Thunder Martial Chapter 106 - Killing A Zhen Yuan Realm Expert

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The masked man gritted his teeth. He could still talk back before but the last few words that Zi Chen said were truly unbearable to hear. They were silent but did not yield. They kept attacking and even though they knew it was useless, they still wanted to release streams of sword light to vent the anger in their hearts.

You bunch of trash really have perseverance and you're still holding on. The playfulness on Zi Chen's face disappeared as flames appeared in his eyes. After being chased all the way, the anger in his heart had already reached its peak and he needed to vent it out.

As of right now, it was the right time.

How are you? Can you hold on by yourself? Zi Chen looked at Wang Xian'er and said.

Wang Xian'er opened her eyes, she had meditated for close to two hours. Her injuries had recovered quite a bit so she nodded at Zi Chen, following that, red light started to appear and flicker around her body and under the red light, the lightning pressure is blocked.

Alright, I'll go kill these guys. Zi Chen released Wang Xian'ers hand a cold light flickered in his eyes. He was chased all the way up to here, it is time to collect the interest.

Don't be rash, be careful.

Wang Xian'ers voice came from behind.

I know my limits. Zi Chen said without looking back. As his entire body started to release silver light, he rushed towards the closest masked man.

Brat, you're courting death!

Killing intent flashed in the masked man's eyes, the sword in his hand flickered and a sword light instantly flew towards Zi Chen. In a short distance, the sword light did not dissipate, it was still powerful and contained a bone-piercing killing intent.


With the tap of his feet, he dodged the sword light and like a ghost, he instantly arrived right beside the masked man who was more than 10 meters away.

His speed when using the Nine Thunder Pass is so fast that he isn't affected by the lightning pressure at all.

His expression was cold and his body glowed with silvery light like a silver-armored war god. His eyes were cold and emotionless as he clenched his fists. Streams of lightning appeared from his body and struck the black clothed man in the head.

The power of this punch is unparalleled. Other than using his full power, it contained an endless amount of his anger.

The masked man did not expect Zi Chen's speed and his pupils shrank abruptly. He was very surprised and immediately tried to dodge to the side but Zi Chen's attack was too fast and because they are near the Thunder Domain, the masked man had to block the pressure also, causing his speed to greatly decrease.


Zi Chen's solid punch landed on the masked man's head, producing a loud bang. The masked man's body swayed and retreated two steps, the True Yuan around his body rippled but he is not injured.

There is a difference of two realms between the current Zi Chen's strike and the masked man's defense. Currently, he can only kill Xiantian Realm experts at most.

Brat, You're courting death. The masked man was furious. The punch just now had stunned him.

The one seeking death is you, I don't believe that I can't break your defense. Zi Chen's eyes flickered with a cold light, the lightning beneath his feet continued to flash and like a bolt of lightning, he constantly moved around the masked man and attacked




After avoiding the attacks from the masked men with the Nine Thunder Pass, Zi Chen took the chance to attack a few times.




So weird, who the hell is this kid?

The lightning pressure, why is it completely useless against him? His speed is actually so fast

In this pressure, it's as if he's walking on flat ground. He is only in the True Qi Realm.

Zi Chen's attack was very sharp and it released popping sounds. However, the most shocking thing was that Zi Chen is actually immune to the lightning pressure and is moving as if he is on flat ground. This caused the masked men in Zhen Yuan Realm to be extremely shocked.


Zi Chen pushed the masked man back with a punch and laughed disdainfully. You mutt, weren't you very arrogant before, why are you mute now?

Clenching his fist tightly, a dazzling lightning glow appeared. It reflected the lightning from the Thunder Domain and its power is extraordinary. It is as if numerous bolts of lightning had appeared one after another.


The black clothed man constantly retreated, he felt extremely humiliated and angry. A mighty Zhen Yuan Realm expert is actually being humiliated like this by a True Qi Realm brat.

If it isn't because of this damned pressure, I would've killed ten of you with one hand. The black clothed man roared and released many sharp attacks but here, his speed is being suppressed and many powerful attacks could not even touch Zi Chen.

Nonsense, if I am in the Zhen Yuan Realm, I could destroy all of you with a single finger. You trash, you're about to die but your still being noisy before me Zi Chen's words were as sharp as his attacks.

Kill me. Do you even have the ability to do that? Even if I stand here, you still won't be able to break my defense The masked man coldly snorted.

Zi Chen's attack is very sharp as his fists descended, causing the masked man's head to go blank but the True Yuan light barrier around his body is still there and Zi Chen is unable to break through his defense.


The bright and resplendent sword light pierced through the air, its power is astonishing and Zi Chen could only dodge and retreat.

Trash, I'll stand here and let you hit me The black clothed man coldly laughed but his attack is still extremely powerful.




Zi Chen punched continuously punched out, but the effect is not good, he really is unable to break through the masked man's defense.

Wang Xian'er stared at the man in front of her from afar with her beautiful eyes. The fact that he could suppress the masked man is truly beyond her expectations.

