had treated his genius little sister very well.

Oh Wang Xian'er stuck out her tongue, looking very obedient, she allowed her brother to pull her.

After that, the two of them walked out. In this period of time, Wang Qiong did not even look at Zi Chen and directly ignored him.

After walking a few steps, Wang Xian'er suddenly stopped, turned around and looked at Zi Chen: Zi Chen, let's go, what are you still standing there for, aren't we saved?

Wang Qiong turned around and looked straight at Zi Chen. His eyes were indifferent, cold and emotionless, with no intention of taking him away.

Taking his own sister away and even letting her be seriously injured, Wang Qiong had a huge grudge against Zi Chen. It is already merciful enough that he did not attack him when they met each other.

Zi Chen laughed with a bitter smile on his face, Go, I still want to stay here.

The people of Cloud City would definitely not care about him. From Wang Qiong's indifferent eyes, he could tell that Zi Chen is not stupid and had already seen this point.

No, you have to follow me. If you stay here, you will die. You saved me, so I cannot let you die here. Wang Xian'er exclaimed.

Xian'er, you aren't related to him in any way. What does his death have to do with you? Follow me. This is a matter of someone else's life or death. Someone will naturally take care of it. Wang Qiong suppressed the anger in his heart and pulled Wang Xian'er to leave.

No, he saved my life. Wang Xian'er pouted his mouth and spoke stubbornly, showing her unruly attitude.

How could he be your savior when he almost killed you? It can already be considered to be out of respect for you that I didn't kill him on the spot. Don't mess around, just come with me. Wang Qiong's voice was cold as she dragged Wang Xian'er and walked outside.

Liu Qingfeng did not say anything, the other party was only pulling Wang Xian'er away, their goal is only Zi Chen. As long as they did not bring him away, this matter can be considered as giving Wang Zhenwei face.

No, I'm not leaving. Wang Xian'er persisted and showed her temper. However, under Wang Qiong's green light, she couldn't help but move forward and isn't able to struggle free.

Uncle, quickly save Zi Chen. People of our Cloud City are not ungrateful, he saved me many times. Being petty in front of her brother is of no use so Wang Xian'er shouted at Wang Zhenwei.

Wang Zhenwei had always been sizing up Zi Chen. When he saw the silver light on Wang Xian'er body dissipate, his pupils shrank slightly as a light flashed past his eyes.

Although he is still young and is only at True Qi Realm, he is able to stand at the outskirts of the Thunder Domain and withstand the terrifying pressure. Furthermore, Wang Zhenwei was very curious, what did the people of the Wu Zong Sect want from this little fellow? They didn't even hesitate to send out their Imperial Sky Experts.

Uncle, save Zi Chen, he is my savior. If he dies today, I will never forgive you for the rest of my life. Wang Xian'er shouted again, with a voice that sounded like she was about to cry and tears started to fall from her eyes like pearls.

My Cloud City is naturally not that kind of despicable person. Since this little fellow saved Xian'er, I can't just watch him die. Qiong'er, go and bring that little fellow over here. Wang Zhenwei suddenly said.

Wang Zhenwei, this is a matter of our sect, are you going to intervene? Liu Qingfeng's expression changed as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

I don't care about your matters. I am only trying to save Xian'ers savior. Wang Zhenwei coldly replied.

On the side, Wang Qiong did not make a move. As for saving Zi Chen, he was extremely unwilling and displeased. No matter how much his sister urged, he still did not move. In his heart, he wished for Liu Qingfeng to immediately take action and kill him.

Wang Zhenwei, don't go too far A surge of killing intent gushed out from Liu Qingfeng's body. It is impossible for the other party to bring Zi Chen away.

Why? Are you unconvinced?

Wang Zhenwei was not to be outdone as he stared and his also aura surged.