Thunder Martial Chapter 108 - Forced Back and Imperial Sky Expert

Zi Chen does not have a high cultivation realm but he is able to travel unhindered at such a fast speed under the lightning pressure. Even the Zhen Yuan Realm experts can't catch up to him and is exhausted just trying to

Everyone was retreating, not daring to get any closer.

They were shocked and angry at the same time. They clearly possessed the ability to kill him with a single slap but in this place, the lightning pressure restricted their movements. Therefore, they became lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Come on, didn't you all want to kill me? I'll wait for you here. Zi Chen's eyes were like lightning and his tone was cold.

The crowd gritted their teeth but they didn't dare to step forward. They wouldn't take their lives as a joke.

Aren't you guys always so domineering? As a Wu Zong Sect disciple, could it be that you are all cowards? If you have the ability, come up and fight me Zi Chen was unrelenting and his tone was arrogant.

Kid, don't be so arrogant. If you have the ability, come out and I can kill you with a slap.

Come out and I can kill you with a single finger.

Some of the disciples could not stand it and retorted.

I will also say the same to you. If you guys have the guts to come over, I will slap you all to death. You bunch of trash destroyed my Ling Wu Sect. When I, Zi Chen has the strength, I will naturally go to your Wu Zong Sect. Zi Chen's eyes were ice-cold and his voice was filled with dense hatred, The future Wu Zong Sect will be my Ling Wu Sect today, I will take my revenge.

What shameless boasting! There are countless experts in my Wu Zong Sect. Do you think you can rely on you alone?

Little thing, stop boasting here. Enjoy the limited time you have left to live quietly.

That's right. When my sect's Imperial Sky Expert comes, you will die.

The crowd of Wu Zong Sect disciples all opened their mouths. They did not like Zi Chen's belittling of the Wu Zong Sect.

Relying on an Imperial Sky Expert, you are just a bunch of trash. I, a mere True Qi Realm killed many of you like dogs and everyone of you wanted to grab your tails and run away.

Just one person is enough to deal with you Wu Zong Sect trash. To think that you would beg an Imperial Sky Expert to come deal with me, a mere True Qi Realm, you are worse than pigs.

Zi Chen's words were rude and vicious. However, the group of Wu Zong Sect disciples did not dare to step forward, afraid that Zi Chen would kill them.

You dare to speak nonsense about our Wu Zong Sect? If our Wu Zong Sect is worse than a dog, what about your Ling Wu Sect? Your sect master is like a dog trying to curry favor with our Wu Zong Sect. He has become an elder of our Wu Zong Sect. Someone finally retorted after being scolded for so long.

What? Our Sect Leader became an Elder in your Wu Zong Sect? Zi Chen was surprised.

That's right. Your Sect Leader is the one licking our Wu Zong Sects boots. Back then, he did not even leave when we were rushing to your sect. The black clothed man said arrogantly.

Zi Chen's gaze turned cold as his thoughts raced. The Wu Zong Sect had destroyed the Ling Wu Sect, killed the Grand Elder, and killed everyone. However, they did not kill the Sect Master and the latter is actually an elder of the Wu Zong Sect.

You are just spouting nonsense. The Ling Wu Sect is no longer here, how can the Sect Master still be alive? Zi Chen laughed coldly.

Hmph, that's because you're an idiot... You must know... The black-clad figure was incomparably arrogant, finally occupying the top. However, before he could even finish speaking, a terrifying aura permeated the air.


A terrifying pressure suddenly appeared from the horizon, followed by a black figure that descended from the sky. He stepped on the air and with a single step, even space itself began to tremble.

It is a black-clothed person. His expression is cold as he flew through the air. The aura around him surged and with a single step, the air trembled.

Imperial Sky Expert! Zi Chen's face changed, his luck today is really bad.

He retreated until he is next to Wang Xian'er and realised that her face turned extremely ugly. The luck the two of them has today is truly terrible.

Haha, kid, our Imperial Sky Expert is here. Let's see if you can still be so arrogant.

Look at your face. You're not scared to the point you wet your pants are you?

Your time of death has come.

The black clothed man laughed coldly, looking at Zi Chen as if he was looking at a dead man.

Kid, weren't you acting too arrogantly just now? Let me tell you, your Sect Leader has already become an elder of our Wu Zong Sect and it is fated that your Ling Wu Sect is doomed to have no future.

The black-clothed man from before also grinned evilly.

Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er looked at Imperial Sky Expert in the distance who was still standing in the air, flying towards them.

Don't come down, don't come down. Zi Chen prayed in his heart. There is a No Fly Zone here so as long as it is activated, he believed that the lightning in the Thunder Domain would be able to annihilate the Imperial Sky Expert.

His prayer seemed to have come true. The Imperial Sky Expert didn't come down but instead stepped forwards in the air, reaching the range of the Thunder Domain's lightning pressure.


The Thunder Domain trembled. Thunder and lightning exploded and it was deafening. A thick bolt of lightning rushed out of the Thunder Domain and like a zig zagging thunder dragon, it charged towards the Imperial Sky Expert.

Zi Chen was excited, he stared at the lightning, waiting for him to be turned into ashes.

The Imperial Sky Expert extended his hand and a brilliant light flashed on his five fingers, giving off a jade-like radiance. The terrifying lightning was actually forcibly stored in his hand and following that, the huge lightning bolt slowly shrank in his hand until it is like a small ball of lightning as he held it.


Afterwards, the small lightning ball exploded between his fingers, emitting a terrifying aura. The black-clothed man stood in the air, completely unharmed.

