Thunder Martial Chapter 103 - Search The Cellars

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All the villagers were in despair and the black clothed man's expression had also become much colder. He waited for the child to reveal Zi Chen's location and when that happens, they will definitely massacre this village.

You've seen them? Tell me, where are they? The man in black asked coldly.

Yes, I have. Ergou spoke in a serious and tender voice. Pointing his pinky finger at the man in black, he said, You are a man and a woman

What? At this moment, everyone who heard this explanation was dumbfounded. The man in black also wanted to cry but had no tears.

Is that not right? I do not know you. You are all strangers. A stranger is a man and a woman. You are a man and a woman. Ergou's voice was young and yet serious, like a young man who knew the truth.

The black clothed man's breathing became rough and heavy. He was so angry that smoke was coming out of his body. At this moment, he had the impulse to kill but the words of a child were unrestrained.

I don't know you. You are strangers, a man and a woman. Ergou said again, his voice clear and young.

The black-robed men was so enraged that theirs lungs were about to explode. The child's voice was the greatest mockery of them all.

They really are f*cking idiots. This mortal is really trash. He's already this old but he doesn't even know what a man or a woman is. We are really f*cking unlucky. Let's hurry up and go.

I've been really unlucky for eight lifetimes, to actually chat with a mortal for so long.

Dammit, I knew it the moment I heard the name. Ergou, what kind of name is that

The group of men in black couldn't stand the clear eyes of the little kid. They spoke with serious expressions and cursed. Then, they jumped onto the back of the Rocs and left one by one.

All the villagers let out a sigh of relief. After the Roc had left, they all praised Ergou for his cleverness and intelligence.

What? Was what I said wrong? Ergou's innocent face was full of doubt.

Yes, you're right.

Your answer is absolutely correct!

Everyone laughed.

A crisis had passed just like that and for this reason, the village chief specially told this good news to Zi Chen.

Wang Xian'er had already woken up, her injuries were too severe and there were many injuries on her body that Zi Chen had already treated for her.

There were only two people in the small cellar, their exhalations could be heard. The atmosphere was awkward.

Hurry up and recover from your injuries. We can't stay here for long. We can't implicate the villagers.

As the Village Chief walked out, the two of them started cultivating, easing the awkward atmosphere.

The villagers were very happy to see that they were safe. They all praised Ergou for his cleverness, filling his parents with pride.

The sky had turned completely dark. The moon shone down on the ground but it is obscured by the fog.

The originally hazy night sky suddenly disappeared, and in the next moment, the high and resounding Roc cries continued to rang out one after another. The fierce wind whistled, just like the raging waves, surging crazily. Four roc appeared in the sky, spreading their wings, covering the entire village and the already hazy moonlight was completely blocked.





One figure after another flashed down from the back of the Rocs. They wore black clothes and in the pitch-black night sky, they were like ghosts.

Their figures were graceful and their expressions were cold.

The villagers were all shocked awake and terrified. They thought that the black clothed men had found something. They all walked out of their houses and looked at the men in black with fear in their eyes.

During the day, there were only a few men in black, but now, there were more than a dozen of them, all of them brimming with killing intent.

Lord... Sir, what's the matter? The village chief walked out trembling. His murky eyes were filled with panic, as if he was extremely afraid.

Hmph. You stupid natives. You dare to lie to me? Do you want to be massacred? The leader of the men in black humphed coldly and his killing intent surged.

The Village Chief was so frightened that he fell to the ground with his buttocks. He said in a very miserable manner, Milord, it's an injustice. How could we possibly dare to deceive Milord?

Is that so? Anyways, every house here has a cellar. Why didn't you say so? The black clothed man's voice was very cold.

The Village Chief felt wronged and helpless. Sir, you didn't ask us!

Cut the crap, search.

The black-clothed man coldly snorted and, a large number of black-clothed people rushed into the houses one by one. As for the black-clothed man leading them, he even walked into the Village Chief's house.

Zi Chen was hiding in the cellar and the villagers are very clear about that fact. Now that they saw that the black-clothed man wanted to search the cellar, they were all extremely frightened.

The Village Chief's mind was racing, following behind the black-clothed man, not knowing what to do. He was extremely anxious but there was nothing he could do.

Take me to the cellar. The black-clothed man said coldly.

The village chief could only nod his head and lead the way. Even though the speed was very slow, the courtyard was only this big. When they finally reached the end of the courtyard, they would open the cellar door and the old man would go in first with the man in black following behind him.

In the damp cellar, the old man could clearly hear his heartbeat.

Are you nervous?

No, no! The old man shook his head, but his heartbeat quickened.

Humph! The black-clothed man snorted disdainfully. In his heart, he thought, this bunch of idiots really are cowards.

They left and searched for Zi Chen's trail all the way until they saw a house that had been burnt down. It was the place where Zi Chen previously cremated the dead villagers and then, they saw a cellar, and after looking around, they returned to this village.

At the end of the stone staircase was a large cellar. The faint fragrance it exuded is different from the humid air.

The village chief was very scared. He brought the man in black with him but when they reached the bottom of the cellar, not a single person was to be found.

Lord, look. There's no one here. The old man's heart beat even faster, still very nervous.

The cellar was only this big and could be scanned a few times with a single glance. The man in black naturally noticed it. Suddenly, he frowned and said coldly, This cellar is dark and damp, where does the fragrance come from?

