Thunder Martial Chapter 104 - Thunder Domain

Zi Chen originally did not hold any hope but he never would have thought that Wang Xian'er would actually think of such a place. His eyes suddenly lit up and he asked, Where?

Wang Xian'er smiled mysteriously and said. The Thunder Domain

The Thunder Domain? Zi Chen was startled. He had never heard of this place before.

The Thunder Domain is very famous. It is one of the most mysterious places in the Southern Region. There is an endless amount of lightning and thunder there that never dissipates. Its power is peerless and ordinary people would find it very difficult to approach. Only some true experts would be able to get close to the Thunder Domain, extract some of the power of lightning, and refine their own life treasures.

The weakest people who can get close to that place are the Imperial Sky Experts, they come from all over the Southern Region. When we get there, we might be able to find some strong warriors to protect us. Wang Xian'er said.

There is an endless supply of lightning there. How is that possible? The lightning comes from the heavens and the earth and it carries an immeasurable majesty. It seems to have no beginning or end and disappears in the blink of an eye. How can it never dissipate? Zi Chen's heart trembled, he was extremely curious about the Thunder Domain.

The Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art had once introduced the use of heavenly lightning to refine the body and absorb the lightning's energy to temper the body. The Thunder Domain is very special, Zi Chen needed to check it out carefully.

Although this matter is strange, it is a fact. If it was someone else, they would not be able to give you a reasonable explanation. Coincidentally, I know some secrets. Wang Xian'er wore the clothes of a commoner and her face was painted with a dark yellow color, which was still as beautiful as before and had a different kind of charm to it.

She smiled like a hundred flowers in full bloom. The fragrance of flowers wafted over as she said, Rumor has it that the Thunder Domain was created by the magnificent Thunder God shrine.

Before Zi Chen could even ask, Wang Xian'er had explained, The Thunder God Hall has already appeared many times in the history of the Sky Martial Continent and every time it appeared, it would bring about endless rain of blood and slaughter. Legend has it that the Thunder God's inheritance exists in the Thunder God shrine and once one obtains it, one would be able to become a god becoming an indestructible existence that can not be destroyed, causing the entire Sky Martial Continent to tremble because of it.

Are there really gods in this world? Zi Chen was shocked.

In the world, who could not die? Even the powerful cultivators, whose lives far surpassed that of mortals still had their oil lamps dried up and in the endless legends, the most legendary of them all was God.

This was an existence known to ordinary mortals.

The gods were indestructible, high above in the sky, their Qi reached the heavens, they could call the wind and summon the rain, they could pluck the sun and seize the moon, they could control the stars in the world and they were the strongest existences in the world.

This was a legend and could also be said to be a type of faith. Zi Chen had heard of this a long time ago but he never would have thought that there is actually a Thunder God shrine and even a divine inheritance.

This is only a legend. It has existed for countless years and no one has ever obtained an inheritance. There has never been a god either, so no one can confirm it. Wang Xian'er calmly explained.

This legend is something that had been mentioned by every major power and some ancient books. She had already known about it since long ago so she wasn't surprised at all.

However, while the Thunder God Shrine does indeed exist, every time it appears, it does not bring about the inheritance of a god, but instead slaughter and destruction. In the past, many powers and great clans all fell in the competition for the inheritance of the Thunder God and once, many great powers that were incomparably illustrious and intimidated an era was also destroyed because of the appearance of the Thunder God Shrine.

The appearance of the Thunder God Shrine will attract the attention of all the powers. In order to obtain the inheritance of a god, they will give their all and use all their resources to obtain the inheritance at all costs. Among these forces, there will be some that will perish on the way to the Thunder God Shrine

It is impossible for him to imagine just how deep the foundations of these super powers were. However, he could imagine that there was a large group of Imperial Sky Experts and even a larger group of experts that surpassed the Imperial Sky Realm. There will also be a large number of deaths as many experts charge into the Thunder God Shrine

The reason why the Thunder Domain is so strange is because of the lightning. It is said that the last time the Thunder God Shrine appeared, a super great power of the Southern Region used all of their resources to attack the Thunder God Shrine. That battle was something that happened many generations ago and brought with it a great impact.

In the end, this super power disappeared. The Southern Region, which was dominated by this super power was divided up by many powers. Seven cities, three great sects and many other powers appeared. In that battle, it was said that a corner of the Thunder God Shrine was destroyed as well. That corner descended from the sky and formed this Thunder Demain. It never weakened, standing firmly in the Southern Region. It became one of the most mysterious places in the Southern Region.

Wang Xian'er explained softly. Zi Chen was extremely shocked in his heart.

There is actually such a peculiar place in the world and furthermore, there is an endless amount of lightning energy. To Zi Chen, this was an attraction he had to head to.