Thunderbolt Finger

Zi Chen roared, he could only unleash his rank one Martial Technique and in that moment, a silver light flashed between his fingers. A bolt of lightning soon formed on his fingertips

At this moment, as if stimulated by the Thunderbolt Finger, the sound of thunder rumbling became even louder and more deafening in the Thunder Domain. At the same time, Zi Chen discovered that the lightning energy on the Thunderbolt Finger seemed to be even more powerful.

Lightning flickered between his fingers like a lightning dragon. Its power is peerless, scaring the masked man. The masked man quickly drew back, wanting to dodge this attack.


Thunder flashed and silvery light shined brightly. In an instant, it had arrived and exploded on the masked man's body. A terrifying energy spread out and the True Yuan barrier around the masked man's body began to rapidly tremble.

The True Yuan barrier trembled a few times but it did not shatter. The masked man turned from shock to joy and loudly laughed. Haha, this is all just for show, you didn't even break any defenses.

The masked men in the distance also let out a sigh of relief. The lightning strike from earlier was indeed frightening but it is a pity that it isn't powerful enough. During this time, they finally got close enough to their comrade so they can launch a string of attacks to support him.

Let me see how hard your turtle shell is. After fighting for a long time without being able to break through his defense, Zi Chen is not convinced and continued with another attack.

Amongst them, the Thunderbolt Finger is the most powerful. Whenever Zi Chen used it, a rumbling sound rang out as if the thunder and lightning from the Thunder Domain had rushed to the outside world.

Haha, useless brat. The masked man laughed.

Zi Chen was furious, but he could not do anything about it.

Zi Chen, force him inside so that the lightning pressure can kill him. Wang Xian'er suddenly said.

That's right Zi Chen's eyes lit up, I can't kill you, but I can force you into this pressure and I'll see how you die then.

With a tap of his feet, a silver light flashed. Zi Chen is already behind the masked man and following that, he launched a powerful punch. This time, he did not attack the masked man's head, but his back.


The punch forced the masked man to take a few steps back forward. He staggered and almost fell to the ground.


Zi Chen did not give him any time to react, his body flashed, and with another punch, the masked man took a few more steps forward.

Zi Chen continously attacked with a very fast speed. The masked man did not have any chance to retaliate, his body was staggering and the only thing he can do is to put up a light barrier which looked like a tortoise shell and passively defend.

Not good. If this goes on, sooner or later, I'll be sent to the depths.

This damned fellow is truly insidious.

Quick, attack.

The other masked men felt that the situation was not good and started to hurriedly attack but Zi Chen has a mysterious Movement Technique so he is not afraid at all since he can easily dodge it.

With Zi Chen attacking him from behind, the masked man had already been pushed forward for more than ten meters away and now, every step he took is becoming even more difficult and even moving is difficult. The terrifying pressure is about to push him to the ground and the deeper he went, the greater the consumption of his True Yuan.

He roared angrily as madness appeared in his eyes. Streams of True Yuan surged out as his aura surged out, colliding head on with Zi Chen's silver fist.


The powerful impact caused Zi Chen to fly out and cough blood in the air. He suffered some injuries but the masked man had was forced back a few meters towards the Thunder Domain. The pressure became even stronger, as if the might of heaven had attacked him. The masked man couldn't take it anymore and with a 'kacha' sound, he knelt on the ground with one knee.

There's no need to pay respects to this young master, this young master will not take this lying down either way. Zi Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as the silver light around his body surging, his eyes releasing a cold light, he once again walked forward.


This time, the black-clothed man was using all his strength to resist the pressure and it is difficult for him to block Zi Chen's attack. In an instant, he was kicked forward for more than ten meters away by Zi Chen and the terrifying pressure directly caused him to lay flat on the ground, not moving at all.

The True Yuan in his body crazily surged as he struggled to resist this pressure. The Thunder Domain is very special. Just the pressure here is not something that these Zhen Yuan Realm experts could resist. After a moment, the True Yuan in his body is completely used up so the protective shield disappeared and a terrifying pressure fell down like a mountain pressing down on his body.



The bones in his body were breaking and blood was flowing out from his seven orifices. His expression was malevolent and droplets of blood flowed out from his eye sockets, looking extremely horrifying.

It was only a few breaths' time before the masked man vomited out a mouthful of blood. His face is dyed red and then his head tilted to the side as he died.

In the span of a few breaths, all the bones in his body had completely shattered.

Seeing the dead body of the masked man, Zi Chen felt a chill run down his spine. If it wasn't for the fact that he is special, he would have died the same miserable death as the masked man.

Zi Chen turned and looked at the remaining masked men, only to realize that they are looking at him with fear in their eyes. After exchanging glances with Zi Chen, they could not help but shiver in fear. They quickly turned and ran away from the Thunder Domain.

Clearly, they were afraid as well. Unfortunately, when faced with this oppressive might, their speed is too slow. It was simply as fast as a turtle's.

It's too late to leave now.

A cold light flickered in his eyes. Zi Chen turned into lightning and in the midst of the lightning pressure, he rushed towards a masked man as he raised his fist, releasing a dazzling silver light.