What? How could this be? Zi Chen's expression changed drastically. The powerful lightning had actually exploded under the pressure, not harming the Imperial Sky Expert in the slightest. He no longer had any hope in his heart and had become completely listless.


Zi Chen took a few steps back, his eyes filled with shock.



The No Fly Zone had already been triggered and the Thunder Domain once again exploded into action. Soon after, an even thicker bolt of lightning surged out crazily, bringing with it a dazzling, destructive aura. Like an angry lightning dragon, it roared and slithered as it charged towards the Imperial Sky Expert.


This time, the lightning is stronger so the Imperial Sky Expert did not dare to be careless. With a wave of his palm, he struck at the lightning dragon which exploded with a loud bang.

The Imperial Sky Expert is still uninjured. He took a step forward in the air and with a single step, the sky trembled as ripples appeared in the space, constantly distorting each other.

The crowd below had long been dumbfounded. The shock brought about by flying through the air was simply too great. The Imperial Sky Expert is actually able to resist the power of thunder and lightning.

With each step he took, the heavens and earth trembled. He is like a giant that approached the Thunder Domain. The boundless might of the lightning pressure had no effect on him at all.

This is too strong. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with despair. A powerful warrior like him could just casually take his life.


The Thunder Domain erupted once more. This time, it became even more terrifying. It is as if an ancient beast had awoken. Tens of thousands of thunderclaps rang out and a boundless pressure appeared from within the Thunder Domain.


Under this pressure, Wang Xian'er instantly vomited blood and her face was pale white. If not for Zi Chen's timely reaction and using his silver energy to protect her, she would have probably died.

Boundless pressure swept across the area and instantly grew a dozen times stronger. Some of the Wu Zong Sect disciples were affected by the pressure and those with some strength and fast reaction time had already retreated. The weaker ones stayed within the pressure forever.

Their bones were shattered and they bled to death from all seven orifices.


A deafening roar spread throughout the sky, as if an ancient creature had appeared. The Thunder Domain is in an uproar and tens of thousands of lightning bolts surged violently as they emitted dazzling light.

A twisting bolt of lightning charged out from the Thunder Domain. This time, the lightning is as thick as a bucket but there one cannot feel any energy from it. However, its speed is surprisingly fast as it charged towards the Imperial Sky Expert.

The Imperial Sky Expert was calm but when he saw the bolt of lightning, his expression changed. He exploded with an incomparable aura as a resplendent ray of light shot towards the bolt of lightning like a sun.


The sky erupted, emitting rumbling sounds. The lightning and light collided and an incomparable aura spread out from the sky.

This time, the Thunder Domain revealed its mysteriousness to everyone. Even a dignified Imperial Sky Expert is forced back dozens of meters away due to this bolt of lightning.



It could be said that the lightning in the Thunder Domain never dissipated. In the next moment, another two lightning bolts appeared and wreaked havoc in the direction of the Imperial Sky Expert.

The Imperial Sky Expert had a drastic change in expression. His figure rapidly retreated and in the midst of the rumbling sounds, he had already retreated several hundred meters away and had just left the place where the pressure is located.

An Imperial Sky Expert was forced back.

This is too scary. Zi Chen looked at the Thunder Domain behind him with an extremely terrified expression. To him, An Imperial Sky Expert is an existence that he had to look up to but the Thunder Domain can actually force back an Imperial Sky Expert, meaning that it is clearly stronger than an Imperial Sky Expert.

The Imperial Sky Expert was forced back and lost all face but the Thunder Domain is extremely mysterious. He didn't dare to continue flying and can only move forward from the ground.

In just a few short steps, he had arrived at a distance of a few thousand meters away.

Zi Chen pulled Wang Xian'er along and retreated again. They had already reached the edge of the outskirt of the Thunder Domain and behind them is the Thunder Domain which is filled with raging thunder and lightning. With the Imperial Sky Expert was in front of them, they had no way out.

You are Zi Chen? The Imperial Sky Expert had already moved forward and stopped fifty meters away from Zi Chen. At this distance, the Imperial Sky Expert could eliminate him in one move.

That's right Zi Chen nodded but his mood sank to the bottom. The Imperial Sky Expert in front of him is actually not the one who was chasing after them earlier.

The Imperial Sky Expert, dressed in blac who has a cold expression is a middle-aged man. His clothes fluttered even with on wind and he blocked the lightning pressure.

Not bad, to have such capabilities at such a young age, you can be considered to have some skills. Hand over that thing and I'll let you die happily. The Imperial Sky Expert was cold and detached, there was no praise in his eyes.

You people from the Wu Zong Sect want to kill me. Even the Imperial Sky Expert came here to get something from me. However, I don't know what exactly I have taken away from you all. Zi Chen felt that it is unfair. He is being hunted for only something but he doesn't even know what it is.

You don't want to admit that the old man gave you that thing? Would you have been able to live until now and kill someone who is stronger than you are without it? The Imperial Sky Expert sneered, his eyes filled with killing intent.

I don't know what you're talking about. Zi Chen said as he held Wang Xian'ers hand tightly. The two of them had secretly discussed with each other before, if things really did not work out, they would enter the Thunder Domain, even if they died.

Hand it over and I'll leave you a complete corpse. The Imperial Sky Expert said coldly, obviously having lost his patience.

I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't gotten anything from the Ling Wu Sect. Zi Chen looked at Wang Xian'er, and said: If you want to kill me, it's up to you but can you let her go? She isn't someone from the Ling Wu Sect.