Thunder Martial Chapter 107 - No Fly Zone

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The outskirts of the Thunder Domain contained a terrifying pressure. It is difficult for ordinary Zhen Yuan Realm experts to resist, and only Imperial Sky Realm experts could resist this pressure to enter the Thunder Domain to refine their life treasure.

But right now, Zi Chen who is just a mere True Qi Realm actually ignored the pressure from the Thunder Domain and is moving as though he is on flat ground. His entire body released a silver light like a bolt of lightning, running towards them at high speed.




Rumbling sounds rang out continuously as Zi Chen's body turned into lightning and like a ghost, he moved extremely fast. He attacked the masked men, knocking them towards the Thunder Domain and what awaited them is the lightning pressure.

The anger that he had been accumulating for several months finally exploded. Zi Chen fought to his heart's content as he attacked repeatedly, his attacks are extremely sharp.

He is only in the True Qi Realm and normally, when he saw these Zhen Yuan Realm experts, he can only flee for his life. But today, with the lightning pressure, Zi Chen can freely vent out his resentment.

Wang Xian'er, who was watching from afar, rejoiced in her heart.

Brat, let me go, I swear I won't go after you anymore. Otherwise, you will suffer our Heaven Killing Pavilion's wrath. While the masked man struggled to avoid Zi Chen's attack, he also started to beg for forgiveness.

His companion's death was tragic and he can still hear screams in his ear from time to time. He did not want to die in such a miserable manner.

Hmph. You want me to let you go? Why didn't you let us go back then? Zi Chen snorted and punched in front of him once again.


With one punch, the man in black was pushed back.

If you offend us, it will be difficult for you to take even a single step outside. Even if you go to heaven or hell, we will kill you but if you let me go, we will have no enmity in the future

Brat, we are existences that even Cloud City dares not to provoke. After offending us, you will truly become a wanderer in the dark. Our goal is not you, let us go.

You better think carefully. Our Heaven Killing Pavilion is much stronger than Cloud City. Offending us is not wise at all.

Facing the strong Zi Chen, the masked men had no choice but to surrender and began begging for mercy

However, Zi Chen remained indifferent, his attacks becoming even fiercer. These people were all assassins, killing innocent people and with who knows how many innocent lives they had killed, how could Zi Chen let them go.


A masked man was struck closer to the Thunder Domain and continuously cried out. The lightning pressure descended and crushed his bones, causing one to hear a crisp sound.


Another masked man was struck near the Thunder Domain. He was lying on the ground with blood flowing from his seven orifices and a hideous expression on his face.

At this moment, Zi Chen was like a devil, killing people without blinking an eye. His eyes were like lightning, his attacks were sharp, and with his True Qi Realm cultivation, he is able to kill Zhen Yuan Realm, he had performed a miracle.


Another masked man was sent into the pressure miserably. They screamed again and again, begging for mercy.

You guys killed so many innocent people that you won't even let ordinary people off. Today, if I let you off. Who knows how many more people will suffer in the future.

Today, he had truly vented out all of his anger. Zi Chen was always running away, passively defending. He was chased to an incomparably miserable state, like a dog being hunted down. Today, borrowing the lightning pressure, Zi Chen finally made his move.

Wang Xian'er was also very happy. Seeing Zi Chen make a move, she felt relieved that he decided to kill the evil person.




In just a few breaths of time, all of the masked men were knocked near the Thunder Domain. They were only a few dozen meters away from Wang Xian'er but they were unable to make a move.

All of you can go your own ways. Looking at the crowd, Zi Chen said coldly, the current them can only wait to die. Once their True Yuan is exhausted, they would die without a doubt.

Miserable screams rang out one after another. Some masked men begged for mercy while others cursed.

All of you are capable of doing all sorts of evil and all of you will be a disaster if you stay in this world. Zi Chen said coldly, he no longer bothered with them and turned to walk towards Wang Xianer.


Right at this moment, a high-pitched bird cry suddenly sounded out from the horizon. Black clouds appeared on the horizon, blotting out the sky and rapidly drifting towards them.

Outside the Thunder Domain, thunder rumbled with deafening sounds. However, it was still unable to hide the cry of the Roc. It was resounding and resonate, and several Rocs appeared from the horizon.

A surge of killing intent appeared from the Roc's body as it rushed over.

Wu Zong Sect! Zi Chen raised his head to look up at the sky, his expression changing. The Heaven Killing Pavilion had arrived first, followed by the Wu Zong Sect.

You came at the right time! Wang Xianer's beautiful eyes flashed and for some reason, she said this.

The Roc cried out and flew over with its wings spread, bringing with it bursts of violent winds. Above the Roc was a group of Wu Zong Sect disciples that were filled with killing intent. They had come to kill Zi Chen.

When it neared the Thunder Domain, the Roc suddenly trembled. It seemed to have felt the pressure of thunder and lightning and it actually showed signs of falling.


The Roc's wings flapped wildly as it rose against the pressure and soared into the sky once more. Right at this moment, a change suddenly occurred. The Thunder Domain suddenly went berserk, as if a spatial light barrier had been shattered. In the blink of an eye, a bolt of lightning suddenly appeared, tearing through the sky, charging out of the light barrier like a zig zagging thunder dragon as it rushed towards the Roc in the distance.


