Thunder Martial Chapter 105 - Provocation

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Wang Xian'er jumped and shouted just like a little kid. She is excited beyond belief.

Zi Chen is also very excited because he fled the entire time. He finally arrived at his destination today, the Thunder Domain.

Having fled for so many months and finally seeing the light of dawn, how could he not be excited?

The two of them rushed forward, the pressure from the lightning exerted upon them are becoming stronger and stronger as the two of them got closer to the Thunder Domain. Wang Xian'ers body released a faint red light, blocking the pressure but due to her serious injuries, she struggled every step, her beautiful face turning pale white. As for Zi Chen, it was better due to his stronger body and because he didn't receive as many injuries as Wang Xian'er.



Thunder rumbled and one lightning dragons one after another danced about as they spread over ten li (0.5 km), bringing with them a deafening sound.

After several miles, the pressure from the lightning became even more frightening. At the same time, the rumbling sounds became even louder as the lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

The surroundings were barren. There were no vegetation, no birds chirping and only the sound of rumbling thunder could be heard. There were no beasts flying and on the ground, there were no signs of life. It is as if this is a ghost land[TN: Dunno a better word, it's basically a ghost town but with no buildings]

This is the Thunder Domain?

Looking at the Thunder Domain in front of him, Zi Chen's eyes were filled with shock.

According to Zi Chen's imagination, the Thunder Domain would be at most a few hundred meters large. However, the Thunder Domain is a dozens of kilometers wide. Moreover, the lightning dragons continuously danced about as they wreaked havoc, causing an earth shaking sound.

The lightning had no beginning and no roots. It would never dissipate. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Streams of lightning wreaked havoc. This is a mysterious land and it was extremely extraordinary. The lightning was dazzling, rumbling as if an angry dragon was roaring.

Although the Thunder Domain was right in front of them, it is as if they were in another space. No matter how violent the thunder was, it was unable to escape from this space.

There was still a kilometer between them and the Thunder Domain. Wang Xian'er is already at her limits, she is almost unable to move her body.

Zi Chen was slightly better, as of now, he did not feel uncomfortable, he only felt that the overflowing pressure was making his heart uncomfortable.

This place is filled with lightning, where are the experts? Zi Chen looked around, only to see nothing. There is only a gigantic Thunder Domain, which is about a few dozen kilometers long, like a Thunder Dragon lying prone on the ground.

The true experts are all inside refining. Thunder rumbled, the sound is deafening, Wang Xian'er said loudly. After saying so, she began to cough lightly, her injuries were severe.

When Zi Chen saw it for the first time, he immediately gave up on the idea of absorbing the lightning to temper his body. At the same time, for the first time, he started to have doubts about the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art.

That is because the might of the thunder and lightning here is truly too powerful. When he heard that there is an expert refining inside, he became even more shocked.

There aren't any experts out here. Are we going in?

Zi Chen's expression changed. There were lightning everywhere in the Thunder Domain and if he went in, he would have to face hundreds and thousands of lightning attacks. Let alone his insignificant True Qi Realm, even if Wang Xian'er who is at the Zhen Yuan Realm, she would probably be annihilated in an instant.

There's no other way. We can only go to the outskirts of the Thunder Domain and wait there to see if any strong practitioners appear. We also have to find those who are here to claim the power of thunder and lightning before the Imperial Sky Expert gets here. Wang Xian'er gritted her teeth as she said.

How could this be?

Zi Chen was completely dumbfounded. He thought that he would be saved the moment he saw the Thunder Domain but now, he had to test his luck.

If there were no experts in the outskirts, or if they meet the enemy Imperial Sky Expert, the two would undoubtedly die.

Alright then, guess I'll have to go all out. Zi Chen is not one to hesitate, let alone when his life or death is at stake.

Right at this moment, numerous silhouettes appeared on the horizon. They were clad in black and their faces were masked. Their eyes were cold and they were filled with a dense killing intent. Under the illumination of the sun, their weapons flickered with cold light.

Their expressions were dark and grim and they wore similar expressions. Step by step, they advanced towards the Thunder Domain. Their steps were firm, just like their determination to kill.

Not good, the people from Heaven Killing Pavilion are here. Zi Chen exclaimed as he brought Wang Xian'er forward.


Rays of red light emerged from Wang Xian'ers body, protecting her whole body, making her appear illusory and ethereal. The lightning pressure was too terrifying and it is extremely difficult for the heavily injured Wang Xian'er to defend against it.

Zi Chen was a little better off so he pulled Wang Xian'er along and walked towards the Thunder Domain.

The two of them were at least a thousand meters away from the Thunder Domain. Now that the masked man had arrived, there was nowhere for them to retreat to. Thus, they sped up their pace.

You guys could have hidden but unexpectedly, you decided to go to the Thunder Domain.

Entering the Thunder Domain is certain death. Moreover, the two of you won't be able to enter with your current condition. There's no harm in waiting for us in front. I'll send you off immediately.

The masked man behind them said coldly. Along the way, Zi Chen fought fiercely multiple times. He had always been together with Wang Xian'er and even blocked a few fatal attacks for her so he had become the first person the Heaven Killing Pavilion wanted to kill.

Shameless boasting. If you have the ability then come up, you bunch of rats that can't bear to see the light of day. Zi Chen coldly replied as he continued to walk forward.