This... To be honest, he did not smell any fragrance, but after hearing what the man in black said, his gaze swept the surroundings and then in the corner of the cellar, beside a porcelain jar, he found a fragrant bag brought by a child. He let out a sigh of relief and pointed at it. Sir, it should be due to this bag, a child must have been playing hide and seek here

Hide and seek? The disdain in the black-clothed man's eyes became denser. After confirming that there was no one here, he immediately left, afraid that he would become dull if he stayed with the mortals for too long.

Eventually, the black-robed man left, and when he did, no one else had noticed.

The black clothed man was too lazy to speak any more nonsense. Here, the dense forest was plentiful, the possibility of Zi Chen coming to the village was not high and it was also impossible for him to make everyone in the village lie. After all, Zi Chen was from the Ling Wu Sect, but here, it was within the boundaries of Cloud City.

One by one, they jumped onto the back of the Roc and left. The men in black didn't even bother to look at the villagers.

The Rocs had finally left but the villagers were still worried. No one dared to cheer, and they all returned to their rooms to rest quietly.

A person was standing in the air above the little village. A formless energy extended from the sky and swept towards the ordinary village. The villagers were currently resting and did not notice anything unusual. After a long time, the silhouette in the sky turned into a streak of light and disappeared into the distance.

When the sky brightened up, the black clothed men did not appear again. The villagers began to cheer and then the day's work began.

Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er had already exited through the secret compartment in the cellar. The small secret compartment was barely able to accommodate two people.

The faint fragrance emitted by her body directly assaulted Zi Chen's nose, causing his body and mind to ripple. Furthermore, the two of them were extremely close to each other and some parts of Wang Xian'ers clothes are closely stuck to her body. Her straight twin peaks stimulated Zi Chen through the soft red clothes, causing him to subconsciously react and a hard object was pressed tightly against Wang Xian'er.

Zi Chen was extremely embarrassed, this was a completely natural reaction and Wang Xian'er was filled with shame and anger, wishing that she could immediately send Zi Chen flying.

After the black clothed man left, the two of them stayed together for a few more hours without uttering a word but it was extremely ambiguous. During this period, Zi Chen's eyes were tightly shut, trying to meditate but his mind was still unable to calm down.

Wang Xian'er was also shy.

When the sky was bright, Wang Xian'er could not take it anymore and kicked Zi Chen out of the secret compartment.

The two of them hid in the cellar, recovering from their injuries.

In the outside world, the black clothed man continued to search for Zi Chen and they are already far away.

Days passed and five days later, Zi Chen's injuries were fully healed. He was once again full of energy.

The cellar was not big so the two of them ate and lived together. It was very awkward and ambiguous so in the evening, the two of them would go out, relax, and also inquire about some news.

Wang Xian'er had not fully recovered from her injuries and could not leave. Other than that, she also hoped that Cloud City would send people to rescue her.

At this moment, she was wearing the clothes of a rural woman, which had been washed until it was white but didn't have any patches on it. She was like a green lotus, unblemished, elegant, refined, and beautiful. The ordinary clothes couldn't hide her exceptional temperament.

She came to know Zi Chen after interacting with the villagers and everyone guessed that Wang Xian'er was Zi Chen's girlfriend. All of them were praising Zi Chen with all their might and all of them recounted his heroic achievements.

Chasing the enemy for over a thousand miles and beheading the villains.

Even though Wang Xian'er was a disciple of a large sect, she was still very moved by the villagers' words. Zi Chen had always been being chased by the people from the Wu Zong Sect and it was likely that when he avoided the people from the Wu Zong he had already discovered the massacres of villages and thus chased after the person.

After killing the murderer, he wanted to enter Cloud City to seek refuge but he then met people from the Heaven Killings Pavilion and accidentally entered the Thousand Illusionary Sword Array. Fortunately, Zi Chen was not ordinary and did not die.

Another few days had passed and Wang Xian'ers injuries had already completely healed.

The reinforcements aren't here yet, why don't we go to Cloud City? Wang Xian'er suggested.

It's good to go to Clouds City but you have to guarantee that there are no black-clothed men guarding this road. I estimate that they would be waiting for us there. Zi Chen said.

Then what do we do? Do we have to stay here forever?

This won't do. We will implicate the villagers. Since they won't be able to find us for a long time, they will eventually come back to look for us. Zi Chen shook his head.

Then what do you think we should do?

Cloud City is so big, could it be that only the cities have powerful warriors and no hidden cultivators exist in other places? Zi Chen asked.

In the Sky Martial Continent, there are many cultivators and countless legends. In places like mountains and rivers, there are powerful hermits who fought on the edge of the world but are very powerful. Now that there's an Imperial Sky Realm expert chasing them, Zi Chen needed their protection.

Wang Xian'ers eyes lit up, it is indeed a good method to find the protection of the hidden cultivators but following that, her expression became gloomy, There must be a hidden cultivator, but I can't find them and I haven't carefully asked my father about them before.

Then there's no other way. WE can only think of a way to go to Cloud City. Zi Chen sighed helplessly.

Wang Xian'er lowered her head, crestfallen.

Suddenly, Wang Xian'er's face lit up again, and said: I know of a place, there should be some experts there. We can go there and find help.