Thunder Martial Chapter 102 - A Child's Words

Because of Zi Chen's arrival, all the villagers had gathered here. Looking at the village chief who had come out, they had a face full of conrn and asked about Zi Chen's injuries.

Fellow villagers, this young hero is seriously injured and is being chased by his enemies. He's afraid of implicating us so he wants to leave immediately. What do you think?

The village chief stood at the entrance and spoke to the group of villagers who were holding chickens and ducks.

What? Young Hero wants to leave, that won't do.

What nonsense is this? Young Hero has saved all of our lives. Now that someone wants to kill him, how can we just watch him die? We have to help him.

We can't let Young Hero go. He's already seriously injured and he even brought an unconscious woman with him. If we let him go, wouldn't we be sending him to his death?

We, the villagers of Clear Water Village, are not ungrateful people.

We can't let Young Hero leave.

The villagers spoke out one after another in a righteous manner. Some of them even wanted to go in and visit the young hero.

Village chief, if you let Young Hero go, I will burn down your house today.

I, the butcher Li, will not let him go. Although we are mortals, ordinary people, we will not be ungrateful vile people.

Yes, we need to save the young hero.

The group of villagers all called out noisily, even the women were the same. No one agreed with Zi Chen leaving, the villagers were simple and knew that they had to repay the kindness.

Good, good! The village chief stood in front of the door and nodded his head repeatedly. His eyes were filled with gratification and excitement, You people are truly worthy of being my Clear Water Village's people. You did not embarrass our Clear Water Village, nor did you humiliate our Clear Water Village's ancestors.

Young Hero saved all of us so how can we be ungrateful? Right now, we should discuss how to save him. The old man said.

Since he is being chased by his enemies, we naturally cannot let him leave while his injuries are not yet healed. He cannot be discovered either, we can make them hide.

That's right, my family has a dog den. It's very secretive. Some villagers said.

Gou Zi, F*ck you. You dare let the young hero hide in the dog den? I think it's better if you hide there

The other villagers roared with laughter.

I think he should hide in the cellar. Every family has a cellar and it's very deep so it's absolutely safe for Young Hero to hide there.

Not bad, this is a good suggestion.

Everyone opened their mouths and spoke. They fought to have the young hero hide in their own homes, as if this was a glorious matter.

Fellow villagers, hiding in the cellar is a good idea and is definitely feasible but what we have to do is to keep this a secret and not tell anyone about it. We have to keep our mouths in check. The old man said again.

Rest assured, Village chief, my mouth will be tightly shut and even a shovel won't be able to pry it open

As for the matter of secrecy, village chief, you can rest assured.

Everyone promised.

The village chief waved his hand and said, Of course I believe you. However, you must know that children speak without restraint. Today, many children have seen the return of their young hero. If anyone asks, they will definitely tell.

Village Chief, rest assured. When we return, we will definitely explain everything in detail. We will not let them say anything

I will definitely teach my child well.

Don't worry village chief, we will explain everything in detail when we get back.

The crowd promised once again.

Alright, take your things and go back now. Just like usual, don't reveal anything.

When everyone heard the Village Chief's words, they all went back and told their children over and over again that they should not speak carelessly.

When the old man came in, Zi Chen was sitting on the bedside, looking at Wang Xian'er. He had already heard the words outside and was very touched.

Young hero, bring this lady with you. There is a cellar in my backyard, it is very deep. You can hide inside it.

Uncle, thank you! Zi Chen said gratefully. Afterwards, he carried Wang Xian'er and headed towards the backyard.

Wang Xian'er is still unconscious, if they left now, the two of them would definitely die. If they stayed, there would still be a chance for survival and no one would guess that the two of them would hide in such a village.

The Village Chief's house is quite large. There is a backyard that was tens of square meters in size. In a corner of the backyard, there was a cellar. The old man pulled open the cellar's wooden door and walked in first.

The cellar was very damp and dim. Zi Chen followed the old man down the stairs, and within the cellar, although there were many things stored inside, it is still very big and is more than enough to accommodate two people.

After thanking the old man, he left the two alone. After a while, he brought Zi Chen two blankets, some clothes, and some food. He assured Zi Chen that he would be able to rest easy after that, the old man left again.


The pursuers arrived faster than they had imagined. In less than two hours after settling Zi Chen, a Roc fell from the sky.

Dozens of meters tall, it covered the sky and earth, creating a huge shadow. As it descended, it created strong gusts of wind that nearly blew down some of the houses.

Normally, when the villagers see a fierce tiger, they would be scared out of their wits. At this moment, when they saw the huge bird descending, their eyes all revealed fear as they shivered. Some of the villagers were even more unable to withstand the pressure.