When he was only a few hundred meters away from the Thunder Domain. Wang Xian'ers face is pale and after a while, she could no longer hold on and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Go. Don't worry about me. Wang Xian'er powerlessly pushed Zi Chen. She is very weak right now and there is already no color on her beautiful face.

What are you saying? Back then, you used your life to protect me. How can I abandon you and leave today? Zi Chen grabbed onto Wang Xian'er tightly.


Just at this moment, rays of silver light surged out from Zi Chen's body, like small electric snakes, they flowed along Zi Chen's arm and entered into Wang Xian'ers body. Zi Chen is only at the True Qi Realm so his true energy is unable to condense and leave his body and can only be transmitted through his arm.

Streams of True Qi flowed like water into Wang Xian'ers body, following that, it flowed towards her body like an extremely pure, warm water. In an instant, Wang Xian'er's body also started to shine with a silvery light.

The terrifying lightning pressure was blocked and the uncomfortable feeling started to dissipate.

You... Wang Xian'er was extremely shocked. Zi Chen is only in the True Qi Realm but he had actually blocked the lightning pressure that even she is unable to resist and it had even seemed like he blocked it with ease. At the same time, what caused Wang Xian'ers expression to change was the energy within her body.

Along the way, Wang Xian'er discovered that Zi Chen had become more and more mysterious. It was as if layers of fogs are blocking him, causing her to not be able to see through him

Wang Xian'ers voice was drowned out by the thunder and lightning so Zi Chen didn't hear it. At this moment, the two were already less than five hundred meters away from the Thunder Domain.

The masked men behind them followed closely, their bodies radiating bright light as they resisted the lightning pressure. Even though they were not injured and although they could resist the pressure and move forward, they were not as relaxed as Zi Chen.

Persistent kid. Don't let us catch up to you. Otherwise, your little life will end today.

Offending our Heaven Killing Pavilion, other than suicide, there is no other way.

Zi Chen did not bother with them. The silver light on his body became brighter and brighter and the terrifying pressure of lightning seemed to have stimulated his body. His Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art circulated even faster and released waves after waves of lightning energy.

In the end, the two of them stopped a hundred meters away from the Thunder Domain and stopped moving forward. On one hand, the pressure of the thunder and lightning became stronger and stronger and on the other hand, the masked men didn't catch up. From 300 meters away, their speed unceasingly became slower and from 200 meters away, it was already difficult for them to even take a single step forward.

Humph, these guys are quite stubborn. Zi Chen turned around and looked at the masked men, snorting coldly.

The masked men are only able to take a step forward after a long time but they still haven't given up as they continued to walk forward step by step.

Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er sat down, holding hands. Wang Xian'er is recovering while Zi Chen stared at the masked men coldly.

I'm not leaving. I'll wait here for you. Let's see how capable you are.

A bunch of unprincipled people who does not even dare to see the light of day will definitely not die under this sort of oppressive might. This young master is still waiting for you to kill him.

Ahh, hey, you there, your speed is too slow. Hurry up and come here, I'll wait for you.

Zi Chen was a hundred meters away, constantly making sarcastic remarks and repeatedly provoking them.

Brat, now that you're so arrogant, we'll see how you die in a bit

You are courting death. When I catch you later, even if you kneel on the ground and beg me, it will be useless.

It will be useless even if you kill your companion

The masked men gritted their teeth.

Time passed and the masked men's speed became slower and slower. In this period of time, Zi Chen had advanced another 50 meters, just in case something unexpected happen.

While he was speaking sarcastically, he was also provoking them nonstop. Hearing Zi Chen's provocative words made the lungs of these masked men almost explode with anger.

They were grand Zhen Yuan Realm Experts, experts in the art of assassinations. They don't even put people of the same level in their eyes at all, but today, they were humiliated by a little kid with a True Qi Realm.

Embarrassed and angry, the masked men continued to move forward but at a distance of 100 meters, they are finally unable to resist the lightning pressure and could no longer move forward. They were separated by fifty meters and naturally did not want to give up.

During this period, Zi Chen did not stop talking and provoking them. The masked men were very angry, and were not willing to give up due to their anger. Therefore, they took out their aura and started to attack Zi Chen with the sword light that they formed.


The Qi is like a rainbow, piercing through the air and coming towards Wang Xian'er and Zi Chen but sadly, before it could reach them, the sword light was unable to withstand the lightning pressure and instantly shattered.

Streams of sword light tore through the air, dazzling and dazzling and yet, like fireworks, they immediately dispersed.

What wrongs, are you feeling sorry for chasing this young master all the way here so you decided to show me some fireworks? Not bad, not bad

However, those fireworks are not good to look at, they are not beautiful at all.

A ray of sword light suddenly exploded in front of Zi Chen which is dazzling to the eyes.

Good, good. That's it. Not bad at all

Un, the youngest did the best. The second brother is not good at all. When you attack, show a little emotion and smile for me. As for the oldest, you should just go home and drink some milk. It's not like your needed here because you can't even release a single beautiful sword light.


Mm, not bad. After holding it in for a long time, a big one actually came. It seems that you really took my words as fart and actually released a good sword light. Haha, not bad.

Zi Chen's words were vicious, his ridicule was mixed with taunting and wild laughter, his expression is extremely insolent.