The True Qi Pills had already been refined by him but his power remained at the peak of the Tenth layer of True Qi and it had not broken through for a long time. Currently, Zi Chen was anxiously hoping to increase his strength and reach the Xiantian Realm as soon as possible.

After two more days passed, Wang Xian'ers injuries were completely recovered and the reinforcements from Cloud City were late. The two of them finally decided to set off but before that, the two of them had to go towards Cloud City to try their luck.

On a pitch-black night, Zi Chen bid farewell to the villagers. Everyone came to send him off, their eyes filled with reluctance.

Zi Chen, when you are free, come visit. This Clear Water Village is your home. The old man's body trembled as he passed a bundle to Zi Chen.

Before you leave, although there are not many good things you can take with you. These dried meat are very delicious and you have to be careful on the road. The butcher was also carrying a bundle of dried meat as he handed them to Zi Chen.

Be careful of your surroundings. Those men in black have not left yet. Yesterday, when I went to hunt in the mountains, I heard the sound of that strange bird. The hunter also came forward with some clothes.

Zi Chen was very touched and continuously rejected. He knew that the villagers' lives were not going well.

Take it. You are running for your lives. You must have enough food. This little deity has just recovered from her injuries and needs some food to recuperate.

That's right, take it. Don't let this little deity suffer on the journey. Such a beautiful lady, her injuries from last time were too severe. You're a man, you have to protect her well.

The villagers talked amongst themselves and Zi Chen was unable to reject them. He could only take some food which was what they needed.

After staying here for a long time, she naturally knew the living conditions of the villagers. But during the time she was injured, there was meat for her to eat. To her, it was naturally nothing but these things were like life in the eyes of the villagers.

The villagers took turns to take care of them and every day. they would bring some nourishing items, to the point that one day. the hunters would even throw away their lives for a small ginseng but they would still bring the ginseng back with their injured bodies.

The two of them walked in the mountain forest, resting during the day and travelling during the night. This time, it was Wang Xian'er who brought Zi Chen here. Since she recovered from her injuries, her strength was much stronger than Zi Chen.

Two days later, two met an ambush in the forest.

They were a group of masked people who were good at hiding their aura. When they appeared, they were completely silent but when they attacked, they were like thunder, causing the earth to crack.

Caught off guard, Wang Xian'er suffered a small loss.

This is someone from the Heaven Killing Pavilion, I never thought that they would actually dare to come to the Clouds City to assassinate me. These masked men had a clear goal, they were going straight for Wang Xian'er, if they were to attack Zi Chen, he would definitely die.

In the battle in the forest, Zi Chen had experienced Wang Xian'ers powerful strength. Despite her young age, she was worthy of being called a genius, her entire body was releasing red light, dyeing half of the sky red.

After a fierce battle, all the masked men were killed. At her peak, her combat power is terrifyingly powerful.

Being together with Wang Xian'er, Zi Chen felt a lot of pressure. They were both around the same age but the difference in realms was too great

Along the way, it was almost always someone taking care of him.

Towards her enemies, Wang Xian'er's killing move was decisive and cold, like a piece of ice that would never melt even after ten thousand years, hating evil like they were her personal enemies. Every move she made would lead the assassin to his death.

In the end, the two of them fought their way out of the forest and decided to return. They headed towards the Thunder Domain as it was clear that there were more masked men on the road to Cloud City.

Now that we're both being chased down. Wang Xian'er gave a faint smile and her red lips were stained with traces of blood.

The road to the Thunder Domain was not peaceful at all. Aside from the people from the Wu Zong Sect, there were also people from the Heaven Killing Pavillion. They all had Zhen Yuan Realm but they were good at hiding and assassinating, targeting Wang Xian'er from all directions.

There was even a time when they were hiding in the swamps, launching an attack in an instant, making it hard to defend against.

Among them, the pressure from the Wu Zong Sect was the greatest. They had an Imperial Sky Experts, such an existence could easily take their lives.

The Roc was screeching in the sky, constantly reminding Zi Chen where he was. This made the two of them suffer a lot.

After running for half a month, Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er were injured again. The pursuers were simply too strong and they even ran into the Imperial Sky Experts. The two of them were heavily injured and had to use a lot of energy to jump into a large river and luckily escaped.

Zi Chen supported Wang Xian'er as they slowly walked through the forest. Zi Chen's physique was unique and although Zi Chen's willpower is strong, his strength is extremely weak compared to their enemies.

After a month of escaping, the two of them had already reached their limit.

One day, when Zi Chen was supporting Wang Xian'er and escaping, he suddenly felt a vast aura in front of him.

Zi Chen's face changed, he thought that he had met with pursuers, and in this period of time, he was afraid of being killed.

But at this moment, Wang Xian'er cried out in alarm, We're here. We've finally reached the Thunder Domain.