This was real lightning and its speed is also as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of a Roc and with a loud explosion, a terrifying aura erupted. The Roc only had time to let out a shrill cry before it was completely enveloped in lightning.

In less than a breath of time, the lightning dispersed and in the midst of the lightning, no matter if it was the Roc or the black-clothed person on the Roc's back, all of them were reduced to fine powder and vanished without a trace.

This is? Zi Chen's eyes widened in shock.

The area near the Thunder Domain is a forbidden zone. No birds dare to fly here. As long as there is something in the sky, it will cause a disturbance in the Thunder Domain. If they brazenly bring the Roc over, they will be courting death. Wang Xianer's voice was ice-cold and contained a sense of schadenfreude.

Haha, that's good. Zi Chen laughed loudly because right at this moment, the Thunder Domain once again exploded. Several more bolts of lightning flew out, bringing with them a destructive aura as it rushed towards the Roc's.

On the Roc's back, the Wu Zong Sects disciples let out horrified screams. They didn't have time to control the Roc to descend and they all jumped down from the Rocs back, wanting to dodge the lightning attacks.

Unfortunately, this is the Thunder Domain and it had something to do with the Thunder God's Shrine. Everything couldn't be explained by common sense because the lightning in the sky is like a lightning dragon.





The sounds of explosions continuously rang out as rolling thunder surged violently. Streaks of blinding silver light appeared in the sky. They were dazzling and resplendent, almost like a firework display.

After a few breaths of time, the silver light dissipated and the sky returned to normal. Everything returned to silence, the sky empty and devoid of anything.

How is this possible?

Zi Chen is not the only shocked one, even those masked people who were not dead were extremely shocked. In just a few breaths, everything turned to dust and disappeared without a trace.

This is too scary

The Wu Zong Sect disciples arrogantly arrived but they died in the blink of an eye. However, they were not completely wiped out. There were still people from the Wu Zong Sect on the horizon and after knowing that there were people from Cloud City who intervened, the Wu Zong Sect dispatched many experts along with two Imperial Sky Realm experts.

The people in the distance saw this and commanded the Roc to descend. Then, they began to walk towards the Thunder Domain on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of figures appeared.

How many people did the Wu Zong Sect send? Many have already died but there are still dozens more? Zi Chen was a little speechless. He did not know how he had offended the Wu Zong Sect for them to send out so many people.


A miserable scream sounded out. A masked man had used up all of his True Yuan. His bones had been completely shattered and he was bleeding from his seven orifices.

The other masked men trembled in fear. Their True Yuan is also running out.

After that, there were a few more miserable shrieks and all the people from Heaven Killing Pavilion who had chased here had already died.

Some were strong and some were weak. Because Zi Chen is a mere True Qi Realm, there were a lot of people here who wanted to kill Zi Chen.

However, facing the lightning pressure, their speed is extremely restricted. Several hundred meters away, the figures of the disciple from the Wu Zong Sect had slowed down by quite a bit.

Hmph. You have been chasing and trying to kill me all this way. You are fated to let me start a massacre today. Killing intent flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, he decided to deal with the Xiantian Realm disciple first

He took a few steps forward and picked up a sharp sword that was shining with a cold light. With a tap of his feet, he charged towards the people from the Wu Zong Sect with lightning speed.

Zi Chen's figure flashed as fast as lightning and like a ghost, he instantly dodged the attacks from the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert's and instantly arrived next to a Xiantian Realm disciple

Like a wolf who had entered a flock of sheep, he moved unhindered and wreaked havoc wantonly. Sword light flashed with a ghastly killing intent as it streaked across the sky.

Puff! A terrified head flew into the air as blood spewed out from his mouth like a fountain.


Zi Chen stepped on the ground and clenched his fists which were shining with a silver light. His eyes were cold and filled with killing intent, just like a Silver Armored War God.


Under the strong attack from his fist, an Xiantian weapon shattered. Zi Chen's body is powerful and terrifying and following that, he shattered a Xiantian Realm disciples protective barrier and his fist instantly struck onto that disciples body. Blood sprayed out and another Xiantian Realm disciple died

After refining all the Xiantian Pills, Zi Chen's strength had already reached the peak of the True Qi Realm and his physique is indescribably strong. Ordinary Xiantian Realm existences are nothing in front of him unless they are at the peak of the late stage Xiantian Realm

In the midst of this strong attack, the Xiantian Realm disciples were being killed one after another as if he is cutting melons and grass. It is very easy for him because with the terrifying lighting pressure being exerted upon them, even a late stage Xiantian Realm disciple would die without a doubt when facing Zi Chen.

The experts at the Zhen Yuan Realm had already rushed back to kill him but with his extreme speed, he had already retreated back to the depths before running towards another Xiantian Realm disciple

Like flying a kite, Zi Chen wanted to exhaust his opponent to death.

In this place, not only do they have to deal with Zi Chen, they also have to focus on blocking the lightning pressure. With the lightning pressure, Zi Chen is basically in an invincible position and after forcing a Zhen Yuan Realm expert towards the depths of the Thunder Domain and causing his death, the disciples of the Wu Zong Sect are finally afraid.

They all retreated back and stopped advancing, all of them looking at Zi Chen in shock and fear.

Come on, didn't you all want to kill me? Come on, I'll wait for you here. Zi Chen said coldly, his voice was ice cold, his killing intent obvious.