The Roc descended and several black-clothed men descended from its back. The one leading them was an existence at the Zhen Yuan Realm and upon seeing these villagers, a hint of disdain and contempt flashed past his eyes.

Who here is the head? The man in black asked coldly.

It's me, my lord. It's me. The village chief walked out, his body trembling. If he wasn't supported by the butcher, he would have been blown away a long time ago.

Let me ask you, have you seen a man and a woman pass by? The black-clothed man looked down at the old man with a condescending look.

I've never seen a man and a woman before. The Village Chief replied without thinking.

You lied when you opened your mouth. The black clothed man shouted and an invisible pressure appeared. In an instant, the village chief and the butcher sat on the ground together.

Lying means death. Killing intent flashed in the eyes of the man in black.

My Lord, I am not speaking falsely. The village is too remote and far away from the city so there are no strangers here. Let alone a man and a woman, even if there is a bird, we would still know immediately. During this period of time, forget about humans, even birds have not come. The village chief wailed on the ground with a pitiful appearance.

Hmph, old thing, you better guarantee that what you said is true. If I find out that you lied to me, then your village will disappear.

Yes, yes. I would definitely not dare to lie to you, Sir. The Village Chief's heart trembled as he hurriedly said those words. The other villagers were also filled with fear. They were very sensitive about the matter regarding the massacre of their village.

Hmph, let's go. The black clothed man snorted, and turned to leave with the rest. It was clear that they had come just to ask and he didn't think that Zi Chen would hide here.

Wait! Suddenly, a black-clothed man spoke up and walked towards a to a three or four years child.

Seeing the man in black arrive, the child was terrified and retreated behind his parents.

Don't be afraid, little friend. I'm just asking you a question or two. The voice of the black clothed man was indifferent. He forced out a smile and almost scared the child to tears.

Ergou isn't afraid, right? If sire wants to ask you something, you can answer it for me. Ergou's father pulled Ergou forward again.

The child was only three or four years old. He wore patched up clothes and his mouth was pursed. His eyes were red. He felt wronged but he did not dare to cry because he was scared of the man in black.

Old thing, you are too cunning and cannot be trusted. Only a child's words are the most honest. The man in black snorted and asked, Let me ask you, did you see a man and a woman appear here?

When this question was asked, all the villagers were stunned. Then, they nervously looked at Ergou.

Even though Ergou's parents had already instructed him countless times, they were still very nervous at the moment.

Ergou did not speak and seemed to be frightened.

Speak, have you seen a man and a woman? The voice of the man in black was no longer polite.

Wuu.... The child was so scared that he cried.

Speak, what are you crying for? You haven't said anything yet. Although Ergou's parents were angry, they were very afraid of him.

Ergou, tell him what you know. Tears had already appeared in Ergou's mother's eyes.

Mom, I'm afraid.

It's okay, quickly tell him , have you seen a man and a woman before? Ergou's mother took him in her arms.

Ergou was still crying, his voice young and tender, Mother, what is a man and a woman?

A single sentence from a child stopped everyone in their tracks. What was a man and a woman?

Everyone was startled, even the man in black was the same. How are they going to answer this question? Even the man in black was dumbfounded.

This, this! Ergou's mother did not know how to explain. After thinking about it for a long time, she could not explain but after seeing the sharp gaze from the man in black, she hurriedly said, The meaning of a man and a woman is a stranger. Have you seen a stranger before?

Ergou's mother's reaction was fast and this explanation made the man in black very satisfied. The villagers were also very satisfied and they all looked at Ergou worriedly.

What is a stranger? Ergou stopped crying. His eyes were bloodshot, and his cheeks were tear-stained. He felt wronged.

However, the moment he opened his mouth, he found it hard to answer.

Oh, strangers are people you don't know. People you've never seen before. Ergou's mother said once again. This simple explanation seemed to consume a lot of her brain cells. After that explanation, even she admired herself.

Then I've met strangers, a man and a woman. Hearing his mother's words, Ergou thought for a moment and suddenly said.

His words caused everyone to jump in fright. From the village chief to the villagers, despair appeared in their eyes. They all thought that this prodigal child was finished. Not only would they die, they would also implicate the young hero.

What? You've seen a man and a woman? The man in black stepped forward and glared at Ergou.

The villagers were already in despair. Ergou's mother was trembling. Only Ergou nodded seriously.

He was only three or four years old and his face was covered with tears. His eyes were bright red.

The other men in black were already filled with killing intent. If the child were to tell them where the man and woman was then all the villagers would die in the next moment.